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1. Preface 1

2. Preface 2

3. Translator’s Note

4. Introduction

  1. Divine Unity - Oneness

6. What does Existence mean? Are there any other Existences apart from the only one Existence?

  1. Divine Unity in Multiplicity (Manyness)

8. Multiplicity (Manyness) in Divine Unity

9. A Wise Poem “Absolute Truth - Divine Reality” (Written by the Author)

10. Existence and the ranks (stages) of the Existence (Formation)

11. Existence is One and the Manifestations -the signs- of the Existence are seven

12. What is Spirit?

13. The Perfect Man

14. The Entrance (Inspirations) of the Spirits into Human Body

15. The Return of Spirits back to the World where they came from

16. The Perfect Man is just like Active Lime

17. The Perfect Man is like Silk

18. The Path of God

19. The Path of Hz. Ali

20. The Path of Hz. Abu Bakir

21. The Remembrance of God

22. Death

23. The Earth

  1. Dabbetül Ard- Dadjal (Antichrist) and Mahdi

25. Adam and the Earth

26. The Skies (the Heavens)

27. The Doctrine of Trinity (Triplicity) in Christianity

28. The Seven Nafs (Seven Stages -stations- of the Carnal Soul)

29. Four Maqams (Ranks), Four Alems (Worlds, Heavens)

30. Some facts hidden in Number 4

31. Spirits and the kinds of Spirit

32. Four Archangels

33. Some Facts and Expressions (Terminology) in Islamic Sufism

  1. Connection

35. The Mission of the Prophets-Messengerhood

36. Apostleship and Sainthood- the Friends of God

37. Spiritual Leadership

38. Caliphate

39. Polarity (Major Axial Saints)

40. The King of Sainthood

41. The Sultan of the Friends of God

42. Inheritance

43. Hypocrisy

44. The Kaaba-the House of God

45. Notes

46. Sources



As it is known, every scholar has interpreted religion according to himself, from his point of view. The problem is to choose the most proper one for the essence of religion. Religious interpretation of the Sufis is the most appropriate for Islam because Sufism is the teaching of the essence of religion. It is not interested in the exterior aspects, rules and canonical laws, shortly in details. Sufism tries to teach Allah, Nature, Man and the realities of them. The beauty, order and wisdom in nature are the reflections of Allah on the nature. Nature is the work of Allah and Man is the greatest work of Him, because he is consisted of a body and Spirit (Mind). He is the most superior of all the worlds because he is the synthesis of the inner and outer worlds. Sufis try to live this knowledge, order, wisdom and beauties in nature and see the physical and spiritual beauties in human and learn the divine realities of them.

“He who knows himself (his essence) knows God.”

Briefly, Sufism is the Knowledge of Allah, Wisdom and Love. Sufis know that Allah is the essence of Man (Human) and nature. This is infinite knowledge and wisdom. To know the Absolute Existence is to fall in love with this Absolute Beauty. Sufism does not deal with the Canonical Law and Jurisprudence. It does not care about the Catechism except enough knowledge for performing the worship. Shariat (Law) and Tariqat (Way) are not his aims or objectives and they are not the essential but only the details, symbols and ways.

“A Sufi looks for Allah, who has encompassed both the Earth and the Heavens and who is the infinite knowledge, beauty and energy, in human and in his heart.”

Again, a Sufi would like to learn wisdom (True Knowledge) and divine reality through deep contemplation and to love the Divine Beauty (the Absolute Beauty) through the beauties of human and nature, that is to say, he tries to acquire real love by metaphorical love.

The result of this is good moral qualities and honesty, which means to consider the benefits of the society more than his own benefits and to be realistic and sincere by abstaining completely from hypocrisy. It is to struggle against his own carnal self and desires but not of the others’, leaving all kinds of fights, arguments, temptations, corruption and intrigue. It is to be merciful, generous and be pleased with the little in this life and also to oppose violence and terror.

A real Sufi is against formal (disguise) Islam. He does not pay any importance to Madrasa, Tekke (convent) and Mascid (places of worship). He finds reality in himself and seeks Allah in his heart. His place of worship is his heart because the real tekke and mascid (mosque) is the Heart. The most important thing for the heart is the Remembrance (Ziqr) and the Love of Allah (the Remembrance of the heart and the love of the heart). This is not an external remembrance or physical love.

It is deep contemplation (thinking), remembrance (to remember Allah and never forget Him) and more importantly, to love God, the Perfect Man (Adam), who is the great and mysterious work of Him, his children and nature.

It is to become mature while being immature and to reach divine perfection. All the Sufis have explained it in this way. This humble servant (fakir) has already explained Sufism in details in the books we have written so far, such as: “Varlık (Existence), İslâm’ da Mezhepler ve Yükseliş (The Religious Sects in Islam and Ascending)”, “Muhammed-İsa-Adem (Muhammad-Jesus-Adam)” and in others. Yunus Emre and Sayyid Ahmed er Rufai Hz. also summarized Sufism, which is a divine sea, as follows:

Yunus: “Shariat and Tariqat is a way for the one who reaches them.

Marifat (Divine Wisdom) and Hakiqat (Divine Reality) are in the heart.”

And Sayyid Ahmed er Rufai Hz. said:

“The heart of a Sufi is lighted with love,

His spiritual heart is broad (comforted).

With the Divine Light of Gnosis”

(His bosom is not depressive)

We believe in these two precepts and try to find them.

See what the Sufi Poet Neyzen Tevfik said about this subject:

“Sufism stands up to ignorance in Islam

Forget about Rafizi, Alawi, Sunni, all of them

Take offence at all of them,

Mecca, Medina, Karbala, Jerusalem

Their meaning in appearance is ornamentation

I do not care for Masjid, Madrasa, Monastery, and Church, Vatican…”

(*) Poet Neyzen Tevfik meant to say that the striking appearance of these rituals is ornamentation. However, he indicates that he is respectful to the real meanings of these places.

                                                           March 10th, 2000 Alanya

                                                   KAZIM YARDIMCI (1936-Adıyaman)

Sources: “Yunus Divanı”, “Onların Alemi” by Sayyid Ahmed er Rufai, 25th hadith


My human brother/sister, who has read a great deal and become tired so much but who is still seeking the truth!

The comments and the opinions of the idealist, materialist, classical and septic philosophers and of scholastic theology, which is a kind of philosophy, as well as their discussions must have exhausted you very much so far. It is also a very difficult work to find the realities of Sufism hidden in hundreds of books. (In fact, Sufism has not been a completely written work in the form of a book yet.)

In this book, called "Existence", you will understand and see that the Absolute Existence is God and the real dialectic is the Divine Dialectic. (God is one; His hands are two) You will read about Mystical Philosophy (Divine Mystical Thought) in this book, in a different way compared to the other books you have read so far and I think and hope that you will be relieved, comforted with the help of God.

After you read this book, I suppose you will accept that those who do not read directly the works of the materialist and anti-materialist philosophers but read the books of the critics, who only support them, can only be an ordinary materialist or an idealist.

In addition to this, you will understand that the Absolute Existence-nature- has lots of mysteries and you will be aware of God who is the Absolute Existence and of the objective world which is one of His manifestations, changing and renovating every instant, and of man, together with the inner meanings of all of them. After you realize them, you will accept that you will need to make a new effort in order to obtain all these realities and to gain freedom "personality" (theory and practice).

You will also get the opportunity to learn a great deal of religious and Islamic knowledge in a shorter way and in a more different form than the traditional doctrines, although as a summary.

Besides, you will find the holiness of LABOUR, which is the energy and the function of God and of man who is the most perfect sign of Him, directly in our Holy Book, "the Koran".



This valuable book called "EXISTENCE" is based on scientific and true religious knowledge containing the clear explanations and the answers of the difficult questions and matters you have searched for a long time about Islamic Sufism.

The growing desire for Divine Unity, cooperation, peace and friendship especially for the infinite beauty has made the translation of this book from Turkish into English necessary. We are grateful to the dear writer of this book "Kâzım YARDIMCI" for giving us this permission and opportunity.

The special care and effort shown in order to be faithful to the original Turkish text and closer to the meaning and underlying idea of the original has come true with the great assistance of Him.

The contents of the book indicate the importance and seriousness of it. Leaving the best word to the writer, I advise you to read it immediately, as it is exceeding me to write more on the interpretation of such deep subjects.

H. Nalân Şehirlioğlu

This book called "Existence" was written with the favor and grace of Allah and His Prophet, and particularly with the permission of the pure and Divine Spirit of Hazrat Ali, who is the King of Sainthood, the Scientist of the Universe and under the high supervision of Sayyid Abd-ul Qadir Gilani and Sayyid Ahmed ar Rufai (May peace be upon them!) in order to be useful and helpful for humanity and for those who are in bewilderment. It is also hoped that it will assist the followers of the Path of God who seek the truth. If it is beneficial, the happiness of it will content us. Spiritual guidance and help is from Allah, the Merciful. Allah is the one who knows the best. Glory and the grateful praise to Allah, who is the Lord of the Universe! I send my compliments and regards to my dear Prophet Muhammad Mustafa, the Most High Prophet of Allah, the Sun of Truth and to His Pure Family (Ahl-al Bayt) and to His distinguished Companions (Ahsab).





(In the name of God, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful)

"Kulhüvallahü ahed - Say: He is Allah, He is One." (Al-Ikhlas, 1)

The Koran is the literal word -kelâm- of Allah. The Koran has an outer and an inner meaning. Its outer meaning is general but its inner meaning is special. Its inner meaning is very deep and based on high Divine contemplation. The Koran is more scientific than the most scientific book. It cannot be known by only reading it as some mullahs think. Today everybody knows how difficult algebra and mathematics are. Reaching the real meaning of the Koran is much more difficult than these subjects. The Koran cannot be read and understood when its grammatical structures are learnt as some hodjas claim, especially the chapters and the verses about the Divine Unity of God and spirituality.

