The aspirant is in need of attending to gatherings of conversation with the great Friends of God and with the advanced aspirants of the Path of Spirituality.

An aspirant should attend the gatherings of conversation of the Wise People and learn what he does not know from them.

The aim of remembering God is to know Him.

It is to know the secrets of God, Divine Wisdom and the realities of the World of the Unknown (Metaphysics) thoroughly.

Those who remember God only but do not attend the conversation of the Wise people are obsessed by love, they feel and live God. This is very good but they should know what they feel and live. One should love and live consciously. Living and feeling consciously is attained only by attending the gatherings of the Wise People’s conversations.

Chat (conversation) takes the first place in the Sacred Path of God. The speech of the Wise is a great university. Those who attend them know its value and are benefited.

I searched and investigated numerous talks

I had a friendly chat with whomever I saw supposing that he is a saint,

I looked for my friend day and night and I dreamed about him,

I shed tears and watered the ground with my tears.

I asked the Perfect Man the eternal life,

He told me to die before you die, so I passed away… (1)

(111) Our Great Prophet (a.s.v.) said: “Die before you die!”

Ajluni, Khasfu’l Hafa, vol.II, p. 402 (Necmüddin Kübra, from “Tasavvufi Hayat”; translated by Mustafa Kara, Dergah Publ.)

“Ask this difficult question to the person who spares his life,

And ask the mysterious cipher of God’s secret to the one who knows “Men Araf”.

Ask it to the one who constantly drinks the love wine from the hand of the Perfect Man.

If you want to reach God, ask it to the one who reached the path of God.

I asked the eternal life to the Perfect Man

He said: “It is to die before you die”, so I passed away.”

The above poem that belongs to Sheikh Galip is a great guide for the travelers of God. You should try to understand and feel the realities mentioned in it by deep contemplation.

“Do not think that your task is over when you perform fasting and prayer!

The union with God for an aspirant is the remembrance of God and wisdom.”

The breath of the advanced aspirant-the Wise Person- is the breath of God. His words are the words of God.

“İnhüve illa vahy’ün yuha-His words are the word of God.” (Al-Najm, 4)

Therefore, an aspirant should sit in the presence of the Perfect Man, who reached the Wisdom of God, very politely and good mannerly, in a wise calmness, knowing that His speech is the Truth.

While he is speaking, those who are present there listen to him very carefully. At that moment, each person benefits according to his ability.

The traveler of God in whose heart the Divine Light of Unity exists understands that he is speaking with the breath of God. His heart feels it.

The feature of this school is; nobody, except those who are accepted in this school, understands anything and benefits it. How happy are those who have entered this school!

“Ulaike hizbullah Ela inne hizbellahi hümü’l müflihun-They are the confederates of God (the sacred people whom Allah have chosen for His own mercy) and know that God’s confederates will surely triumph.” (Mujadilah, 22)

They are the ones who boarded Noah’s Ark and are protected from the darkness of matter and from being perished. How happy are those whose captain is the Noah (a.s.)!

The wise of God is like the Prophet Noah and his presence is like the Ark of Noah (a.s.), and those who gathered there are like the people who boarded on the Ark of Noah (a.s.) and Noah (a.s.) is the Divine Light of God.

“They are the ones who were saved (Fırka-ı Naciye)!”

Their Paradise is the paradise of Wisdom. They are the ones who reached the light of the paradise of Wisdom from the darkness of ignorance (Hell) by the help of Muhammadan (Muslim) Noahs.

Niyazi Mısri tells the Knowledge of God in the following line:

“Be wise, because all the people are suffering from the fire of ignorance.”

“İksir-i Azam’dır, nutk-u Ehlullah,

Yek nazarda, haki kimya ederler!

Hakkın esrarına Onlardır agah,

Velakin surette ihva ederler!” (2)

There is no more exalted thing than the knowledge at God’s sight. Therefore, God advised the last Prophet (a.s.v.):

“Vekül Rabbi zidni ilmen- Say (O Muhammad): Lord! Increase my knowledge!” (Ta Ha, 114)

This is the prayer of the Prophet (a.s.v.)

“Lord, increase my knowledge!”

“Lord, Increase my knowledge!”

(2) “The words of the Men of God are the greatest source of liveliness!

They turn the earth to mineral at one glance!

They are the people, who know the secrets of God,

But they hide it in appearance!”

God gives you whatever you want but He questions you about what you want by asking you: “Why did you not want the most useful from Me? What you need was to know Me-the Knowledge-! Why did you want useless things?

“Say! My God, increase my knowledge!” (The same verse)