The Entrance Of Spirits Into Human Body

"Lekad halaknel insane fi ahseni takvim, sümme redednahü esfele safilin - I created man in a most noble image, then I reduced him to the lowest of the low." (Al-Tin, 4-5)

God started the adventure of the spirit to his servants with the above verse. It is stated that spirit was sent to the human body that is made of water, soil and the other elements of the physical world and which is a biological being at a very low state, while it was in the spiritual world having all the qualities of God and when it was a beautiful Divine light of God. The verse "I breathed into man from My spirit.” (Sad, 72) is the clear evidence of it.

The spirit sent into human body from the holy world protects its holiness until a person is seven years old. Then, it starts to lose its divinity and fineness as it increases its relation with the body and the physical world; as a result, it becomes low and common. This materialized spirit falls into the hollow of ignorance. It forgets its first Divine state and the moment of the agreement between God and itself when it has been created. It even forgets its origin, its source, which is God. Brutal feelings dominate it and it starts to become cruel and shed blood just like wild animals. He has no holiness and highness anymore. It has become dirty and low with material smear. He is under the imputation of the verse: "Belhüm edel - He is lower than an animal" (Sad, 72). He is unaware of the realities and in a state of repudiating and bewilderment.

He has forgotten his old, sacred and bright days indicated in the verse: "Vezekkirhüm bi eyyamillah - Remember the days you spent with God." (Abraham, 5) He has fallen into a terrible darkness of ignorance, become very rebellious to his origin, God. He is very harmful for his environment and for the people around him. Now, he is in the darkness of matter ... he is in the Hell.


God, the Most High, has pity on the man who is in this state with His attribute "Rahman - Very Merciful". He sends them some special people like "the Prophets and Walis", who bear Divine Spirit that knows the realities in order to save them from this low state. He calls them with the verse "İrcii ila Rebbiki - Return to your God!" (Al - Fajr, 28)

The person who bears Divine spirit- the first manifestation of God-who has come to this world and returned to his God becoming Divine, who was sent to the Earth in order to help bewildered people that have forgotten their agreement with God, who attains good attributes and who is the scholar of God is called "Perfect Man - İnsan-ı Kâmil".

The inside of the Perfect Man is God, his outside is human. It means his inside is Divine Light and his outside is matter. He is with God with his inner side and he is with the people with his outer side. He is just like a point that connects the outer and the inner worlds with this state of him.

"Kül innema ena beşerün mislüküm yuha - Say: I am a mortal like yourselves but more, I have the sacred word of God, sacred spirit and very high knowledge of God." (Al -Kahf, 110)

"In hüve illa vahyün yuha - Whatever the Prophet (Muhammad) - the Perfect Man says- it is the revelation (the word of God)." (Al -Najm, 4)

The words of the Perfect Man are Divine. He differs from the ignorant man in this respect. He is also a human. The favor of God can change immature people into their first states if they obey the Perfect Man, who has been given the duty by God with the calling "Return to your God!", in the path he directs and under his high training. They will get rid of the stiffness of matter by being purified and will be embellished with the good attributes of God as a result they will become holy and find the possibility of being a Perfect Man attaining goodness and righteousness. This education is called "Seyr-i Süluk (Progress on the Spiritual Path)" in Sufism. The path of God which is called "Seyr-i Süluk (Spiritual Journey) -Velâyet (Sainthood), Tariqat (Divine Way)" in Sufism is the spiritual, sacred journey, traveling to infinity. Another name of it is: detachment from the world, purification and being away from the wickedness. God said: "Divest and meet - embrace!"

The Perfect Man is like a fig or natural lime. A fig is full inside and it is pleasant and sweet. One fig has thousands of seeds in it. These seeds are all the knowledge mentioned in the verse:

"Ve allame Ademel Esmae külleha - I taught Adam (man) all my names." (Al -Baqarah, 31) Each seed reflects a name. Existence is One but His attributes are one thousand and one. Man is also called "the great book" because he has gathered all the knowledge in himself. Man is also a mirror of God's person and His attributes. He has gathered everything in himself and he is superior to all the creation with this characteristic of him. Niyazi Mısri said:

"Creation is the mirror to the art of God,

Man is the mirror to the artist Himself."