Whereas, The Koran came in order to illuminate humanity and to teach us the knowledge we do not have. It has not come to be read and forgotten by us. It is possible to understand it if we read the works of walis -Sufi saints- and the Friends of God who are the Scholars of Divinity- which contain the deep commentaries of the Koran. Allah, who is the Compassionate, reveals the highest meaning of the Koran to His servants-men-with His Mercy at the beginning of every century.


"Say He is Allah, He is One." (Al-Ikhlas, 1)

"Hu" is the subject pronoun "He" in Arabic. We are going to explain the pronoun "Hu" in this chapter. As you know "He" is a subject pronoun just like "I, you, we........", it is not an adjective. Subject means the thing itself - its presence or its entity. Adjective means the definition and the description of an object. For example, "rose" is a noun; the redness or the whiteness of the rose is the quality or attribute of it. The names of God such as; Rahman-The Merciful, Afuv - Pardoner, Gafur-The Forgiver, All Forgiving and His similar names are His attributes. "Hu" is His presence, Himself. For this reason, God said in the Koran "He is God and He is One -sole, peerless, and unique-".


"The one who exists means the one who proves His existence. The one who exists means the one who shows His existence."

The proof of the presence of the existence is in its influence or in its visibility. When we observe ourselves, and our surroundings, we see that an existence is present and it is surrounding us from six directions. We also think and see the existence we observe and the creation of Him on the earth and in the sky accepted as His manifestations. Then, we both see and feel as well as we think about the presence of the existence. The problem is to accept it. The presence of the existence is clear just like the sun. Existence exists and He is infinite and eternal but non-existence is absent. Existence cannot be created out of nothingness and existence cannot be non-existent. If existence exists, there is no non-existence; if there is non-existence, there is no existence. Since the presence of the existence is proved, then there is no such a thing called as "non-existence". The word “non-existence” is used in grammar as an agent in order to define “existence” more fluently.

"Whoever knows his self (his nafs), knows his Lord". (1)

"O my God! Show me the origin - the essence, the reality - of the Creation." (2)

These sayings of the Prophet Muhammad enlighten our subject and lead us to the essence - kernel- of the reality. What is the origin of the manifestations and the creation -the visible objects-? While our great Prophet was praying, he said: "O My Lord! Show me the origin of the creation!" God the Most High told him to look above. When the Prophet looked above, a Melekut (Angelic Kingdom) circle, a Ceberut (World of the All-Powerful) circle and the source of the Existence was seen to him as a Lahut (Heavenly Kingdom) circle. Then, that very thoughtful Prophet understood it. He picked up a piece of stone from the ground and broke it. He broke it into small pieces, put them in his hand and observed. He saw that a piece of stone consisted of some particles, in the shape of small circles and he learnt the reality by the help of his Lord. He realized that man (human) consisted of atoms -small circular pieces - as all the other objects did.

Thereupon, he said: "He who knows himself knows his Lord". He knows his origin. The great Prophet absolutely knew that everything was the manifestation of the Great Eternal Existence who spreads everywhere. He definitely knew that the essence, the origin of the creation was God. He revealed this knowledge to humanity with the sacred saying mentioned above. So, big or small, the origin of everything consists of small, circular shaped particles and the essence of them is the absolute existence God- Allah.

A circle is 360 degrees, it does not have a beginning or an end, it enlarges and stretches out to infinity, it becomes small and stretches out to infinity. Let us have a look at our environment: We see and accept the Universe as a big circle. The circle is a big point and the point is a small circle. "Pi" (the symbol of the ratio of the circumference of a circle to its diameter) is the proof of it. When we divide the circumference of a point, which is a small circle, and a circle, which is a big point, even the circumference of the Universe by its diameter, we get the same Pi number.

An atom is the smallest particle. This is very important. Muhiddin-i Arabi, (3) Abd-al Qadir Gilani (4), Sayyid Ahmad ar Rufai (5), Jalaluddin Rumi (6) and all the Sufi saints had claimed that Plato (7), who accepted atom as the first cause, and Maturidy (8) and Ashari (9), who were influenced by him, were wrong. Today the theory of the first cause as supported by Maturidy and Ashary and their philosophy were disproved when atom was split.

The science of this age has proved that the Sufis of Islam were right and atom was not the First Cause. The scientists of Islam explained and proved that the First Manifestation of God was the Great Muhammadan Spirit -the Divine Light of Muhammad- that was created from the Divine Light of God's person. When the smallest particle of atom was split, it did not vanish as Maturidy and Ashary had claimed, but just the contrary, it became larger and stretched out to infinity. This proved that nothing was created from absence (non-being) and the origin of everything is light, electricity, energy or the Divine Light called "NUR".

Existence has no edge. It is endless, infinite. If the existence had a limit or an edge, then, there would be an absence in the place where it finished. Non-existence cannot be accepted by logic, intelligence and by science. Absence is not existed. The most beautiful explanation of this is as follows:

"The presence exists, the absence does not exist”. It is the meaning of "Lâilâhe illallah"; "Lâ" proves absence and “illa” proves presence; that is why, this beautiful word is called "Nef-i İsbat" (the proof of non-existence).

A circle is complete; there is no starting point or ending point in a circle. Every point of the circle is both the beginning and the ending point. Just like this, existence has no beginning or ending. He is the First and the Last.

Existence is eternal and never ending. There is no limit to the existence. If He has a limit, then the absence or nothingness starts and science does not accept non-existence (nothingness). Therefore, the Existence is unique, absolute and eternal. He is unique and sole because He does not have an edge or a limit and He cannot be split. Existence is whole and complete because absence is proved to be non - existent. He has no limit or no edge so He is endless and unique. He is the only One (sole).

All the things -objects- are the temporary beings seen on the Existence without being separated. They look like the foam of sea. The foam are limited, they may be big or small but they all belong to the sea which surrounds them. Between two waves, there is sea that connects and creates them. What surprises us is the objects and the shapes. Everything is the sign of this unique and endless Existence. There are not any objects that have a space between them. We think the emptiness as nothingness (absence). In fact, there is always something in the place we think as empty, such as: invisible gases or air bubbles etc...

Existence is one, sole and unique. For example, everything has a similarity, pair or a match. Man is one, trees and everything is one by one or one each, but there are other men, other trees or other things. God, who is edgeless or limitless, has no similar beings. God is One and He is unique. There are many things but God, who created everything from Himself and gave them a shape or a figure, who is absolute, endless and eternal existence, is Sole-One.

As mentioned above, a circle is a point and a point is a small circle. In geometry, the formula of a point and a circle is the same. Pi is the proof of it. A being is a point, it becomes big and stretches out to infinity, it becomes small and stretches out to infinity again. It never ceases to exist or becomes lost because non-existence is non-existent. If we pour out some water onto a flat surface, it spreads over a large space. If we put it back, it is again a glass of water. When it becomes larger or smaller, it does not increase or decrease in amount. Its weight does not change. An existence does not exist from nothingness and become non-existent. The presence of the existence is proved. There is no non-existence because existence has no limits. If we accept a limit or an edge, non-existence starts and intelligence (reason) refuses it. Therefore, "Non-existence" does not exist. Does it need any other explanations?

Can non-existence be present? If it is present, it becomes an existence. Then, whatever exists is in Existence. An Existence exists so that we can talk about and think about it. If non -existence existed, existence would not exist and we would not exist. There would be nothing and nobody who could think or could be thought about, who could see or could be seen. This life, these actions, this voice, this sound, these thoughts, excitements and pleasures would not exist. Accepting non-existence means looking for a second existence, which means forcing yourself to make the impossible possible. It is a kind of madness or stupidity.

There cannot be two existences because existence refuses duality. He is infinite and He has no edges or limits. Existence does not accept divisibility either. If it is divided, it is limited. There is no limit, no side to the Absolute Existence who is the essence, the origin of the creation.

Infinity… This means Divinity, Deity and Eternity.

Every single object consists of single points. Sea consists of thousands of water drops, matter consists of thousands of atoms, man consists of thousands of cells etc... Whatever we divide into parts, we see individual points. Raindrops fall one by one; every raindrop draws a circle and stretches out to infinity. When we mention stars or when we talk about houses, animals, human beings and so on, we observe a "Divine Unity" in them. They are the masses of single things.

A person calls his house “my house”. In fact, the children of the house, the maids and the cat even the mouse of the house call it "my house". It is the same with God. God does not belong to anybody. He is the God of everybody and everything. Everything is under His dome of Mercy. He sees and cares for everybody. He protects, helps and gives everybody according to their wishes. We quarrel and do harm to each other. He never gives up looking after His creatures. How can He give up? Everything, good or bad, lofty or common are the manifestations -the visible signs- of His Merciful (Jamal-Divine Beauty) and Wrathful (Jalal-Divine Majesty) attributes.


When we look at the surface of sea, we can see millions and millions of air bubbles and hundreds of waves that are connected to each other. These limited bubbles and waves are actually the different signs of the exuberant sea. There are lots of bubbles and waves but the origin of them is only one sea. When they are re-changed, the sea is left. The formation and the increase of the bubbles and also the re-destruction of them neither increase nor decrease it. They do not change the Divine Unity of it either.

The pool with a fountain, which is full at a certain amount, is just like this. When we turn on the fountain, the water in the pool springs up and thousands of water drops rise. They draw a curved line and return to the pool. There is no change in this process. We can obviously see the event of the increase by rising from the pool and becoming one again, after returning to the pool. This event neither decreases nor increases the amount of the water in the pool. Water is the same water, the weight is the same weight and the Divine Unity has not changed at all.

It is the same with fruit as it happens in everything. If we open the inside of a fig or a pomegranate, we observe that one fruit consists of thousands of seeds. Thousands of single seeds get together and form one fruit. One dominates.


Multiplicity in Divine Unity can easily be seen in the examples given for the Divine Unity in multiplicity. Sea is one and sole. However, there are many bubbles in the sea. Sea creates foam from itself. They are made of water in structure. Their origin is sea. They are also the sea.

