Darwin’s Theory Of Evolution, Buddhism (reincarnation) And The Big Bang

What Buddhists call as “Nirvana” is the universal quality of liveliness. (It is not spirit; Buddhists do not believe in spirit and God.) And this liveliness does not have the quality of reasoning. What they believe is the ordinary, organic liveliness in everybody. The organic liveliness does not have a reasoning quality anyway. If there were reasoning in organism, it would exist in plants and animals too, which are also living beings. Spirit and reason exist only in human beings.

According to them, half of the nature is organic-living and the other half of it is inorganic- non-living. Liveliness and matter constantly combine and separate (synthesis-analysis). In these combination and division processes, substances change forms and the Buddhists explain it as follows:

“Plants become animals, animals become plants. Man becomes an animal or a plant again”. (These are possible for them.) That is to say: an animal becomes a man, if that man is bad, he transforms into a wild animal again. If a man turns into an animal, what happens to the reason-mind in man then? Yet, animals do not have mind, they cannot think and contemplate deeply. If they could, they would achieve great works and produce technology.

They also say that the more a person suffers in this world and the poorer he is and the more he consents to poverty, the richer he will be in his second birth like a maharajah-the Hindu King (like a Lord as the British call). He will lead a very enjoyable life in luxury and the sooner he dies, the sooner he will come back to this world again. Therefore, the poor people should accept poverty as a normal life style and they should consent to it and wait for their death in order to be re-born as a rich and noble person. Or else he may come back as a wild animal not as a maharajah. It means he may turn into a wild animal while he is a man.

These are, of course, nonsense! They are told in order to passivize man by making him to consent to poverty and to prevent his resistance against bourgeois and dominant powers. Buddhists call the poor as “pariah” -people who are not accepted by the society-. There is also an elite class, high society. In history, poor people used to be opium addicts so as not to know the time until they died, as they were expecting their death, but Mao banned using opium after revolution.

Reaching nirvana is explained as follows: If a good person obeys the teaching of Buddha and behaves according to these teachings, and if he is consented to his fate, he may reach nirvana (universal liveliness-soul). As for them, nature is consisted of two things: one-half is matter (inorganic) and the other half is liveliness-soul (life-organic). Both form a whole. These two things combine and separate and this is eternal because they do not believe that the Universe will be destroyed and annihilated. Whereas even science accepts that one day this universe will be annihilated or be in another, different state. Hindus opposed both to the religions pertaining Books and to science by accepting that the Universe is eternal in the past and eternal in the future.

Islam and Islamic Sufism declare that spirit will meet Allah. Buddhists say that objective soul may reach the great soul (liveliness) as they believe that Buddha reached nirvana-the great soul.

Buddhists do not believe in Spirit. They believe in two things: matter and soul (liveliness). They do not believe in Spirit but they believe the mindless organism, for Spirit-mind exists only in human beings. Animals and plants also have a living quality but they do not have a spirit that bears reason-mind. Hindu-Buddhist religions are not a religion but they are a philosophy or a theory. Such a theory (worshipping nature or matter or soul) is a primitive materialism but not a religion because it is not metaphysical. According to Darwin, development, evolution and perfection continue in man and in everything meanwhile and this evolution lasts until eternity. There is no retrogression in the world, in material things, in man but there is always progression, development and perfection.

Buddhism-the Hindu Philosophy is also contrary to Darwin’s Theory of Evolution because the perfect man turns into imperfect-simple (an animal) again in respect of reincarnation. Therefore, we say that reincarnation is contrary to religions, which are based on holy Books, to science, to Darwin’s Theory and Big Bang (the big explosion and the fact that this universe existed afterwards due to it) because Buddhists and Hindu precepts believe that cosmos has been like this since eternity and it will be like this eternally. The events that happened or will be happened are always in this everlasting cosmos.

If we examine Darwin’s Evolution Theory; for him, man is the evolved animal, and an animal may become a human being that can think and understand. The existence of man is scientifically over a million years. In the depths of History- in these million years- for example; between 5 or 6 B.C. and 2004, or between 4 B.C. until 7 A.D. around 25-30 Prophets had come, and there is also such a Book “Torah”, which is 3500 years old and very thought-provoking. There are also the Psalms of Prophet David (Zabur), the Gospel and the Koran, which are all written documents.

There are also wise people in the depths of History such as Greek Philosophers, Socrates, Plato, Aristotle etc. They are the wise people who lived before Christ.

In this situation, we may ask: If man evolves, should all the people become a wise person altogether like Socrates, Plato and Aristotle then? If evolution continues, should all the people become even better for them?

Why are there very few prophets and philosophers in the community of humanity then?

When we observe the world of animals, we see that each species develop altogether. Why does the species of human not develop mentally, altogether then? Why cannot all the people become a philosopher, a thinker and a Prophet?

We can ask many similar questions but we think that these questions are enough. It is difficult to answer these questions from the view of Darwin’s Evolution Theory.