The above poem expresses the reality that the man has been reflecting God. Particularly, the heart of man is just like a big, bright mirror or an electric bulb that reflects God. God revealed this fact as: "I can fit into neither the Earth nor the heavens; I am in the heart of the believer."

Man differs from an ignorant man who has not been given Divine Education with this quality. Immature man is called animal-like man. We can observe it in the body of man; the diaphragm separates human body into two parts. In the upper part of it man has a heart and a brain, in the lower part there are dirty digestive organs and the organs of generation. The upper part of the diaphragm is angel-like and the lower part of it is animal-like. If man does not have the divine Light of God in his heart and if he does not attain the consideration and the knowledge of God in his brain, he is completely an animal then. Osman Kemal Efendi from Erzurum expressed this reality very beautifully in the following poem:

"I do not want a man with a man's face but an animal in character,

His inclination is vile; although he does favor, he commits sin."

The tendency of such a man is always towards his lower part of his body so his favor is also evil. God, who is the Existence, is everywhere. He reveals in the Koran that He is closer to us than we are:

"Ve nahnü akrebü ileyhi min hablil varid - We are closer to man than the vein in his throat." (Qaf, 16)

He, to whom no place or limit can be assigned, is in everywhere. He is the limit Himself. There cannot be the limit of the limits or the place of the places. God, who is the existence, is the first and the last of the eternity. God, who Himself is the existence, is the first who has no first, the last who has no end, the inner who has no interior, the outer who has no outer because He is a whole and the first, the last, the inner, the outer is He. He is the constant presence who has no edges and all the creation is His manifestation. He is the one who created everything and also time from His own presence. He is not dependent on time because time is Himself. He is the eternal presence.

One who exists is He. Existence exists and non-existence does not exist. God transmitted us that He was closer to us than we were and added saying that He encompassed everything so He is both inside and outside of us. The strong lights pass through the body of a man who enters a room lit by X-rays. The light is both inside and outside of the man who is in this situation. Niyazi Mısri expressed it very beautifully saying:

"God is in our heart and we are also in His heart."

The Divine Light of God has the qualities of seeing, hearing speaking, voice as well as knowledge. Again, Niyazi explained this reality 300 years ago as follows:

"God changed His Divine Light into words

And His words into Divine Light."

Today, radio and television have confirmed Niyazi. Light can be transformed into sound and sound can be transformed into light.

Why does man not get benefit from God personally although He tells us that He is much closer to us than ourselves and He has encompassed everything? Why does man not get favor of His divine light and His sweet voice? The example of it is: Electricity exists everywhere, in matter, in water, in the air, and even in the body of man. Unfortunately, we cannot see, understand and make use of it. There are also the network of electricity and electric bulbs. When we push the button, the bulb emits light. If we touch it with our naked hand, we get affected. Although electricity surrounds us and it exists in our body, we are not able to make use of it directly. We cannot reach God directly either, as He is an immense and endless Divine Light. He has sheltered Himself with the Perfect Man and with other objects.

The Perfect Man is just like a cable that protects energy and He emits light just like an electric bulb. When we meet the Perfect Men, who are the Prophets or the Friends of God (Walis) and the scholars of God, as if we meet God who is Divine Light. The heart of a Perfect Man is like a big, bright mirror which reflects God or like an electric bulb which emits electricity. His hand is white. "Elyedel beyza" (Al-Naml, 12 / Al Qassas, 32) His hand looks like Moses’s hand which diffuses electricity or light. Whoever obeys the Perfect Man obeys God directly.

