Muhammad Jesus Adam

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1. Preface1

2. Preface 2

3. The First Prostration

4. “Man-Human” Either Superior or Inferior

5. Light and Shadow

6. Real Dialectic

7. The Psychology of Freud

8. Darwin

9. What is Rationalism? What is it not?

10. Islam - Man (Human Being) - Intellect (Reason)

11. Knowledge is a point (dot) (Hazrat Ali k.v.)

12. The Avoidance from Polytheism - Idolatry

13. Man, again

14. Everything returns to its origin

15. Chosen People (The Elect)

16. The Second Spirit

17. The War of Opposites

18. The System of Just State

19. The Command of Common Sense: to be happy

20. However

21. Gentlemanly Behavior (Nobility)

22. Europe- Europe

23. The Creation of Man

24. The Creation of Hazrat Jesus

25. Jesus is like Adam

26. The Contradiction of the Christians

27. Accepting Body as a Spirit

28. Are two Infinite /edgeless Beings possible?

29. Allah is Divine Light; Jesus is Organic

30. Christianity, straying from Divine Unity Unity-Oneness

31. Who does Allah, the Most High speak to?

32. Jesus and Adam (May peace be with them!)

33. The Perfect Man

34. Matter and Spirit

35. Seed and Soil

36. God is Fair- just

37. Loftiness

38. The Doctrine of Trinity

39. Prayer


Appendix 1- The Sacred Traditions (Kudsi Hadith) about the Most High Muhammad (A.S.W.)

2. Holy Traditions (Hadith-i Sharif) about the Most High Prophet Muhammad (A.S.W.)

3. Extracts from Sirrül Esrar

4. The Verses about Hazrat Jesus in the Koran

5. The Verses about Hazrat Mary in the Koran

6. Hazrat Jesus in History

7. An Extract from the burnt off book

8. Three Articles (Inspirations) about the sayings ascribed to Hazrat Jesus the Messiah

9. An inspiration about the fact that in the Four Gospels Hazrat Jesus is not the son of Allah

  1. Four great Prophets who were announced as good news by Allah

11. The Verses about Hazrat Adam and the Perfect Man

12. Sacred Traditions about Adam and the Perfect Man

13. Holy Traditions about Adam and the Perfect Man

The Last Word




As it is known, every scholar has interpreted religion according to himself, from his point of view. The problem is to choose the most proper one for the essence of religion. Religious interpretation of the Sufis is the most appropriate for Islam because Sufism is the teaching of the essence of religion. It is not interested in the exterior aspects, rules and canonical laws, shortly in details. Sufism tries to teach Allah, Nature, Man and the realities of them. The beauty, order and wisdom in nature are the reflections of Allah on the nature. Nature is the work of Allah and Man is the greatest work of Him, because he is consisted of a body and Spirit (Mind). He is the most superior of all the worlds because he is the synthesis of the inner and outer worlds. Sufis try to live this knowledge, order, wisdom and beauties in nature and see the physical and spiritual beauties in human and learn the divine realities of them.

“He who knows himself (his essence) knows God.”

Briefly, Sufism is the Knowledge of Allah, Wisdom and Love. Sufis know that Allah is the essence of Man (Human) and nature. This is infinite knowledge and wisdom. To know the Absolute Existence is to fall in love with this Absolute Beauty. Sufism does not deal with the Canonical Law and Jurisprudence. It does not care about the Catechism except enough knowledge for performing the worship. Shariat (Law) and Tariqat (Way) are not his aims or objectives and they are not the essential but only the details, symbols and ways.

“A Sufi looks for Allah, who has encompassed both the Earth and the Heavens and who is the infinite knowledge, beauty and energy, in human and in his heart.”

Again, a Sufi would like to learn wisdom (True Knowledge) and divine reality through deep contemplation and to love the Divine Beauty (the Absolute Beauty) through the beauties of human and nature, that is to say, he tries to acquire real love by metaphorical love.

The result of this is good moral qualities and honesty, which means to consider the benefits of the society more than his own benefits and to be realistic and sincere by abstaining completely from hypocrisy. It is to struggle against his own carnal self and desires but not of the others’, leaving all kinds of fights, arguments, temptations, corruption and intrigue. It is to be merciful, generous and be pleased with the little in this life and also to oppose violence and terror.

A real Sufi is against formal (disguise) Islam. He does not pay any importance to Madrasa, Tekke (convent) and Mascid (places of worship). He finds reality in himself and seeks Allah in his heart. His place of worship is his heart because the real tekke and mascid (mosque) is the Heart. The most important thing for the heart is the Remembrance (Ziqr) and the Love of Allah (the Remembrance of the heart and the love of the heart). This is not an external remembrance or physical love.

It is deep contemplation (thinking), remembrance (to remember Allah and never forget Him) and more importantly, to love God, the Perfect Man (Adam), who is the great and mysterious work of Him, his children and nature.

It is to become mature while being immature and to reach divine perfection. All the Sufis have explained it in this way. This humble servant (fakir) has already explained Sufism in details in the books we have written so far, such as: “Varlık (Existence), İslâm’ da Mezhepler ve Yükseliş (The Religious Sects in Islam and Ascending)”, “Muhammed-İsa-Adem (Muhammad-Jesus-Adam)” and in others. Yunus Emre and Sayyid Ahmed er Rufai Hz. also summarized Sufism, which is a divine sea, as follows:

Yunus: “Shariat and Tariqat is a way for the one who reaches them.

Marifat (Divine Wisdom) and Hakiqat (Divine Reality) are in the heart.”

And Sayyid Ahmed er Rufai Hz. said:

“The heart of a Sufi is lighted with love,

His spiritual heart is broad (comforted).

With the Divine Light of Gnosis”

(His bosom is not depressive)

We believe in these two precepts and try to find them.

See what the Sufi Poet Neyzen Tevfik said about this subject:

“Sufism stands up to ignorance in Islam

Forget about Rafizi, Alawi, Sunni, all of them

Take offence at all of them,

Mecca, Medina, Karbala, Jerusalem

Their meaning in appearance is ornamentation

I do not care for Masjid, Madrasa, Monastery, and Church, Vatican…”

(*) Poet Neyzen Tevfik meant to say that the striking appearance of these rituals is ornamentation. However, he indicates that he is respectful to the real meanings of these places.

March 10th, 2000 Alanya

KAZIM YARDIMCI (1936-Adıyaman)

Sources: “Yunus Divanı”, “Onların Alemi” by Sayyid Ahmed er Rufai, 25th hadith


Establishing and developing universal unity, cooperation and friendship, which is the growing desire of all the people all over the world, is possible with the true Knowledge about "Human-being-man". Up to now, thousands of thinkers have tried to answer the questions about the origin and future of man and the most correct answer has been given by the religion and the real pious people such as the Prophets and the Friends of God.

"Kâzim Yardımcı", the dear writer of this special book called "Muhammad-Isa (Jesus)-Adam" explained all the realities about Human, true dialectic, the Doctrine of Trinity and similar subjects depending on scientific and religious facts in the light of the verses of the Koran.

It is a difficult task to translate a book from one language into another; it becomes even more difficult if it is a masterpiece concerning divine thoughts and concepts. This is perhaps the reason why there are various dissensions of thoughts in the religions due to misinterpretations of the Holy Books revealed in a divine Language. In the Holy Book Koran, it is said: "We have revealed this book and we shall explain its meaning" so, in order to understand Divine books, it is certain that one should make contact either with Him or with those who bear this quality, which also belongs to Him, (same as the sun is often called as the sunlight).

Light always stays on the upper surface although it is tried to be stepped on or covered. Nobody can say another word over a divine word. If it would like to lighten a place, there is no force to prevent it; but it leaves the bats which run away from it so as not to tyrannize them.

"God" is the source of Knowledge, light, beauty, good values, and truth. Everything comes from Him and returns back to Him. May peace be with those who are in this circulation and aware of it and May the path of Him to be open for those who are invited and would like to join it!

I am grateful to Mr. Kâzim Yardımcı for giving us the permission of the translation of his book from Turkish into English and also for his great assistance to be faithful to the original Turkish text. As the translator of this book, I advise you to take this opportunity and I pray God the Most High to send humanity glad tidings and peace as a benefit of it.

H. Nalan Şehirlioğlu.


In the name of Allah, who is the Most Merciful


Allah… the Universe… Adam…

Allah… the Sky… the Earth…

Allah… Spirit… Body… (The corpse of man)

Allah and His two hands…

"Allah created man with His two hands" (Sad, 75)

"I surely made a man (human) from clay (from firm, baked earth like tiles). Then, I formed him and breathed into him from My spirit. All my angels prostrated themselves before him except Satan. He refused in his pride and became an unbeliever."

(Al-Baqarah, 34 / Al-Kahf, 50 / Al-Isra, 61-65 / Al-A'raf, 11)

All the Angels except Satan prostrated themselves before MAN into whom the Spirit of Allah was breathed. They prostrated themselves before the Holy Spirit of Allah or His Divine Breath, which is the Divine Light of Allah (Nur). Spirit is the Light of Allah's person, so the prostration was before the Divine Light of Allah (Nur), but not before the body of man, which is created and mortal. Just like the bulb we incline towards with love and respect. Our love and respect for the light bulb is actually for the light in it.

"The Angels are from the Divine Lights of the attributes of Allah”.

Because of this characteristic of the Angels, they had started to dispute (1), to put forward ideas to Allah, who is the Lord of the Universe, when they had seen the creation of the body of Adam and understood his qualities. The reason of their dispute was: They had seen Allah putting all the essence, elements, the origin of all things in nature while He was creating the body of man. The physical body (the earth of Adam ) of Adam -the First Man -was kneaded and made with all the elements of the World and the Universe, then it was baked and turned into tile which was made of earth and resounding with a chinking noise. After his statue had been made, the statue of his wife "Eve" was made from a piece connected to him. Then she was given a form and improved.

In another verse:

"Vesevvereküm feehsene süvereküm-Then I fashioned you into a comely shape (I made your shapes the most beautiful)." (Al-Taghabun, 31)

It is certain that there are no other more beautiful faces or shapes in the Universe than the face and the shape of man. Although the Angels had also been created very beautifully, they saw that the characteristics of the essence of all things -good, bad, wild- were put into the body of man and the dough of the body was kneaded with them.


(1) "When Your Lord said to the Angels: "I am creating a caliph (a deputy) on the Earth" they replied "Will you create one that will do evil and shed blood? But, we have for so long sung Your praises and sanctified Your name". Your Lord said: "I know what you know not. I taught Adam all My names and set them before the Angels saying "Tell me the names of them if you say you are right".

They said: "Glory to you. You are Exalted; we have no knowledge except that which you have given us. Surely, You alone are All-Knowing and Wise. "Then Allah said; "Adam, tell their names to them! And when Adam taught them their names, He said: "Did I not tell you that I know the secrets of the heavens and the Earth and all that you hide and all that you reveal?"

And when we said to the Angels: "Prostrate yourselves before Adam", they all prostrated themselves right away." (Al-Baqarah, 30-31-32-33-34)

Then, they had seen that man was also inspired with the knowledge of sin (immorality) (2) and objected to the man about whom God said:

"İnni cailün fi'l ardi halifeten-I am placing on the earth one that shall rule as My Deputy". (Al-Baqarah, 30)

They raised an objection by saying "O Lord, this man will do evil and shed blood". They would not have known that the man would do evil and shed blood if they had not seen that everything was put into him. However, when they had seen that God breathed His own Spirit into the man they blamed, they at once prostrated themselves before him because of his loftiness and esteemed him highly.

Why did Satan not prostrate himself before Adam? He did not prostrate because he was created from smokeless, hot fire but not from the Divine Light that the Angels were created from. The Holy Spirit and the Angels are all from the Divine Light (Nur)

Spirit is from the Divine light of God's person (Zâti) but the Angels are from the Divine Lights of God's attributions (Sıfati). The Angels, created from the attributive Divine lights, saw the loftiness in the Spirit, which is the Divine Light of God's person, and they praised him. They prostrated themselves before the Divine light and the Holy Spirit of Allah in the person of Adam. They saw the Spirit, which was a brighter, holier and more exalted Divine Light as they were Divine lights themselves. "Divine Light sees Divine Light."

"The Believer is the mirror of the Believer." (3)

Spirit and the Angels are from the Mercy and Virtue of Allah, they are Merciful whereas Satan is "Fire" and he is from the genies. (4)


(2) "Feelhema fücureha ve takvaha -I inspired into man (into his self) with the knowledge of Sin and Piety, blessed shall be the man who has kept it pure; ruined he that corrupted it." (Al-Shams, 8, 9, 10)

(3) Selamet Yolları from Ebu Hureyre, Vol.4, p.650, İst., 1973 Also other Hadith Books (Hadith: the traditions or sayings of the Prophet)

(4) "Kâne mine'l cinni -became a jinnee (genie) -disobedient to his Lord." (Al-Kahf, 50)

The genies (genies) were also created from the fire. They emit red and very hot lights. They are smokeless, ashless fire.

"Halaktani minnar...-You created me from fire, but You created Adam from clay. Why should I prostrate before Him whom you created from earth which gives a chinking sound?" (Al-Araf, 12)

Satan saw himself lighted. Fire also has a light. Light could be seen in the body of Adam, which was made of earth. He did not see the virtuous, the brightest light, which is the Holy Breath, the Decree, "the Divine Light of Allah". He was not able to see it because fire cannot see the divine light, which is very bright even brighter and lighter than the Sun. Divine Light sees Divine Light but fire cannot see and does not see the Divine light. Satan saw the outside of Adam (the first man), the body of him. He did not see the inside of him, which is the spirit of God (very bright, even loftier and brighter than the Angels are). For this reason, Satan is called "one -eyed", which means he can see the exterior but not the interior.

Satan, most of the genies and the bestial were created from the Wrathful Attribute of God with the name "Cebbar (Awful, Compeller)." Therefore, they see themselves very powerful. Satan is hot and sees himself lighted; in fact, he does not have any good qualities such as mercy, goodness and tenderness.

Allah is One (the Sole Existence) but His hands are two; One being has two attributions. Two hands refer to two categories the attributions of Allah have been assembled. They are called as "Jamal" and "Jalal", in other words: Merciful (Beautiful) and Wrathful (Mighty) attributes.

"Know that Allah is stern in retribution (He is very severe and angry)" (Al-Maidah, 98)

"and that Allah is forgiving and merciful." (Al-Maidah, 98)

Thus, the whole nature was created from these two attributes with the two Hands of Allah. There is a great war, a contradiction or duality in nature due to this fact. It is called "The Real Dialectic"

The Eternal Existence Allah is only One. His presence is sole but His hands are two, He has two kinds of attributes or qualities.

Tyranny-Blessing, Might-Beauty, Violence-Mercy.... and so on. These interrelated oppositions are the attributes of Allah. The oppositions compete against each other and make an endless fight. One side becomes dominant over the other side. Life goes on with their combination (synthesis) into a complete whole. Nature changes every instant because Allah is alive and active.

"Külle yevmin hüve fi şa'n-Allah is in a majesty, glory and activity every instant." (Al-Rahman, 29)

"Evolution" is also based on the mystery of this verse. Peace and order continue for a period of time then, synthesis becomes corrupted and the secret war continues, so an open war starts again. One side becomes superior to the other side again. Order is re-arranged and life goes on in peace.

Synthesis-analysis, combination-division (war-peace, war-peace) follows each other and stretches out to infinity. If we assume that this war stops for a while, then, nature, society, the ideas of man cease and life becomes very monotonous and dull, which makes the life very boring and tiring. As a result, every living thing kills itself or perishes, annihilates and destroys itself.

Man lives with the desire of infinite excitement, hope and improvement. Perfection, enlightenment and evolution come true by means of it. The essence of dialectic is "Divine" and this important fact was transmitted 1400 years ago with the Koran:

"Allah is One. He has two hands - Allah is both stern (wrathful) and merciful (compassionate)."

"Zü'l celâli ve'l ikram - He is the Lord of Majesty and Grace." (Al-Rahman, 78)

Jamal: All the beauties in nature and in man...

Jalal: All the wickedness, ugliness and wildness in plants, in nature and in man...

The good-the bad, the cruel-the kind, the tormentors -the weak etc. and their continuous, endless contradictions, fights, loves, peace, wars, struggles, weeping and laughter. This is Life. Although God and the righteous know this fact, they are always in favor of justice, beauty and peace. God's consent is in favor of goodness but unfortunately, bad people are always in majority so wickedness, cruelty, oppression and overwhelming are prior.

The lines below,written by Yunus Emre and Niyazi Misri, emphasized on this duality and contradiction. They indicated the divine dialectic both in nature, in man and in society 300-600 years ago:

From Yunus Emre:

"The Creator and the Master of all the people is only one God,

But, why are some people unaware of it, denial and wicked?

What is the secrecy, the reason, the mystery of it?

He who knows it must answer it."

He intends to say that there is only one Creator but He has two hands, from one of His hands the good and the righteous are manifested; from the other hand of Him, the unbelievers, the bad are manifested.

Niyazi also said:

"He is manifesting all the time, sometimes from His wrath, sometimes from His mercy.

The result of one is the Hell, the other is the Paradise.

Wherever there is a rose, a thorn is seen next to it,

Wherever there is a Perfect Man (a Prophet, a Wali, a saint),

Some people deny him, some people accept him!"

God, who is the unique, Absolute Existence, manifests and becomes visible every instant just like the springing up of the pool with a fountain. He is alluding (5) to the verse below:

"He is in a glory every instant (in an activity)." (Al-Rahman, 29)

His constant manifestations come into existence sometimes from His Wrath, sometimes from His Mercy. As a result of this, there are two kinds of concepts in nature, in man and in society: it is either Paradise (gardens, beautiful flowers or goodness, love, respect, order, cooperation, justice and all kinds of beauties that are the appearances of Him as Jamal); or His wrathful attributes, such as wickedness, injustice, cruelty, violence, all the wicked, evil events that manifest from His Wrath or Might.

"Zü'l celâli ve'l ikram - Allah is the Lord of Majesty and Blessing (Might and Glory)." (Al-Rahman, 78)

"İ'lemu ennallahe şedidü'l ikâbi veennallahe gafurürrahim - Know that Allah is Forgiving and Merciful." (Al-Maidah, 98)

Niyazi continues as follows:

"Wherever there is a rose, there is also a thorn on the same rose sapling."

There are also some famous Turkish proverbs such as: "There is no rose without a thorn" and "Whoever likes the rose bears its thorn".

For this reason, wherever there is a "Perfect Man", there are some people who accept and approve Him and there are also some others who do not like this Holy Man and they refuse or deny Him (just like the rose and the thorn).


(5) Allude: To speak about something, but in an indirect way


The Experts of Sufism, who are the fathers of our ideas, had told and explained this important reality very amazingly hundreds of years ago, before Marx and Engels were born. The messenger of "Real Dialectic is the Koran" and the teacher of the Universe that presented it to Mankind is "The Prophet Muhammad". And the real person to explain this Knowledge is "Hazrat Aliyyel Mürteza", who is the "Door of Knowledge", and "the King of all the Sufi saints" as well as his students, the spiritual teachers, scholars, the learned men and the Friends of God who are brought up in the path and Tariqat of Sufism which belongs to Hazrat Ali. Niyazi Misri also said:

"Niyazi became a dot in the throne of "Ba"

When he became an intimate with the secret of Ali."

Niyazi Misri, who is a great scholar and Sufi, praised, appreciated and understood the value of Hazrat Ali, who is the religious teacher, the Leader, the King of all the Friends of God, of all the pious and learned people, and he expressed the superiority and importance of this Great Shah in his poems. Hazrat, Ali who is the King of Sanctity and the Lion of Allah, said in one of his speeches:

"The Torah, The Psalms of David and the Bible have been hidden in the "Koran". The Koran has been hidden in the Sura of "Yasin", the Sura of Yasin has been hidden in the Sura of Ikhlas (Kulhüvallahü Ehad).

