God Has A Physical And Spiritual Hierarchical System

“Bel hüve mevlaküm ve hüve hayrün nasirun - But Allah is your protector, your master and Allah is the best of helpers.” (The Imrans, 150)

“Fallahu hayrun hafızan ve hüve erhamur rahimin - Allah is the best of your guardians and of all that show mercy, He is the most merciful.” (Joseph, 64) “Ve hüve hayrur razikiyn - Allah is the best provider.” (Maide, 114)

Allah declares very clearly in the above and in similar verses that He is the best of helpers, which is definitely true, but there are also other helpers, protectors, the merciful ones and providers.

“The best of Helpers is naturally Allah and your protectors are Allah, His Prophet Muhammad and the faithful.” (Maide, 55)

In the above verse, Allah particularly says Himself, that there are some friends and guardians after Him.

Allah indicates obviously that there are some intercessors and saviours by saying: “None can intercede apart from those whom Allah is pleased with.” (Ta Ha, 109, Saba, 23)

“For every person there is a guardian watching him.” (Tariq, 4)

Allah reports that there is a guardian, a protector for everybody. This is the verse that shows that there is a divine hierarchy because He says there is a protector for everybody.

Dear my brothers; The Muslim Protestants, who support Luther and Wahhabis who are in Islam keep saying all the time and everywhere: “You alone we worship and You alone we turn for help.” In order to clarify this matter, I began with the verse “Allah is your protector and the best of helpers.” Allah commands us to help each other, to help Him, to help the Prophet. In another verse, He said: “Even the

unbelievers help each other, if you -the believers- do not help each other, it will be bad for you”. (Al-Anfal, 72-73)

In fact, if people do not help each other, there will not be a social aid among people.

Allah says in the Surah (Chapter) of Fath: “Velillahi cünudu semavati vel ard - God’s are the legions of the heavens and the earth.” (Al-Fath, 4)

He also says that in battles He sends us soldiers who we cannot see. (Al-Tawbah, 40 / Mudassir, 31

In Arabic, “iyyake” means “to you”. In the verse “İyyake nabüdü ve iyyake nestain”, the words “alone, only and from” are not written. They are written by the commentators and shown as Allah said.

The real meaning of the verse is: “We worship You and we implore Your favour and help”. (Al-Fatihah, 5)

In this verse, there are not “alone, only” and the preposition “from”. Islam Protestants and Wahhabis use the verse:“We worship stone idols so that they bring us near Allah”. They use the verse about “nearness- Zulfa” and they say that they worship these non-living stone idols. None of the Muslims worships carved, stone idols. They know Allah is one and they worship Allah. Muslims worship neither any Prophet and Saint nor human or anything. They do not attribute any partners to Allah either. They know the Apostles and Saints, who are the servants of Allah, as the Friends of Allah. This is already true. They do not worship the Prophets and the saints. They love them and they expect their prays from them. They believe that their prayers are accepted and worthy of answer. Their prayer is a help for them. Muslims’ imploring the help of the Prophets and Saints means imploring the prayer of them.

There are hundreds of definite verses and proofs about the deity of Allah and Allah is god. Of course, only Allah will be considered as god. However, there are not any verses such as: “There is no helper besides Allah. Do not implore any help from anybody, if you do, you will be a disbeliever.” On the contrary, Allah the Most High wants us to help each other. He definitely accepts this help. “We will implore help from each other so that the person who wants to help will help the one who needs help.” Yet, it is already stupidity to implore help from a non-living thing. What dies is the body. The Spirit, who is the decree and the breath of Allah, and the Mind and conscious that is a quality of Spirit do not die. They are not corporal or physical but they are divine realities. The Holy Spirit is accepted as the attribute of Allah. Imploring help from the Holy Spirit that is from the Decree of Allah (from His condition or His attribute) is accepted as imploring help from the Person of Allah. That is to say, it is said: “We only or alone worship You”. It is already definitely true. However, if we accept the word “We implore help only from You alone” as absolute, then we become against the verses of the Koran about helping or aid.

There are not any prepositions like “from” or “only, alone” at the beginning of the verse: “İYYAKE NESTAİN” that means “We implore your help”. The prepositions: “alone or only” are put afterwards by the commentators of the Koran and the verse of Allah has been changed. He who changes a verse of Allah becomes a disbeliever.

What I mean to say is: On condition that they do not worship a man, human beings and Muslims who need help can implore help from the other people who are able to do. A person who is in difficulty or drowning can request help from the servants and creatures of Allah. If a person dies without imploring help while drowning, he is accepted as he has committed suicide.

