Dabbetül Ard Daccal (antichrist) And Mahdi

The commandment of God "Dabbetül Ard" means “the characteristic of the earth”. The characteristic of the earth is atoms. Dabbetül Ard which our Religion pointed out has been visible by the splitting of atom because the characteristics of matter and the earth is learnt when atom has been split. Soil has also the characteristics of absorbing and filtering. It filters the water that comes from underground and enables the water to flow clearly.

The sign that our religion point out about the appearance of Dadjal (Antichrist) does not refer to a person because it means the success of the power of unbelief and repudiating. Our religion has also definite signs about the appearances ofMahdi and Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ and Mahdi Al-i Resul Imam Muhammad bin Imam-ı Hasan-al Askeri who is the 12th imam of Ehl-i Beyt will appear when the time comes. (The Family of the Prophet is called Ahl al Bayt) Jesus Christ will announce to humanity that the Religion of Muhammad and the Koran is true. Mahdi will bear the spiritual power of the Prophet Muhammad. These two holy men will overcome the unbelief. Ninety-five percent of the Western people, who believe in the holy books, will become Muslims and some of the Far East will accept Islam. By the arrival of Jesus Christ and Mahdi, every Christian will see himself as a Muslim when they get up one morning at home on in churches. There are many signs about the approaching of this time depending on discoveries, intelligence and revelations.

The splitting of atom that means Dabbetül Ard does not mean that this small particle becomes lost but on the contrary it becomes infinite by transforming into light leaving weight and size and the origin of everything is only one Divine Light. It is the clear sign of the fact mentioned above. It has been understood so far that there are not two things. The origin of all things is sole Divine Light, which has no limits as a result, infinite. The existence is Divine Light (Nur) and the essence of it is God's person (Essence -ZAT).This Divine Light is the radiance of God, which is eternal in the past and eternal in the future.

The splitting of atom destroyed the theory of the Rationalist Islam Philosophers, who were affected by the Greek Philosophy, which claim that the existence of the universe is out of nothing (from the non-existence). They had already accepted theoretically the existence of a small particle that is indivisible and can be lost when it is divided. The old, classical theories have been disproved when it is definitely understood that atom could be divided but still exists as Divine Light becoming infinite.