The Sura of Ikhlas has been hidden in the formula of Bismillahirrahmanirrahim" and "Bismillahirrahmanirrahim" has been hidden in the dot under the letter "Ba" (in Arabic)" and "Ene nokta'tün taht-ı ba- The dot under the letter "Ba" is Me."

"Niyazi became a dot under the letter "Ba", he was included into that dot when he solved the secret and the mystery of Ali… ! "When he became an intimate with the secret of Ali."

The mystery or the secret called in Sufism as "the Divine Light of Ahmad, the Secret of Ali" and which is defined in the prayers as "O Lord! For the sake of the Divine Light of Ahmed and the Secret of Ali" is the Prophet Muhammad who is the Divine Light of the Sole Existence and His brother Hazrat Ali ibni Talib, who is the Koran himself.

The Prophet Muhammad, who is the Sultan of 18000 worlds, said:

"Ali is with the Koran; the Koran is with Ali." (6)

"God (Haq-the Truth) is with Ali; and Ali is with Haq." (7)

"Ali is from Me and I am from Ali." (8)

"I am the city of knowledge; Ali is the gate to this city." (9)

"My friendship may be attained if you love Ali." (10)

The above sayings of the Prophet are hidden in "Ene nokta'tün taht-ı Ba- The dot under the letter "Ba" is Me" said by Hazrat Ali. This is the Secret of Ali,

the Secret of God and the Secret of the Divine Light of Ahmed.

Another Sufi poet "Muhammad İkbal" from Pakistan said in his book called "Mystery and Cipher-Esrar ve Rumuz": "Allah, Allah! Ebu' Hasan (Haydar-i Kerrar Imam Ali k.v.) "I am the dot under the letter Ba ". “Allah, Allah!" He got surprised and made a cry. He went into ecstasy when he learnt the above saying of Hazrat Ali, who is the Door of Knowledge and deserved all the praises.

May Allah enable us to understand and learn this secret and be benefited from the knowledge of this Great Shah. May peace be with him!


(6) From the Prophet's wife Ümmü Seleme; Taberâni, Feyzü'l Kadir, vol. 4, p.356

(7) "Hz. Peygamberin Dilinden Dört Halifesi -The Four Caliphs told by the Prophet" trans. A. Fikri Yavuz, p .259, Sönmez Publication, 1981, Ist.

(8) Same book, pp. 244,257, 254

(9)From Hz. Ibn Abbas; Tirmizi, sahih (agreed) vol.2, p.399

From Cabir: Suyuti, Camiussağir, vol .1, p. 108

(10) "Hz. Peygamberin Dilinden Dört Halifesi" trans. A. F. Yavuz, from İbn Abbas; p.261, Sönmez Publication, 1981-İstanbul

Now I present you a poem that describes Hazrat İmam Ali, written by Sheikh Galip who is the Teacher, the Father and the Sultan of Mawlavis:

"O Ali, who is both the object and the reflector of the mystery! (11)

O Ali, who is the Commander of the Twelve Imams;*

Three of whom are Husayn, Musa and Jafar

Two of whom are called Hasan,

Three of whom are named Muhammad

And four of whom are called Ali."

Sheikh Galip, the writer of "Hüsn-ü Aşk"

Another poem is from Enderi Dede from Gaziantep:

"The Chief of the Heavenly Messengers is Muhammad Mustafa,

Aliyyel Mürteza is the dot under the letter "Ba"!" (12)


(11) object: in whom the mysteries have been apparent

reflector: who shows or reflects the mysteries. It means one who takes the light into him and then reflects it like a mirror. He both knows all the secrets and teaches them to the Friends of God.

Edeb Ya Hu! ("Be respectful towards God!")

(12) Enderi Dede (Father Enderi) is the last religious teacher of Gaziantep Bektashi Dervish Lodge.

*The Twelve Imams mentioned in the poem are as follows:

Imam Aliyyül Mürteza, Imam Hasan, Imam Husayn, Imam Ali Zeynel Abidin, Imam Muhammad Bakır, Imam Ja'far al Sadıq, Imam Musa-i Kâzim, Imam Muhammad Taki, Imam Ali Naki, Imam Hasan al Askeri, Imam Muhammad Mahdi

     They are the sacred heirs of Muhammad (a.s.v.), who come from the sacred Family of Muhammad.


The essence of all kinds of animals, plants and elements was put into the earth of man, so Adam (man) is a world that has become small -a small symbol of nature-.The origin or essence of each wild animal and plant exists in the physical body of man. All the good and bad was put into the bodies of Adam and his wife Eve by Allah.

"Esfele safilin- The lowest of the low" (Al-Tin, 5)

"İnne'l insane lezelumen cehula-Man is cruel, sinner and fool." (Al-Ahzab, 72)

"Man is wicked and thankless." (Abraham, 34)

"Man is ungrateful, denial and sinner" (Al-Adiyat, 6 / Abraham, 34)

Allah criticizes the man as in the verses above but He praises and exalts the same man because of the Spirit he has as following:

"I made man My Deputy (Caliph) in the earth. (One that shall rule in the name of Allah)"

"Veleked kerremna beni Ademe-I bestowed blessing on Adam's children and exalted them." (Al-Isra, 70)

"Surely, I created man in a most noble image." (Al-Tin, 4)

"I created man in My own image." (13)

Human body is the essence of the Universe. All the characteristics of nature are hidden in the body of man same as all the characteristics of a tree are hidden in a seed.

(13) Kudsi Hadisler (Sacred Tradition) from Bukhari and Muslim, Vol.1, p.172, Madve Publ., 1991-Istanbul


A wild animal may kill mostly three or four men in a lifetime, whereas a man may kill thousands of people (14) as he has the essence of all kinds of bestial animals. Man also has the essence of all the good animals, plants and things and he is just like "a universe which is made small" due to it. He bears a universal aspect. The contrasts and contradictions in man depend on this mystery. A dualism exists in man same as in nature. He presents a dialectic state. (15)


a-The instincts for violence, aggression and anger: (the wolf, the dog, the snake)

A snake bites treacherously, so it bears the characteristic of treachery

A fox is cunning

Dogs, cats, wolves, hyenas, leopards, and tigers have instincts for violence, anger and aggression

b- The instinct for sex,

c- The instinct for selfishness,

d- The instinct for possession: All kinds of trickery, fraud, cheatings…

Man becomes very violent because of these characteristics and he starts to command and dominate the others, as a result of it he becomes proud selfish and egoist.

A lot more habits of various animals exist in the body of man.


(14) In History, Nimrod, Caesar, Hitler, Stalin were an individual but they had killed millions and millions of people.

(15) Due to this fact, man commits both crime and good deeds, he shows both violence and mercy, he is angry and also merciful. Although he is strict, he is very kind.

Man has been inspired with two other things in addition to the spirit. They are: "the Knowledge of Sin and Piety". (16). Sin is an evil quality; piety is a divine, spiritual and pious quality.

"Spirit" is the holy attribute of God; it is His Divine Breath, His Word, His Decree just like the Koran. The Koran is also the sacred or the holy Word of God and His Decree.

"Kulirruhi min emri Rabbi-Say: The Spirit is My Lord's Command (His Decree)." (Al-Isra, 85)

"Venefehtü fihi min Ruhi-I breathed into man from My Spirit." (Sad, 72)

The breath is the Divine Light and the Voice of God. Something comes out from Allah during breathing. A sound is heard during breathing. God calls it "My Spirit" -the Spirit of Allah and attributes it to His Person saying "My Command, My Breath" so it is the constant, the eternal Divine Light of Allah. He gathers, assembles it in His Person and then, if needed, He reveals it to the Universe just like the Sun and Sunlight.


(16) "Feelhemeha fücureha ve takvaha - We inspired man with knowledge of Sin and Piety (to be cautious against the wickedness)." (Al-Shams, 8)


The Light centre of the Sun is the Sun itself in the Sky. The light that stretches out into the Universe is the extension of the Sun towards the world. It is not correct to call the sunlight on the walls as the Sun itself as a whole but it is not proper to define it as another being either because it is not possible to break off the sunlight from the Sun or to separate the rays, which are the extension of the Sun.

Similarly, we cannot divide or split the rays of the Sun into two parts with a ruler. It is also impossible to tread the light under our feet. Suppose that a person tries to step on the light of the Sun, he sees that the light comes unto his foot and his foot is under the sunlight. Light never stays underneath or can be stepped on.

Nur-Divine Light also can never be stepped on or trodden. "God is the Most High" and He is never under anything. This is a very important fact. Sunlight is actually the Sun but not as a whole. It is the extension of it, not a second or a different being.

The Sun and the light of it are not two different things and two things have not been combined either. It is impossible to separate them. It is sole, eternal, Divine Light. When it comes, it comes as a whole; when it leaves, it leaves completely without leaving a bit of sunlight. The Sun and its light leave the Earth together without leaving any light on the walls. It is both correct to call the sunlight as the Sun and as the sunlight, which is not separated from the Sun. Therefore, sunlight is also the Sun itself and its attribute. It is also true that the centre of the sunlight is the Sun, itself. The Sun and the radiance of it is a whole just like the sea and the foam on the sea.

The foam is another form, sign or appearance of the sea. The structure or origin of it is water so it is not a second being apart from the sea. These two facts should be kept in mind.

If the sun does not exist, its light does not exist either. If a sea does not exist, the foam will not exist either. This is also an important fact. The sun cannot be known if the light of it does not exist and extend to us.

Existence, itself, is always prior to its attributes. If there is no existence, there is no attribute or quality of it. The real existence can be known with its attributes and qualities. There is also the event of shadow:”

“Shadow" is not a real existence, it is an image or an imaginary being. It is a trick of light. Shadow neither exists nor non-exists. It is not a real existence because it is a temporary being and comes into existence afterwards. It has an end, whereas the sun and sunlight never stops existing. The beings that come into existence afterwards have an end. Shadow is transitory and if light does not exist, shadow cannot exist either. "Allah made the sun a proof for the shadow." (Al-Furqan, 45)

According to the above verse, shadow is not possible if there is no light. However, light exists without shadow. Shadow is not a real existence because it does not have any atoms but light has atoms and an atom is existed from the light or from the energy of light.

The sun, the sunlight and shadow.... Shadow is an imaginary being which exists afterwards and which has an end. It is transient.

Allah-Spirit and the physical body of man are just like this. Spirit is the light of God (Nur) but the body is created afterwards just like the shadow. It is also transitory and it has an end. Allah and His Spirit is eternal, infinite and constant. He is eternal in the past (pre-eternal) and eternal in the future (post-eternal).

Spirit is the attribution of God, for this reason there are not two different beings called as "Allah" and "Spirit". Spirit is just like the sunlight and human body is like the shadow which is created afterwards, transient and which does not have a real existence .

God is "One, Sole, Unique, Infinite, Eternal and Absolute Existence" together with the Spirit which is His attribute same as the Sun and sunlight.

The Trinity "Lord (Allah, the origin), the Holy Spirit, and His son (Jesus)" is just like the trinity of "the Sun, sunlight and shadow". The body of Jesus is organic and physical same as the shadow is transitory, mortal and created.

Jesus is the son of Mary. He had taken his organic, human body from the body of Mary. It is proved because Mary gave birth to Jesus. Her fetus became a child and a boy. He used to eat, drink and sleep.

According to the Christians, Jesus was crucified, he was killed and his blood shed. These characteristics do not exist in God. Does Allah sleep? Does he die? However, Jesus had slept and been killed. (17)

These attributes of him prove that he was a human being and organic. When the body of a human dies, Allah and the Spirit, which is the Light of Him, leaves it (like the Sun and sunlight). When the body of Jesus is proved to be like the shadow, God and the Spirit is left. God is the sole Existence together with His light.


(17) See also the related part in the Appendix Chapter of this book.


Allah is one, His hands are two. Allah mentions His two hands in His Holy Book "The Koran". Allah is one existence; His attributes have been assembled in two categories. They are called as Jamal (beauty, mercy, grace) and Jalal (wrath, might, glory).

"Know that Allah is stern in retribution and He is pardoner (forgiver) and merciful." (Al-Maidah, 98)

"Lima halaktübiyedeyye- I created with My two hands." (Sad, 75)

God is one being, He is peerless, unique and infinite existence but His attributes are two kinds. The contradictions and dualism in nature is due to this fact. Nature is the cosmic image of God. It is His mirror in which He shows His two kinds of attributes and observes them.

Positive-negative, male-female, hard-soft, anger-mercy, strong-weak, beautiful-ugly, scholar-ignorant, good-bad, night-day, the sky-the Earth. The reason or the main source of all these opposites and dualism depends on the various reflections of the Wrathful and the Beautiful Attributes of God.

Wrathful, violent, deep, sharp and red rays reflect from His Jalal;

Merciful, beautiful, soft green, yellow and pink rays reflect from His Jamal.

These rays cause the contradictions in human beings and in nature. They also keep (strike) the balance. Nature and individuals continue their life under the dominion of the Divine and Wrathful attributes of God in both objective and subjective worlds.

“He is in a glory every instant. (He is in an activity or in a manifestation.)” (Al-Rahman, 29)

Allah is alive-ever living, active and efficient then. All His tasks come into existence sometimes from His Mercy and sometimes from His Might. As a result, there are always changing states in nature and in man. There are two types of states. If there were only one kind of state, the life in nature would be unbearable. There is always a different state in nature and in man because of these variations. Nature and human beings are renovated and refreshed by means of it and life becomes more exciting lively and pleasant. There is no static state in nature. Dynamism is dominant.

This is the Real Dialectic and the origin or essence of the dialectic. God-The Existence is One, Sole and Unique, because He is the only real presence and He is Divine Light -Nur (Light, energy, power). Existence is One and His attributes (His hands) are two: Jalal (might, wrath) and Jamal (beauty, mercy).There are various manifestations, signs and appearances of Jamal and Jalal in nature.

These contradictions and opposites exist in the body of the first man "Adam" as a whole as we have explained above. Since the essence (the elements) of all things in nature exists in the body of Adam (in his outer structure), he has a very complicated state.

All the violence, the wild plants and animals are hidden in the body of Adam: the instincts for violence, aggression and also the instincts for ruling, for sex and similar bad and dangerous instincts.


The Psychology of Freud (18), which has been discussed for years and caused disputes and offences, is based on the outside structure of man and it is examining the instincts of the exterior structure of man.

Freud did not know about "Spirit" which has the quality of speaking based on intelligence and reason and he was not informed about the mystery of the verse: "God is One and His hands are two" (Al-Ikhlas, 1 Al-Hucurat,1 ). For this reason, he always dealt with the human (mortal) side-the physical body of man and his instincts so he was not able to solve anything. He could not go any further than his determined ideas as he analyzed from one point of view. This is his psychology. Neither he nor his followers can solve the Reality of Man. It is impossible for them to reach the definite result.

It is a scientific fact that something that has not existed in nature naturally (concrete or abstract) before, cannot exist or be manifested, seen or discovered naturally afterwards. If intelligence, thought and the quality of living had not existed in nature hidden before they would not have transformed into organic matter having been combined with matter afterwards in addition*, intelligence and thought would not have chosen man and appeared as intelligence and thought in man. They have existed in nature since the eternity in the Eternal Presence. The origin of the Absolute Presence is energy, Light or the classical name of Him is Power and Nur. Allah says about Himself that He is Divine Light and Power:

"Allahu Nurussemâvati ve'l ard-Allah is the Divine light of the Heavens and the Earth." (Nur, 35)

"Lâ kuvvete illa billah-There is no other power, strength, force or energy except Allah." (Al-Kahf, 39)

These verses from our Holy Book -the Koran confirm what we have said so far.


(18) Freud Sigmund: (1865-1939) He is the son of a Jewish Family whose origin is Czech. He lived in Vienna all his life.

God has explained with the above verses that He is the Light, the essence, the power and the source of the Light. He is also the essence and the source of power. The Principle is:

Anything, concrete or abstract (such as energy and thought) which has not existed in nature naturally since the eternity in the past (pre-eternity) cannot show itself in nature afterwards in any forms or in any objective being, which is the condensed form of energy as it shows itself in human beings. The attributes of life and thought are abstract beings because they do not have any atoms. Liveliness and thought are abstract beings but they are natural, not created. They exist in nature naturally. They are eternal and together with energy-light. It is certain that the origin of atom is energy-light. (19)

Organism, the quality of liveliness has chosen plants, animals and the body of man in nature and it has showed itself in them as if it has become concrete by combining with the condensed energy. "Thought" has also chosen man and showed itself in man. "Intellect" chose "Man-Human -being" who is very exalted with his structure, shape and beauty because this is the most correct and the most appropriate and the most fair decision.

The Most High certainly chooses the Most High. This is "the Divine Justice".


(19) Atom consists of quantums, which are the smallest particles of negative and positive electricity. The structure of atom is light-energy.

"Allahu nurussemavati ve'l ard-Allah is the Divine Light (Nur) of the Heavens and the Earth." (Al-Nur, 35)

"There is no other strength -energy, power except Allah." (Al-Kahf, 39)

Therefore, the quality of "liveliness", "Intellect", "thought", "Spirit" and the "Angels" should be searched with the Light and in the Light which is the source of life and intellect and which existed before an atom. Light and power are natural and they exist naturally.



Darwin (20), who was unable to solve these realities, had not used electricity or electric bulb in his life. (21) He did not know about the Theory of Relativity of Einstein or the splitting of atom either (22). He thought over "The Theory of Evolution” and depended on the hypothesis. He could not prove the Theory of Evolution he put forward to. If Darwin had lived today, he would have certainly needed to look over his theory again.

The energy, which is the basis of Intellect and the origin of matter, the light and the quality of liveliness are the abstract and concrete beings and realities that have existed in nature naturally since the eternity. "Anything which has not existed before naturally cannot exist naturally and show itself in an object afterwards.”

If life-liveliness and thought (intellect) had not existed naturally, they would not have showed themselves in plants, in animals and in the human brain, human body because they are not created (man-made) or artificial beings. This is the reality. (23)

We can clarify the following fact depending on this reality:

"Matter in the origin, life (liveliness) and thought (intellect) are the natural realities existing since the eternity and it is impossible to separate them from each other. We should not forget that "Intellect" is Divine and spiritual because God and the Spirit, which is the Divine Breath, the decree and the Word of God, is "scholar".


(20) Darwin, Charles Robert: (1809-1882) He is an English Scientist of Biology

(21) The electricity or the electric bulb started to be used in 1900.

(22) The usage of atom: July 1945. There is approximately a hundred year's time interval between Darwin and Einstein.

(23) Life-liveliness, Intellect (thought) are abstract beings and qualities but they are natural not created or artificial. They have not been made by the human beings afterwards, such as computers or other man- made equipments and machines.

Knowledge is a "Divine" and "Spiritual" quality and God and His Spirit is "Scholar". God and His spirit is alive-eternal. God and His Spirit (Divine light, power, force, energy) is the source of "Power" and "thought".

In this situation, the claims of the materialists such as: "Matter existed first, intellect came into existence afterwards" or the claims of the idealists: "Thought existed first, then matter came into existence" are all unnecessary discussions.

The fact is:

Both of them existed before in the origin. They combined and united something afterwards and formed a whole (completeness). The origin of matter is light and energy. (24)

"Elâ lehü'l halkü ve'l emr-Attention! His is the Creation (matter), His is the Command (decree)." (Al-A'raf, 54)

Intellect and thought is one of the attributes of the Spirit. God said in another verse: "Külirruhi min emri Rabbi-Say: Spirit is from my Lord's decree (command)." (Isra, 85)

Thought and intellect is from the commandment Attribute of God. Command is not created or matter. It is the Attribute of Speech. It is the Divine Breath, Divine Word or the Divine Light of God so it is also Divine Light. Allah has already revealed in the Koran that He breathed into man from His own Spirit:

"Venefehtü fihi min ruhi-I breathed into man from My own Spirit." (Sad-72)

The combining of matter and thought is a very important event. It is the combination of dualism or dual contradictions mentioned above. It means: to be subjective through combining and uniting the two realities "matter and thought", "body and Spirit (Intellect)" which extend from One Existence (God is One, His hands are two) and that exist in nature objectively and static in a cosmically state.