The soldiers on the earth and in the heavens can help with the will-permission - of Allah. Allah explains in the Koran that He has soldiers both in the world and in the heavens that help the believers. It happens like this: Hz. Allah helps His servants both personally and with His soldiers whom He gave this duty. All the help actually belongs to Allah anyway. We are created in order to help each other. Allah established a hierarchical system in the heavens with divine beings (with pure Spirits and pure Angels) same as He established a hierarchical system in the world. The Spirits and Angels are divine, spiritual beings and they are in the Heavens. They descend with the permission of Allah. They come down to the earth and rise back again. The pure Spirits help the believers on the earth by descending and going up again.

“Tenezzelül melaiketü ve Ruh-The Angels and Spirit are coming down by their Lord’s leave.” (Qadr, 4) They do not come down aimlessly but naturally they descend to help the believers.

Allah also says that the Prophets are near Him “Ledeyyel Murselin-My Apostles are in My presence”. (Al-Naml, 10) The Spirits of the Friends of God - they are the perfect, pious believers- are in the presence of Allah.

He says: “İnnel müttekiyne fi cennatin ve neherin fi makami sıddıkin inde Melikin muktedirin – The spirits of the righteous, the pious are in the gardens watered by running brooks (in Paradise) and honourably seated in the presence of their mighty King.” (Qamar, 55)

They are the spiritual, divine soldiers of Allah, each of whom is powered at different ranks. They are given the authority at different ranks to intercede and to help people same as the governors and mayors. They are able to help those who need help, just for the sake of Allah, using their authority given to them. They can require special permission from the Purest Person, Allah the Most High if the help is exceeding their authority. They have already had permission and they may get permission afterwards too.

For this reason, we tell you not to believe those confusing sayings of crazy Protestant theologians who entered Islam. They also keep saying:

“Hazrat Abraham asked the pagans: ‘Why do you worship the gods (stone idols), which are not able to do you a favor nor they do any harm?’ The polytheists answered: ‘We saw like this from our ancestors (we follow our ancestors)”, Hz. Abraham (A.S) said: ‘Will you follow your ancestors’ religion even if they are in corruption-in a wrong way?’ ” (Al-Anbiyah, 66-67)

They use these commentaries of above verses or similar verses for the Muslims as well. If you notice, they call the idols as gods in these verses.

Islam, none of the Muslims from the East to the West worship stone idols (carved stones, false gods) and they do not implore help from them either. Every Muslim had a faith in the Sole God Allah, who is the Creator of the earth and the heavens. What they do is to insult our billions of ancestors of 1400 years. Our ancestors were not polytheists so we cannot be in corruption by following them. The ancestors of Muslims are Muslims. You cannot implore help from non-living beings or from dead bodies. However, Spirit does not die, the body dies. Allah says that the Prophets and the Friends of God are near Him just like the Angels. For the martyrs, He says that they are not dead, they are alive and He ennobles their state. (Al-Baqarah, 154)

Martyr also means the one who sees or who observes. Each Prophet and the Friend of God is a martyr of God. Martyrs have the right to intercede. The spirit, which is the decree of Allah, does not die and the believers implore help, pray and favour from the Friends of God, who are not dead and with whom Allah is pleased. Nobody wants help from the stones, earth, a piece of board and clothe at the tombs. Our faithful people may make mistakes in the way they want help or in their behaviors but Allah concerns their intentions. Our faithful people know that everything happens with the permission of Allah.

The truth is: He who helps is Allah. However, Allah helps His servants by means of His servants and He administrates the Worlds (Alem) with the Worlds. This is the divine order of Allah.

“İnnemel amalü bin niyat- The actions are done according to intentions.” (Onların Alemi by Sayyid Ahmed er Rufai; trans. by A. Akçiçek, p. 74, 1964-Ist.) It is none of our business to search for other’s intentions.

Some Protestant theologians who entered our society want to decrease our love and respect for Hz. Muhammad, the Prophets, and the Friends of God by declaring that Allah is free from defect and by exalting Allah but lightening Hz. Muhammad, the Prophets and pious people. This can be exemplified as showing the Stars small by always showing the Sun big.

In another verse, “Say: If you love Allah, swear fealty to me! (Love me, who is the true Prophet of Allah)” (The Imrans, 31) because you do not swear fealty to whom you do not love. The ones that loved the Prophet swore fealty to him. The obedience of unbelievers and hypocrites was not sincere so they were not accepted. Liking or disliking the Perfect Men -Prophets and the Friends of God- cannot be compared with liking or disliking ordinary people because they are Haq- the truth (Allah is one, the Prophet is true). To dislike the true Imam means to dislike Allah who is the greatest truth. (God Forbid!) To love the Prophets and pious people, who are the Perfect Men, means to love Allah. They do not look like ordinary, immature people. They are divine, virtuous guides, guardians, true leaders, they are The PERFECT MEN. All the good qualities such as: divine light and virtue they have belong to Allah. The Prophets and the pious people are the mirrors -reflectors- of Allah. “THE PERFECT MAN IS NOT A GOD BUT HE BEARS DIVINE QUALITIES.”


31October, 2004