In addition to this, Darwin says that man developed from apes. In this case, all the people have been evolved from the apes, from one kind of species. Provided that human beings developed from one kind of animals-apes-, should all the human beings develop mentally at the same level as they altogether developed the same physically, after they became a human? If 6 billon people had developed from ten or hundred kinds of species, we would have said that the origin of man was not based on one kind of species so they could not develop mentally altogether. When we examine the world of animals, we see that each sort of animal species develop altogether although they were more primitive at the beginning. Human beings also developed almost altogether physically but they do not develop spiritually and mentally. In history, the number of wise people (prophets, philosophers, thinkers) is not more than 100-150. Why can’t the rest of people become like these great people then? Why?

Should minds and spirits evolve- develop altogether?

We do not mention physical evolution but we mention about mental and spiritual (psychological) development. Or, do these minds and spirits come from another center?

Every species evolve altogether physically but why do all these reasonable people not evolve altogether? Only, one of the million people evolves mentally. Therefore, contemplation or deep thinking is a supernatural reality and it is a metaphysical event. It is proved that man is a special being who does not develop from any animal, as it is also understood that the genes of man are original. If man developed from apes, at least 95 percent of his genes would be the genes of apes then.

It is also said that in human, the brain is thinking. When we examine the brain, we see that the brain is an organic matter that is consisted of cells and weighs about 150-200 gr. in the skull. It is also known that an organic matter is also a physical substance. In this case, how can a piece of flesh, which is material, think? (How can a substance, which is completely matter - a piece of flesh that consists of blood, cell and bone - think?) The brain is only a piece of flesh and it is a material thing.

It is definite that there is no mind in a physical substance but man is able to think and he is a being who thinks and reasons. Since there cannot be an ability of thinking and reasoning in material substances, there should be an abstract being, which is not material in man and this is called “Spirit”. Spirit is an attribute, which belongs to the Creator. The ability of reasoning and intellect are the qualities of spirit. Spirit has also the ability of thinking which is a superior abstract reality compared to mind. The meaning of “Akıl (mind, reason)”, which is an Arabic word, is to understand. Reason-mind is the ability to understand something. The Koran attaches great importance to deep thinking-contemplation. It is a concept, which is more important than reason because it means to think about the Universe, beyond the Universe, God, metaphysics and infinity. This is something very amazing, as man who is a very small being in the Universe is able to think about all Universe, all the beings, metaphysics and infinity. This is a great event. This small human may not be able to do this, but he can! Then, it shows that there is a great abstract being in man or otherwise he cannot achieve such great works and today’s technology. Such great works can be done only by God. Man is divine with this quality of him. Either God Himself or the Spirit of God, which is the attribution of Him and which bears knowledge, enable this little man to do these great works.

God says in the Koran: “I breathed into man from My Spirit”. (Sad, 72) Where is this place which Allah calls as “into”? Did He breathe into his heart, into his breast, or into the brain, which is a piece of flesh in his skull? This is still not known definitely. Since Allah is knowledgeable, the knowledge also came to the spirit, which is the attribution of Allah.

We also learn from the latest scientific researches that there is divine light like electricity emitting lights or like electrons-quantum in human brain. According to the latest authorities of Medicine, death occurs in the brain and this also supports the idea that Spirit is breathed into the brain by Allah. Moreover, the fact that the eyes, the ears, the tongue or the qualities of seeing, hearing and speaking are gathered in the head of man and the firmness of the skull increase the opinion that spirit is breathed into the brain.

Thus, the brain, which is only an organic piece of flesh, which has a physical structure, does not think itself but the lights in the brain think. Light (Divine Light) is also abstract like reason. There is an abstract, spiritual being in human and this is qualified as “Spirit” by the Prophets. The personality of man is determined by his spiritual existence, but not by his physical existence.

Those who explain the Big Bang (the Big Explosion) say that there was a very dense and very great mass of energy (before the Universe was not created). This condensed mass squeezed and exploded like the centrifugal event (same as the sparks that are thrown out from the hot iron, which is squeezed between two anvils and a hammer while a blacksmith is striking the hot iron).

Then; before the Universe existed, there was an enormous “Existence” and the Universe was created from this Existence, so, this first mass was an eternal, constant “Existence” and there was no Creator of it. That mass existed spontaneously. In this case, the supporters of Big Bang accept the existence which exists itself -spontaneously- and which is Divine Light and energy-power that does not have a creator. How can something exist itself or spontaneously? There is no answer to this question. But, there is definitely an “existence” which comes to existence itself and this is accepted by the supporters of Big Bang too. What or who can this existence be apart from Allah? Allah is not created and He exists Himself. The classical term of this is: “Vacib-ul Vücud (Necessary Existence, Casual Existence) -the Existence whose existence is from Himself and compulsory”.