(24)See: Barnard Shaw, "The Story of the Idles" (The last chapter about Spirit)

Man is a subjective symbol, which consists of the synthesis of all the material objects and of all the liveliness (bright, clear liveliness) and the synthesis of thought and Spirit. So, MAN –human-is such a being that he assembles in his person all the dualism and contradictions such as violence and affection; cruelty and grace; goodness and wickedness and manifests subjectively.


As it is known, Descartes is the founder of Rationalism and the methodology of this field. (25)

There was only one rule in Philosophy until rationalism: To think logically. It was the rule of Aristotle's logic. According to Aristotle, Intellect and thought are based on the rule of Logic.

The main principle of Logic was: Deduction and Induction, which means either reasoning using general rules or principles to form a judgment about a particular fact or reasoning using known facts to produce general facts or principles.

In Arabic, it is called "enfüs-ü âfak" which means to prove the general principles using the individual facts or to prove each fact using all the facts.

Another name for it is in French as "Subje and obje", which means "particle (piece, fragment) and whole ".

To think logically was the only rule of Philosophy from Aristotle until Descartes.

In other words, to imprison reasoning in the Rule of Logic and to refuse any thought that is against the rule of the Aristotle's Logic even though it is scientific. For example, if a scientist found out a fact as a result of his thoughts; and if it were proved to be right in practice scientifically, it would not be accepted as a thought unless it was done according to the rule of Aristotle's Logic by the philosophers and by the supporters of the Scholastic Theology (kelâm), which is accepted as a kind of philosophy in Islam. Rationalism is very strict. The Logic of Aristotle is the rule that cannot be given up by them so everything is based on it.

(25) Rene Descartes (1596-1650): He is a famous philosopher and scientist. He claimed that in order to reach the real knowledge, one should be suspicious of everything. He summarized his ideas saying, "I think, therefore I am." Descartes accepts that the concept of God has existed in our minds since we were born just like the principles of mathematics are based on. According to him, it is impossible to comprehend and understand such an excellent Existence with the sensations of man who is not perfect. *By this way, he believes in the reality of such an Existence who has been present in our minds since we were born. (The Encyclopedia of Life, the article about Descartes)

Descartes also founded the methodology and accepted it as the basic rule of thought that means thinking systematically. He put forward the rule of analysis and synthesis instead of induction and deduction. (26) Analysis, here, means dividing something into its separate parts and synthesis is combining the separate things into a complete whole. In Arabic, it is called as "tahlil and terkib" which means combining separate parts and re-separating the combined parts.

Thus, the Philosophy, developed according to the Logic of Aristotle during the Abbasids, passed to Europe after the 12th century. The Philosophy of Systematic Reasoning of Descartes took its place after being dominant for two or three hundred years. We see that there is no difference in principles between the Logic of Aristotle and the Methodology of Descartes when we study them.

Methodical reasoning followed logical reasoning and then Rationalism started after Descartes instead of the study of Philosophy. Philosophy and Rationalism helped physical sciences in many ways: They supported experimental science, speeded up the functions of the laboratory researches and caused the rising of today's technology presented to humanity. The origin and essence of the objects and the elements of which they are consisted is learnt by analyzing matter in this way. Chemistry, Physics, Medicine, Arithmetic have developed by means of it and it is called "Positive Science" in the literature of the World's Science, which means real and definite experimental knowledge.

It is true that the Logic of Aristotle and Philosophy which was developed during the Abbasids by the Islamic philosophers and by the Scholastic theologians depending on it, and the scientific discoveries due to them as well as the Methodology of Descartes in the developing branches of Science, provided a great supplement in today's Positive Science. This is true! The main reason of the great development of today's technology is the principle called as "analysis and synthesis" and introduced by Rationalism.

However, if we use and apply the principle of "analysis and synthesis" to Mind and Philosophy, we put the intellect in the inconvenience of the laboratory experiment same as the principle of logic that belongs to “the Logic of Aristotle” forces the intellect.

(26) Rene Descartes, "Discourse de la methode" (Speech on the method)

This makes the free thought of Intellect to be limited by the strict rules of Logic and Methodology because reasoning according to Logic and Methodology and calling it as Rationalism and Logic means to inconvenience the Intellect and thought. Unfortunately, Rationalism has dominated philosophy and mind for years in Europe and “metaphysical” realities are tried to be explained according to the principles of Logic and Methodology due to it.

Yet, human mind (Intellect) can only think about and search the physical world. It is able to solve the realities of the physical world only and it has been continuing to solve them.

It is impossible for the intellect to solve the Metaphysical (Spiritual) Realities on the point of which the physical world ends. It has not solved them so far because Intellect has a capacity, a limit. It does not have the power of understanding and solving the infinity or metaphysics.

Kant, (27) who noticed this inconvenience of Intellect, started to examine particularly the intellect itself and he made a critic of it. After Kant, a new way of thinking began in Philosophy and the idea “Intellect can solve everything" was given up. The strict Rationalism was made such a taboo that it was claimed that there was no other means of reasoning except Intellect to know the realities. Just at this point, Kant criticized Intellect and said that Reasoning could not solve the Philosophical realities of Metaphysics, and Intellect was unable to solve the “Absolute Truth”. He added that a great deal of facts would remain as “mysteries” for the Intellect.

(27) Immanuel Kant, (1727-1804): He is a well-known German Philosopher. He completed his first book called "the Critique of Pure Reason" in 1781. It is accepted as the most important philosophy book in the last two hundred years. (Encyclopedia Life, from the article about Kant)

The metaphysical realities are the essence, the origin of the Creation (nature and all the objects), the description of the inner world (metaphysical world), the Angels, Spirit, Paradise etc. It is a fact that it is impossible to comprehend and solve all these realities using the partial intelligence and the partial intelligence confuse reasoning and cannot exceed the guesses and hypothesis in spiritual and metaphysical matters and this will force and confuse mind as well.

In Europe, this strict and extreme Rationalism have been prevented by Kant with "The Critique of Pure Reason" and by Hegel with his "Scientific Dialectic".

Rationalism is valid until where the matter ends. Intellect has no right to mention metaphysics. It is about time we explained it as follows: (28)

Intellect is able to solve and has been solving everything, which is material-physical. It has the capacity of understanding, solving and explaining the subjects about the visible world whereas it cannot reach a definite judgment and knowledge in metaphysical matters.

Intellect is unable to know the concepts and qualities of the Metaphysical realities such as Spirit, Angels, the Heavens etc. as well as God and His attributes. It cannot solve the Absolute Truth because God did not give this power (capacity) to human mind (the partial intelllect that human beings have). Because of this, He sent His “Divine Message” to human beings so as not to be deprived of the spiritual knowledge and to know “His Existence with His attributes and the metaphysical World”. He assigned this duty to the Perfect Man who bears the Holy Spirit and who were called as "Great Mystics or the Devout ".

(28) For further information see also "Islâm'da Mezhepler ve Yükseliş (Religious Sects in Islam and Ascending)" (The chapter about Sufism, Theology and Philosophy in Islam" 1988- İzmir, distributed by Doğan Distribution in Malatya-Türkiye

Those who bear this Holy Spirit are also named as "Prophet, Messenger, Apostle, Wali - “the Friend of God- and guide". (29) God sends His Divine Messages by means of these great people and informs us about the metaphysical realities. When these divine messages and books are studied and read, we meet very important opinions and facts. We come across very important subjects about the physical and metaphysical worlds in the Koran, in the Bible (Gospel, the Bible), in the Torah and in the Psalms of David (Zabur). We also receive "Divine Messages" from the Disciples and Islamic Sufis apart from 28 Divine Messengers. (30) We should not ignore the poems, the wise sayings and the writings of some Christians Mystics and Islamic Sufis about the origin of the Creation and metaphysical subjects.

None of the philosophers considered the book "Füsus ül Hikem (The Bezels of Wisdom)" written by Muhyiddin-i Arabi as unimportant. Ibn-i Arabi is also an extreme Divine Messenger. He did not accept the role of Mind (Logic, Intellect) on Metaphysical subjects but he constantly emphasized that only the Intellect, which had a contact with the Universal Intellect or the person who had the Holy Spirit, could solve these realities. All the Sufis and Muhammad Ghazzali (31), who used to be a philosopher but then he chose the path of Sufism, claim that Metaphysical realities can never be solved with Methodology, Intellect and Logic without the role of the Holy Spirit.

Some of the Western philosophers agree with it. They accept and confirm that the mysteries of nature have not been solved yet and it is impossible to solve them using the partial intellect, and the Absolute Truth cannot be learnt with an ordinary mind. Descartes also accepted it.

The fanatic supporters of Aristotle Logic (Aristotle Logicians) and Descartes Methodists (who are called as rationalists in the Literature of Philosophy) are more rationalistic than Descartes used to be.

(29) "The Spiritual guide who is the Friend of God (Wali)" (Al-Kahf, 17)

(30) See: 28 Prophets mentioned in the Koran,

(31) See: "El Minkuzu min ed Dalâl-From Corruption to the Spiritual Guidance”

Descartes, who founded the Method of Rationalism, accepted that the metaphysical realities, the Reality of God and the Absolute Truth could not be solved with this practical intellect. (32)

Those extreme rationalists claim that all the physical and spiritual theories and principles as well as “the Absolute” Truth can be known with the partial intellect and they say that there is no other way of learning the physical and metaphysical realities except using Logic and Intellect.

What they want to do is; They try to convince that spirit does not exist, there is no reality that the Holy Spirit knows and there cannot be any Divine messages. They deny the Prophets who are the Divine Messengers, the books of God and also the opinions, ideas or the knowledge of the Great Scholars and of the Religious Guides based on revelations and discoveries. They call all of them "dogma” and ignore them. They refuse all the Divine Messages and the knowledge in the Holy Books or in the books of Sufis even though they are scientific and in accordance with science, practice and intellect. They cannot be "rationalists". Those who understand "Rationalism" in this way are the "materialists" who deny God, the Holy Messages of God (Divine Words and Divine revelations) and also the Prophets together with the Scholars of Sufism who are also the Divine Messengers.

They are particularly the simple materialists who are the noisy advertisers of “Rationalism” in Türkiye. The materialists who study and read a great deal are not as rationalist as they are because they are at least fair to say openheartedly that the Holy Books and the works of Sufis contain interesting ideas and scientific subjects. On the contrary, the simple materialists who chew the word "rationalism" in their mouth like a gum keep saying: rationalism, rationalism, rationalist…, but then they utter no reasonable word or write any books. The only thing they do is to repeat the word rationalism at the beginning of their sentences. They are the creatures whom Ziya Pasha described as: "Lots of fools who think they are clever." (33)

(32) See the six metaphysical opinions of Descartes

(33) A lot of fool, who think they are intelligent: Rationalists

These simple materialists confuse Intellect with Rationalism and cause an agitation of concepts. According to them, you refuse Intellect if you are not a rationalist in all the matters. In fact, rationalism is an expression used after Descartes and it is the Methodology of Descartes, which means thinking systematically in every subject. They are the Cartesians, even more Cartesians than Descartes himself, who claim that all the realities of Physical and Metaphysical matters and the Absolute Truth can be solved with this partial intellect.

They are the keen supporters of the Doctrine of Descartes same as the old Aristotle Logicians, who used to be more logical than Aristotle was.

The Koran, Sufism and all the Divine Messengers say that the partial intellect is able to solve the Physical Realities but Metaphysical Realities can only be learnt with the "Universal Intellect-The Spirit". The Koran explains this matter very clearly in the sixth verse of Chapter "Rum":

"That is God's promise; God will never break His promise. Yet, most men do not know it.” Most men (who have the partial intellect) know of the visible part of the life of the world (the physical part of the Creation).Yet, they are unaware, heedless, ignorant about the other world (metaphysics).

The above verse clarifies the Intellect in man. Allah explained everything in the Koran and revealed His Divine message to the Prophet Muhammad, who is the writer of the Koran, and this great Divine Messenger transmitted this reality to humanity.

Every fair person should feel at least a little respect for the Prophet Muhammad when this verse is read and studied carefully.


"Ve kül Rabbi zidni ilmen-Say, O Muhammad! Lord, increase my knowledge!" (Tâ Hâ, 114)

Again in the words of the Prophet Moses (Peace be upon him):

"Euzübillahi en ekune mineccahilin-God forbid that I should be so foolish." (Al-Baqarah, 67)

These verses are the evident proofs that show that Islam is based on the knowledge and knowledge is compulsory. The following verse also states that man is a being who can think and it is necessary to think about the creation of the Earth and the Heavens:

"Veyetefekkerune fi halki'ssemavati ve'l ard-Those who are the believers think about (contemplate) the creation of the Heavens and the Earth." (Al-i Imran, 191)

"Learning knowledge (science) is compulsory for everybody, men and women." (35)

Knowledge is two kinds in Islâm and Hazrat Ali, who is the door of Knowledge, explains it as follows: (36)

"El ilmü ilman: İlmü'l edyan, ilmü'l ebdan-Knowledge is two folds: The Knowledge of Religion (Divine Knowledge) and the Knowledge of Physical things".


(34) For further information see also "İnsanda Yükselme (Ascension in Man)”, Kâzim YARDIMCI 1992-Malatya

(35) From Hz. Enes (r.a), Ibn Mâce, Ghazzali, İhya-i Ulum, Vol.1 Bedir Publ. İst.

(36) Our Most High Prophet (A.S.V: Peace be upon Him) said: “I am the city of knowledge; Ali is the gate to it.” (From Ibn Abbas, Thirmizi, Vol. 2, p .399, Suyuti, Camiussağir, Vol.1, P.108 and the others)

These two kinds of knowledge are based on "Spirit and Intellect". Another name of the Spirit is "Intellect" actually. This is the first and the greatestSpirit of Muhammad - the Universal Intellect or the Universal Spirit. The Prophet Muhammad (a.s.v.) has an Intellect just like the Sun, the others are like the stars. Some of the stars are bright and some are weak. The bright stars symbolize the people who have bright Spirits and Intellects. Islâm attaches great importance to Intellect. Hazrat Ali, the greatest religious leader and the scholar of Islâm, said: "Religion is Intellect" because Islâm does not consider those who are not intelligent responsible.

Islâm is for the intelligent people, it does not give those who are not intelligent responsibility .Yet, Rationalism, in the way the Western people understand, does not exist in Islam. Rationalism in which the Universal Intellect is accepted is approved. Islâm refuses solving everything using the partial intellect. Islâm accepts "Revelations and the Perfected Spirit" because only the Perfected Spirit or Perfected Intellect can acquire the Knowledge of God (revelations).

"Ünzile biilmi'llah-God's knowledge is being revealed." (Hud, 14)

It is clarified with this Koran verse above.

When Spirit becomes perfected, Intellect becomes perfected too. The more they become perfected, the more they acquire and reach the High Knowledge of God-Wisdom, Gnosis. On the other hand, Islâm accepts, supports and encourages that the physical sciences can be learnt using the Partial (normal) Intellect. Islâm does not accept "dogma" (37) in physical sciences and refuses the fixed ideas. It is confirmed with the following verse and with the tradition of the Prophet Muhammad:


(37) Dogma: An important belief or set of beliefs that people are expected to accept without question.

"Külli şey'in sebaba - Everything has a reason." (Al-Kahf, 84)

"Allah created the Heavens and the Earth. He sent down water from the sky and He brought forth fruits for your sustenance." (Abraham, 32)

God apparently says that everything has a reason. When the reasons of all things are searched, positive science develops. In the verse above, He also says that He sent down water from the sky and brought down fruits for us to eat; He teaches us how fruit is formed and says that He sends down water and as a result of it, the fruits are forming on the Earth. He tells us the causes of things stating, "Everything has a reason". Our dear Prophet also said:

"You should make the gun of your enemy." (38)

Hz. Ali (k.v.) said: "Bring up your children in accordance with their age!"

We want to ask where "dogma" is in these opinions. Islâm has set everything properly. Islâm only claims that the existence of God, Spirits, Angels and the other metaphysical matters cannot be solved and learnt with the Partial Intellect but they can be solved with only "divine thought" or with the "Philosophy of Islamic Mysticism (Sufism)”. The partial Intellect will get help from the Universal Intellect same as the Stars get energy from the Sun. In fact, the partial intellect is a spark from the Universal Intellect as the stars are a spark of the Sun. The Partial Intellect cannot and will not solve the metaphysical realities unless it becomes perfected by getting energy from the Universal Intellect in spite of being a part of it.


(38) From Ukbe b. Amir, Muslim, Ahmed b. Hanbel ibn Mâce

250 Hadis (hadith) by Hikmet Berki, the Vise President of Islamic Affairs

Metaphysical realities are learnt with Divine Messages. The Partial Intellect cannot solve the difficult subjects such as Existence-Non Existence, Eternity (having no end and no beginning), non -existing from absence, the infinity of Existence etc. They are important and great realities, and whoever is just and fair accepts these realities. (39)

The compulsory knowledge which should be learnt in Islâm is first of all " God (Lord), the worlds of Spirits and Angels" (40), the latter to learn is the knowledge of Religious Law in order to worship written in catechism (İlmühal) and which is also very easy to learn. Next comes the physical knowledge called"Science" in Islâm. It is necessary to learn them in order to maintain the existence of society. The Religion of Islam entrusted the government and the administrators with the teaching scientific knowledge to individuals.

Islâm does not force anybody to learn the Canonical Law (Fıkıh) as it takes a long time to learn it. There is no such a rule that everybody will be an expert of the Canonical Law of Islâm. If everybody were interested in Islamic Law for twenty years, the society would not be able to develop the other working fields then. Yet, a lot more work and effort is required in trade, in art and in agriculture etc. to maintain the life of the society for human beings.

It is adequate to be learnt the Canonical Jurisprudence by a certain group of society but it is obligatory for everybody to learn the Knowledge of God because He created this Universe and human beings in order to be known (41) and this is possible only by means of the Islamic Knowledge of Sufism.


(39) For further information see: Islâm' da Mezhepler ve Yükseliş (Religious Sects in Islam and Ascending)" by Kâzim Yardımcı, 1988, İzmir, Doğan Distribution-Malatya

(40) The Lord, Spirit, the Angels, The Paradise, the Hell can be known with only Divine Messages. Islam accepts the function of Intelligence in the physical realities but metaphysical realities are left to the Prophet.

(41) Sacred Traditions: Sources: Keşf'ül Hafa, Ajluni, Vol.2, p.132 Hadith 2016

A. Kari, el Esrarül Merfua fi'l Ahbar'il Mevdua Hadith: 353, p.273

This Knowledge is also called "The Knowledge of Men Araf" (42). It is based on "Divine Love and contemplation" and it is learnt with the help of the Supreme Spirit by making contact with the Universal Intellect; but not through reading and writing on a book. The Supreme Spirit is the pen of God and it is possible to read the writings of the Pen of God in the mirror of heart and Spirit. The Metaphysical Realities cannot be solved using the Partial Intellect.

The following poem from Yunus Emre is a warning to those that learn God (spiritual realities) just by reading books or who think that they are a scholar because of knowing the Islamic Law. It is also an invitation to the obligatory knowledge -Sufism (Metaphysics):

“Knowledge means to understand knowledge

Knowledge is to understand who you are

If you not know who you are

What is the use of learning?”

May God be pleased with Yunus Emre and with those who are like him and May God not separate them from us secretly or apparently!

"Adam is the mirror of God." (43) If Adam does not exist, God is not known! You should learn your God in that mirror but not in books or in note -books.

"Look for Adam (man), find Adam,

Be Adam with Adam!"

Pay attention to the following saying of Niyazi Misri, who is a great Turkish Wali (a friend of God):

"Be wise so that you may get rid of the fire of ignorance!"

The strict Rationalists of the philosophers claim that they can solve the metaphysical matters using Logic -reasoning.


(42) "Men arafe nefsehu, fe kad arafe Rabbehu-He who knows himself, knows His Lord." (Binbir Hadis, Şemseddin Yeşil, 1983-İst.p.212 and others)

(43) "God the Most High created Adam in His own image."