There is also the subject of existing afterwards. That is right; there was not any foam before. They were made of sea that existed before them and the sea was present even without the foam. They did not exist from absence. They existed from the sea and they are another form of the sea. The expression "existing out of nothingness" refers to this meaning.

If there were not an existence, the other beings would not be present. There can be no existence out of nothingness. The existence of foam depends on sea, they are in need of sea and the presence of sea does not depend on foam. Sea can be present without foam but the foam and the waves cannot exist without sea. Sea is also bigger than all of them are and it contains everything. Similarly, the entire Universe and all the things were created afterwards, just like the foam and waves. The great Existence, who has no limits, is Infinite.

The universe was created afterwards but from the eternal, infinite and limitless existence God. They are the visions, the signs or the manifestations in different forms and images of the Sea of Divine Light (Nur), just like the foam and the waves. For, non-being is not existent, thus, there can be nothing from non-being. They disappear again in the Absolute Existence, as the waves and foam do. God, who is the absolute presence, is eternal and constant. When we say, "they no longer exist" or "they annihilate", we mean that they look like the destruction of the forms of the bubbles or waves in the sea and the merging of the water drops of the fountain because presence never stops existing and existence never exists from absence. We will always think about this and keep it in mind. Since existence is always proved, absence is not present. Existence is endless and infinite, as it has been proved to have no boundaries. This is the Divinity.

God never accepts a boundary. Nobody can say that God has a limit because there is no place where God is not present. Therefore, the creation is the various signs of God. They are Himself. There is no place where He ends so that He creates something out of nothing. If we assume in this way, intending to defend the name of God "Kâdir" (Almighty-All-Powerful), we limit the presence of God. While we are defending one of the names of God incorrectly, we are insulting Him.

The meaning of "He created from absence (out of nothing)" implies that, at the beginning, there was nothing (no creation), there was only God. The creation of multiplicity became visible afterwards, just like the foam on the sea but from God, who is an infinite sea of Divine Light.

"Ela innehu bi külli şey'in muhit - Surely He-God encompassed everything." (Fussilat, 54)

Therefore, everything is in Him, He is not in anything. This verse is an apparent proof for those who look for the reality.

There is an enormous existence, who is light and power, who has not existed from non-existence, who has no beginning and no end, who has no other exterior, at the same time, limitless; as a result: unique, eternal and complete and His Divine Unity is obvious.

He is such an existence that all the creation consists of Him. They are annihilated, destroyed and hidden in Him and He is always present.

He is such an existence that He is the First and the Last, the Seen and the Unseen.

He is such an existence that He has not existed out of nothing.

He is such an existence that He does not stop existing.

He is such an existence that He is Sole and Unique.

He is such an existence that He is Infinite and eternal Divine Light.

Now, we are asking those who do not believe in God: Then, what is this enormous Existence? What can this eternal, unique and limitless Existence be if he is not God? What does “past eternity” and “pre-eternity” mean? What does the endless and infinite light express?

What does "having no edge or no limit" mean? What is the meaning of "sole, eternal existence"? Which philosopher has ever described these concepts? Which philosophy has ever denied or can deny these realities? Who can this enormous existence be apart from God, which is the Sole Existence? He is eternal in the past and eternal in the future, constant and mysterious.

When we look at our surrounding and the Universe, we see the Sun, which is the source of immense light and constantly illuminating the Sky and our Earth, which maintains the life of outer space with its heat and energy. We also see billons of stars, planets and the Moon. These billions of stars are proportional both to the Sun and to themselves. They are put in such an order that if one of them is out of order, the rest of them will be in out of order.

Some people deny this order and proportion done by millions of careful calculations. Human conscience cannot accept that much cruelty.

Coincidence means rarity. It is madness to accept billions and boundless coincidences and it is the biggest insult towards to holy concept called "intelligence". It also insults human- beings. Apart from these, it is proved scientifically that united molecules are proportionally consisted of atoms. This proportion is more endless and more countless than the stars are. These compounds are always in proportion to the number of atoms. For example, water contains 2 Hydrogen atoms and 1 Oxygen atom and it helps the biological life. When three oxygen atoms are combined, ozone, which is poisonous, is formed. All the compounds are proportional like this and they are also infinite. Coincidence means rarity. Billions and endless proportions cannot be called as coincidences.

The structure of the atoms is also in this way. They are in proportion to the numbers of the electrons. The number of electrons is different in the atoms of each element. That is why; it has been proved that none of these elements can be formed by man. Man will never be able to create the atoms of gold, silver, copper, oxygen or hydrogen. Man has split atom but he will never be able to create atom. He is not capable of it. This is proved by science. God, who is the owner of the immense power, science and art, is the only One who can form the proportions in atoms. This orderly universe proves that God, who is infinite and who is the creation Himself, is an active and conscious scientist and a great artist.

Another quality of the infinity is: there is no possibility to see the unlimited existence as a whole. If He is seen completely, He is limited again. Since the Absolute Existence does not accept boundaries, we can see the presence as much as we are able to. Existence continues in the far distance of our sight and it stretches out to infinity. Similarly, when we look at the horizon, we see that the sky and the earth meet. When we look at the sea standing on the shore, we observe that the sea and the sky unite. However, the earth, the sky and the sea are present beyond the horizon too. Then, we can say that the part that we see is called the “exterior part of the Existence” and the part that we are not able to see is “the interior part of the Existence”. In fact, it has been stated in the Koran that:

"Hüvel evvelü vel âhiru vezzahiru vel batın ve Hüve bi külli şey'in Alim - He is the first and the last; the seen and the unseen and He -God knows everything." (Al-Hadid, 3)

It is really cruelty and ignorance not to believe and adore the Koran, the book of God, which described the sole, unique and the absolute Existence, who is God Himself, very beautifully and scientifically, 1400 years ago, and also “the Prophet Muhammad”, who is the great man and God's last and dear messenger.

"Allahüssamed - God does not need anything in His presence. His creation needs Him in order to exist and maintain their existence." (Al-Ikhlas, 2)

The absolute existence God is prior to the creation. He is the first and constant. The absolute Existence is free from the necessity in His presence. His existence is Himself. Since the existence of the immense presence, His Divine Unity, His infinity and His eternity have been proved, the non-existence of the absence has also been proved. The presence of the existence and the absence of the non -existence is compulsory. This is the reality because absence does not exist. The creation is the glory, the manifestation and the sign of the absolute Existence just like the foam and the waves on the sea and like the brightness of twilight. Foam, waves and twilight are the signs of the sea and the Sun. They are in need of them in order to exist. It is the same for shadow, which cannot exist by itself. The existence of shadow depends on light.

The sea, the Sun and the light have already been present before the foam, waves and twilight and they are the creators of them or the manifestations of them. All the creation and the Universe are the manifestations of God, who is eternal, limitless, infinite and unique. Actually, the science of this age has already proved that the origin of an atom is the smallest unit of the positive and negative electricity and the origin of this unit is eternal light - power, energy. It means that if we split and divide matter into its atoms, we meet an enormous, infinite accumulation of light. God has already said in the Koran: "The existence is Me and I am Divine Light (Nur) - radiance". The immense light is Huuuuuuu....

The presence of all things is in need of God. However, God longs for them too because God has the pleasure of being visible. He likes to manifest. That is why He said: "I was a hidden treasure, I liked to be known - to manifest- and I created the Universe, the Earth and all the other things." (10) He explained this reality in the Koran as follows:

"Allahü yebdeül halke sümme yu'idühü sümme ileyhi turce'ün - The source of all the creation (the creatures, things) is Allah, then they will return to that source” (Rum, 11) just like the pool with a fountain: all the water drops increase by springing up, they draw a curved line and then return to the pool again.

"Lemyelid velem yuled - God begot none nor was He begotten." (Al-Ikhlas, 3)

The absolute and the unique existence God did not increase or decrease anything from Himself by making the Universe and the Creation from Himself. The Prophet has explained this reality with his two sayings as follows:

"There was God and there was nothing else with Him." (11)

"If you hang down a piece of rope to the Earth, it would touch God." (12)

And by this, he wanted to clarify the state of God before He created all things and after He had created them. God and the last Prophet, who is His great scholar messenger, have explained the reality of Existence, who does not decrease or increase by manifesting in different shapes and signs, very amazingly and clearly. There is no change if we weigh the ball of string or weigh it again after unwinding it.

Let us think about the pool with a fountain which is full at a certain capacity; when we turn on the fountain, thousands of water drops are formed, they rise and fall down into the pool again. In this event, there is no increase or decrease in the pool. Something happens but the water in the pool is the same and the amount does not change. The water has not increased or decreased and the original structure has not changed.

God revealed in the Koran: "İnna lillâhi ve inna ileyhi raciun - We belong to God and to Him we shall return." (Al-Baqarah, 156)

With this verse, He explained that We are from God and we will return to Him again.

He transmitted with the following verse that the creation exists in Him and they will perish in Him just like the continuous springing up of the fountain: "Külle yevmin Hüve fi şa'n - He is in a glory, in a manifestation and in a vision every moment." (Al-Rahman, 29) He is eternal, unique, constant and everlasting. This verse shows that God is in a continuous, orderly and conscious movement.

If God, who is the sea of Divine Light, were not present, there would not be any creation. We are created from Him in that sea, we will be annihilated in Him in that sea but that sea will always remain everlasting.

"Küllü şey'in helikun illa vechehu -All things shall perish except Himself- His face." (Al- Qassas, 88)

Meditate on the high, scientific meaning of this verse for a while and think about the most high glories of the great person Muhammad, who revealed this to humanity.

"Velem yekün lehü küfüven ehad - None is equal to God." (Al-Ikhlas, 4)

How can God's creation and His creatures be equal to God? God is both the limitless and endless existence and He is Allah, who is the greatest of the greatest and who created everything from His presence, from His Divine Light. Therefore, “Everything is Him”. How can anyone or anything be equal to the One who is "Heme Ost - All is Him". What is the limited being, (it does not matter how big it is), when it is compared to the endless, limitless existence?

