Four Maqams (stations) Four Alems (worlds-heavens)

There are four worlds that are called as "Nasut, Melekut, Ceberut, Lahut". They are the Worlds (Alem) when they are counted from above downwards and they are called maqams -Heavens- when they are counted below to upwards.

1-NASUT (Human Nature): This world is also called "Shuhut -Mülk". It is a physical and biological world. It is the world of the beings seen with our eyes. This world is particularly the Earth, which is the low world of God. It is the deep darkness of matter. There is also a darkness of Lahut in a secret place of the Skies. Unpurified souls are in this darkness. The journey of the spirit between this place and Divine World is called a part of seyr-i süluk (progress on the spiritual path) in Sufism because there are dark and light veils between man and God. It is the most difficult journey for the spirit to progress and the hardest period for the aspirant (the follower of God), but the rest of the journey is in Light.

There are also some holy places in the world of Nasut such as the Kaaba, Ravza-i Mutahhara, Mescid-i Aksa the tombs or the mausoleums of the Prophets and Walis and the places of worship, mosques, temples etc. They are sacred and pure places. The world of Nasut has already been explained in the first chapters of this book, it will be very useful if the parts about the seven manifestations are read and understood again.

2- MELEKUT (Angelic Reign): The Melekut Heaven begins from the place where the sun rays almost finish and mix the light of Melekut in space. It is the fourth Sky and the world of Divine Light. It is eternal and created from the Divine Light (Nur). This place is the Kingdom of the Holy Spirits and Angels. All things were created from the Divine Light in Melekut whereas everything was created from an atom in the world of Nasut. Melekut is full of with the spirits and angels that are accepted as the forces of God. They are like the images on the screen or in a mirror. They are permanent and actually light. There are rivers, green plants, fruits and the ranks of the holy spirits there and their original structure is Divine Light as mentioned before. They appear like that. Melekut is the heaven, which is a mixture of yellow and white, beautiful Divine Light.

3- CEBERUT (The World of Divine Compulsion): Ceberut means majesty or dominion. This heaven is created from more powerful but finer divine light of God. It is a very beautiful and relaxing Divine Light that has the color of green grass. Another name of this place is "MAKAM-I MAHMUD (PRAISED RANK)" and it belongs to the great Divine Spirit of the Prophet Muhammad. It is the throne, the rank of the Prophet Muhammad, who is the father of all the spirits and the dearest beloved of God. This Heaven is very beautiful, very immense and magnificent and it is the highest position after Lahut. It presents a mysterious state.

There is a great sea in Ceberut Heaven which represents the spirit of the Prophet Muhammad in the spiritual world same as the sun represents him in the physical world. All the secret mysteries and sacred blessings spread from this rank to the others and all the other Heavens are supported and maintained by the generous blessing of this Heaven. This rank is also free from all the shapes and forms and it is a manifestation, a glory and the Divine Light of God.

4- LAHUT (Divine Nature): This maqam (rank) is also called "The world of Truth and Oneness". It is the origin, the essence, the source of all the worlds. It is the Divine Light of all the Divine Lights "Nurul Envar" and the Kingdom of God, the highest throne of Him. God is the essence of this place. He governs the Heavens below from here with Knowledge, Justice and Wisdom. God does not rely upon anything but the throne and all the worlds depend on Him. All the creation is the manifestation of the limitless infinite presence of God. He is the limitless being to whom no limit can be assigned and He is the place of all things. Place is Himself. The place of the places cannot be considered. So, the highest and the most sacred rank or position is Lahut, which is the world of Truth - the reality of realities. There are not any castles, palaces, shapes, figures and forms in here except the Divine Light of God's face. One who does not purify himself from the fleshly desires, bad habits and wickedness is not able to enter this very sacred "Akdes" place. The spirits that reaches it becomes completely perished, annihilated and lost. This is called "non-existence in existence". He is attired in sacred clothes made of Divine Light of Lahut and he exists in non-existence with the omnipotence of God. This is called "existence in non-existence". These are the states which are called as "Fenafillah (Annihilation in God) and Bakabillah (Abiding in God)" in Sufism. The realities Niyazi Misri expressed in the following poem are the realities mentioned above:

“Do not think that we are in love with fear or hope like fanatics!

We have already passed them; we are in love with the day when we meet our Lord,

We are the lovers of infinity, eternity of Oneness,

Those who divest (who are free from egoism) may understand us.”

The verses: "Escape to Allah!" (Al-Dhariyat, 50) and "Return to your Lord!" (Al-Fath, 28)

The sacred saying: "Divest and meet!"

The sacred saying of the Prophet: "Qualify yourself with the qualities of God."

They are all said for the Kingdom of God, which is the last aim. "İlâhi ente maksudi ve rizake matlubi - My God, you are my aim and my desire is your consent". It is again intended to the glory of the Kingdom of Lahut for the followers of God to recite the statement above.

We have explained widely the reality "one existence, seven manifestations and four maqams". The reason of six manifestations of God depends on the appearances of Divine Light in six different colors. God is colorless and He is assigned to take no colors. Water takes the color of its container. These colors are; the color of grass -the green Divine Light of Muhammad, coral red-the Divine Light of Noah and Abraham, the milk white -the Divine Light of Moses, soft silver like yellow -the Divine Light of Adam, black -the Divine Light of Jesus Christ and the mixture of blue and purple is the Divine Light of Natıqa.

The reason of four maqams depends on the reality of the Divine Unity of God-Oneness, spirit, angels and body.