(It is narrated by Muslim from Ebu Hureyre, Bukhari, Ahmed b.Hanbel)

Müsned. 2/244, Keşfü'l Hafa See also İhya, from Ghazzali, vol.2, p.417

They accept that the only way to find both physical and metaphysical realities is using "Intellect-Logic". They refuse Divine Messages and the Universal Intellect as a result, they refuse Divine Messengers-Prophets, Saints, Walis and they call this as "Rationalism". Sufis agree that the physical knowledge can be understood with the partial Intellect (practical intellect) and they accept the role of Intellect in Physical Science and in Religious Law, but they claim that the metaphysical realities (God, Spirit, Angels, genies, Satan, Paradise, Hell ..etc.) as well as their qualities and attributes cannot be learnt using practical intellect and the practical intelligence cannot get rid of hypothesis, suspicions and guesses. Sufis claim that all these metaphysical realities can be known with Divine Messages -revelations.

They are dogmatic in metaphysical matters. They accept what the Divine messengers, Prophets and their heirs "the friends of God (Walis)" say and transmit and they are logical because they also accept and agree with the Role of Intellect in the Knowledge of Law and Physics.

To deny Divine Messages is to deny the Prophecy. May Allah protect humanity!

Rationalism and Intellect should not be confused with each other and cause the confusion of concepts. Rationalism means not to accept Divine Messages and the Prophets and to use the intellect as the only means of learning realities. Unfortunately, being against rationalism is shown as if refusing intellect. Islam (Sufism) believes both intellect and the Universal intellect (Holy Spirit) and claims that metaphysical realities can be learnt with divine messages.

Physical Sciences are concerned with the partial-practical intellect; spiritual-metaphysical realities are entrusted to the Prophets, who are divine Messengers. A great deal of scientific and interesting opinions are met when the Holy books "the Koran, the Torah, the Bible and the Psalms of David” and the books of Sufis as well as 28 Prophets are searched and studied carefully. They contain the knowledge that comforts and contents the brain (intellect) and heart. The most satisfactory knowledge about metaphysical realities are found in the books of Divine messengers - Prophets and Wise Sufi Saints.

More satisfactory and stronger ideas than the opinions of the philosophers on metaphysical realities are in the Holy Books.

Divine messengers do not force people to believe in them, they leave it to their free conscious (free will).They admit that those realities are told them by God and they do not find them using their partial intelligence.

"Lâ ikrahe fiddin-There is no compulsion in religion." (Al-Baqarah, 256)


Knowledge is a point just like a circle and the centre of it. The circle is the Universe, the centre is Adam (man).The formulas of a circle and a point is the same in Geometry. The only Existence, the real presence is Allah, who is the Absolute Divine Light, the Eternal power and thought. Existence is only One and He is limitless. Allah, who is the Eternal Divine Light (Nur) has no limits and boundaries. Two infinite, limitless beings cannot be considered and accepted, it is impossible. The infinite being is the Sole Existence and unique. Every single thing has an equivalent, a similarity or an opposite but God, who is the Absolute Existence (The Absolute Essence) has no equivalent, no pair and no likes because two infinite existences are impossible.

The Unity (oneness) of the limitless Existence is an unchangeable fact just like the Existence of God. For this reason, the Prophet Muhammad, the Prophet Abraham and all the other Prophets (we send them our endless regard, love and respect) transmitted the reality: "God is One, Sole and Unique"(Vâhid ül Ahad).

Polytheism is a result of ignorance and due to the lack of the knowledge of the reality.

Our Prophet Muhammad (a.s.v) stressed on:

"Lâ ilahe illallah-There is no God but Allah" which means God is Allah and He is One and Sole. He has no partners, no pairs and no opposites; He does not have an equivalent either. It is certain that the infinite, edgeless, limitless presence is One. Since two infinite beings are impossible, there is no other existence except Allah -"Lâ mevcude illallah". Existence is One and infinite so He is Sole and Unique. This is the real "Unity-Oneness".


Those who do not believe in the Unity of God and do not know the reality of the real Existence can never get rid of polytheism (duality). They are unaware of the essence of the Reality. If something exists, it has Divine Light in origin. Things called as matter, nature, the physical body are consisted of condensed light or energy and it is "The First Existence", "The First Cause". Existence, which exists naturally and spontaneously, is "He". He is the Existence and all the other things are the signs or manifestations of Him, which manifested from Him. He is the First and the Last, the Seen and the Unseen. And He knows Everything. He is also the source of Knowledge, Intellect and Thought. The First Existence, which is the Infinite Divine light (power, energy), is the origin (essence) of nature and the human beings. He is our Origin.

If He had not existed, the Creation, human beings would not have existed. If the Creation and human beings had not existed or the World of Multiplicity that consists of the manifestations and signs of the Unique, Absolute Existence had not existed, the existence, His attributes, the beauty, the unity and the peerless oneness of God (He) would not have been known.

There would have been nobody who knew these realities except Him. Even now, there is nobody who knows Him except Him. The Creation and Man (Adam) are the objective and subjective appearances of Him.

"Everything comes from Him and everything returns to Him, who is the First Existence." (44)

The First Manifestation, the Inner World, the Spiritual World (the cosmic World), nature and the outer world - the world of Multiplicity came into existence from Him by layers. What we call the "First Manifestation" is called "the First Explosion" by the supporters of the Big Bang Theory. We call "the First Cause" as "Allah or the Divine Light (Nur)"; they call it "the Essence of the Universe".


(44) "Vallahu yebdeul halka" (Yunus, 34 /Al-Rum, 11)

"İnna lillah ve inna ileyhi raciun -We belong to God and to Him We shall return."(Al-Baqarah, 156)

Although they know that the origin of the Creation is the Existence, who exists naturally and spontaneously, they do not stress on it. Existing spontaneously, that means accepting the First Cause natural but not created, means to accept the Existence, which exists spontaneously.

The Existence, which exists spontaneously, is God. It becomes obligatory to call Him "God" because if something exists spontaneously, if it is "eternal in the past (pre-eternal) and eternal in the future (post-eternal)", “infinite" and "constant", it is God then, but not another being. The essence, the source of all the Creation and nature is God, who is the Peerless One, the Sole and the Unique One. The partial intellect cannot explain existing naturally and being Eternal and infinite.

These concepts have not been denied by philosophers and by sensible people but they have not been explained by them either. "Intellect" froze (stopped functioning) over this reality (The First Cause).

"The Big Bang Theory" is what Allah and Islam call as "The First Manifestation" which is like the foam appeared or formed from the sea. The foam belongs to sea, it takes a form and it is called as foam, then it melts returning to the sea and transforms into a shapeless state.

"He (Allah) is the First and the Last, the Seen and the Unseen. He has the knowledge of all things. He is the only Existence in reality and He is the Scholar - the Conscious Being." (Al-Hadid, 3)

The First Existence, the First Cause, the eternal and infinite divine light created the inner and the outer worlds in layers manifesting from Himself to Himself when He was alone and on His own. The Earth was the last to be created through condensing energy. Matter was formed when energy was condensed but energy became simple when it was solidified.

The Worlds, the Universe are in the First Existence or the First Cause because the First Existence has no limits or edges. If He had a limit, there would be non-existence but there is no non-existence so the absence of the non-existence and the presence of the existence is compulsory. The Real Existence is the infinite Divine light (Nur), so He is the Unique One or the Sole because two infinite existences are impossible. The infinite being is "Existence", not "Non-existence”. We think emptiness as non-existence but there is always something in a place considered empty. For example, the Sky assumed as empty is full of various red or green rays of the First Existence.

The First Presence is infinite, limitless and intensive sphere of Divine Light. If we take the sphere as a shape, it has a border but the First Existence Allah has no borders. He is infinite and exempt from any shapes or forms. All the creation and manifestations are in this Infinite Sphere of Divine Light.

The Big Bang (the event called as the First Explosion) that we call as the First Manifestation happened in this infinite Sphere of Divine Light. It is impossible to think it to be happened in another way. The First Cause or Existence, which is Divine Light, has no edge, limit or border. Since there are not any places where He does not exist, He does not manifest or the explosion happens in another place except Himself. All the events or happenings come into existence from Himself to Himself and in Himself. Imagine an infinite sphere of sea and our world as a spherical island sailing in this sea. Similarly, the creation, the Universe, human beings are in God.

"Elâ innehu bikülli şey'in muhit-Surely Allah has encompassed all things.” (Fussilat, 54) A poet explained it as follows: (45)

"The fish are in the sea, but they do not know the sea

They keep on swimming drunkenly,"

All the things are in Him as a condensed energy-light having taken a shape or a form. He is not in anything because the infinite being cannot fit into a limited being. However, His Divine Spirit has been breathed into Adam (the First Man) and his descendants.


(45) "If you had hung a rope from the Sky, it would have touched God."

The sources of the above sacred tradition is: Ajluni, Keşf ül Hafa, Vol. 2, p.53, hadith 2092

Thirmizi, the Commentary on the Koran, the explanation of the Sura of Al-Hadid

Ahmed b. Hanbel, vol.2, p.370


"Ve nefehtü fihi min Ruhi-I breathed into man (human being) from My Spirit." (Sad, 72)

For this reason, man owned intellect and spirit. He learnt His Lord with all His names and perfection by means of the Spirit.

"I was a hidden treasure. I liked to be known so I made (created) the Creation." (46)

"Man is My secret and I am His secret too." (47)

"I created man in My own image." (48)

He is created in His Jamal and Jalal attributes so he has all the characteristics. He is both affectionate and mighty or stern and merciful.

"I made man My deputy (caliph) on Earth." (Al-Baqarah, 30) It means; "I charged man with the duty to instruct others in My name". Allah chose only "man" for His Divine Caliphate. He breathed him His Spirit. He assembled or united the essence or the origin of all the creation in his body. In addition to it, He bestowed on him His Knowledge. The Knowledge is an attribute that belongs to God. He spoke to him and made him the synthesis, the point (the Most High centre) which connects spirit and matter (metaphysics and physics). He made all the holy beings and Angels prostrate before Him. (49) He made him the leader, the master of the inner and the outer worlds.


(46) Sources: Keşful Hafa, Ajluni, Vol.2, p.273

Aliyyül Kâri, El Asrâr ül Merfua Fi'l Ahbar'il Mevdua (Mevduat-ül Kübra) Hadith 353, p.273

(47) Sirrül Esrâr, Sayyid Abdülkadir Geylani, trans. by A. Akçiçek, Rahmet Publication, 1968 -İstanbul

(48) From Buhari and Muslim; Kudsi Hadisler (Holy Traditions, vol. 1, p. 172; Madve Publications, 1991-İstanbul

(49)"All the Angels prostrated before Adam." (Al-Baqarah, 34 / Al-Kahf, 50)

God made all the Creation-the inner and the outer Worlds subject to man. (50) Allah, who is the King of the Kings, made man the King of the Universe in the name of Him. He made him a "Master". He became the Prime Minister of Allah, who is the sovereign Lord of the Lords. He began to serve in the name of God. The Angels prostrated before Adam in the name of God, they prostrated before the Spirit of God or the Divine Light, the breath, the word, the decree of Allah. The Spirit of Allah is the Divine Light of His Face or His person.

Similarly, when you incline towards the sunlight, you incline towards the Sun because sunlight is not a separate or a second being. Sunlight is also the Sun or its attribute. It is together with the Sun and not created after the sun. Shadow is an imaginary being that comes into existence afterwards. It exists afterwards and it is transitory just like a human body. Human body was created afterwards and it is mortal. It is not eternal, everlasting and permanent. It came into existence from the light of the Eternal Existence. Since the essence of the body is Light (Nur, energy), it is permanent with the Eternal Existence.

Shadow is formed from the light of the sun. It is a trick or an invention of the light. If there is no light, there is no shadow. Shadow is in need of light but light exists even without a shadow. Light does not need shadows. Human body, in which the essence or the origin of all the good and bad things are gathered, becomes like an electric bulb that emits light when it bears the Spirit of God. We can see this clearly in the example of an electric bulb. Static or passive electricity shows itself very actively in an electric bulb. The electric bulb is like a human body and the light is like the spirit that bears the quality of knowledge-thought, intellect. Static and hidden electricity in nature bears energy and light in its original structure and shows itself in a glass tube or illuminates the surrounding area.


(50) "All things which exist in the Skies and on the Earth are at man's disposal by the command of Allah." (Al-Baqarah, 164)

We can see in the above example:

1-Diffused electricity (light)

2-Light bulb

3-The light in the bulb

A bulb is made of glass and it is a physical -material object made afterwards. Whereas, the diffused electricity (energy or light) is natural and it did not come into existence afterwards. The light in the bulb is the light of the infinite energy or electricity that exists in nature. It has entered into the bulb and showed itself there. In fact, the electricity in the bulb is the diffused light in nature. It is the spectrum of the great energy in another place (in a bulb) just like the light of the Sun on the walls.

There are not three different things in this situation. A light bulb is not natural just like the existing of a shadow. The light bulb has no structural relation with electricity (light-energy). It does not associate with the structure of electricity either. A light bulb is an artificial object that has come into existence afterwards. It is used as a container for electricity same as a human body serves as container for the spirit of God. Let us think about these examples:

a) 1-The Sun, 2-Sunlight, 3-Shadow,

b) 1-Diffused electricity in nature, 2-Lightbulb, 3-The light seen in the bulb,

It is a fact that shadow and electric bulb have existed afterwards. It is also obviously known that the Sun and the light of the Sun; the diffused, static electricity in nature and the light in the bulb are not two different things.

Shadow appears and disappears but the Sun and its light, which is also the Sun, remain. The bulb may be broken but diffused electricity in nature and the light in the bulb, which is also the same electricity, remain.


If the bulb is broken, light (electricity) becomes hidden, but there is still electricity in the cable. When a new bulb is fixed (connected) into a contact socket (51), electricity shows itself in this new bulb.

Similarly, if a man dies or if he is cut into pieces, a new human being is born and a new Spirit comes to him/her from the Spirit of God and shows himself by means of intellect and thought. When a bulb is broken, it is thrown into a rubbish heap; when a man dies, he is put into a grave or in a hole under the ground. There is no electricity in a broken bulb and there is no spirit in a dead body. Everything returns to its origin (52).

Light returns to the source of light, Spirit returns to God which is the source of it, light bulb and body returns to earth, in other words; they are transformed.

We say that there is no spirit in a graveyard because spirit rises up to God and it is placed in a rank or position of the manifestations of God according to his deed or degree. He may also exalt to the God's person. The place of the Holy Spirit is the presence of God. He reaches out the original source of Divine light and this is called as "the union with the beloved or annihilation in God" in Sufism. It is also called as "Bekabillah - to become eternal and infinite with Allah ". "We belong to God and to Him we shall return." (Al-Baqarah, 156)


(51) Contact socket: Cylindrical equipment, which an electric lamp is fixed into and which has a conductor in.

(52) "Sümme yuiduhu.. -Then to the place (to the origin) where it belongs." (Yunus, 4 / Naml, 64 / Rum, 11)


The person who bears the Holy Spirit is called "The Perfect Man-İnsan-ı Kâmil". Allah made the most high beings of the Heavens -the Angels -prostrate before the first man Adam as he had this holy spirit. (53) Adam and the chosen people from his descendants bear Holy Spirit. They are the Prophets, Messengers and the Friends of God (Walis). All of them are "The Perfect Men". Those who follow and obey them become a Perfect Man when their spirits become Holy and divine. They are human beings. Their outside is created like a shadow and bulb; but their inside is Haq -divine like electricity and light. They are not God but they are qualified with the holy attributes of God and they bear the Holy Spirit of Allah.

"Qualify yourself with the qualities of God!" (54)

They are not the Sun but like the sunlight because of their spirits. The holiness is in their spirit not in their bodies or in human (mortal) side. What we call"Guide, Light, Imam, Leader, Teacher and Scholar" is the Divine Breath, the Decree, the Word of God, the pure and innocent Holy Spirit of God. (55)

All the respect, love, the obedience and connection is to this Holy Spirit, which is the Divine Light of God.


(53) Al-Baqarah, 34/ Al-Kahf, 50 / Isra, 61-65/ Al-A'raf, 11

For further information, see: "Sirrül Esrar by Abdülkadir Geylani, trans. by A. Akçiçek, Rahmet Public. 1968 İstanbul

(54) Sirrül Insan, Sayyid Abdülkadir Geylani, p. 99.

Fihi Mâfih, Mawlana p.192 Devlet Kitaplığı MEB Publ. 1974

(55) For further information, see also "Varlık-Existence" and "Günahsızlar-The Sinless" by Kâzım Yardımcı

General Distribution: Doğan Dağıtım –Malatya

"He that obeys the apostle obeys God." (Nisa, 80)

"Those who swear fealty (allegiance) unto Muhammad (the Prophet) swear fealty unto Allah." (Al-Fath, 10)

"Say: Those who say I love Allah, should obey Me (the Prophet Muhammad A.S.V.)" which means, "Those who love Allah should love Muhammad" (Al- Imrans, 31) because if you do not like a person, you do not obey him or follow him.

"I can neither fit into the Earth nor the Sky but I am in the believer's heart." (56)

The Sun in the Sky is 1 billion 200 million times bigger than our world. It cannot fit into this Earth but a billion worlds can fit into the sun. However, the Sun, which is very enormous, can be seen in a small mirror.

It sends its light to a piece of glass then it is seen in its own light. (57) This is an image or a reflection in a mirror because it is in the High Sky.


(56) The complete hadith (tradition) is: “Neither my Earth nor My Sky was able to embrace (encompass) Me. Only the heart of My believer, the righteous slave of Mine who is pious, pure and modest could encompass Me”.

"Kırk Hadis" by Sadreddin Konevi p.82, trans. by Harun Ünal, Vahdet Publ. 1984, Ist.

Ajluni “Keşful Hafa”, Vol.2, p.195

(57) “Allah is the light of the Heavens and the Earth. His light may be compared to a niche that enshrines a lamp, the lamp within a crystal of star-like brilliance. It is lit from a blessed olive tree belongs neither to eastern nor western. Its very oil would almost shine forth, though no fire touched it. Light upon light. Allah guides to His Light whom He will. Allah gives samples (speaks in metaphors). Allah has knowledge of all things. His Light is found in those houses. Allah gave permission to them for the remembrance of His name in them and to be known by them. His praise is sung by them morning and evening.” (Al-Nur, 35-36)

In this example, the bright side of the mirror is "the heart of the believer". The backside of the mirror is the body of man. As you know, the Sun can be seen on the bright surface of the mirror.

Allah, who is the infinite and eternal Divine light and who does not fit anywhere, is seen in the heart of the believer just like the mirror. God first makes a heart from His Divine Light for those whom He wills. It looks like the shining surface of the mirror. (What God refers as a heart is not the piece of flesh in our chest because everybody has that organ even an unbeliever has it.)


God the Most High, who is the infinite Divine Light says: "I am in the heart of the believer (My righteous servant)” (58). God sends His Holy Spirit into the heart of the believer first.

"Nezele birruhü'l emin ala Kalbike - The Word is being revealed into the heart by the faithful Spirit." (Al Shuara, 193-194)

"Yülkirruhe min emrihi ala men yeşâu min ibadihi-Allah lets His Spirit descend (He places) to those of His servants whom He chooses from His Decree". (Ghafir, 15)

     The **spirit** mentioned in this Koran verse is the **second** spirit because God says that He lets it descend to those whom He chooses. In fact, as we all know, the spirit is breathed to a person when **he/she is in the womb of his mother.** If God wishes, He breathes a new, a second divine spirit to those of His servants whom He chooses. This event is similar to this example: **"The spirit, breathed to a baby in the womb of a pregnant woman who bears her own spirit"**. It is obvious that a pregnant woman becomes very beautiful when her baby is about 6-7 months old. Her face is delicate and charming and everybody respects her. She returns to her former state and loses her beauty when her baby is born but the same beauty is seen in the baby.