"İnnelezine yubayiuneke innema yubaiun Allah yedillahi fevke eydihim - O, the Prophet, those who obey you (who swear fealty to you) obey God (swear allegiance to God). The hand of God is on their hands so they hold the hand of God." (Al- Fath, 10)

"Vatesimübi hablillahi cemia - Hold the string of God!" (Al - İmran, 103)

The above verse also explains this reality because the self (nafs) of the Perfect Man -the Prophet - is the Holy Word of God.

"Men yütiür Resule fekad ata Allah - He who obeys the messenger of God obeys God." (Al -Nisa, 80)

"Kül in küntüm tühibbun Allahe fettebiuni - Say: If you love God, follow me (swear fealty to me)." (Al - Imran, 31)

"Vebteu ileyhil vesile - The person who wants to find God must obey the mediator." (Al- Maidah, 35)

These verses are the clear evidences that prove the importance, necessity and the help of the Perfect Man. It is impossible to make use the prosperity of God, to get the spiritual benefaction and the blessing of God unless you find the Perfect Man, swear fealty to him and follow his path. It is bewilderment to look for the radiance in another place instead of the electric bulb on a dark night thinking that the electricity is everywhere. God established His path and His order in this way. He showed His justice by teaching the path of benefiting from Him.

God enabled man to be able to succeed great works with the divine light of intelligence creating him in His own quality. Today, it is proved that man has the ability to solve the mystery of the Universe. As a result, man has been responsible to himself, humanity, his environment and particularly to his children as well as to all the good and poor people. Man who can climb the Sky is able to maintain the equality and justice and support the economical life and the health of his children and of the other needy people by establishing governments. In this situation, some nonsense statements such as "Why does God make little children sick?, or If there had been God, He would have been just and would not have given the children illnesses" made by Diderot and Russel, who reached a very high level knowledge, make us annoyed and think about it. We would not have mentioned about this subject if Diderot, Russel and similar materialist scientists had been in complete ignorance of the matter of the social state and parents. The state and parents are responsible for the illnesses of the children except widespread diseases.

Death is the decree of God. No force is able to stop it. Wars are caused by the jealousy of people and they are because of the greed and passions of the rulers. God has given man intelligence and he has become responsible for it. Wars are started by men. God will definitely punish unfair people. God cannot be denied by attributing Him the violence of wars, which is another nonsense.

Nobody will be able to change the order of God and He will not change the arranged order for the sake of some people either.


The Perfect Man is calm and motionless like the unslaked (natural, active) lime and he is supposed to be like the other ordinary rocks. In fact, he is well hardened just like lime. When you pour out water on lime, it gets warm, and starts to boil with a bubbling noise and becomes activated. Just like this, when the Perfect Man is influenced by something for any reason, he becomes enthusiastic and exuberant like a sea suddenly. He is motivated by love and the knowledge of God flows to his tongue from his heart just like the rivers. Those who are present to listen to his speech are changed into various states at that instant. They have been under an immense influence and now God has shown himself. The button is pushed and the bulb has shone. The darkness has vanished in his presence and his surrounding has sunk into light. Every hidden thing has become manifested, every denial and suspicion have ceased to exist.


The Perfect Man is pure and fine like silk and his qualities look like the qualities of silk cloth. Silk cloth does not fall into pieces when it is burnt. The example of it is the incandescent mantle of the pressurized kerosene lamp. The spirit of the Perfect Man whose self and spirit have burnt in the divine light of God's love and presence (Lahut-Divine Nature) is just like the incandescent mantle of the kerosene lamp. His spirit and his self (nafs) have been annihilated in the Divine Light of God being perished. God enabled his soul to acquire a mysterious presence in annihilation. He made him wear the shirt of eternity. His spirit has become divine and eternal by being annihilated in the presence of God.

Our Prophet explained this reality as "Mutu kable ente mutu! - Die before you die!" The Perfect Man differs from immature people and from all the other beings in this respect by being annihilated and re-existing in God same as the silk differs from the other materials with the quality of incandescence although it burns.