The Expressions, “the Allah Of The Koran-the Islam Of The Koran.”

Some people say that they are summoning you to “the Allah of the Koran and to the Islam of the Koran” disregarding the Scholar, the Wise and the Spiritual leaders (in Sufi Language they are called as Pir, Sheikh). They are inventing some expressions that do not exist in the Islamic Scientific Literature. It is a fact that a primary school graduate, a Professor or a scholar-a wise person understand the Koran differently. Every literate person understands the Koran according to his own ability when he reads it. The Koran is understood by people as much as their ability.

The statement “the Allah of the Koran” is incorrect because the word “Allah” belongs to the real God who is the Lord of the Universe. Therefore, the word “Allah” is special but the word “God” is not special. The polytheists have unreal- false gods. These gods are invented. The real God is Allah. When it is said “the Allah of the Koran” it occurs to mind that, as if, there is another Allah. Our God is the God about whom Hz. Muhammad (A.S.), Hz. Abraham (A.S.) and 28 Prophets informed us. This god is One- Sole and He is the Creator of all things. There is no other god except Him. We worship the God of Hz. Muhammad (A.S.), Hz. Abraham (A.S.) and the God of the Koran. Therefore, you may say “the God of the Koran” or “the God of Hz. Muhammad (A.S.), the God of Hz. Abraham (A.S.)

You may also ask a person, “Who is your God?” but not “Who is your Allah?” If he is a Muslim, he says “My God is Allah”, if he is a pagan, he says: “My God is Al-Lât, Al-Menat, Al-Uzza, Al-Hubal” which means “egoism-pride-wealth-lust” and fame”.

When the Prophet Jacob asked his children: “What will you worship when I am gone?” They replied: “ilahake ve ilahe âbâike İbrahime ve İsmaile ve İshak’a ilahen Vahiden-We will worship your God and the God of your forefathers Abraham, Ismael and Isaac: the One God.” (Al-Baqhara, 133)

The Islam of the Koran is the Islam, which is the Religion of Allah, and informed us by Hz. Muhammad. Islam is not possible without Suunat because the Sunnat of the Prophet is the performance and the practice of the Koran. It is a gross error to summon to the Islam of the Koran disregarding Sunnat. Calling directly to the Koran is to exempt the Prophet of Allah, the Scholars and the Wise who are the heirs of the Prophet. You must speak very carefully on this matter. Allah mentioned His Messenger together with His name in many verses saying “Obey Allah and His Prophet!” (Muhammad, 33- Taghabun, 12) and “Be contented with the judgment of Allah and His Apostle!” (Ahzab, 36) He is exalting His Prophet, the righteous, the believers and the Saints who are the heirs of Him.

The word of the Prophet is the word of Allah and his words are not nonsense depending on the verse: “The word of Muhammad is a Divine Revelation.” This is in reality same as the lights of the Sun are not separated from the Sun.

You should be cautious in these matters. The Prophet (A.S.) permitted “ijtihad-independent interpretation”. Ijtihad is permitted in Islam and there may be some mistakes in ijtihad as the “mujtehids-the interpreters of Islamic Law” are ordinary people but not Messengers.

Although those who use the expressions: “the Allah of the Koran, the Islam of the Koran” say that they are not “reformists”, they sound like reformist. This means to leave that door ajar. If that door is left ajar, it becomes a great sin which does not look like any other sins. Islam, the Religion of Allah does not need any reforms. The Religion of Allah is perfect. It is important to understand the essence of the Religion of Allah and to explain it according to the People of that age without changing its origin because it is possible and necessary to explain the Koran in accordance with the understanding of that century. This specialty exists in the Koran. The greatest miracle of the Koran is: it concerns all the centuries, all the times.

We hope that our scholar and respected brother who reached a high level in Knowledge will clarify his expressions by appropriating and explaining them. We think that it is his right reaction towards the corrupted Jurisprudence and present false sheikhs.

We assure that he knows that a real Sufi saint is either a Sufi Leader of a Tariqat or an adherent, follower of a Sufi leader.

What he gets angry about is the unacceptable behaviors of the adherents of the present Tariqats. We believe that we agree on each other in the essence of it and we love and respect this Scholar brother.

If that brother does not wear a moustache, we do not wear beard either. We also still have our hat on our head and we are against to all kinds of formal piety. However, we should make a distinction between what is correct and incorrect. We should not exempt the good ones when we get angry with the bad ones. We should not give up the truth while criticizing the mistakes.