Billions of foam bubbles are not equal to the sea so everything is nothing in comparison to the absolute God, who has no boundaries. They cannot be equal to Him. The Koran explained it with the verse: "Leyse kemislihi şey'ün - None is equal to God (Nothing can be compared with God)." (Al-Shura, 11)

The creatures which have a limit cannot represent the One who has no limit. What is the temporary in comparison with the permanent? Things are nothing, not even a particle in comparison to God, who is the most high, an eternal immense Sea of Divine Light that has no shore. All the things also belong to Him; they are the manifestations or the glory of Him.

We have explained the meaning of the sacred verse, "Al -Ikhlas"

“Külhüvallahü ehad Allahüssamed, lem yelid, velem yuled, velem yekün lehü küfüven ahad” which is about the presence, the oneness, the Divine Unity and the infinity of God and which has also a special place in the Koran, as much as we could so far. We finish this chapter with a poem written by us as follows:


If you proved the existence of the existence

The mystery is solved, your struggle ended

The proof of the existence is to annihilate non-existence

This is the real meaning of LA and İLLA

Say with LA that non-existence does not exist

And with İLLA the EXISTENCE exists

This is the reality, the physical world is

The manifestation of the sole, absolute Existence

The sea becomes exuberant, declares the Divine Unity

Foam is the witness of the Oneness of the sea

Manyness exists in Unity and Unity in Multiplicity

Manyness is the sign of the Sole Entity

The beginning of the hundred thousand of foam

Is obviously known to be the sea

Foam bubbles are lost again in the sea

This is the proof that He is the last

The existence is a whole, He has no boundary,

For, non-existence is non-existent, no limit for existence

Thus, this is the Divinity, the ETERNITY

Creation is the manifestation of God Himself

It is absolute that nothing existed from non-existence

The Creation is from the Divine Light of God’s Person

It is impossible to see the infinite as a whole

Seen and hidden is HE, HE is the visible and the invisible

He reported that He is the First and the Last,

The Seen and the Unseen is Himself

The first is HU, the last is HU, the outer is HU and inner is HU

This is the explanation of LA and İLLA



"Hüvel evvelü vel âhirü vezzahiru vel batin ve hüve bi külli şey'in Alim. Hüvellezi haleke semavati vel arda fi sitteti eyyamin sümmesteva alal arş - He is the first and the last, the seen and the unseen He is God and He has the knowledge of all things. He created the Heavens and the Earth in six days and mounted His Throne." (Al -Hadid, 3-4)

It means that He decided to govern from above to below. In another verse, it is revealed that:

"Yüddebirül emre minessemâi ilel ard- He governs all, from Heaven to Earth - from above to below, by His commandment." (Al-Sajdah, 5)

We will try to explain the manifestations of God, who is the sole and peerless Existence and the formation of the Universe and the Heavens, in the light of these verses.


1- Oneness - Divine Unity: It is called "La taayyün - indefiniteness" in Sufism. This universe is the universe of the indefiniteness, mystery and invisibility in which the creation called "18 thousands worlds" has not been created yet in the eternal and absolute Existence. In this state, there is nothing else apart from the absolute presence - God. The Prophet explained this state with the following saying:

"There was God and there was nothing else with Him." (13)

It is such a universe that only God, who is the source of everything, exists there. There is nobody else who knows God except Himself. This universe is unknown for all the things because there has not been a manifestation yet. For this reason, the great people who have true knowledge of God called this universe "Lâ taayyün - the Universe of mystery and incomprehension."

2- The First Manifestation: The appearance of the universe of the mystery mentioned above is the beginning of the visibility of the Existence Himself. It resembles the dawning after the darkness and the lack of clarity of a cloudy night that has no Moon. The deep dark veil of mystery has been opened out and the unknown has started to be revealed. A light has appeared after the secrecy, uncertainty and invisibility. The presence of a reality of an Existence, a radiance has started to dawn and has been perceived. A piece of knowledge was born. God has explained His absolute secrecy and His Oneness with the sacred saying: "I was a hidden treasure; I liked to manifest - to appear, to be known - so I created all things and the stages of the manifestations." (14) In other words, "I manifested gradually by ranks, degrees (layers)".

The first appearance is called “The First Manifestation, the Universal (Cosmic) Intellect, the Universal Spirit or the Reality of Muhammad - Akl-ı Kül, Ruh-u Kül and Hakikat-ı Muhammediye”. This great spirit is “the Father of all the Spirits - the Sacred Father, the essential and the motherland of the spirits” so, it is the source of everything in the Universe and the source of creation. For this reason, the Prophet said: "The love of motherland is based on faith". (15) “The motherland” means here the greatest spirit who is the decree of God, the first sign of God, the light of God or the spirit of Muhammad. Muhammad means, "highly praised". God had praised this manifestation and said:

"If you were not, I would not have created the Heavens and the other beings." (16) He also said:

"Vema erselnake illa Rahmeten lil alemin - I sent you forth but as a blessing to mankind." (Al- Anbiya, 107)

He revealed and explained this by these holy sayings and verses. This first manifestation is the first and the greatest Spirit of God. All the spirits were created from Him. He is just like the Sun. The other spirits, the angels, the Sky, the Heavens, the Earth and the entire Universe were also created from the first manifestation in order, just like the Moon and Stars. That is to say, the spirit, the source of everything called by the name "the Reality of Muhammad" or by other names, is the first manifestation of God. The source of this is the limitless, endless and perfect existence God.

This first Divine Light is the radiance of God, who is the infinite Divine Light. One of the Islam scholars expressed this reality about the Prophet very clearly and beautifully in a poem with the following line:

"His spirit, which consisted of the Holy Person, is pure." (17)


God revealed in the Koran:

Spirit is God's decree, His manifestation, His Divine Light and the Divine Light (Nur). The quality of God is also Divine Light. In another verse that clarifies this, it is said:

"Ela lehül halku vel emr - It was He who created everything. His is the Creation, His is the Command." (Al - Araf, 54)

In the above verse, it has been explained that the creation and decree are different things. The Koran has revealed that spirit is absolutely not a physical being. It exists only in man; it does not exist in plants and in animals. The verse that explains the fact that spirit is given only to man is as follows:

"Ve nefehtü fihi min ruhi - I breathed into man from My spirit." (Sad, 72)

God calls the spirit "My spirit" and this shows the Divinity of Spirit because spirit has the quality of knowledge and thought, which are the qualities of God. The living quality in plants and animals is the sign of "Hay -the living, vigorous-" quality of God. The unconsciousness and ignorance in the other living things except man proves this. Spirit and soul are not physical. As an example: If we leave a green leaf under a piece of stone for a while, we see that it loses its color. This event shows that plants get their color from the sun. In addition to this, if we weigh a piece of green leaf, and then split it into its molecules and re-weigh it, we see that it does not lose anything from its weight but color does not exist in that leaf any longer. This proves that color is not matter because matter has a weight and dimensions, then, color is not matter itself but it is the quality or the characteristic of it.

Similarly, if we weigh a man, then split him into his molecules and then re-weigh him, there will be no change in weight but he loses his liveliness. It has been definitely understood that the liveliness - the quality of living, life -is not physical, but it is the quality of it, same as the color. God has explained in His last book -the Koran - that spirit is not matter but it is His decree, His manifestation and His mystery that attains His attribute of life and knowledge. It is accepted that man has a more obvious liveliness than plants and animals and he also has the divinity due to the quality of thinking and he is the most superior and the master of the Earth and the Universe because of these qualities. Spirit is one of the holy attributes of God. This matter has been stated precisely by the Koran.

The first manifestation is also called "Ahmediyet" which means: the Divine Light of Oneness. Ahmed is the Divine Light of Divine Unity. Ahmed means "only one, unique". In the Latin Bible, it means "Feraklid". (18) It has been transmitted in the Bible that unless JESUS Christ dies, the real savior of humanity, the Prophet who is called "AHMED -the only one" will not come. In the Koran, it is written in Jesus Christ's words:

"Mübeşşiren bi Resulin, ye'ti min badismühü AHMED - I give the good news to Israelities, the Messenger, who will come after me, is called AHMED." (Al-Saff, 6)

It is an obvious fact that the first and the last Prophet is our dear Prophet Muhammad and his name is "Feraklid -Ahmed" which means: the unique, the only one. Our Prophet had explained the fist manifestation of God by saying; "When Adam - man - was between water and clay, I mean, when he was not created yet, I was even then the Prophet." (19)

We can show the brightness, the light of dawn as the best example of the first manifestation.

3- The Second Manifestation:

Levh-i Mahfuz - Well Preserved Tablet or Decree Eternal: This is the second manifestation which appeared from the first manifestation. It is an image of the summary of the world of Manyness. The summary of spirits has been put in order from the Spirit of Muhammad, just like the seeds of flowers but they have not been determined clearly yet. The reason why this manifestation is called as "Immutable Essence and Preserved Tablet” is because: it is seen as the clear fixed dots and as a protected Tablet that has hidden the secrets of God. It has the summary of the full explanation of Destiny of the entire Universe and all the creation that will appear later. This second manifestation is also hidden in the Person of God.

4- The World of Spirits: In this manifestation, the spirits which have been in the states of various hidden and closed seeds in the second stage have now been made visible just like the flowers which bloom in different types and they have taken colorful and glorious shapes according to their abilities. They have also been given names. Now that, the spirits of the man called "Adam", who will be created afterwards in the presence of God, and of his children are ready. When the spirits appeared in this state, God asked all of them the question:

"Elestü bi Rebbiküm - Am I not your Lord - your origin, your holy master?" and they replied altogether:

"Bela şehidna… - We bear witness that You are." (Al-Araf, 172) They confirmed this by praising Him.