Allah is the eternal, constant divine light and power (energy) whose existence is from Himself. In Chapter Nur, Allah says: “Allahu nurussemavati vel ard- Allah is the divine light of the Heavens and the Earth” (Al-Nur, 35). The existence of Allah consists of Divine Light; and it is completely infinite divine light and divine light cannot have a border and cannot be separated. Two infinite beings cannot be considered so the existence of Allah is sole, infinite divine light. What exists is Allah and His oneness is compulsory as His existence because there cannot be two infinite beings and divine light and energy (power) cannot be divided into parts. Allah also declared in the Koran that Himself is the energy-power. This is confirmed with the verse in the Koran as “Maşaallah la kuvvete illa billah- Allah ordained, there is no strength-power except Allah”. (Al-Kahf, 39) Since the divine light, energy - power cannot be divided into parts, small gods which are separated from Allah cannot be accepted. He does not have sons or daughters, as He cannot be separated because Allah is Divine Light and He is neither a male nor a female.

What the supporters of Big Bang call as “Big Explosion” is called as “manifestation” by the Koran. This can be exemplified as the different appearance of the sea when it is forming a waterspout or the different appearance of the sun while dawn is breaking.

According to the religions pertaining Books, manifestation of Allah is true. This manifestation of Allah is another appearance of Him same as the dawn is another appearance of the sun but the manifestation of Allah is also Divine Light and it does not leave the Person of Allah same as the sun and sunlight. The lights of the sun come with the sun and leave with the sun. The sun does not leave a bit of light on the walls while it is setting in the evening so the sunlight is also the sun, but the Sun itself is in the sky and very big. The lights of the sun are not the sun itself.

Allah created the other worlds from this manifestation (His manifestation is also divine light) in order (there are six ranks according to the Koran and Torah) and finally He created our world from this manifestation, which is divine light, energy-power, through condensation, He created things, substances. Afterwards, He created human and this was completed in six ranks or phases. The first manifestation is the First Spirit, the second manifestation is Levh-i Mahfuz, the third manifestation is the world of Spirits, the fourth manifestation is the world of samples, the fifth manifestation is the earth and the sixth manifestation is man. Then, Allah, who is the Absolute Existence, has encompassed these six ranks. Allah the Most High says: “Allah has encompassed everything”. (Fussilet, 54)

If you would like to get detailed knowledge on this subject, you can read our books called “Existence” (1998-Yeni Alanya Matbaası, Alanya) and “Muhammad-Jesus- Adam” (1999-Yeni Alanya Matbaası, Alanya).

The event of squeezing happened as follows: The divine manifestation, which was power and light before, squeezed light and formed atoms and molecules and then formed three -dimensional substances by squeezing molecules.

The origin of the entire Universe is radiation. This radiation is the manifestation and appearance of Allah. What manifests is the Pure Person of Allah who is Absolute and Infinite Divine Light. The essence of the Universe and man is Allah. There is no entity other than Allah in reality. However, Allah has a manifestation and this is confirmed with the Koran. The manifestation of Allah is also Divine Light and Power. The world of material things -the earth- was created and formed from this Divine Light and power, which is the manifestation of Allah. The Creation and the formation of the Universe and the physical world came into being in this way.

The essence, the entity of everything is Allah, who is divine light and power. Yet; Allah has no entity since the entity of Allah is also Himself. That is why; we say that the origin of every thing is Allah in reality but not in identity. For instance; all the planets are formed from the sun but the planets are also the sun in reality; but in the appearance, in identity, the sun is very big and bright in the sky and the planets are formed from it, yet the planets are very small compared to the sun. The planets are not the sun itself but they are accepted as an appearance or a manifestation of it.

Another matter is; the supporters of Big Bang accept the mass, which is a dense light and energy, which exists itself, but they do not mention much about it and they do not try to search for it because they know that they are not able to solve it. They cannot solve what this eternal, constant and limitless existence, which exists itself, is. They know that they cannot comprehend it and they will never be able to solve it.

The meaning of eternal existence is having no beginning and an end. The beginning and the end of the existence is the same point just like a circle, for the beginning point of a circle is at the same time the finishing point of it. This proves that the Absolute existence Allah is a great mystery.

If such an existence exists Himself, we call Him Allah and the supporters of Big Bang call Him dense, hot mass of energy. Whatever He is named, they accept an existence that exists spontaneously. The spontaneous existence cannot be other than God. They call “Explosion” what we call as the manifestation of Allah, yet they cannot make any comments on Him because no idea can be put forward to the One who exists spontaneously.

The Prophets also declare that this spontaneous existence has the quality of knowledge and art and He is a Scholar, Alive, Mighty, Glorious, Absolute Existence.

When we observe the nature, we see that it is in a divine order. There is no fault or absurdity in it. We see an enormous art. This order and art in nature also prove that its Creator is very conscious, knowledgeable, living and active. He is the Creator of the Universe, THE GLORIOUS ALLAH. MAY HIS GLORY BE EXALTED!


24th November 2004