(58) Kırk Hadis by Sadreddin Konevi, p.82 ,trans. by Harun Ünal, Vahdet Publ. 1984- İstanbul

Ajluni, Keşfül Hafa, vol.2 p. 195

A newborn child is very lovely because he bears a new, fresh, pure spirit. He is close to God. Then, as the child grows up, spirit becomes dense due to the increase of his relation with the body. In the future years, his spirit becomes dark and it solidifies, as a result, Divine Light turns into fire, it is called"Corporeal-material Spirit" in Sufism. (59) Divine Light becomes red, burning and solid. It is solidified same as matter is the condensed form of energy.

If God wills, He can turn it to Divine-Holy Light again. He can change it to its first state just as matter transforms into energy. It is not difficult for God to do it.

"Allah changes your sins to good actions." (Al-Furqan, 70)

Allah says that He created satan and the genies from smokeless fire. (60)

The Angels were created from the Divine Light of the Holy Spirit.

Spirit is the Decree of God, His Word and His Divine Breath which is the Divine Light of His person. It is very bright just like the Sun, the Angels look like the stars compared to it.


(59) See "Varlık (Existence)" by Kâzım Yardımcı, Bilmen Printing House, 1974, Ist -Yeni Alanya Printing House, 1998 Alanya

(60) See the Sura of Al-Hijr, Verse 27


Human body was created from earth (clay-molded mud).The essence, the origin of all the things in nature, which are the signs of Jalal and Jamal (beauty and might, wrath) attributes exists in this earth. Because of this, God said:

"I created man from mixed water, We try him." (Al-Insan, 2) He means to say: Which characteristics will be the winner in him? His beautiful characteristics or the wrathful ones?

Dialectic or opposition starts here because opposites are always fighting against each other. An opposite wants to become dominant over the other opposite. If they reach the same, equal powers, they do not suit each other, the war continues and this causes anarchy. If one side increases its power, it becomes dominant and the weak side has to obey the powerful. The opposites become united or combined and enable the peace. If divine attributes are dominant in a person, he becomes "good", if his wrathful attributes rule over him, he becomes a bad person. This dialectic fact or dualism is the same for nature and a society. If the majority of a society consists of good-natured people, goodness is dominant; if morally bad people are in majority, wickedness dominates the society.

They are ruled by either a good or a bad leader. The administrators are either just or cruel. God makes the head in accordance with the body. The body is the majority of society and the head is the government officials. In fact, Hegel (61), who mentioned dialectic in his books, tried to explain the same thing. Hegel said: "when a class dominates the other class, anarchy is prevented, so an order is established and public security becomes possible then" but he did not mean that capital absolutely dominates labor, he tried to explain dialectic reality in nature. If a unity is formed, laborers become powerful and labor becomes dominant over capital. Otherwise, opposites do not suit each other; the same poles repel each other. It is an unchangeable fact.


(61) Hegel, Friedrich (1770-1831): He is a famous German Philosopher and the founder of "Dialectic Reasoning".

Labor and capital can never be in agreement with each other according to the dialectic in nature.

In spite of all the sayings, the dominant power in the West is capital but not labor. The Westerns apply a Law Order using their technological power they created by exploiting other nations and they detain their own laborers paying them excessive wages. They call it "humanity" or "the Country of Happiness and Comfort". Although they content their laborers and their own families, they make billions of people cry in poverty. Their own citizens deserve justice but other people deserve cruelty and exploitation.

They start to cut down the wages of their laborers or in other words, they start to exploit their own workers, when they are unable to exploit other nations. Their Law and humanity Systems will have to be in great failure because if there is exploitation in a place, there is cruelty and sorrow instead of law and justice because capitalism depends on exploitation and develops with it. This exploitation means the labor of* human beings and the natural and national wealth of the nation.

Why can developed nations not get rid of exploitation? Why are they unable to discharge their cruel dictators or rulers? What is the reason of it?

It is a fact that no force or no dictator is able to endure against a strong, determined, social resistance of a nation, even though they have atomic weapons in their hands. They collapse because none of the cruel administrators and their officials can dare the collective massacre of the nation. If he dares, he will be put into the position of Chavushesku, who used to be the dictator of Romania.


The reasons of overwhelmed nations’ not resisting against overwhelming powers can be explained as follows:

God established a hierarchy based on economical differences and wanted people to do different works for each other because people need many things but it is impossible to do them alone or without help. He can succeed one or two jobs by himself so he should have one or two jobs. (62)

There are various jobs or crafts that a society requires such as: people are in need of clothes, shoes, food, agricultural products etc. In addition, the intelligence level and the capacity of work differ from one person to another.

God does not want anybody to be in the position that he is not deserved. (63) He does not accept or approve theft, exploitation, violence or overwhelming. He also refuses swindling, cheating, bribery, corruption, dishonesty and collecting precious materials or goods like gold or silver.

He accepts neither the exact equality nor the keen discrimination. (64)

He agrees with the equivalence and approves the return to be taken in accordance with the capacity in labor and thought. This also causes a slight difference among people. Human beings are in need of each other, so they work for each other. A hierarchy is inevitable due to it. This hierarchy turns into a state system in crowded nations. State system requires the system of Justice and it is called the state system, which is based on Justice. Justice is for everybody and it is the main principle of "Law.

(62) "Two water-melons cannot be carried with one hand." (Turkish proverb)

(63) "God judges everybody with his own labor." (Al-Najm, 39)

(64) A-The likes do not suit each other so, the absolute equality is impossible but equivalence is possible.

B- "Let this capital (property) not be the property of the rich!" (Al-Hashr, 7) (It means it should not be monopolized)

What God wishes is the Just State System based on the Law.

We will not explain the economical system of Islam in details as we have already explained it in our book called "Insanda Yükselme (Ascension in Man)". Our subject is to examine man spiritually and physically. On account of this, we want to clarify the reasons why people are overwhelmed and why they seem quite resigned to be overwhelmed.

Man who consists of a body and spirit needs to know his body, his spirit, his God, who is the essence of nature and Spirit. He wants to learn himself and nature as well as he wants to love His God and His Works. He likes to respect, to please and to serve his God in order to get His consent. (All of them are called "worship")

"I created mankind and genies that they might worship Me." (Al-Dhariyat, 56) True worship is to love God. What else do we expect from this life? How much benefit can we have from it? (65)

(65) Ascension in Man by Kazım Yardımcı


What must man obey?; Must he obey his Divine Spirit and common sense, which is the attribute of Intellect and His Spirit, or his carnal and instinctive desires and passions of his physical side?

Common sense orders the following:

a) One should have a spouse (wife or husband) in order not to commit adultery.

b) He should have a house or a flat in order to protect his wife and bring up his children.

c) He should have a job in order to have a family and a residence.

Your labor is your capacity to think and your energy *in your arms. You should work and earn money as a return and product of your labor. You should not be greedy because if you get the full return of your labor, you can have a decent residence and a suitable job.

If you obey them, you can live at a subsistence level without begging others and look after your family easily. This is the biggest happiness for a conscious person.


You will neither consent to your labor to be exploited nor desire more than your labor. You should get the return of your labor according to your working capacity. The more you support production, the more you benefit from the consumption. You should not be greedy.

Unfortunately, today, millions of laborers and workers do not want to get the return of their labors but they want to live without working and they obey their carnal desires, greediness, laziness, or other instinctive passions. They long for the luxurious life styles of the rich whereas they should be against it. Some poor workers want to have not only one house but also more than one apartment or high-rise flats. They want the negative. Millions of laborers want to be a "master", a boss or a manager but not a worker or a servant. (66)


(66) To be the slave (servant) of God



They are looking for the courteous behavior or nobility in the position of an employer not in the working class and they live hoping to be an employer one day. It is impossible for all the people of a society to be rich. They can be workers as well. The difference is in the capacity or suitability.

To be excessively rich is possible by using force or by cheating and exploiting. (67) For this reason, an individual that does not obey his spirit and common sense, but obeys his carnal desires of his body and millions of people that are like him are unable to resist their administrators, who overwhelm them by exploiting because they expect and hope to live like them (like bourgeois) and they are in a dream world. They keep on waiting for years and years. One of them sometimes happens to be rich once in a ten or fifteen years and this encourages the others to wait longer.

Those who want a life-style beyond their labors are continuously overwhelmed and exploited because of not showing consent to human rights and to the return of their labor given to them.

God does not help the community that consists of the people who have unfair and injustice desires. He cannot be blamed for this.

"In no way does God wrong mankind, but men wrong themselves." (Al-Yunus, 44)

No force can endure against a conscious, right, legal and social resistance of the people who only earn with hard work and want to get the full return of his labor. The demand of these right people is accepted. God helps those who seek the Truth and his rights in this way.


(67) The Most High Prophet Muhammad said: "Surely, the merchants are dissolute and sinning. Then they asked: "O the Prophet, did Allah not accept the trade legitimate?" He answered: "Yes, but they swear, commit sin and tell lies while speaking."

(From Ahmed b. Hanbel and Hakim, Ihya-i Ulumud Din, Ghazzali, Vol. 3, p.292-300

God does not help greedy people and the society, which consists of them. When humanity comes to the point of refusing his negative and unfair desires of his body, and obeying the Spirit and the common sense and intellect aspects of the Spirit, he deserves the System of Justice and the Laws and finds true humanity. Unless they have these qualities, they live under the influence of carnal desires until they come to this point. Those that have fleshly and carnal pleasures are ruled by cruel dictators.

These are the scientific and natural facts about human beings. These opinions are the principles and theories. In today's world, the Western democracy is the only solution to protect freedom and it is the nearest system to Islamic system. We have already explained our views about democracy in our other books called "Existence, Religious Sects in Islam, the Sinless and Ascension in Man.”

The best system for our country is the Pluralistic Democracy based on the system of Republic and Parliamentary, which consists of multi-parties.


The Law System in Europe has already been explained before. It is a kind of trick but not humanity. They make their nations happy by exploiting and overwhelming other nations. They demonstrate a false justice, humanity and politeness in their countries. They torture and overwhelm hundreds of nations, make millions of people cry depending on their technological power and call this "humanity". "Justice" must be for everybody not for only themselves. They are just like the wolves in sheepskin.

The Westerns are imperialists and Imperialism is a great oppression. Those who say that justice, freedom and humanity are in the West are the servants of them. Slavery is not suitable for human beings. It is a greater oppression to defend cruel people and their unreal law and justice systems as well as their unreal and temporary democracy because it means to hide the reality from oppressed and exploited nations.

We request from our intellectuals and educated people, who support the West and their system, to explain the reality in the name of humanity and oppressed nations. We are looking forward to it and we live hopefully.

We are going to continue the subject about "Insan-i Kâmil - the Perfect Man" in the next chapters.


Man is created twice according to the Koran.

The first is the creation of the first man out of dust (from earth) and the second is the creation of the children of Adam.

In the second creation man develops gradually or he evolves and this is explained in the Koran.

First, he is a sperm (semen, a living germ) then a clot of blood, then a little piece of flesh, then fetus in the womb, after that an infant and then he becomes powerful, then he becomes old. It is an evolution in one respect. (68)

Nothing happens (comes into existence) suddenly, at once. There is a course of evolution.

It is confirmed with the following verses.


(68)The Koran verses about the related subject:

"We first created you from earth, then from sperm, then from embryo, then from a half-formed lump of flesh so that We might manifest to show you Our power. We cause to remain in the womb whatever we please for an appointed term and then We bring you forth as infants in order to make you understand the Divine Power. Some die young and some live onto abject old age when all that once knew they know no more... (Al-Hajj, 5)

"Does man think he will be left alone, to no purpose? Was not He a drop of ejaculated semen? He became a clot of blood, then God formed him." (Al-Qiyamah, 36-38)

"Surely We have created man from the mixed semen which we put into different forms and we have endowed him with hearing and sight." (Al- Insan, 21)


The creation of Hazrat Jesus is told in the Koran in the Sura of Mary. "I sent to her My spirit in the resemblance of a full grown man when she was in a solitary place to the East and I loaded Jesus to Mary."

He sent the Spirit of Jesus to Mary with another Spirit and He breathed into her. Although the Spirit was seen to Mary in the form of a man, Spirit is not a physical thing. Spirit has no sex and it is a Divine Light, which is brighter than the Angels. Spirit is the Divine Breath, the Word and the decree of Allah."Feerselna ileyha Ruhena-We sent to her Our spirit." (Maryam, 17)

Jesus also developed gradually (evolved) like the other human beings because he was developed in the womb of Mary. Mary gave birth to him as other women do, he became an infant, she nursed (feed with milk from her breast) him to grow up, and he spent a childhood and became a young man. So, he also evolved like the other human-beings. Then, the physical side of Jesus is from Mary. His body was formed from Mary because spirit needs a body same as electricity needs a bulb. Spirit is Divine Light and it enters a body to be seen. The Spirit was seen to Mary in the inner world and it is a spiritual event. The spirit seen to Mary in the form of a man, breathed the Spirit of Jesus into the female egg in the womb of Mary and it had taken it inside of it. Spirit can be hidden in a very small particle and even in an atom because it is Divine Light. Similarly, very powerful electricity can be loaded and conducted in a small piece of metal.

Jesus has a special characteristic: A fetus is created when male sperm is passed into a female egg in the womb of a mother but the Spirit of Jesus was breathed into the female egg of Mary. God is capable of everything because Jesus has no male father. God says that the example of Jesus is like the example of Adam because He created Adam fatherless and He is almighty. (69)


(69) "Meseli İsa kemeseli Adem-The example of Jesus is like the example of Adam." (Al-Imran, 59)

Hazrat Jesus is an organic being, who has taken his body from Hazrat Mary. For this reason, he had become a fetus in his mother's uterus first, then he became a child, Mary nursed him, he grew up, ate, drank and became a normal young man with hair and beard. This is the evolution period of Jesus.


It is certain that Jesus was a human physically. He consisted of a body and a spirit just like Adam. However, the creation of his body was different; it was a special creation. God proclaimed that He created him in this way as a proof or miracle for the Israelites. Mary and her son is a verse, a proof or a miracle for the Universe.

"And that girl Mary protected her chastity. We breathed into her our Spirit; We made her and her son our proof, our miracle for the Universe." (Al-Anbiya, 91)

Jesus is not different from Adam because Adam also consisted of a body and a Spirit.

"We breathed into man from My Spirit." (Sad, 72)

"We made him a caliph (a deputy) on Earth." (Sad, 26 En'am 165)

It is accepted by all the churches and by all the Christians that Jesus consisted of a body and a Spirit and the organic side of Jesus was from Mary. The highness (exaltation) of Jesus is because of the Spirit he had but not of his physical body. He is physically from Mary, he is the son of Mary and Mary is a human being.

Similarly, Adam- the first man was exalted because of his Spirit. Human beings without spirits are just like animals, which can walk upright. When the body has a spirit, he has the quality of intellect, thinking and speaking meaningfully based on intellect. He deserves to be spoken by God then.


It is definite that the physical structure of Hazrat Jesus was organic structure because he developed in his mother's womb, then became a child and after that a young man. He used to eat, drink, sleep and suck her mother's milk. He had a meal with his Disciples during Thanksgiving feast. He carried blood in his veins, which is the definite proof of his being a human who developed as a result of cell development. It is certain that Jesus is a human being because of his physical body. The Christians do not call the Spirit of Jesus "son", they call the son of Mary, who has an organic structure, as the son of God. This is a contradiction. If they called the Spirit as the son, it could be taken into consideration and worth discussing because Spirit has Divine quality. Spirit is the Divine Light, the Decree or the Word of God as we have explained before. Spirit is the attribute of God and the essence of this attribution is the Divine Light of God's person. The Christians are trying to make the organic body of Jesus who was the son of Mary holy just like his Spirit. This is wrong.

Holiness - loftiness is in the Spirit of God but not in organism. The beauty and loftiness is in the light that shines in the bulb not in the bulb itself. They are trying to make the body of Jesus "Spirit" because of their deep love for him.

The Christians claim that the body of Jesus is the Divine Light (Nur) which has become condensed and taken the form of a man. They try to replace it with the Supreme Spirit which we call "Hakikat-ı Muhammediye-The Reality (The true essence) of Muhammad". They say Allah is "the source" and His Spirit is "the First Appearance" which we call "The first Manifestation or "The First Vision or Sign”. "According to Islamic Sufism, man is Spirit and body; Spirit is command, body is created.

"Know very well that His is the Command and His is the created!" (Al-A'raf, 54)

Allah, Command (Decree), the Creation (matter-body).The origin of matter is also Decree (Light) and the origin of Decree (Light) is Allah. Allah is the infinite Divine Light, which is the source or essence. Islamic Sufism and the Koran emphasize that the bodies of Adam and of his descendants are created but the origin of body is the condensed energy-power, Divine light, Light. They accept that the origin of the Creation (of all things including the Universe, nature) is Divine Light-Light; Decree-Spirit. And this is the fact. This great reality declared by Islamic Sufism is only applied to the body of Jesus by the Christians. They are exempting all the other people from this reality or from the loftiness based on this reality. They are despising and insulting human and humanity as a result.

The structure of the Perfect Man and the ordinary man is the same in reality. They do not differ but there is a matter of being perfect or imperfect. Immature people are like unripe grapes and mature or perfect people are like grapes. We should not forget that unripe grapes become ripe grapes. In fact, man is exalted and holy because of his reality (His Spirit and His body) but he/she does not know himself/herself and his/her value.

The Christians accept that the Prophet Jesus consisted of a body and a Spirit, and he is holy because of his Spirit (70) and he is a human because of his biological, physical side. It is the same for all the human beings. An ordinary man also consists of a body and Spirit. The bodies of Adam and his descendants are made up of condensed Divine Light or energy and this is proved in this century. All the scientists and their circles that have been doing various experiments and researches in the laboratories accept and prove that "matter consists of quantum, the dense energy-Light".


(70) See: Shah Veliyullah Dehlevi, el Fevzu'l Kebir fi Usuli't Tefair

The chapter about Christianity, translated by Mehmet Sofuoğlu, Çağrı Publications, 1978-İstanbul

What will the Christians do in this age? Will they insist on saying that only the body of Jesus is condensed energy-light? But today, it is understood that the origin of everything; the origin of matter, objects, human body is condensed energy-Light, in other words, Divine Light (Nur). In Arabic “Nur” means light, energy.

The fact is: The body of Hazrat Jesus is condensed energy like the bodies of all the people. Jesus is a human being and his body is formed from his mother Mary who was also a human being (71) but Jesus is a Perfect Man. He is one of the Perfect Men. Perfect Men are very great and exalted because of their Holy Spirits. "I breathed into man from My Spirit." (Sad, 72) They liken Jesus to Gabriel. It is also correct because Gabriel came to the Prophets in the shape of a man. "When our messengers came to Abraham with good news: They said: “Peace be with you! Peace!” he answered and hastened to bring them a roasted calf. But then, he saw their hands beings withheld from it. (When he saw that they did not start to eat it...)" (Hud, 69-70) Gabriel and the Angels did not eat and drink. They were seen like human beings but they were not organic. They were like the people on television. There are not any people that have flesh and bones on television. On the contrary, Jesus would eat and drink when he was alive. So, Jesus was one of the Perfect Men who bear Holy Spirit of God. All the great Prophets and Friends of God, Saints are also Perfect Men. The Exalted one is "Man".


(71) Our dear Prophet Muhammad, the messenger of God, announced to all mankind that Mary was innocent and he had exalted and praised her.

For this reason, Man is called as "Yâ Sin", "Ey Seyyid", "Ey Efendi" (The Master, the Chief, the Leader) in Islamic Sufism. His name is "Hazret-i İnsan" (Hazrat: the title of an exalted personage; man: insan) according to Islamic Sufism. All the Holy beings, all the Angels prostrated before him because he bears the Holy Spirit of the most sacred Being -God. Because of this, God said in the Koran:

"The example of Jesus is like the example of Adam" (Al-İmran, 59)

Allah and Spirit (Decree-Word) and Body; the Sun, its light and shadow; or diffused electricity, light bulb and the light in the bulb.