The World of Manyness, called as Spirits that have been shaped and limited by the Divine Light of God with degrees started in the inner world just like the foam, which is formed on the sea and whose original structure is sea. In fact, there is oneness in manyness, as in the example of foam and sea. The appearance of the absolute Existence in the shapes of objects should not deceive us. They look like snowmen or electric bulbs in various forms. They are not men or bulbs actually but they are snow and electricity in structure. Similarly, spirits are the forms of Divine Light in origin. God transmitted in the Koran that He is the light Himself with the following verse:

"Allahü nurussemavati vel ard - God is the light of the Heavens and the Earth.” (Al-Nur, 35)

5- The World of Analogies-images: In this world, there is the space that symbolizes the Eternity, the Sun, the Moon, the Stars and the Earth. They are also Divine Light because they are various manifestations of God. If we split the earth into its atoms, it is transformed into light and it diffuses light just like the sun.

The moon and the stars represent holy spirits and the angels at different positions and ranks. The sun represents the great Muhammadan Spirit, which is the first manifestation of God, the Moon represents the spirit of the Prophet Abraham among the other prophets and also the spirit of Hazrat Ali, who is the King of Holiness, among the other saints. Our Prophet said about Ali:

"I am the city of knowledge and Ali is the gate to this city." (20)

This great saint (Wali -the Friend of God) is the head of all the saints and the greatest heir of the Prophet. The Moon also represents “Gabriel” among the other angels.

The Moon and stars were created from the Sun and they revolve around it, they praise it and they maintain their existence with it and they get perfected by getting energy from it. Just like them, spirits revolve with love around the sacred surrounding of the Universal Spirit - the Prophet Muhammad, who is the sun of Divinity and the source -the essence of the Spirits. They maintain their existence and get perfected with the prosperity which emanates from Him. This perfection stretches out to infinity with the name of God "Mecid - the Majestic One."

May God not separate the spirits of mankind from the Great Light and not make it matter, but let them get close to Him and enable humanity to meet the eternity of the divine Light and be perfected under His influence by means of His Divine Light!

6- The world of objects (material, physical things):

This is the Earth. The world in which we live consists of material objects, plants, animals, human beings, water and the atmosphere layer. It is called "The World of Sovereignty - the Mortal World (Nasut)". The origin of the Earth, which is the sixth manifestation of God, is vapor- the high temperature of the sun-. The moon and stars were separated from the sun as a mass; the earth was created from the warmth of the sun. The original structure of the physical objects is Divine Light - Nur. Nur means Divine Light, brightness or lightness. The Absolute existence God is the light of the lights and the essence of the lightness. Matter is the condensed form of Divine Light. This condensation has four phases. Nur (it can be called energy) became atom in the first state, molecule in the second state and matter in the third state. If we change the composition of matter, it converts into molecule, atom and energy (Nur) in turn. This shows that existence is one.

Therefore, if we split the Universe into its atoms, only one thing is left and that is an endless, infinite Divine Light, the enormous Divine Light Nur - Huuuuuuuu (He).

The theory of Evolution is also misunderstood. The absolute existence is Divine light. The very beginning of the existence is in a perfect or excellent state. There was a condensation, solidification and this perfect state became simplified. Then, this condensed presence ruins its composition and transforms into energy. It is perfected in this way. The primitiveness is not in energy. It is in the condensed state of it, which has become matter and simple. Primitiveness or simplicity is in matter in a dull state, otherwise we should accept the sun, which is the oldest object in the universe, primitive and this is nonsense.

Although the sun is the oldest object in the universe, it is in the excellent perfection. It is accepted as the soul of the universe. Objects, plants, living things maintain their existence and their life with it. The minerals enter the objects with it and they are perfected with the help of it.

Accepting the sun as primitive and plain is contrary to science and reason. The perfect Existence first becomes simplified by being matter; then it is changed into energy and it gets its first state becoming perfected. God has a secret in this process. God, who is in the most perfect state, creates the objects from Himself. He simplifies them through condensing and then returns them to Himself to become perfected. He wanted what "perfect" and "simple" mean to be understood in this way. He wanted to teach His perfection so He created a simple being (matter). In fact, there is no simplicity -primitiveness- in the essence of the Existence.

It is explained in the Koran that a tribe changed into the shape of monkeys and another tribe got into the shape of bears because of the wickedness they committed. (21) This reality, which was explained 1400 years ago, was seen in the Koran by Darwin who had an evil intention. Man is the most perfect manifestation. He is certainly an extra holy being. He is Divine. God created man with His two hands (Jamal and Jalal) and gave him all His beautiful attributes.

The theory of Evolution, which belongs to Darwin, is wrong from the beginning. According to his theory, the sun is the lowest and the simplest object, but, contemporary science accepts that the sun is the most perfect and it is renewed every instant. It is the source of evolution that makes all the creation evolve.

The shape of man is sacred; furthermore, there is divinity in the body and in the shape of man:

When man prostrates, he symbolizes the word "Muhammad" in Arabic letters. He writes the word "Adam" in Arabic letters during the performance of salat (namaz- ritual prayer) by standing (Qıyam), bending or bowing down (rüku) and by prostrating (secde). It is written "Aliyyül âlâ" which means "very high" on his face. For this reason, God does not put anybody into the Hell with the shape of man. That is to say, a bad person is changed in shape after he dies. Man passes into Barzah with the shape and the face of the animal that represents his worst habit. The inside of an ignorant man is an animal anyway. His habits look like the characteristics of the wild animals. How beautiful the following sayings of a poet are:

"O man, who became the most noble image while being a drop of semen,

Know your power; the shape of a man cannot be easily obtained!”

7- PERFECT (MATURE) MAN: (İnsan-ı Kâmil)

"İnni cailün fil ardi halifeten - I placed man on the earth one that shall rule as My deputy." (Al-Baqarah, 30)

"Veallemel Ademe esmae külleha - I taught Adam (man) all my names." (Al- Baqarah, 31)

"Lekadhalaknel insane fi ahseni takvim - I created man in the most noble, beautiful image." (Al- Tin, 4)

"Venefehtü fihi min ruhi - I breathed into man from My own Spirit." (Sad, 72)

"Ve izkülna lilmelaiketiscüdü li Adame fesecedu illa iblis - I said to the angels: Prostrate yourselves before man, they all prostrated themselves except Satan." (Al- Baqarah, 34)

"Innellahe halakel Ademe ala suretihi - God created man in His own image." (22)

These verses of the Koran and the sacred saying of God enlighten our subject.

Although human body has been created more perfect than the other living things, the superiority of man is because of the sacred spirit he has.

"Allahü lâ ilâhe illahu lehül esmaül hüsna - There is no other God but Allah and His are the most gracious names (qualities)." (Taha, 8)

This verse explains that the existence is HUU-HE-ALLAH and that all the beautiful attributes belong to Him. That is true that Existence is He and all the beautiful names and attributes belong to Him, who is the sole existence.

Spirit is the decree of God. It has been created from the Divine Light of God's person but angels have been created from the Divine Lights of the attributes of God, who is the Absolute Presence (from the lights of His beautiful names).

God is One and His hands are two. God said in the Koran that He created man with His two hands. Spirit was existed from the Divine Light of God, Himself but millions of angels were existed from each of God's beautiful names. Spirit is, in fact, only one. The other spirits were existed from the first Muhammadan Spirit just like the sun and the stars.

Spirit is the Divine Light of God's person but the angels are the Divine lights of God's beautiful names. God, who is the existence Himself, is only one and unique and His hands are two. It means His attributes assembled in two categories called as "jalal - power, majesty and wrath" and "jamal - beauty, mercy and grace" because God is both strong and angry and very merciful and beautiful. For this reason, some of the angels are Merciful (Jamal) and some are full of wrath (Jalal).

The devil as called the sample of meanness was created from the name of God "Cebbar-All-Dominating" with the name "Kahhar-Wrathful, Crusher" so, it is the sample of badness, wickedness and untruthfulness. The reason why Satan did not prostrate before man was it could not get rid of the tyranny the name "Cebbar-All Dominating" gave him. He always sees himself strong and boastful because he is under the tyranny of the names "Cebbar and Kahhar". Since the Holy Spirit is the Divine Light of God's person, it bears both the attributes of God's person and the attributes of His names. This truth has been confirmed with the following verse:

"I taught Adam all my names." (Al -Baqarah, 31)

It is also understood with the following verse that the attribute of knowledge belongs to God and spirits have the ability to learn and gain knowledge as a result, man is able to communicate with God.

"Allamel insane ma'lem ya'lem - God teaches man what he does not know." (Al-Alaq, 5)

Spirit has all the opposite powers and attributes although it is very powerful because it has all the mighty and merciful attributes and the Divine light of God's person.

God says in another verse: "İnna halaknel insane min nutfetin emşac - I have created man from the union of two waters, I may put him into proof (I may try him)." (Al- İnsan, 2)

He means to say which attributes of Him will be superior in man. His wrathful or merciful attributes? If His merciful attribute is superior to him, then, man is faithful and religious, and he has reached the Divine Knowledge. If His wrathful attribute is superior, he is bad, cruel, obstinate and repudiate. Spirit is stronger, more superior and scholarly than all the angels, which are the low and holy beings.

For this reason, God made all the angels prostrate before man who has this spirit and He made all the creation, all the creatures depend on man or subjected to man. Spirit and the angels mentioned above are in fact, the essential and attributive powers of God. They are His manifestations - appearances. There is nothing and nobody except God. The only presence is He. All the physical and spiritual beings are the signs - manifestations of Him. This reality has definitely been proved in the first chapter of this book. We should not forget that the only existence is God.

The tree of Existence is one. Its root is Divine Unity (oneness), its branches are the manifestations and its fruit is the Perfect Man. All of them are God, who is eternal, unique, endless and infinite sea of Divine Light. It means: God is One, Messenger is Truth (Haq) or in other words; the existence - presence - is one and the Perfect Man is true. We can exemplify the reality "Existence is One and His manifestations are seven" as "one sea and seven connected waves which flow towards the shore". The secrecy of these seven manifestations is due to the Divine light of God that manifested in six different colors. They are: 1-Lilac colored light blue, 2-The green color of grass, 3-Light yellow, 4-Red, 5-White, 6-Black. The rank of Oneness has no color. It is the world of colorlessness and invisibility. Lâ taayyün esrar - The indefinite mystery....

