Why Can The Devil Not Represent The Prophet (a.s) In A Dream?

Hz. Muhammad (A.S) said in a hadith: “Whoever had a dream about me is an inmate of Paradise” (1); in another hadith, he said: “Whoever dreamt about Me, dreamt about Me because satan cannot represent me as I represent the spiritual guidance but satan represents the corruption.” (2)

Satan cannot represent the pious believers and the Friends of God, who are the heirs of the Prophet, either. It cannot represent all the other Prophets because these personalities also represent the spiritual guidance.

What we understand from the hadith is the reason why Satan cannot represent the Prophet is that satan represents the corruption and being astray. In this case, Satan cannot represent the real people, who are spiritually guided.

(1) Sırrul Esrar, p. 124 Sayyid Abdulkadir Gilani, Rahmet Publ. 1967-Ist.

(2) Ibn Sad, Tabakat, vol. 1,p.417; Buhari, Sahih, Tabir, 10

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