Spirit is a quality or an attribute of Allah; it is not a second being. The origin of human body is dense light, although it is the quality of God, it is created afterwards and transitory just like shadows. It is not correct to call the created directly "Decree-God" because it is not God. Spirit is Divine and it is the Divine Breath, the decree of God that bears almost all the qualities of God such as: knowledge, speech ...etc. The spirit is the attribute of God like the sunlight and the Sun. It is not God Himself but it is not a second being either. Person is Subject, attribute is quality, so Existence is not a quality but it is the subject.

It is believed in "Monotheism" which is called as "The Unity of Being-Vahdet-i Vücud" in Islam. The essence of the creation, nature, and all things is Decree-Spirit. The origin of Spirit is God but God has no essence because His essence is Himself again, His own Existence. God is eternal and infinite Existence. He is the First and He does not need anything to maintain His Existence (Samed).

The Christians accept the belief of "Monotheism" in Islam but only for Jesus. They put forward the Trinity Doctrine (Theory) depending on God, Spirit and body for Jesus. Does the Reality "Allah, Spirit, Body" concern only Jesus? Is it fair to exempt all the human beings, who are Adam and his descendants, from this reality? Is this insult justifiable for Adam and for all the other human beings especially in this century, in which the bodies of all people are scientifically proved to be the condensed energy-Divine Light like the body of Jesus?

Our Christian brothers and sisters! It is time to accept this scientific truth and to give up despising all the people, except Jesus, whom you think they are sinful and stop insulting human beings with baptizing sophistry. You should accept and believe that man is pure and exalted and everybody has a right to be originated with his God (with his origin). Man is "Holy" in origin and in reality. Man is created weak and faulty in one respect (except His Spirit). If our father Adam and we, who are his children, do wrongs to God, why do you regard Adam and his descendants sinful from birth and subject to the Theory of Baptism (to free from guilt or sin)? (72) Isn't it an insult for humanity?

In fact, God says in the Koran that He is "forgiving" and "merciful" (73) and He forgave Adam after he had repented. (74) He says He will also forgive us-the human beings, who are the descendants of Adam if we ask His forgiveness when we commit sin; He will accept the repentance of those who repent because He is "The Most High", "the Sacred", "the Pure", "the Most Precious" and "the Most Forgiving One". He states that He loves and protects all the people and has mercy for all!

"İnnallahe binnasi le Reufun Rahim - Allah really feels compassion for everybody. He has mercy for them and protects them through inspiration." (He shows them the right way, awakes them and makes them take precautions) (Al-Hajj, 65)


(72) Baptism: An advice of the Prophet John the Baptist to the Prophet Jesus. It is a kind of ablution learnt from John the Baptist. It is not the Religious Law of the Prophet Jesus.

(73) Some of the glorious verses which explain that God is "forgiving" and "merciful" in the Most High Book the Koran are: "Al-Baqarah,173 Al-Maidah, 39 Al-Hajj, 60 Al-Shura, 5"

(74) See the Koran: Al-Baqarah, 37


They tried to make the spirit “body” at first, they wanted to show it in that way, but when they could not succeed it, they called the son of Mary, who was organic, "The Son of God" and attributed holiness to the physical body of Jesus. Although they accept that he has an organic structure, they say that he is also the Son of God. Since they are unable to explain this contradiction scientifically and by reason they say that it is written in the Bible. They take refuge in traditions.

Allah is infinite, great, unique divine Light, who is free from all kinds of shapes and forms. He is magnificent Divine light. He is the source, the essence of Divine Light. He is the essence of Spirit too. The Sun in the Sky is only a drop of the divine Light of Allah.

They are showing the body of Jesus, which is proved to have been organic (physical), (75) as a Spirit and they put forward the Doctrine of Trinity depending on it. This is completely a false and wrong philosophy or opinion.

The fact is: We can see the diffused electricity in nature and the light in the light bulb; the Sun high up in the Sky and the sunlight which is next to shadow on the earth clearly. If we think starting with this example:

Shadow and the bulb are artificial because they come into existence afterwards. They are transitory and they have a shape or a form. They will have an end together with their shapes and forms because they are created afterwards.


(75) Jesus Christ came to Jerusalem on a Sunday. He spent some of his days resting and preaching. He had dinner on a Thursday with the Disciples who were the first people to accept his ideas. This dinner is known as "the Last Dinner (Supper)" in the History of Christianity. That night Jesus climbed the Mount of Olives at the rear side of Jerusalem and prayed for along time late at night. Then, he was arrested by the soldiers. (Encyclopedia Life, Vol. 3, the article about Jesus)

     This ceremony known as "Holy Communion Ceremony" exists in three Bibles except the Gospel according to St. John. It is the ceremony at which bread and wine are shared as a sign of Jesus Christ's body and blood in order to remember him. It is the basic ceremony of the Christianity.

The electricity in nature and the limited electricity in the bulb are not transitory. The bulb may be broken or become out of order but electricity still exists in the cable. If a new bulb is fixed into the socket, electricity shows itself again. Similarly, if the body of a man dies or if his body is cut into pieces, the Spirit is either hidden or disappeared. It is a fact that there is no soul or intellect in a dead body. Then a new body is created and Spirit and the qualities of Spirit -intellect and conscious speech -start again.

A shadow is like a bulb because it comes into being afterwards and depends on light. If light does not exist, shadow does not exist either. Shadow is like the other artificial objects because it is created and transitory. Whereas, the Sun and sunlight, which is the quality of the Sun, are not transitory. The light of the Sun is both the Sun and its light. When the Sun sets, the light of it also disappears on the walls. They shine together, set together but the sunlight on the walls is not the whole of the sun. The Sun and its light are not two different things it is only one being - Divine Light just like the sea and its waves. Sea and waves are water. It is one being but the appearance or manifestation of it is in this way.

Shadow disappears, the bulb is broken. Waves vanish and leave the shore. The shore gets dry, the static electricity in nature and the electricity in the cable remain. The foam vanishes; the sea remains. This is the reality!


"God is in the Heavens and in everywhere.” (76) God is eternal and infinite "Sole Divine Light". God is everlasting. Like this, the Sun is in the Sky and everywhere with its lights. It is a symbol and an example. It belongs to "Alem-i Misal -The World of Samples". (77)

When "God, Spirit and Body" is explained in this respect, the result is as following:

We may think that there are three things in the examples of "The Sun-sunlight-shadow" and "electricity in nature, electricity in the cable and the bulb". Shadow and the bulb are not natural; they are created. Their existence is not related to the structures of electricity and light. Shadow is an imaginary being and it does not have any atoms so it is not an object either. It is a trick, a glory or a manifestation of the Sun. When we separate the shadow and the bulb, the light of the Sun and the electricity in the cable remain. Shadow and light bulb are transitory anyway. If a thing exists afterwards, it stops existing after a certain time. They have an end.

Spirit and body can be exemplified with sunlight and shadow. If the body, which is organic and created afterwards, is separated from the spirit, God and Spirit, which is His attribute remains. God and His Spirit is only one Divine Light. The entity of God and His attribute are both Divine Lights and Divine Light is Sole. God is the Infinite, Eternal, Everlasting and Limitless Divine Light. (78) Two infinite beings are impossible so there cannot be three or more infinite beings. The infinite being, which has no border, is God and He is Divine Light. This Divine Light is infinite, limitless, edgeless so two limitless beings cannot be considered, it is impossible.


(76) "Allahu Nurussemavati ve'l ard - Allah is the Divine Light of the Heavens and the Earth." (Al-Nur, 35)

"God governs the Earth from the Heaven with His command". (Al-Sajdah, 5)

(77) See for further information about these subjects: "Varlık-Existence" and "Günahsızlar -the Sinless" written by us.

(78) "Allah is Divine Light-Nur and the attributes or qualities of Allah are also Divine Lights". Sirrül Esrar, Seyyid Abdülkadir Geylani



"Vahidü'l ahad"

"Kulhüvallahü ahad-Say: He (Hu) is Allah (God), He (Hu) is One. He is Sole. He is the Unique One.” (Al-Ikhlas, 1)

Allah is Sole and One because He is infinite, enormous Divine Light.

The Christians do not need to take refuge in the Bible because Jesus says for God: "He is my father and your father as well." (79) This sentence is written in the Bible. The words "father and son" are stated in the Bible on condition that the words “Eb-Father and Ibn-Son" have not been put in the Bible afterwards. (80) It is also reported in the Koran that Jesus has said to the children of Israel: "My Lord is Your Lord too". (81) Jesus also says in the Koran: "I am the slave (the servant) of Allah and His Messenger." (82)

Even if the words "Rab and abd" were changed with the words "Eb and Ibn" (father and son), the word "abd" is used in the meaning of "son" during Hebrew time even by Arabs. "Eb" is also used as "Lord", "God", "Master". "Rab" means "educator or trainer" at the same time.


(79) See the Koran, Sura of Mary, Verse, 36

(80) "You will love God with all your heart, your spirit and your mind. This is the first and the greatest command. The latter is just like the first: You will love your neighbor same as you love yourself. All the Laws and the Prophets are born from these two commands!"(Gospel according to St. Mathew 22:37-40)

CONTRADICTION: The first and the third books of the New Testament of the Bible (Gospels according to St. Matthew and St. Luke) gave different family registers (ancestors) to Jesus from his paternal side. According to the Gospel of St. Matthew and St. Luke, Jesus's father is Joseph. (“Torah, the Bible and the Koran" by Maurice Bucaille, pp. 140-150, Nur Publications, İstanbul)

(81) "Children of Israel! My Lord and your Lord..."(Al-Maidah, 72 /Mary, 36)

(82)The Imrans, 59; Al-Maidah, 17; Nisa, 171

The Word "Father (Baba)" has a special mystery called "Rububiyet (Divine Lordhood)" which means trainer, educator and master. The body of Jesus is an organic structure. Allah has neither genes nor sons and daughters. (83) If He had had children, His son would not have been organic and the body of his son would have been Divine Light like Spirit. Allah and Spirit is Divine Light like the Sun and sunlight. Yet, the Christians do not call the Spirit "son". The word"abd" (son-slave) is used in the meaning of "heir, beloved, darling" (84) Son is the beloved of Father; he (man) loves him and calls him "my son" with love.

In addition to this, in the Bible he says "He is both my father and your father", there is a unity and so all the people are the sons of Allah; Jesus is not the only son of Allah or Allah is not the father of Jesus only. Here the word "father" is used in the meaning of "Rab-the Lord"

The Christians pretend not to see this fact and they use the word "the son" for only Jesus. They try to make the human side of Jesus "Holy". (85) In spite of their insistence on their claims, it is proved that the body of Jesus was organic because his blood shed. Blood is an organic substance that consists of cells. Moreover, it is proved scientifically that not only the body of Jesus, but also the body of all the people is condensed Divine Light.


(83) Gene: any of several small parts of the material at the nucleus of a cell that enables all the qualities in a living thing; human beings, animals, plants pass from generation to generation.

(84) See "Shah Veliyullahi Dehlevi, el fevzu'l Kebir Usuli't Tefsir".

"Hristiyanlık Bahsi-the Chapter about Christianity" translated by M.Sofuoğlu Çağrı Publ., 1978-İstanbul

(85)"There is only one Lord and He is Jesus Messiah. Everything was created by means of Him and we live by means of Him." (The first letter of Pavlus to the Corinths, Chapter: 8) Dictionary chapter: Jesus means "the Saviour God".

The information above is taken from Çağdaş Yeni Çeviri, İncil, 1988, İstanbul.



They make the organic, physical, human side of Jesus "a taboo" and this causes polytheism. The Christianity has been returned to idolatry straying from Unity. Although the Fathers of some of the Churches are not able to understand this wrong and difficult philosophy, they try to tell it to ordinary people of the Christians and unfortunately, they attribute partners to God and become a polytheist because of ignorance.

"Jesus is the Spirit and the Word from Allah." (Al-Nisa, 171)

"Jesus is the son of Mary."

"Jesus is the servant (abd) of Allah." (86)

"I killed Jesus."

"Ya İsa inni müteveffike-Jesus, I certainly killed you." (Al-İmran, 55)

"Mel Mesihübnü Meryeme illa Resul-The Messiah Jesus, the son of Mary, was no more than an apostle." (Al-Maidah, 75 /Al-Saff, 6)

"Jesus is a Prophet." (Al-İmrans, 84)

"Jesus was given the book (the Gospel- the Bible).” (Hadid, 27)

These verses and the messages from the Koran as well as the following verses:

"O Muhammad, no Prophet before you have I made immortal." (Al-Anbiyah, 34)

"Every soul (self) shall taste death." (Al-İmrans, 185 / Al-Anbiyah, 35)

explain that Jesus was a human being and God killed him. The Koran also indicated that they had disputes about the death of Jesus and people did not kill Jesus, they compared Jesus to another person and they put to death that person who looked like Jesus by crucifying. (87)


(86) They say, "God has begotten a son." "Glory be to Him!" His is what the Heavens and the Earth contains, all things are obedient to Him." (Al-Baqarah, 116)

(87) See the related verse in the Appendix Chapter


Some of the verses about Jesus are written above. In addition to them:

"Allah sent down to him food from the Heaven and by His leave, he fashioned from clay the likence of a bird and breathed into it and by His leave, it became a living bird. He healed the sick and, he restored the dead to life with the permission of Allah."

The Prophet Jesus was not sent for all the people, he was sent to warn the Israelites who did not believe in Moses and became rebellious. He showed them some miracles same as Moses did for the Pharaoh and His people. (88)

The Israelites used to believe in miracles and they were important for them. If Hazrat Jesus had not performed miracles, they would have never believed in him and they would have denied him. Not only the Disciples but also lots of Jewish men and women believed in Jesus after they had seen the miracles and they followed Jesus and the Disciples. Mary was also from the Israelites.

"Jesus is the Word and Spirit." (Al-Nisa, 171)

Who is "Jesus "in the above verse told by Allah?

It is time to explain it with the help and permission of Allah:

"Jesus" mentioned in this verse refers to the Spirit of Jesus not to his body.

"We strengthened Jesus with the Holy Spirit" (Al-Baqarah, 253)

It is proved that the body of Jesus is made up of blood and bones but Spirit does not have any blood or bones. Spirit and the Word is the light of Allah, which has the qualities of thinking and reasoning. "Jesus is the Word and Spirit", in this verse, The Word and Spirit means divine Breath -the Decree of Allah, so it refers to the Spirit of Jesus, it is not intended for his body.

"I breathed into man from My Spirit." (Sad, 72)

"Spirit is from my Lord's command." (Al-Isra, 85)

Spirit is a Word of Allah. It is one of His Words and this is confirmed with these verses.


(88) Hazrat Moses showed nine miracles too (see the Koran)



Almighty Allah does not speak with human beings. He speaks with the Angels and the Spirits because they are Divine Lights. God is also Divine Light.Divine Light speaks with Divine Light. Human beings can endure neither to the speech of God nor to see Him with human eyes. Moses could not bear the manifestation of God and fainted on the Mount Sinai although he did not see God's person. Whereas Spirits and Angels are able to see God and God speaks with them and they speak with Allah. (89)This is confirmed in various verses in the Sura of Baqarah in the Koran and by other Holy Books.

"Am I not Your Lord? they replied "We bear witness that You are."

(They said: “Yes, You are our Lord and we can see You. We witness You.)” (Al-Araf, 172)

"Vema kâne libeşerin enyükellimehullahu illa vahyen ev min verâi hicab-Allah does not speak to any mortal except by revelation, or from behind a veil He speaks." (Al-Shura, 51)

According to the verse above Allah does not speak to the physical, organic side of human beings because "the veil" mentioned here is the "body of man".


(89) When your Lord said to the Angels: "I will create a deputy who shall rule in My name on the Earth": The Angels replied: "Will You create one that will do evil and shed blood? But we are singing the Praises of You and we are sanctifying You!"

Your Lord said: "I know what you know not."

He taught Adam the names of all things and then set them before the Angels saying: "Tell Me the names of these if you are right (if what you say be true)."

They said: "Glory to you! We have no knowledge except that which you have given us." (Al-Baqarah, 30-31


Allah speaks with the Spirit in man. In another verse:

"Kellemallahu Musa teklima-Allah spoke to Moses." (Nisa, 164)

Moses was a human being so what God calls as Moses is "the Spirit of Moses", the original of Moses. It is clear that Moses to whom was spoken by God was the Spirit of Moses otherwise it conflicts with the verse "I do not speak to any mortals". Moses was a human being physically; so God did not speak to his mortal body, He spoke to his spirit. God refers to "the Spirit of Jesus" and to "the original of Jesus" in the following verse about him:

"Jesus is Spirit and Word." (Nisa, 171)

There is also another verse about Jesus:

"Veeyednâhü biruhil kudüsi - We strengthened him with the Holy Spirit." (Al-Baqarah, 253)

God said about the companions of the Prophet Muhammad (a.s.v.) in the Sura of Mujadilah:

"Ulâike ketebe fi kulubihimü'l imâne veeyyedehüm biruhin minhü-I inscribed the faith and the belief in their hearts and strengthened them with a Spirit from Allah." (Al-Mujadilah, 22)

Allah the Most High says that He spoke to no mortal in the Chapter (Sura) of Al-Shura, 51 but at the same time He said that He had spoken to Moses; so, it is certain that He spoke to the Spirit of Moses according to these two verses. "Kellemallahu Musa teklima-Allah spoke to Moses." (Al-Nisa, 164)

In this verse, "Moses" refers to the "Spirit of Moses" which is "his original" but not his physical human body. Human beings consist of a body and a Spirit (Divine Light) so each human being is composed of two beings: a physical being and a spiritual being. Physical man is made up of matter; spiritual man is made up of Divine Light. His physical side is low and simple; his spiritual side is exalted and perfect. God speaks to the spiritual, divine side of all the Prophets and the Friends of God (the Perfect Men). His conversation is with their spirits.

The spirit takes the form of the person to whom it is breathed and it bears the name of that person in order to be known and distinguished. This name and difference determine the personality of each person. However, Spirit is Divine Light; it is not organic. If the Spirit had not taken the form and image of the person in whom it exists, we would not have distinguished the spirits and all the spirits would look like each other.

Allah bestowed a Spiritual Personality on everybody by this way. Each Spirit attained a personality and the personality of human beings is based on it. This is a gift, a favor of God for human beings.

We call all the flowers "flower" but they differ in color, smelling and kind. Multi-colors enabled the life after death to have diversity, excitement, pleasure and love as it is in this world.

Thus, whichever Prophet that God has spoken to using his name is referred to his Spirit and He calls his spirit, which is the exalted, divine quality of the human being.

"Jesus is a Spirit and a Word from Him (from God)." (Al-Nisa, 171)

In this verse, God mentions the Spirit of Hazrat Jesus (90) because the organic body cannot be a Word or Spirit. Jesus was a human being who had an organism and blood. He ate, drank and slept same as the other human beings. Like all the other Prophets, Jesus was exalted with his Spirit but not with his physical body.


(90) "Me'l Mesihübnü Meryem'e illa Resul-The Messiah, the son of Mary is no more than an apostle." (Al-Maidah, 75)


"The Messiah, the son of Mary (Jesus), is no more than an Apostle, a messenger." (Al-Maidah, 75)

This verse confirms the truth we have explained so far.

Spirit is the Decree-the Breath-the Word of Allah. It is not the son or daughter of Allah because "Allah has no sons or daughters". Allah is infinite, eternal, limitless, constant, unique Divine Light -NUR.

Spirit and Angels are the manifestations, the signs and appearances of Allah and He encompassed all of them. "Elâ innehu bikülli şey'in muhit-Surely, He encompassed all things." (Al-Fussilat, 54)

Nobody can be near Allah because He has no sides, no edges and no limits. Everything and everybody is in the presence of Him and under His Throne.

"Allah has no directions such as right, left, near...because Infinity- Eternity has no directions. He encompasses everything. All things are in need of Him, and governed by Him.”

