Death is biological. Man dies same as an animal dies. Man does not die when the spirit leaves him. The spirit leaves him because he is dead. Spirit is the holy manifestation of God, which bears the attributes of knowledge and speaking of Him. It is Divine Light (Nur). Spirit never dies because it does not leave God just like the rays of the sun. It extends to man from God and it is drawn back to his God when a man dies. Spirit is together with God, existing in God and eternal with God because it is the sacred breath of God.

“Ve nefehtü fihi min ruhi - I breathed into man from My spirit.” (Sad, 72) Spirit neither dies nor sleeps because its origin is God and God never sleeps or dies. He is always alive.

Dreams are the visions of the spirits in the inner world. The spirit always sees something around him because of being alive. These visions are according to his level or state at that moment. If he is in a low position of the inner world, low and awesome objects are seen, if he is at a high, sacred or divine rank, he sees holy, divine, beautiful and spiritual beings. When man sleeps and stops his relationship with the outer world, he can be aware of some visions of his spirit, when he wakes up, he may remember them and this is called "dream".

The death of a human is biological like the death of an animal. It is the stop of the functions of the heart and the interruption of the blood circulation for any reason such as an illness or accident. The body cannot maintain its liveliness if the blood circulation does not function so it is meaningless for the Divine Spirit of God to remain in such a body. The spirit, which is a sacred trust of God, returns to God, who is the source and the origin of the existence, from the dead body (it is drawn back). Human body is just like an electric bulb. When an electric bulb is out of order or broken, electricity does not show itself any longer but the corruption or deficiency of the bulb can never put an end to the presence of electricity. There is still electricity in the cable but hidden. Spirit and Divine Light are also sometimes hidden, sometimes obvious. If God permits, it can be visible and effective; if not, it may be hidden and secret. This reality is explained in the Koran by God with the following verse:

"Allahü nurussemavati vel ard - God is the Divine Light of the Heavens and the Earth." (Al-Nur 35)

By the invention of electricity, it has been definitely understood that there is Divine Light on the Earth. The sun, the moon and the stars are the visible Divine Lights of God. When God wanted to create this world "Nasut - Physical world, Human Nature", He first created the Sun with the name "Hellak -the Great creator" from the Divine Light of "Lahut -Divine Nature" and sent it to the physical world in an order and plan. The sun is a big piece of Divine Light, which rotates on its axis from right to left very fast. It is renewed constantly by the name of God "Mecit -One that renews". The sun and all the creation are annihilated and re-existed in the Divine Light of God's person every instant. All things are stretched and extended back to the Absolute Existence, which is the essence of everything and the Infinite Light, same as the event of tide.

"Do you not see how your God lengthens the shadow, had it been His will He could have made them constant?" (Al-Furqan, 45) or the objects which are sunk into the source of the existence would not be visible and would not exist. Existence closes and opens or becomes hidden and seen as the circle's becoming a point and then a circle again. There is no decrease or increase in this event but there is renovation. This constant renovation continues and annihilation and re-existing happens every instant from an atom to the sun. Particularly the sun becomes annihilated and re-existed (renovated) in the great Divine Light God. The renovated sun renovates the creation and everything in it. The stars are seen and hidden and so they draw a good example for us to understand this reality. Since the process of annihilation and re-existing happen at the same time, we think that it always exists.

Existence dominates nothingness just like light dominates darkness, or visibility dominates invisibility. There is no repetition in this event either. A similarity is created every moment. Repetition is impotence or inability. Perfection comes into existence because of the constant renovation. Inhalation and exhalation and also the state of "compression, constriction and expansion-the opening and closing of the heart in spirituality" depend on this mystery. The Koran and the spirit that has the quality of intelligence are being renovated every moment because of the annihilation and re-existing in God. For this reason, the Koran is called:

"Kaf vel Kur'anil mecid - Renovated Koran." (Al Qaf, 1). The inner and outer worlds (the physical and spiritual worlds) are renovated and perfected every instant because of this mystery. This perfection lasts forever.

The electricity that emits light from an electric bulb is non-existing and re-existing for hundreds of times in a sixtieth part of a second but in this fast event of becoming absent and present, we always see it light because lightness dominates darkness. We are not able to notice the darkness in this very fast event although it is dark when it is non-existing. Many of other examples could be given on this subject. God said in the Koran:

"Sümmecealnaş şemse aleyhi delila - The sun was made the proof of the shadow by God." (Al - Furqan, 45)

It means: If the sun did not exist, shadow would not exist either. The existence of shadow depends on light although light exists even without shadow. The creation is the manifestation or a kind of shadow of God. If there is no God, there is no creation. However, God, who is the source of the creation is "Samed -independent of the creation", He does not depend on anything, He is the one who created everything and everybody from His own presence. We are in need of Him in order to exist and maintain our existence. One who is in need of Him is the servant. God who needs nothing is the master, ruler and the Lord. He is the Lord of us and the Lord of the Universe because He rules the Universe and us. We are His slaves because we exist with Him and we maintain our existence with Him for a period even though for a temporary time.

There are the origins of all the minerals in the sun, together with many unknown minerals that do not exist in the earth and in the stars. The biological world came into existence with the energy, the light, the heat and the minerals that it got from the Sun. The Sun and the Stars are separated from the Sun as a mass and they rotate on their own axis from the right to the left and revolve about the Sun. They are based on a calculation and an order. They are also benefited from it. The fruits are ripened by the Sun and flavored by the Moon and Stars.

"God made all things subject to man." (Al-Jathiyah, 13)

Men went into the space and the eyes of man saw the Moon. There is no oxygen and water on the Moon. The facts about the Moon will be clarified when the Russian astronauts or the astronauts of the other nations go to the Moon. Today, the scientific level which the Americans have reached is really admirable and respectable since the Russians will be able to see the Moon 25 years later (considering it 1973). We think that it will be better and more beneficial if the scientists of the other nations go to the Moon. Some of the scientific suspicions about this matter will completely be solved then, such as the broadcasting of television or similar scientific and important subjects.

Man-human, who bears the scientific attribute of God and who is the caliph that does work in the name of God on the Earth is certainly great.

There is a star in the Sky on which life exists. We think that man will be able to discover it one day if God permits. We believe that all these researches of space and the efforts are due to this aim. We will reveal some facts learnt and confirmed by the inner world through discovery in order to help science and humanity: There is a star in the sky on which life exists. Some Islam scholars have already mentioned it. It is on the parallel of the Earth and its distance from the Earth is equal to the distance of the Earth from the Sun. This star had become dense later than the earth. The climate of it is also slightly different from the climate of our planet. There are steep and bare mountains. There are particularly copper and gold minerals. There is also some water, a river and a sea. Although there are some plants, they are not like the plants on the earth and the fruits have not been ripened yet, they are primitive and in their original states. There are not any human beings or animals but there are some plants for clothing which look like cotton, flax, linen etc. And they are very strong. We hope God will permit and man will be able to find it before the Day of Resurrection.

Some Sufis have already mentioned about healing plants. We will mention about a plant that definitely heals cancer against which humanity is helpless. It is a seed of a rose which is called “The Pink Mohammedan Rose” in our home town Adıyaman. This seed is red, as big as a grape and in a big capsule. It has no side effects. They even make jam from it in our town. There is some brown fluid that emits light inside it. It is certain that it cures cancer. The concerned authorities have been informed about this seed by my brother Abdülkadir Yardımcı in Turkey. We hope that the result of analysis will be positive and it will be useful for humanity.