Another mystery of these seven ranks is hidden in the head of man. Man has got two eyes, two ears, two nostrils and a mouth. When you add them, it makes seven. There are also four different senses on the head of man: seeing, hearing, speaking and smelling. When you multiply 7 by 4, it makes 28 and the Koran consists of 28 Arabic letters. This reality shows that the Koran is hidden in the head of man. It is one of the reasons why the Perfect Man is called "Koran" in Sufism. God has explained the superiority of man with the verse:

"Ve nefehtü fihi min ruhi - I breathed My spirit into man." (Sad, 72)

The spirit that is the Divine Light of God's person and qualified by all the good qualities, mainly science, will certainly be superior to all the physical and spiritual beings by means of this right. God also called man "My messenger, My caliph, My apostle, My prophet, My saint, My heir” because the spirit has the attributes of thinking and inventing.

The body of man was created better and more perfectly than the other beings. The right of standing upright is given only to man among the other beings, which enabled man to be the administrator or the master of the entire universe and of all the physical and spiritual beings. The shape of man and the mysteries or the secrets of God on his face show the superiority of him. When man stands up, he has the form of the Arabic letter Elif "A", when he bends, Dal "D", when he prostrates, Mim "M". If you put these letters next to each other in order, you get the word "ADAM". The reason why the first man was given the name - Adam - depends on this mystery. When man prostrates, he gives the form "MUHAMMAD" in Arabic letters.

“Muhammad” means, "highly praised by God". The name given to the Last Prophet shows his exalted rank and prophecy. As every prophet, the name of the last Prophet is also special and nobody was called by the same name before Him.

Muhammad, Jesus, Moses, Abraham, Noah, Adam, David, John the Baptist, Zachariah, Isaac, Jacob, Ishmael, Aaron, Lot, Hud, Enoch, Sheet and the other Prophets (May peace be upon them!) were given their names before the others. The history of humanity is a witness to this reality. This fact shows that these holy men, mentioned above, have been chosen by God. The Prophets and the Walis who are the friends of God are the Words of God. Another name of the spirit is "the literal word of God".

The Prophet Muhammad, who is the biggest manifestation of God, just like the sun, has taken the name "Cevamiül kelim - Total of all the names". For, he is the divine father of all the spirits -Ebi Mukaddes. Among the other Walis -the Friends of God -, the only person who has a special name is Hazrat Ali, who is the son of Muhammad's uncle. Nobody has taken the name "Ali" before. That is why this greatest friend of God is called "Şâhi Velayet -The King of Sainthood-", "Veliyullah - the Saint (Friend) of God" and "Keremallahü Vechehu -God treated his face with honor".

A baby is in the form of prostrating in his mother's womb: His hands are on his ears and his knees are stretched towards his abdomen. He draws the word “Muhammad” in Arabic letters when he is upside down and his feet are together. It shows that God has given man the name "Muhammad -praised". Man draws the word "Muhammad" when he prostrates during his ritual prayer. A poet tells us this reality with the following lines:

"I am evident with my absence; I belong to the family of the Prophet,

In the form of my prostrating, my witness is the name of Muhammad."

Prostrating is the most important action in the performance of the ritual prayer. Prayer consists of three main actions which are called as "Kıyam -standing upright", "Rüku -bending" and "sücut -prostrating". While a person is performing salat, he does all the worships of all the plants, of all the animals and of all the people at the same time. "Namaz" is the most important worship for this reason, God has given this great honor only to man. This worship should be performed with a complete belief and as the Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon Him!) had done. Namaz, which means begging and praying to God, removes wickedness and adultery from man. This matter has been clarified by the following verse:

"İnnessalate tenha anil fehşai vel münker - Namaz fends away the indecency, evil and the adultery." (Al - Ankabut, 45)

Ritual prayer cannot be performed without through cleansing. Man receives physical and moral favors of God when he is in the presence of Him with a clean body and a strong belief. The heart and the body of man who performs this prayer become pure. Cleanliness enables the body and spirit to become healthy. Ritual prayer also means action. Life is action too. If a person performs his ritual worship five times a day, he becomes active and healthy. He is never lazy or insensible.

"Fasting", performed with belief, is also another way of worshipping God. Fasting kills one's lower instincts, his sinful carnal desires and it controls his passions. It enables man to be resolute and determined. It also causes the heart and mind to rest by keeping them away from the pressure of the digesting organs because it has positive effects on the circulation of blood and on the digesting system. Fasting helps man to get used to struggling with his evil feelings. It incites the feelings of fairness and compassion hidden in the spirit and heart of man by means of hunger. In addition, it causes man to feel sorry for the poor and to realize the necessity of helping them. To sum up, fasting helps everybody to understand and to be willing to help each other.

These two very important worshipping "prayer and fasting" should be done in order to get God's love and consent with a true belief, just as the other worships. They are the duty of being a man. They are a secret between man and his God. They should be done as secretly as possible in order not to be seen and heard by the other people. God likes secret worship. Therefore, the Prophet Muhammad encouraged people to perform the secret worship very much as well as the obligatory ones.

As explained above, God has given man the possibility of liberty and limitless authority because of the superiority He entrusted him. He gave everything between the Earth and the Heavens, the Angels and the entire Universe, seen and unseen, to man's command. Man obtained a highness that enables him to perform duty in the name of God due to all these attributes. He also became responsible to God for this liberty and highness. The face of man has been embellished by two eyes that look like the letter "Ayn" in Arabic. His nose looks like "Lam" and his mouth with his upper lips diverted into two in the middle looks like "Ya" which make it very beautiful. When these letters are connected, "Aliyyül âlâ-Very Exalted" is written on his face. It is the proof of the superiority of man by the hand of God.

Man has five inner and five outer senses.

The exterior senses are seeing, smelling, speaking, hearing, touching and the inner ones are imagination, surmising, remembering, memory and thinking, which have embellished and ornamented man.


"Lekad halaknel insane fi ahseni takvim, sümme redednahü esfele safilin - I created man in a most noble image, then I reduced him to the lowest of the low." (Al-Tin, 4-5)

God started the adventure of the spirit to his servants with the above verse. It is stated that spirit was sent to the human body that is made of water, soil and the other elements of the physical world and which is a biological being at a very low state, while it was in the spiritual world having all the qualities of God and when it was a beautiful Divine light of God. The verse "I breathed into man from My spirit.” (Sad, 72) is the clear evidence of it.

The spirit sent into human body from the holy world protects its holiness until a person is seven years old. Then, it starts to lose its divinity and fineness as it increases its relation with the body and the physical world; as a result, it becomes low and common. This materialized spirit falls into the hollow of ignorance. It forgets its first Divine state and the moment of the agreement between God and itself when it has been created. It even forgets its origin, its source, which is God. Brutal feelings dominate it and it starts to become cruel and shed blood just like wild animals. He has no holiness and highness anymore. It has become dirty and low with material smear. He is under the imputation of the verse: "Belhüm edel - He is lower than an animal" (Sad, 72). He is unaware of the realities and in a state of repudiating and bewilderment.

He has forgotten his old, sacred and bright days indicated in the verse: "Vezekkirhüm bi eyyamillah - Remember the days you spent with God." (Abraham, 5) He has fallen into a terrible darkness of ignorance, become very rebellious to his origin, God. He is very harmful for his environment and for the people around him. Now, he is in the darkness of matter ... he is in the Hell.


God, the Most High, has pity on the man who is in this state with His attribute "Rahman - Very Merciful". He sends them some special people like "the Prophets and Walis", who bear Divine Spirit that knows the realities in order to save them from this low state. He calls them with the verse "İrcii ila Rebbiki - Return to your God!" (Al - Fajr, 28)

The person who bears Divine spirit- the first manifestation of God-who has come to this world and returned to his God becoming Divine, who was sent to the Earth in order to help bewildered people that have forgotten their agreement with God, who attains good attributes and who is the scholar of God is called "Perfect Man - İnsan-ı Kâmil".

The inside of the Perfect Man is God, his outside is human. It means his inside is Divine Light and his outside is matter. He is with God with his inner side and he is with the people with his outer side. He is just like a point that connects the outer and the inner worlds with this state of him.

"Kül innema ena beşerün mislüküm yuha - Say: I am a mortal like yourselves but more, I have the sacred word of God, sacred spirit and very high knowledge of God." (Al -Kahf, 110)

"In hüve illa vahyün yuha - Whatever the Prophet (Muhammad) - the Perfect Man says- it is the revelation (the word of God)." (Al -Najm, 4)

The words of the Perfect Man are Divine. He differs from the ignorant man in this respect. He is also a human. The favor of God can change immature people into their first states if they obey the Perfect Man, who has been given the duty by God with the calling "Return to your God!", in the path he directs and under his high training. They will get rid of the stiffness of matter by being purified and will be embellished with the good attributes of God as a result they will become holy and find the possibility of being a Perfect Man attaining goodness and righteousness. This education is called "Seyr-i Süluk (Progress on the Spiritual Path)" in Sufism. The path of God which is called "Seyr-i Süluk (Spiritual Journey) -Velâyet (Sainthood), Tariqat (Divine Way)" in Sufism is the spiritual, sacred journey, traveling to infinity. Another name of it is: detachment from the world, purification and being away from the wickedness. God said: "Divest and meet - embrace!" (23)

The Perfect Man is like a fig or natural lime. A fig is full inside and it is pleasant and sweet. One fig has thousands of seeds in it. These seeds are all the knowledge mentioned in the verse:

"Ve allame Ademel Esmae külleha - I taught Adam (man) all my names." (Al -Baqarah, 31) Each seed reflects a name. Existence is One but His attributes are one thousand and one. Man is also called "the great book" because he has gathered all the knowledge in himself. Man is also a mirror of God's person and His attributes. He has gathered everything in himself and he is superior to all the creation with this characteristic of him. Niyazi Mısri said:

"Creation is the mirror to the art of God,

Man is the mirror to the artist Himself."