One who is kept is a slave or a prisoner. The master is "Allahü Azim- The Most Glorious Allah" who encompasses all things under His Rule.

"Melmesihübnü Meryeme illa Resul-The Messiah, Jesus, the son of Mary is no more than an apostle." (Al-Maidah, 75)

Jesus is one of the Messengers. Being a messenger of God is also the Divine Light of Allah. The Prophets and the Prophecy of Allah is very holy and exalted. In the first commandment of the "Ten Commandments" (91) in Torah, Allah stated very clearly: "Allah is One, there is no God but Allah".


(91)The Ten Commandments revealed to Moses on Mount Sinai, Chapters 20:1-17 and 5:6-21.The Commandments are as follows:

1. I am the Joshua (your God) who has brought you out from Egypt, from the house of prison. You shall not worship other gods except One God.

2. You shall not make yourself idols - any carved image.

3. You shall not take the name of God -Your Lord in vain.

4. Remember Him in order to sanctify the Sabbath Day.

5. Honor your father and your mother.

6. You shall not murder.

7. You shall not commit adultery.

8. You shall not steal.

9. You shall not bear a false witness against your neighbor.

10. You shall not envy your neighbor and you shall not covet your neighbour’s house.

(They are taken from the books and encyclopedias about religions)


The reality of "One God" was told to Moses in the Torah and to David in the Psalms (Zabur).

The Koran insists on the Sole God and does not accept to attribute partners to God. In this situation, the Christians are in conflict with the Torah, with the Psalms of David and with the Koran.

No such expressions like "the Son of Allah" were heard from the Prophets before Jesus. The last Prophet and the Koran confirm the former Prophets and approve the Sole God of the Prophet Abraham in particular. "İlâhen vahiden- only one-the sole, the unique God" (92)

The first Law of the Ten Commandments is also about "One God". The Christians do not accept the Last Prophet and His sole God because of their egoism. Why do they not accept "the Sole God" of the Prophets of the Israelites: John the Baptist, Zachariah, Aaron, Moses, David, Abraham, Noahand Adam who were before Hazrat Jesus as well as the Torah, the Psalms of David and the first Law of the Ten Commandments then?

These Great Prophets whose names are written above and the "Torah", "the Psalms of David" also "the Ten Commandments" do not mention "the Son of Allah". If God had had a son, they would have informed us about the Trinity of "Father -Son -the Spirit" because these books and these great people always tell the truth and they must tell the truth. "Truth cannot be hidden from humanity and it is contrary to the Justice of God.”*

The word “son” is not mentioned in the Bible. That is to say, in the Bible, the Lord Allah does not address Jesus as “O, My Son!” There is no such an addressing in the Bible and this is definitely true. For this reason, it is in vain for the Christians to say: “Even the Bible says so…” It was invented by the Christian monks, especially by Pavlus, after the Disciples. Pavlus is not a Disciple. In the Bible, there is no such a sentence as: “Father-Son-Spirit”, neither is “Son”. It does not exist in the Four Gospels either. This theory of Trinity was invented 150-300 years after Hz. Jesus. This is a theory. It is an attempt to make Jesus a god.

The body of Jesus was organic. It was consisted of flesh and bones. He would eat, drink and sleep. He grew up like other children and was breastfed by his mother. He was a handsome man like other people having hair and beard. His spirit is pure. His pure spirit is holy. All the Spirits of the Prophets, of the Friends of Allah, of the Saints and of the real Believers are pure and holy at different degrees. The holiness is in the Spirit because the Spirit of Jesus is from the Spirit of Allah and it is the attribution of Decree (Command Attribution). “Decree” means “state condition)”, which means it is from a state of Allah. It is a condition. It is not created. The state of Allah is from the quality, attribution of Allah. “Decree” also means “command”. It is a command of Allah. It is from the “Speech Attribution” of Allah.

The Word of Allah is also from the Attribution of Allah. The spirit and speech are not the Person (Zat) of Allah but they are the qualities-attributes- (Sıfat) of Allah. They are from the states of Allah. Yet, the attribution, state and decree are eternal together with the Person of Allah. Attribution cannot be separated from the Person (Essence) and the Person-Subject cannot be without Attribution. Allah is Allah with His Person (Essence) and His Attribution. Allah consists of the Person and Attribution. Attribution without Person and Person without Attribution is not possible but the Attribution of Allah is not the Person of Allah. It is the quality of the Subject-the Person-. The meaning of “Decree” is “the state (condition)” of Allah. A state is a quality of the owner of that state (condition). This is a scientific fact. State is the quality of the owner of the state. Quality means attribution. This is a definite scientific fact!

Person–subject is the entity. It is the existence and the being. Attribution is the quality of the Person and attribution is not a second being.

For example: The seven colors of the sun is not the sun itself; but it is the attribution, the quality of the sun. It is not the sun itself; it is its entity. The attribution-quality is eternal with the Person, the entity. Attribution is not an entity. It is the quality, the state, the condition of the Entity. Decree means state; state is also an attribution. Spirit is the decree of Allah. It is a divine state of Allah, one of the divine states of His states (one of the quality of His qualities). Attribution is not the Person-the Entity. It is the state of the Person (Existence). That is to say: there are not two beings as Allah and the Spirit. Spirit is not a second being. Spirit is a state of the Existence, of the Decree, of the State of Allah same as the leaves of a rose is the existence (entity) of the rose, but its colors like yellow, red, pink are the qualities, the states of the rose. Color is a quality, an attribution. Colors do not have any atoms. There cannot be any atoms of quality-attribution-state and decree. Thus, attribution is not a second existence. The Absolute Existence is the Sole Divine Light Allah, who is eternal in the past (pre-eternal), eternal in the future (post-eternal), constant, infinite and limitless, because two infinite beings are not possible. Infinite being is sole and one. ALLAH IS ONE.


(92) See the Koran: Al-Baqarah, 133 / Al-Maidah, 73 / Al-Nahl, 22


JESUS AND ADAM (May peace be with them!)

Jesus is like the example of Adam.

"Meseli İsa kemeseli Adem -The example of Jesus is like the example of Adam." (The İmrans, 59)

Adam, Jesus and also the descendants of Adam are composed of a spirit and a body which is organic. Body is "created"; Spirit is "Holy-Divine". Spirit is important, because the spirit in human beings either protects its holiness or becomes solidified like matter. If a person bears the Holy Spirit, he becomes like a big light bulb (93) which reflects the light of God from the Holy Spirit and illuminates others. (94)


(93) "Can the dead man whom We raised to life and given a light to walk with among men, be compared to him who is in darkness from which he will never emerge?" (Al-An'am, 122)

"The guide who is rightly guarded" (Al-Kahf, 17)

(94)See also "Varlik-Existence",the Trinity Doctrine in Christianity, Yeni Alanya Publ. 1998 - Alanya



The person, who reflects the Divine Light like a big light bulb, is called "Perfect Man". All the Prophets and the friends of God (Walis) are "Perfect Men". Hazrat Jesus is one of these Perfect Men. A Perfect Man is not a god, but he is a great symbol with his Holy Spirit, which has divine qualities. He is a spiritual guide and a teacher. (95) He is the spiritual guide -murshid (96) who shows the way to be Holy to those who bear Corporeal (material) Spirit. (97) To love Him means to love Allah, to respect Him means to respect Allah, to swear allegiance to Him is to swear allegiance to Allah and to obey Him means to obey Allah. Allah can neither be known nor found without Him. (98) Same as electricity exists everywhere but shows itself in a light bulb. The First Man “Adam” is an important point as he connects:

a-The Physical World with his outer characteristics

b-The Inner-Spiritual World, with his inner quality bearing the Holy Spirit of God.

He is just like a seed of a fruit tree that is miniaturized and that gathers the inner and outer worlds. He represents the Outer World with his exterior and the Inner World with his interior presenting a Universal aspect. "Attention! His is the Creation (matter-body), His is Command (Spirit, spiritual realm)." (Al-A'raf, 54) Allah, His Spirit and physical body.


(95) "Guide (the friend of God), who is the teacher (One who educates, who makes perfect)”

(96) "Every nation has its mentor (one who shows the right way)." (Al-Rad, 7)

"He will vouchsafe them guidance and ennoble their states." (Muhammad, 5)

(97) See "EXISTENCE”, Kâzim Yardımcı, Yeni Alanya Publ. Alanya, 1998

(98) "Those who swear fealty to you, swear fealty to Allah." (Al-Fath, 10)

"He that obeys the Apostle obeys God." (Al-Nisa, 80)



"Elâ lehü'l halku ve'l emr-Surely, the Creation (Physical World) and the Command (the Spiritual World) belong to Allah." (Al-A'raf, 54)

The above verse reflects us the great Truth. If we formulate this verse:

Allah: The Creation and the Command or Allah: Matter and Spirit

Allah: The Earth and the Next World or Allah: Physical body and Spirit

They are the unchangeable great truths but the Earth and physical body were created afterwards and they will have an end due to it. Since Command (the Word), the Next World, the Spiritual World, Spirit (Divine Breath, the Divine Light of God) are from the Attribute of God's Pure Person, they are eternal and everlasting together with God.

God's person and His attribute is only One Divine Light in Reality. There are not two different things. Attribute is like the "Dawn of the Sun" although it is a manifestation from the Existence Himself. Dawn is a manifestation, which comes into existence afterwards but it is not created or matter. (99) It is an appearance of the Sun. Not every new creating is a creature. Dawn is also the Sun; it is the light of the Sun. It is proper to call the sunlight as the light of the Sun or the Sun. It can be formulized as "Heme ezost-All is from Him" or "Heme O'st- All is Him." It is said "All is from Him" in order to absolve His Person; and"All is He" to unite the Existence Himself and His Attributes.


(99) See also "Religious Sects in Islam and Ascending (İslâm'da Mezhepler ve Yükseliş)" which is about some of the important Matters of Belief by Kâzım Yardımcı, İzmir, 1988



"The First Man-Adam" is such a seed that he has gathered the inner world and the outer world in him. "The World of Mankind" has come into existence from this seed. Mother Eve has become soil and Adam has become a seed being united. A great tree has grown from that seed. (100) If a seed is planted into earth, it becomes a great tree and blossoms thousands of flowers. Some of the flowers turn into sweet fruit and thousands of seed are formed from them. One seed becomes thousands.

While Adam-the first human being- was only one seed, he became thousands and thousands. The reason why trees are given as an example is due to the seed of trees or the fruit of them as one seed becomes thousands and thousands. Holiness-Perfection cannot be limited because one man becomes a thousand of human beings same as a seed becomes a thousand ones.

One Perfect Man may become a thousand of Perfect Men. It is possible to bring up capable human beings from the descendants of the First Man (Adam) -the Perfect Man-, who bears the Holy Spirit, as Perfect Men in the Path of God same as we can choose and replant the good seeds formed from the first seed and we can increase the number of them in this way. Fruits are formed from the unripe ones. An unripe fruit becomes a fully- grown fruit. An immature man becomes a Perfect Man on condition that he wants to become a Perfect Man and knows himself. The treasure of God is man (human being) and it cannot be possessed by anyone else. Each man is a seed and each seed can grow to be a tree if it is suitable for planting and not decayed or spoiled. A thousand of Perfect Men come into existence from the school (convent) of one Perfect Man.

Holiness, Divinity cannot be attributed to one or two persons only. If it is assigned (made personal), it loses its true force and causes idolization.


(100) The Tree of Existence is One. Its root is Unity, its branches are the ranks and its fruit is the Perfect Man. All of them is the Sole, Infinite, the Limitless, Eternal sea of Divine Light-God. "Allah is One and the Perfect Man is Haq (Truth) means "the Existence is One and the Perfect Man is true." Presence is One and His manifestations are seven" can be exemplified as: only one sea and seven connected waves which extend towards the shore. The mystery of these seven ranks is based on the Divine Light that manifests in six different colors. (Taken from Varlık (Existence) and "Günahsızlar - The Sinless" written by Kâzım Yardımcı)



One of the beautiful names of God is "Ya Adil-The Just". God bestows the right to be holy and perfect on whoever He desires among the descendants of Adam, because of this exalted quality of Him, on condition that an immature person follows the path of God, looks for the ways to return to Him, loves Him and would like to serve Him. (101) Allah, who is the Most High, tells those that call the Prophet Jesus as the son of God:

"I have no consort (no wife)!" (Al-An'am, 101 Al-Jinn, 3)

If Allah has no wife, how can He have sons and daughters? Allah has no physical body, no shapes and no sex because He is eternal, infinite and constant Divine Light.

The entity of God is Divine Light. (102) Allah is neither a female nor a male. He is exempt from sex and He is a Holy Divine Light. If God had had a son, he would have been a god but God does not have a shape; He does not eat or drink; He does not die or can be killed.

"Lem yelid velem yuled-He begot none, nor was He begotten." (Al-Ikhlas, 3)

Yet, the Christians also believe that the son of Mary was an "organic" human being. The body of Jesus consisted of an organism, cells, blood, flesh and bones. He had taken his organic structure or his body from Mary. He had eaten, drunk, slept and spoken to people. (103) Whereas God does not speak to human beings as we speak with each other.

Furthermore, the Christians do not call the Holy Spirit-the Spiritual side of Jesus "the son", they say that the Holy Spirit belongs to God, and it is His Word and His Holy Breath.

(101) "Let him that hopes to meet Me do what is right and work!" (Al-Kahf, 110)

(102) "Allah is the Divine Light of the Heavens and the Earth. He is Light upon Light."

(Al-Nur, 35-36)

(103) See the Appendix


Then, what is the difference between Jesus and Adam-the First man? Do Adam and His children not consist of a physical body, which is organic, and the Spirit, which is the Divine Breath as well?

"Meseli İsa indallahi kemeseli Ademe-Jesus is like the first man -Adam at God's sight." (The Imrans, 59)

Jesus did not have a father; did Adam -the first man have a father? Allah created Adam from earth (104) and then He breathed His Holy Breath into him. He made the body of Jesus from the body of Mary who is also one of the descendants of Adam. The body of Mary was made up of earth attributing to Adam and the body of Hazrat Jesus was also made up of earth attributing to Hazrat Mary. (105)

There is no difference between Adam and Hazrat Jesus-the Messiah. Adam, his descendants, Mary and Jesus: All of them consist of a body, which is earth in origin, and a spirit, which is the divine Breath. Spirit is not the son or daughter of Allah; it is the Decree, the Word or the Breath of God. How can the Spirit- divine light- be compared to the body, whose origin is organic matter and made up of blood and flesh? How can the body, which sleeps, eats and drinks, become the son or the daughter of God although God has no children? (106) How can the body, which is not a Spirit, become a God or the Lord? They are nonsense and absurd sophistries in our time.

The Christians are trying to make the body of Jesus holy and divine. Therefore, they are in a great error because it is proved that the essence - origin of the creation as well as human body is energy- light and the origin or the source of energy -light is Allah, who is the Lord of the Universe and the Creator of it. He is the unique, eternal, sole and infinite Divine Light.


(104) See the Koran: the Imrans, 58

(105) attributing to: to believe something to be the result or work of

(106) The Jewish say: "The Angels are the daughters of Allah." See the Koran: The Sura of Nahl, Verse: 5


If we split human body and all the creation (the world, the universe etc.) into its atoms and if we split these atoms, an everlasting, constant and permanent"Existence" who consists of infinite Light -energy is left. Now that, the sophistry of "only the body of Jesus is condensed Divine Light" has been disproved. It is proved that everything, the body of every person, is condensed energy. The right thing to do is to accept the scientific truths.

Our age is not the age of worthless, old-fashioned logic of the middle Ages and the old philosophical sophistry. Our age is the age of Science. The Christians should accept these scientific truths and give up their conflicts with science and their errors.

Jesus is also one of the Perfect Men, who bear Holy Spirits. He is one of the Prophets of God and a messenger of God, who conveys the commands of God.


Holiness is in Perfection and it is open to all the people who desires for Truth provided that there is a human body whose heart is not bad or decayed in order to bear Holy Spirit- the divine light of Allah, which is like the light bulb that emits light and is not out of order.

Loftiness depends on Perfection and it is bestowed on Adam and his descendants. Loftiness or holiness do not belong to any individual and cannot be restricted or limited by only one person because the Justice and the Loftiness of Allah does not accept any limitations, restrictions and privacy. Holiness or loftiness belongs to human beings after Allah the Most High. "Man-human being- is the deputy, the mirror, the mystery, the treasure and the beloved of Allah.”(107)


(107) Related verses and traditions (sacred hadiths) about this subject are in the Appendix Chapter of this book.



"Ela innehu bi küll şey'in mühit - Surely God has encompassed all things." (Al-Fussilat, 54)

"Velillahil meşrikü vel mağribu fe eynema tüvellu fesemme vechullah - To God belongs the east and the west. Whichever way you turn, the face of God is there." (Al-Baqarah, 115)

The above verses explain that God, who is the Absolute Presence, encompasses everything, and whichever way we turn, God's face is in that direction. Therefore, all the things are from God just like the foam and bubbles of the sea. They are in Him and encompassed by Him. God told this reality with the verse“Where are you escaping?”, "Fefirru illallah - Go (run) to Allah!" (Al-Dhariyat, 50)

You are from God, in God, encompassed by God and, you will be annihilated in God and you will return to God so, where will you run away? You have to obey the verse above and run to Allah. It is also clearly explained with the verse "Everything will perish except His face." (Kassas, 88) that all things are nothing but temporary manifestations and signs of Him.

We should always remember and keep in mind that the beautiful names of God are His attributes but Huu which means He is the presence of God, not His name or His quality. Huu or He defines the Existence. He is the only true Existence. The other things are the signs and manifestations of that Existence. They come from Him and they return to Him. He is constant. He is sole and the peerless One. The peerless Divine Unity of God has definitely been proved in the first chapter of the book; it should be read and contemplated on again.

"The likes do not suit each other."

"The same poles repel each other."

God said for Himself "Refiüdderacat - The highest of the degrees". (Al - Muminun, 15) He explained the differences between things by saying the highest degree. Everything is at different degrees. God is superior to all the degrees and He is Unique. Things that are equal and in equilibrium repel each other. If there had been another God apart from Allah, they would have repelled each other due to the rule "The likes do not suit each other." This arranged, orderly, proportional and perfect Universe would not have existed then. This proves that the peerless Divine Unity of God is compulsory. God created this principle in order to prove His uniqueness.

Some other facts are based on this reality such as: the relationships and orders between man-woman, son-father, people -state ...etc. When they have the same and the equal powers, they do not suit each other and as a result, anarchy, agitation or intrigue starts.

The reality which God, who Himself is the existence, who has no limits or edges, proves that God is “the Sole One”. The Doctrine of Trinity in Christianity "three-one, one-three" is wrong because it is contrary to the reality of the Divine Unity of God. Existence accepts neither divisibility nor uniting, as He has no limits. When He is divided, He is limited. The units are supposed to have limitations in order to unite. If a limit is accepted, absence is considered then, but absence does not exist. God refuses limitations because He is infinite and the limited beings are the temporary beings or the signs of the Infinite Existence God, and they do not exist actually.

The point that the Christians are wrong is the subject of essence. The absolute essence is the unique one and He is, infinite, limitless and eternal. God defined His Presence as Hu -He and I and they are the subject pronouns. God is subject and He has an entity or essence but Spirit is not an entity, it is the decree or the attribute of God and it is His word and His holy breath. Subject and the attributes of it should not be confused with each other. Rose is a thing that has leaves and a quantity. Its red, yellow or white color is the property or the attribute of it. An adjective does not have a weight or quantity. We can call the spirit as the adjective of God and it is not related with the essence or the entity of God so the spirit is not the subject. If it is not an entity, it will not have a presence because there is only one presence, which is limitless. The other beings are the various manifestations or signs of that presence. Spirit is only one of these manifestations. God is one and sole but He has millions of manifestations.

This sole and infinite Existence accepts neither divisibility nor uniting because more than one infinite being cannot be considered. The existing of the presence depends on His infinity. If He is limited, there must be absence around Him and existence is accepted to exist out of nothing but non-existence does not exist and nothing exists from non-existence so, infinite existence is only one. Existence does not accept duality. If there is no duality, how can triplicity or more be mentioned?

