Heart Richness

The heart of the aspirant must be rich.

Richness means having wealth. What exists in reality is the Divine Light. If something is not divine light, it does not exist. It is an imaginary existence, a shadow existence. Shadow is temporary, light is permanent. Divine light is Haq (Truth). It is superior. Nobody can step on it. For example, light cannot be stepped on. It is seen that light remains under the feet of the person who wants to step on it. It is easy to try it. Let a person rise his feet and step on the sunlight or electric light, he will see that he cannot step on the light. Light is not under his feet. Light is on his feet. His feet stay under the light.

Haq or the truth is like this. Whoever intends to tread it under foot, he will not succeed it. Haq eventually shows its superiority. He accepts this fact if he believes in science even a little bit. We have nothing to say to the ignorant anyway.

Since the real existence is divine light, the heart and the mind of a human being should be a treasure that is full of with the divine lights of God’s knowledge, unity, wisdom and love. His heart should be rich.

The person whose heart is rich attains a very exalted personality. The material or shadow existence never affectshim. He is very determined when he does not have it. Wealth does not mean anything for him.

Wealth is necessary for society because Islam requires a very powerful community. The state must be very rich in order to enable social balance and against the foreign enemies because social unbalance causes social explosions. Social explosions cause disorders and mischief (anarchy).

Anarchy ruins the state. When the state is ruined, Islam loses its universal feature. Haq weakens but falsehood becomes strong.

Islam is Haq (truth). It means to submit the truth, to accept the truth. When truth does not exist or it is weak, falsehood (wrong opinions) exists.

Therefore, according to Islam, the state has undertaken the duty of the protection of sacred truths. In addition, Islamic state must be very powerful. It does not accept a superior force or forces against it.

For this reason, it intervenes. Islam does not accept any sovereign power that is stronger than it or that can intervene in order to apply its rules fearlessly and disregarding the sake of others. Such a powerful state can be established with the sacrifices of real human beings who are not selfish and who do not make material things or worldly life an idol.

The heart of a true Muslim is rich. His heart is happy as it attracts the attention of his God. The remembrance of God and the divine light of His remembrance create thousands of rose gardens.

His pleasure is hearty. It is the pleasure of the heart, in other words: he is heartily happy. His heart is always happy with the comfort and happiness of divine richness. His face is not frowned but it is lighted, clear and pure. His eyes shine with joy and they are shiny. His words are serious and correct.

He does not work for himself. He works physically to protect the Koran, which God entrusted him, and the sacred values. He tries to keep them alive. He spends all his wealth and all his labor in this way. He works, earns money and gives them to his government and to his community.

He desires the state and the society to be well balanced. He knows that if the state is not powerful and the society is not in an economical balance, there is disorder and mischief (anarchy). Anarchy weakens the state and it may even overthrow it. If the state weakens, Islam also weakens. If the state is overthrown, Islam may be overthrown. (God Forbid!)

Because of enemy attacks, mosques may turn into churches or nightclubs. They may destroy Islamic culture by annihilating all the Islamic knowledge same as Hulagu had done in Baghdad. (1)

Yet we have a belief. Even it is weakened; the religion of Muhammad (a.s.v.) will survive until the Resurrection Day.

If we do not protect it, the other servants of God will keep it alive because we are not the only servants of God. God says:

“You were also in monstrous error. I guided you to the right path.” (The Imrans, 164)

(1) Hulagu (1217-1265), the founder of Mongol-İlkhanid State, is one of the most blood-shedding kings which history recorded. When he put an end to Abbasid Empire and conquered Baghdad, Tigris River was flowing in red-black color due to the blood of people and the ashes of the books.