Haq (god, Truth) Is In Adam

Know that HAQ is in Adam.

Adam is HAQ, HAQ is ADAM.

The exterior of Adam is CREATED

The interior of him (his heart, his spirit) is HAQ.

Haq is his INWARD.

He is the OUTWARD of Haq INDEED.

O the Son of Adam! Look for and find Adam!

Treat him with respect and prostrate yourself (*) before him!

Love Him and serve Him!

So that you can be exalted and be an ADAM!

Know Adam and “know who you are” by this way!

“Then you can know your Lord”

“Prostrate yourself before Adam “the Perfect Man”

Same as the Moon, the Stars and the SUN

And the Prophet Jacob prostrated themselves

Before the Prophet Joseph;

And same as the lofty Angels prostrated themselves before ADAM. Then you can also be an Adam.

And know this reality; He who did not prostrate himself before Adam was only Satan, the cursed one.

And also know that these words of mine are Koranic.

Think well and do not be silly!

Know Haq with Haq truly!

And be with Haq always!

(*) In the Koran, Chapter Baqarah-34 /Chapter Sad-71, 72, 73, 74/

Chapter Joseph-4, 100

(See the Interpretations of the Koran by Hasan Basri Çantay and Süleyman Ateş by Diyanet İşleri Başkanlığı)

I would like to share with you a very interesting wise poem of one of our poets that make you think over, which is about Adam (A.S.) and our Hz. Prophet (A.S.V.):

Turkish version:

“O the Prophet of Allah! Adam had known that you would come from his pure genealogy.

He did not refrain from the word of Allah that He prohibited saying: ‘Do not approach that tree!’

What deceived Adam and Eve was not actually Satan’s temptation,

It was the way of pronouncing Hz. Ahmed’s honor by his arrival.”


19TH September 2006