The above poem expresses the reality that the man has been reflecting God. Particularly, the heart of man is just like a big, bright mirror or an electric bulb that reflects God. God revealed this fact as: "I can fit into neither the Earth nor the heavens; I am in the heart of the believer." (24)

Man differs from an ignorant man who has not been given Divine Education with this quality. Immature man is called animal-like man. We can observe it in the body of man; the diaphragm separates human body into two parts. In the upper part of it man has a heart and a brain, in the lower part there are dirty digestive organs and the organs of generation. The upper part of the diaphragm is angel-like and the lower part of it is animal-like. If man does not have the divine Light of God in his heart and if he does not attain the consideration and the knowledge of God in his brain, he is completely an animal then. Osman Kemal Efendi from Erzurum expressed this reality very beautifully in the following poem:

"I do not want a man with a man's face but an animal in character,

His inclination is vile; although he does favor, he commits sin."

The tendency of such a man is always towards his lower part of his body so his favor is also evil. God, who is the Existence, is everywhere. He reveals in the Koran that He is closer to us than we are:

"Ve nahnü akrebü ileyhi min hablil varid - We are closer to man than the vein in his throat." (Qaf, 16)

He, to whom no place or limit can be assigned, is in everywhere. He is the limit Himself. There cannot be the limit of the limits or the place of the places. God, who is the existence, is the first and the last of the eternity. God, who Himself is the existence, is the first who has no first, the last who has no end, the inner who has no interior, the outer who has no outer because He is a whole and the first, the last, the inner, the outer is He. He is the constant presence who has no edges and all the creation is His manifestation. He is the one who created everything and also time from His own presence. He is not dependent on time because time is Himself. (25) He is the eternal presence.

One who exists is He. Existence exists and non-existence does not exist. God transmitted us that He was closer to us than we were and added saying that He encompassed everything so He is both inside and outside of us. The strong lights pass through the body of a man who enters a room lit by X-rays. The light is both inside and outside of the man who is in this situation. Niyazi Mısri (26) expressed it very beautifully saying:

"God is in our heart and we are also in His heart."

The Divine Light of God has the qualities of seeing, hearing speaking, voice as well as knowledge. Again, Niyazi explained this reality 300 years ago as follows:

"God changed His Divine Light into words

And His words into Divine Light."

Today, radio and television have confirmed Niyazi. Light can be transformed into sound and sound can be transformed into light.

Why does man not get benefit from God personally although He tells us that He is much closer to us than ourselves and He has encompassed everything? Why does man not get favor of His divine light and His sweet voice? The example of it is: Electricity exists everywhere, in matter, in water, in the air, and even in the body of man. Unfortunately, we cannot see, understand and make use of it. There are also the network of electricity and electric bulbs. When we push the button, the bulb emits light. If we touch it with our naked hand, we get affected. Although electricity surrounds us and it exists in our body, we are not able to make use of it directly. We cannot reach God directly either, as He is an immense and endless Divine Light. He has sheltered Himself with the Perfect Man and with other objects.

The Perfect Man is just like a cable that protects energy and He emits light just like an electric bulb. When we meet the Perfect Men, who are the Prophets or the Friends of God (Walis) and the scholars of God, as if we meet God who is Divine Light. The heart of a Perfect Man is like a big, bright mirror which reflects God or like an electric bulb which emits electricity. His hand is white. "Elyedel beyza" (Al-Naml, 12 / Al Qassas, 32) His hand looks like Moses’s hand which diffuses electricity or light. Whoever obeys the Perfect Man obeys God directly.

"İnnelezine yubayiuneke innema yubaiun Allah yedillahi fevke eydihim - O, the Prophet, those who obey you (who swear fealty to you) obey God (swear allegiance to God). The hand of God is on their hands so they hold the hand of God." (Al- Fath, 10)

"Vatesimübi hablillahi cemia - Hold the string of God!" (Al - İmran, 103)

The above verse also explains this reality because the self (nafs) of the Perfect Man -the Prophet - is the Holy Word of God.

"Men yütiür Resule fekad ata Allah - He who obeys the messenger of God obeys God." (Al -Nisa, 80)

"Kül in küntüm tühibbun Allahe fettebiuni - Say: If you love God, follow me (swear fealty to me)." (Al - Imran, 31)

"Vebteu ileyhil vesile - The person who wants to find God must obey the mediator." (Al- Maidah, 35)

These verses are the clear evidences that prove the importance, necessity and the help of the Perfect Man. It is impossible to make use the prosperity of God, to get the spiritual benefaction and the blessing of God unless you find the Perfect Man, swear fealty to him and follow his path. It is bewilderment to look for the radiance in another place instead of the electric bulb on a dark night thinking that the electricity is everywhere. God established His path and His order in this way. He showed His justice by teaching the path of benefiting from Him.

God enabled man to be able to succeed great works with the divine light of intelligence creating him in His own quality. Today, it is proved that man has the ability to solve the mystery of the Universe. As a result, man has been responsible to himself, humanity, his environment and particularly to his children as well as to all the good and poor people. Man who can climb the Sky is able to maintain the equality and justice and support the economical life and the health of his children and of the other needy people by establishing governments. In this situation, some nonsense statements such as "Why does God make little children sick?, or If there had been God, He would have been just and would not have given the children illnesses" made by Diderot (27) and Russel, (28), who reached a very high level knowledge, make us annoyed and think about it. We would not have mentioned about this subject if Diderot, Russel and similar materialist scientists had been in complete ignorance of the matter of the social state and parents. The state and parents are responsible for the illnesses of the children except widespread diseases.

Death is the decree of God. No force is able to stop it. Wars are caused by the jealousy of people and they are because of the greed and passions of the rulers. God has given man intelligence and he has become responsible for it. Wars are started by men. God will definitely punish unfair people. God cannot be denied by attributing Him the violence of wars, which is another nonsense.

Nobody will be able to change the order of God and He will not change the arranged order for the sake of some people either.


The Perfect Man is calm and motionless like the unslaked (natural, active) lime and he is supposed to be like the other ordinary rocks. In fact, he is well hardened just like lime. When you pour out water on lime, it gets warm, and starts to boil with a bubbling noise and becomes activated. Just like this, when the Perfect Man is influenced by something for any reason, he becomes enthusiastic and exuberant like a sea suddenly. He is motivated by love and the knowledge of God flows to his tongue from his heart just like the rivers. Those who are present to listen to his speech are changed into various states at that instant. They have been under an immense influence and now God has shown himself. The button is pushed and the bulb has shone. The darkness has vanished in his presence and his surrounding has sunk into light. Every hidden thing has become manifested, every denial and suspicion have ceased to exist.


The Perfect Man is pure and fine like silk and his qualities look like the qualities of silk cloth. Silk cloth does not fall into pieces when it is burnt. The example of it is the incandescent mantle of the pressurized kerosene lamp. The spirit of the Perfect Man, whose self and spirit have burnt in the divine light of God's love and presence (Lahut-Divine Nature), is just like the incandescent mantle of the kerosene lamp. His spirit and his self (nafs) have been annihilated in the Divine Light of God being perished. God enabled his soul to acquire a mysterious presence in annihilation. He made him wear the shirt of eternity. His spirit has become divine and eternal by being annihilated in the presence of God.

Our Prophet explained this reality as "Mutu kable ente mutu! - Die before you die!" (29) The Perfect Man differs from immature people and from all the other beings in this respect by being annihilated and re-existing in God same as the silk differs from the other materials with the quality of incandescence although it burns.


Becoming mature and perfect by getting rid of the ignorance and immaturity, as a result, having good qualities is possible if we find and swear fealty to the Perfect Man, who is the scholar of God and who has good virtues and if we are trained under His divine and spiritual education.

"Ircii! - Return to your God!" (Al-Fath, 28)

The above order should be kept in mind and the Prophet Muhammad, who is the greatest person in the path of God, should be followed because He was the last and like the Sun. He was born just like the sun and returned to his God like the setting of the sun. After he had died, humanity sank deeply into darkness. This merciful messenger of God did not want humanity to remain in the deep darkness after he died and said:

"Ene medinetül ilmi ve Aliyyün bâbuha - I am the city of knowledge and Ali is the gate to the city." (30) And also:

"Eshabiken nücum - My faithful friends who have seen me are just like the stars.” (31)

He showed Ali, who is his greatest heir and the master of all the Sufi saints, and his best friends to humanity as a guide with the permission and the desire of God. He left the greatest Friend of God Hazrat ALİ, (32) who is the gate of knowledge -divine knowledge- and enlightens the earth like the full moon and also his greatest friend Hazrat Abu Bakr (33), and his other friends that look like the shining stars in the Sky with us, in order that those that look for the reality would not be deprived of it.

Thus, the sacred and divine path of God has been left open. Those who obey them find the right way. In the course of time, the paths, except the paths of Hazrat Ali and Abu Bakr, have been lost or hidden.


The path of Hazrat Ali is open to those that seek the reality by the paths of his sons: Hasan (34) and Hüseyin (35) and Hasan al Basr,(36) Junayd of Baghdad,(37) from him Abd -al Qadir Gilani (38), Sayyid Ahmed ar Rufai (39), Sayyid Ahmed al Bedevi (40), Sayyid İbrahim of Dusuki (41), Sheikh Hasan-ı Shazili (42), Mawlana Jalaluddin Rumi (43), Sümbüli Sinan (44), Hadji Bayram Wali (45), Shahabettin Suhreverdi (46), Necmeddin-i Kübreverdi (47), Muiniddin-i Cheshdi (48) and of the others. Those who look for the reality can find it if they swear fealty (obey and follow) to these great Walis and the friends of God mentioned above and to the Perfect Men who have followed them.

This path of God will continue forever because God's mercy and justice will protect them. He who seeks finds, he who does not look for him is responsible. He will be questioned and become guilty if he does not, because God has given man His sacred spirit that has the qualities of thinking, searching and learning.