The examples which the Christians put forward to prove the Trinity Doctrine such as fire and folding a rope three times and unfolding it and saying that one forms three and three forms one are all nonsense and made up to deceive the illiterate Christians. If so, people are expected to believe when somebody folds a rope seven or eight times and says that the rope has eight folds, it becomes one when it is unfolded so God is eight, eight forms one and one forms eight.

In the other example, the Christian priests try to prove the Trinity principle by saying that the essence of fire is God Himself, its temperature is Jesus and the color of it is the Holy Spirit. It is again wrong because the mass of fire is an entity that has a weight and a size. The red color and the heat are not an entity because they do not have a weight or dimensions so they do not share the essence or the presence of the fire but they are the characteristics of it. A characteristic means a quality or an attribute of something. Some of the Christian priests confuse the attributions with the subject itself. The infinite Existence does not accept duality, trinity or more…

The Doctrine of Trinity in Christianity is also contrary to the reality-the principle of the eternity of God, who is the existence Himself because the eternal Existence is sole and unique because of His infinity, eternity. For this reason, He can be neither divided, nor united. The existence is He -God and thousands of attributions belong to the Sole Existence. Therefore, He is the Existence and His are all the attributions. He is sole, eternal and infinite. Existence and the attributions of the Existence are different things. If we confuse them, we have to accept thousands of attributes of God as God Himself and we will make one existence thousands of existences, which is also contrary to science and facts. Some bewildered priests tell this nonsense doctrine to the Christian people although they are not able to explain it themselves. They accept it as a reality for not knowing that it is a crazy doctrine and they know God as three beings and become a polytheist.

God is One and He likes His Divine Unity. He does not give His deity to anybody. The creation and all the things are His manifestations. There is nobody except Him. Temporary beings like the foam of the sea cannot be called as God. Some great monks of the Christian priests know the reality of attributes and His presence and refuse duality, trinity or multiplicity in God's person. These monks know that spirits and angels and also all the creation are the temporary attributes or manifestations of God, who is the absolute and infinite existence, in various shapes. They believe in that the peerless and unique presence is the Most High God. However, they cannot reveal this reality to the other ignorant priests and to the conditioned group of the Christian people. For, if they tell the truth, they will be pronounced a blasphemer. God explained in the Koran that the priests who knew the Divine Unity of God did not become proud and He advised Muslims not to struggle with the People of the Book except the cruel ones. The peerless Divine Unity of God has been proved since the beginning of this book.

These scientific facts disprove the Doctrine of Trinity (Triplicity), which belongs to the ignorant and blasphemous priests. If they accept that spirit is the decree attribute of God, they accept the truth and approach Islam because Islam means submitting to Reality. God said in the Koran:

"İnneddine indillahi İslam - The religion in God's sight is Islam." (Al - İmran, 19) Islam is universal and it is for all the humanity.

Not only the spirit of Jesus but also all the spirits are holy and they belong to God. If all the spirits are accepted as God, then God increases in number. However God is one and His attributes are one thousand and one. He has many mysteries in each of His attributions and thousands of signs and manifestations in each of His mysteries. Attributions and Existence should not be confused with each other as He has several attributes. Spirit is not the only attribution of God among thousands of attributions. If we know the attributes as God Himself, then we make God not only two or three but thousands of gods.

The red color and the temperature are not the only properties of fire, it has several other characteristics besides color and heat such as gases, elements. The structure of fire consists of hundreds of other things and characteristics. If we accept each property as the fire itself, then we know God not only as three beings but also as hundreds of entities. This is also a scientific fact that should be considered. God is one, His attributions are thousands of kinds. His existence is eternal and sole.

Jesus is a human being. He has the spirit of God as all the other Prophets and great Saints have. The spirits in everybody belong to God. The spirit of the person who follows the path of God becomes holy when he reaches God. He gave this right to all the people who believe in Him and follow His path because He is fair and just.

The Christians have also been mistaken about the birth of Jesus. The Koran transmitted that the example of Jesus is like the example of Adam-the first man-. (The Imrans, 59) God created the first man without a father and He is Capable-Kadir for everything. He said that those who called Jesus as Allah, the son of Allah, three forms one and one forms three and those who attribute Mary deity were unbelievers, polytheists and blasphemers who cover the reality.

Gabriel was seen Mary in the face of a man and as a human. He breathed the spirit of Jesus into Mary and acted as if he was the father in this event because the creation of a human is based on the duality of father and mother. Gabriel was seen to her in the face of a man because of this mystery. Gabriel, actually, is an angel and has no sex. God breathes-sends the spirits into the other human beings Himself, when they are in their mother's wombs.

"Ve nefehtü fihi min Ruhi - I breathed into man from My own Spirit." (Sad, 72)

The spirit of Jesus was sent to Mary by Gabriel. God wished it in this way. God, who created Gabriel, is Allah the Most High and He is much greater than Gabriel is. The spirits of the other people were breathed to them by Himself and all the spirits belong to God therefore, they are also holy. God's breathing spirits is more superior than Gabriel's is. Gabriel might have been seen as a man in the inner world. Mary got frightened at first, because she was an innocent girl. She became very happy after she had learnt that he was an angel. Mary got excited and felt some pleasure like a man's shaking with delight in his dream because she was also a human. She was a relative of Zachariah and an innocent girl. She used to eat, drink and sleep. Jesus also ate, drank and slept. He used to fast and perform his ritual prayer.

The Disciples, who were the faithful and honest friends of Jesus, had reported that Jesus was a man who had meals, talked to people and led a social life but God, who is infinite divine Light, does not eat, drink or speak with men. He speaks only through revelations and He gave this duty to the Angels and the Prophets.

Jesus was slowly developed in the womb of Mary as the other fetuses do. Mary gave a normal birth to him after nine months. Spirit is the mystery of God. It is His decree and Divine Light. It can be hidden even in an atom. The sayings like "Mary gave birth to him from her mouth" are the nonsense talks of some of the ignorant priests, because Mary and Jesus are both human beings and the stomach of a human is separated from lungs by a diaphragm. In the Koran God said for Jesus:

“Ya İsa bin Meryem - Jesus is the son of Mary.” (Maryam: 34/ Al- Maidah: 46, 75, 110 / Al-Tawbah: 30)

The reason why Jesus was called "The Holy Spirit - Ruhullah" is due to the mystical state he was in. This excessive holy state is seen in some Prophets and in the Friends of God (Walis). The reason why Jesus was very mystical is based on the duality of Mary, who was created from the Jamal attribute of God (divine, merciful and beautiful) and Gabriel, who was again created from the same attribute. God transmitted in the Koran:

"Vema halakez zekara vel ünsa - He created nothing without a female (a negative)." (Al - Leyl, 3) (109)

The science of this age discovered this reality and understood that even an atom consisted of protons and electrons, which are the units of the positive and negative electricity. Everything has a negative. The Jalal (power, might) attribute of God exists in positive -man- very much, for this reason men are powerful, strict and commanding. Women are soft and tender because of the Jamal attribute of God. This tenderness gives them grace and charm and they are pretty, beautiful and hardworking.

Jesus had a very mild, gentle and mystical character because of the relationship of Mary and Gabriel who were both Jamali. He was in half an angel state for the supremacy of grace and spiritual influence he owned. Mawlana Jalaladdin explained that the bodies of some mystics were transformed into spirit as being purified under the influence of the Holy Spirit and said: "God changed my mortal body into Divine -He changed my Nasut to Lahut."

This is a psychological state that looks like the sheet of iron of a burning stove that becomes very hot and turns into fire because of the high temperature. In Sufism, it is called "The exterior became interior". When the inward structure is superior to the outside structure, that person is called "like an angel or like a spirit" because he becomes like an angel and spiritual. Jesus was called “Ruhullah - the Holy Spirit" because of this psychological state mentioned above. The spirits in all the human beings belong to God and they are also holy but the degrees and the holiness of them differ according to the ranks and positions they are in. The spirit of the person that exalted to Lahut is "the Holy Spirit -Ruhul Kudüs." (95)

We (Muslims) know Hazrat Jesus as a great man and as an apostle of God, we like and respect him very much and send him our greetings expecting to get His blessings, help and prayer from his spirit as we do for the other Prophets. We accept the Bible (İnjil, Gospel) as a holy book of God and know it as Divine Light just like the other Holy books; first of all, the Koran, the Pentateuch (Tora) and the Psalms of David. We know Hazrat Mary pure and holy like Hazrat Fatima, the daughter of our Prophet, his mother Amine and his wives Khatija and Aysha. We love and respect her very much and call her "Our Mother Mary. We hope that Hazrat Jesus and Mother Mary are pleased with us because their pure spirits are receiving favor and courtesy from God for us.

Unfortunately, the Jews do not believe in the Bible, they assume it as an invention of the Disciples and (God Forbid!) they say very rude words for Mother Mary and Hazrat Jesus. They accuse mother Mary of being a prostitute. They deny the great Prophet Jesus and accept him as a child of uncertain marriage -illegitimate child (God Forbid!). They slander Hazrat Jesus without hesitation using very bad expressions that Muslims will never use.

Although the Christian world surely knows these realities, they are still helping the Jewish who deny their Prophet; they slander him, call Mother Mary a prostitute and the Bible "a fable of the Disciples”. They support them when they wildly attack the Muslims who know the Prophet Jesus, Mother Mary and the Bible holy and sacred. The Christian world will find the punishment of this very severely in the presence of Jesus, of the other Prophets, of Mother Mary and of the Most High God.

We wonder if the Christians, who prefer the Jewish to the Muslims and help them, will get ashamed of Jesus and Mother Mary or not? The History of Mankind has never been a witness of such inhumanity, unfairness and cruelty. In fact, the days on which the Muslims and the Christians will get united by the arrival of Mahdi are not too far. We leave this matter to the feelings of affection and justice, which should exist in the hearts of the Christian World and to their merciful attribute of the Christianity. We also remind that the merciful attribute of the Christianity does not exist in those who help the cruel and the denial.

(108) This part is taken from our work called “ VARLIK (EXISTENCE)”, which was published in Istanbul in 1974 and in Alanya in 1998.

(109) See the Koran, Najm, 45



Do not leave us! Have pity on us! Show yourself to us! Forgive us in the name of Allah! Pray and intercede for us!

Haq -Truth is in You. We bow down before You with the highest respect and love, because You are the mystery of the Jamal and Jalal attributes of the Holiest Person, which are His two attributes, and the most exalted point that connects the Physical (outer) World and the Spiritual (inner) World, which are the manifestations of the two attributes with your Body and Spirit. You are also the Greatest Book that reflects God Himself, in the mirror of the heart!

You are both the two Worlds .You are the witness of both Worlds. Allah is in Your heart.

O Man!.. Your glory is very exalted. He who knows You knows His Lord because the Lord is in You. He who finds You finds his Lord. (110)

"Adam (The Perfect Man) is the mirror of Allah. Allah cannot be known without You."

You are Yâ Sin. You are the glorious Koran. You are the Bible. You are the Torah. You are the Psalms of David. You are the Supreme Spirit. You are the First Spirit. You are the One who gives life. You are the Source of Spirit. You are Hazrat Ali -Haydar-i Kerrar. You are Jesus. You are Moses. You are David. You are Abraham. You are Noah. You are Adam. You are the Motherland. You are the general name of humanity. You are the identity; the essence of the Divine lights. You are Divine light-Nur. You emit light. You are the Charming. You are the Best. You are the Most Sacred. You are the Trustworthy. The Holy Spirits called with these names all belong to You and all of them are You.

You are all the stars. You are the Full Moon. You are the Sun. You are the Universal Spirit. You are the Greatest Book, which assembles all the words. You are the Speaking Identity of the Universe. You are the two Worlds. You are the Creation of the Lord of the Universe.

You are Mustafa, the Chosen-the Selected. You are Mahmud- highly praised and highly praising. You are inside us.


(110) Sirrül Esrar, Sayyid Abdülkadir Geylani, pp. 20-75 Bahar Publication.


"Valemu enne fiküm Resulullah - Know that the Apostle -the Divine Light of Allah is in You.” (Al-Hujurat, 7)

He who saw You saw Allah.

"Men reâni kadreal Hak-He who saw Me saw God (Allah)." (111)

You are the Hand of Allah:

"Ma remeyte iz remeyte velâkinne rema…" (Al-Anfal, 17)

You are Blessing:

"Vema erselnâke illa rahmete'n li 'l âlemin - I have sent You forth but as a blessing to Mankind." (Al-Anbiyah, 107)

You are the Spirit of Allah:

"God made first My Spirit. Allah made My Divine light first." (112)

You are the source of all the Spirits:

"Ene minallahi ve'l Mü'minune minni - I am from Allah, the believers are from Me." (113)

You are İmam-ı Ali (k.v), the King of the Sainthood:

"Aliyyen minni ve ene minhu - I am from Ali and Ali is also from Me". (114)

You are the Master, the distinguished Leader of two flowers -the young men of Paradise: Hasan and Huseyin, two sons of Hazrat Ali.

"Ehl-i Beyti minni ve ene minhüm - My family (Ehl-i Beyt-Ahlal Bayt) is from Me and I am from My Family (Ehl-i Beyt)." (115)


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Ehl-i Beyt (Ahla-l Bayt): "Ali, Fatima, Hasan and Hüseyin" who are our masters are also You. You are Al-i Aba; Al-i Aba is You .

You are the Innocent and Pure. You are every pure Person. You are the Prophets, the Messengers and the Friends of God, You are Sacred, You are Exalted, Purified and Enlightened.

You are the Eternal Divine Light of the Face of Allah (116). You are the Holy Breath of Allah. You are the Eternal Word. You are the Source of the Spirits. You are the Universal Spirit. The great and the Supreme Spirit is You. You! You! You! Let me sacrifice myself to You and to Your Family!

You are sinless. You are innocent even if you are killed or you kill. You are the Truth-God! Our praises are for You, our love is to You.

You are the "essence" of all Mankind. Your essence is the Most Compassionate, the Most Merciful One and the Holy Existence. Please show mercy to us, Intercede us! Help us! Save us for the sake of Allah, who is the essence of You, who is Your Sole God and our Sole God! O! The Essence of our essences .., the Mirror of God, the Beloved of Allah: HAZRAT MUHAMMAD -HAZRAT PERFECT MAN

You are the Divine Existence, You are the First Dawn; all the Dawns are You. You are the Universal Intellect. You are the Source of Knowledge. The Door of Knowledge "Imam-ı Ali-The King of all the Friends of God" is also You! (117)

You are both the Truth and the Door of the Truth. Greetings to You and to Your Door! Greetings to those that obey them! Greetings to those who reach Your Door!

O! The Most High, the Most Sacred Salute of Allah! Sellu alâ Muhammad, Sellu alâ Ali! Have Mercy for us O Muhammad! Help us O Ali!


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Ahmed and Muhammad (a.s.v.): The Source of all the Spirits: The Supreme Spirit in Adam and in the descendants of Adam, the First Spirit, the Universal Spirit, the Divine breath of Allah. The Original light of God's Person, the Father of the spirits, our Holy Father, the essence of our Spirits; who praises God most, who is the Mercy for the Universe....we love You, we trust You and we do not lose our hope from You. Our Master! You are the Divine light of the Face of Allah,

Ahmed. "The most laudable who praises God most", Muhammad: "highly praised, praiseworthy"!

You are the Eternal Decree of Allah, His Breath, His Word, His First and the Greatest spirit who is also Allah, You are our origin, You are the attribute of Allah .

We prostrate before You with respect and love same as the Angels prostrated before Your pure and Holy Spirit in the body of Adam. Please accept our Prostration.

Could You have pity on us, pray for us, please ask forgiveness for us from Allah who is Your essence. Help us, Please do not be offended with us, do not leave us for the sake of Ali, Fatima, Hasan and Husayn's love, whom you love very much, who are the innocent family of You!

O Yâ Sin! The Real Human Being! The Mystery of Allah, the secret of Allah, the Apostle of Allah, the Beloved of Allah, the Prophet MUHAMMAD, HAZRAT AHMED, HAZRAT İNSAN - the Exalted Perfect Man.

May the Greetings and Love of Allah be upon You and Your Beautiful Family and upon those who love them. You are certainly very Exalted!

Dear MUHAMMAD who is very Beautiful and the most beautiful of all...

Please have Mercy on us! Help! Help! Help!


12th October 1992




-"Were it not for You, I would not have brought creatures into being." (1)

-"I made (created) the Spirit of Muhammad from the Divine Light of My Face." (2)

-"Gabriel came to me and said: Allah sends His greetings to you and says: I have forbidden the Hell for the Family who inseminated you, the womb which carried you and the breast which embraced you". (3)

-Once an angel came up to me and said: If you want, you can either be a king -like Prophet or a slave-like Prophet, be as you wish! I said I would like to be a slave -like Prophet. For this reason, I have meals as the slaves and sit as the slaves do. (4)

-"My Lord offered me to change the remnants of flood into gold if I wanted. I told Him not to. For I would like to be hungry one day and well fed the next day because I would pray and take shelter in Allah when I was hungry and I would thank and praise Allah on the day when I was not hungry."(5)

-This reality was revealed to me: 'I will be taken away among you for a short while then, you will come after me to the next world in groups who have fought with each other and killed each other' ". (6)


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-"Gabriel descended the Earth and greeted me saying: 'Greetings to you O the First, the Last, the Seen and the Unseen!' I blamed him for this behavior of him and said:' O Gabriel! How can these qualities be applied to the person who is created? They are the attributes of the Creator and they only belong to Him' Gabriel said: 'O the Prophet! Know that I was ordered by Allah to greet you in this way, because the Creator honored you with these qualities and exalted you to the highest rank of all the Prophets.

He gave you a name from His names; an attribute from His own attributes. He called you as "the First" because you are the first Prophet according to the Creation. He called you "the Last" because you are the last Prophet of all the Prophets, the last Apostle of all the Apostles, of all the people, of all the societies till the last group of people. He called you "the Unseen", because He wrote your name together with His name in the Throne in Red Divine Light at least two thousand years earlier than He created your father "Adam". He had ordered me to greet you even then so I saluted and greeted you. O Muhammad! A thousand years later, a thousand more years later, at least two thousand years later He sent you to the Earth as a bearer of good news and warning and by His leave, as an invitation to the path of God and as a lamp to illuminate humanity. Allah also called you "the Seen" because He made you known in the time you lived. He helped you with the religious matters and made you the sole Leader of the Religion. He presented your superiority with your orders, which you conveyed, to the people of the Earth and to the beings in the Heavens very well. There are some among these beings that they have been created only to pray and to greet you. Allah also greets and salutes you. O the Prophet! Your Lord is Mahmud-lauded, you are also lauded; Your Lord is the First and the Last the Seen and the Unseen. You are also the First, the Last, the Seen and the Unseen." (7)


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-"I am from Allah, the Believers are also from Me." (8)

-"My sorrow is for My People who will come at the end of time." (9)

-"When Adam was between mud and water I was even then the Prophet." (10)

-“Knowledge is two folds: The first is in the tongue which is a proof of Allah on His servants, and there is another kind of Knowledge hidden in the heart which is the most useful in order to reach the aims." (11)

-"I have come from married and faithful wombs since Hazrat Adam. There is no shame or disgrace in my past. (12)

-"Praise be to Allah who exalted me even with my name and my attribute above all the Prophets!" (13


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-"I am not a King. I am the son of a woman from the Quraysh Tribe who eats dried meat." (14)

-"Do you think my Kıble (my direction in worship) is only in front of me? I swear to Allah that I can see your prostration and your bowing during the performance of your ritual prayer behind me wherever I have turned. I am able to see you behind me as well". (15)

-"I am but a traveler in this world who is shaded under a tree for a while and then leave." (16)

-"I have not been ordered to lead a monastic life. I may marry women. I can stay awake as I sleep; I may fast or not. Whoever turns away from these behaviors and the life style of mine is not from me." (17)