The Path of Hazrat Abu Bakr comes to Imam-ı Jafar al-Sadıq (49), Beyazid-i Bistami (50) following the path of Selman-i Farisi (51). This path is divided into two as Abdulhalik-i Gücdüvani (52) and Ahmed-i Yesevi (53) by the way of Beyazid-i Bistami. The path of Hadji Bektash Wali (54) is opened from Ahmed-i Yesevi. The path meets Muhammad Bahaeddin (55), Imam-ı Rabbani (56), Mawlana Halid Ziyaeddin (57) and similar great scholars of God from the path of Gücdüvani by means of Muhammad Baba Sammasi (58).

The path of Abu Baqr is also open to those who look for the reality. It is true. Those who obey them can find the reality. These two paths are called "Tariq-i Alawiye and Tariq-i Baqriye" by the old Sufis. They are both right and they both lead to Muhammad Mustafa, who is the sun of God, and from Him they reach the Greatest of the Great.

“The spirit of the Perfect Man has unlimited authority in two worlds,

Do not say that he is dead and nobody can get a remedy from him!

Spirit is the sword of God, the skin covers it,

The sword out of its sheath can benefit more.”

And they also said:

"Look for Adam (man), find Adam and be Adam with Adam!"

The path of God starts by finding the Perfect Man and by swearing fealty (allegiance) to him by hand and with heart. Then, the path of becoming perfect goes on by getting Divine energy from the sacred spirit of the Perfect Man, which has become annihilated and re-existed in God and by remembering (Dhikr) the greatest name of God "ALLAH" and His other beautiful names. This means: making connection with the heart and the spirit of the Perfect Man that looks like a shining bulb. It is as if putting a plug into a socket. Divine love and light begins to fill into the heart of the follower of God during this spiritual connection as in the example of plugging into a socket. His heart becomes like a large pool by remembering the names of God in this way.

As the aspirant (the follower of God) continues to keep this spiritual bond and remember God very often and constantly, his heart becomes a sea of Divine Light. When He becomes like sea, he becomes a Perfect Man, a friend of God. Our great Prophet said: "Become a sea but do not get changed!" (59), which means the aim is to become a sea because ponds, rivers, streams may become turbid and different but sea never changes, just on the contrary it changes the objects which fall into it and dyes them into its own color. Then, the Perfect Man is just like the sea. Whoever dives into him is destroyed, lost and has become annihilated in him and become sea-like. He takes on God's own color.

"Sıbğet Allah - Take on God's own color (dye)!” (Al-Baqarah, 138)

"Divest and meet!" (60)

The verse and the sacred saying of God written above confirm the subject mentioned in this chapter.


Remembering God (Dhikr) is performed in the path of Hazrat Ali, who is the greatest Friend of God, by saying and repeating the words:

"Fa'lem ennehu “LA İLAHE İLLALLAH” - Know that there is no God but Allah." (Muhammad, 19) and also by reciting the greatest name of God "ALLAH" and His other beautiful names. Remembrance of God (dhikr) is performed under the high supervision of the Perfect Man and with the certain number of time the Perfect Man advises. The follower of God continues performing dhikr punctually and regularly. Remembering God very often is the commandment of God. It is the greatest obligatory worship.

"Vele zikrüllahi ekber -The foremost duty is to remember God." (Al- Ankabut, 45)

A great deal of similar verses shows that the remembrance of God is an obligatory act.

“Fezküruni ezkürküm - Remember Me (God) so that I will remember you.” (Al- Baqarah, 152)

"Vezkür Rebbeke iza nesite - When you forget, remember your God." (Al- Kahf, 24)

"Ya eyyühellezine âmenüzkürullahe zikren kesira - O men, Remember God abundantly." (Al- Ahzab, 41)

"Ela bizikrillahi tetmeinnül kulub - Surely in the remembrance of God, all hearts are comforted." (Al - Rad, 28)

"Vezkürüllahe kesiren lealleküm tüflihun - Remember God always so that you may be saved." (Al-Juma, 10)

"Ellezine yezkürunallahe kıyamen ve ku'üden ve ala cünubihim veyetefekkerune fi halkissemavati vel ard - Those who have faith remember God when sitting, standing and lying down in their side and think about the creation of the Heavens and the Earth." (Al- Imran, 191)

"Fes'elu ehlezzikri in küntüm lâ ta'lemun - Ask the knowledge which you do not know from the people of remembrance (Dhikr)." (Al- Nahl, 43)

According to the verses written above, the remembrance of God is the commandment of God and it is performed first with the tongue, then from the self, with the heart, with the spirit, from the mystery, from the secrecy and from the subtleties (Lâtife: Divine Lights of the Prophets) called as "the most secret of the secrets"

These subtleties are as follows:

"Heart" under the left breast; it is the Divine light of Adam Safiyullah, yellow colored

"Spirit" under the right breast; the Divine Lights of Noah Naciyullah and Abraham Halilullah, red colored

"Sır" on the right breast, the Divine Light of Moses Kelimullah, white coloured

"Hafi" on the left breast, the Divine Light of Jesus Ruhullah, it is black whose surrounding is bright

"Ahfa" It is in the middle of the two breasts on the chest, it is the Divine Light of Muhammad Habibullah (the beloved of God). It is greater than the other subtleties and it is very beautiful green color.

"Natıqa" is the point that is between two eyebrows on the face. It is the place where God sends the Divine Light of His Person. It is very keen and bright, colorless and it is the source of all the Divine Lights -Nurul Envar-.

The verses and mystical realities mentioned above show that the remembrance of God is an obligatory duty and the path of God means to follow the Perfect Man and to make remembrance of God. These recitations are performed secretly in the path of Abu Bakr. They are started with the greatest name of God "ALLAH" and then continued with the expression “Lâ ilâhe illallah”. Our Prophet said: "Efdeli zikri Lâ ilâhe illallah - The most superior dhikr is: "There is no God but Allah." (61)

The Alawis first begin with "Lâ ilâhe illallah" and then continue with the recitation of the name "Allah". The Bakries first begin with the name "Allah" and then say "Lâ ilâhe illallah". The aim of both of the paths is to make the remembrance of God. There is no difference between them fundamentally except in method. The Alawis begin performing their dhikr verbally and then return to the secret remembrance. The Bakries begin their dhikr secretly and then verbally. The followers of both paths perform these remembrances on the places of the subtleties - the Divine Lights of the Prophets-, already mentioned above, so that their breasts will get these Divine Lights.

May they join the company of God together with the Holy People who are in the company of God forever and reach the deep contemplation of the following verse:

"Ve hüve meaküm eynema küntüm - God is with you wherever you are." (Al-Hadid, 4)

The followers of God reach the great Mohammedan Spirit and with Him, they meet beautiful God, who is the absolute existence, in these two paths.

There are 21 muraqabas - contemplations, concentrations - in both paths but they are secret and not permitted to be revealed. Some imperfect Sufis confuse these 21 muraqabas with the Muraqaba lessons, which is another subject. 21 muraqaba and the Muraqaba lessons are different subjects. Since this matter is forbidden for the new followers of God, the advanced followers of God may come to Adıyaman (the city where the writer of this book lives in Turkey) if they have any problems. We can speak on the subject and solve their problems with the permission of God and by the help of the Perfect Man (piran - the spiritual teacher).

"God created man of His own image." (62)

The man to whom the above verse refers and whom we are trying to explain until now is "the Perfect Man". The intention of saying "image" is the appearance of man in Jalal and Jamal attributes of God (beauty and power attributions) because God has no image, no face or no shape. He is the absolute presence, which is Divine Light. The infinite existence does not take a form or an image because if He takes a form, He is limited then. The forms and the limits are for the beings which or who are the manifestations and the signs of God. The process of giving birth or being born is for the limited beings, as God does not give birth or He was not born like human beings or animals.


Death is biological. Man dies same as an animal dies. Man does not die when the spirit leaves him. The spirit leaves him because he is dead. Spirit is the holy manifestation of God, which bears the attributes of knowledge and speaking of Him. It is Divine Light (Nur). Spirit never dies because it does not leave God just like the rays of the sun. It extends to man from God and it is drawn back to his God when a man dies. Spirit is together with God, existing in God and eternal with God because it is the sacred breath of God.

“Ve nefehtü fihi min ruhi - I breathed into man from My spirit.” (Sad, 72) Spirit neither dies nor sleeps because its origin is God and God never sleeps or dies. He is always alive.

Dreams are the visions of the spirits in the inner world. The spirit always sees something around him because of being alive. These visions are according to his level or state at that moment. If he is in a low position of the inner world, low and awesome objects are seen, if he is at a high, sacred or divine rank, he sees holy, divine, beautiful and spiritual beings. When man sleeps and stops his relationship with the outer world, he can be aware of some visions of his spirit, when he wakes up, he may remember them and this is called "dream".

The death of a human is biological like the death of an animal. It is the stop of the functions of the heart and the interruption of the blood circulation for any reason such as an illness or accident. The body cannot maintain its liveliness if the blood circulation does not function so it is meaningless for the Divine Spirit of God to remain in such a body. The spirit, which is a sacred trust of God, returns to God, who is the source and the origin of the existence, from the dead body (it is drawn back). Human body is just like an electric bulb. When an electric bulb is out of order or broken, electricity does not show itself any longer but the corruption or deficiency of the bulb can never put an end to the presence of electricity. There is still electricity in the cable but hidden. Spirit and Divine Light are also sometimes hidden, sometimes obvious. If God permits, it can be visible and effective; if not, it may be hidden and secret. This reality is explained in the Koran by God with the following verse:

"Allahü nurussemavati vel ard - God is the Divine Light of the Heavens and the Earth." (Al-Nur 35)

By the invention of electricity, it has been definitely understood that there is Divine Light on the Earth. The sun, the moon and the stars are the visible Divine Lights of God. When God wanted to create this world "Nasut - Physical world, Human Nature", He first created the Sun with the name "Hellak -the Great creator" from the Divine Light of "Lahut -Divine Nature" and sent it to the physical world in an order and plan. The sun is a big piece of Divine Light, which rotates on its axis from right to left very fast. It is renewed constantly by the name of God "Mecit -One that renews". The sun and all the creation are annihilated and re-existed in the Divine Light of God's person every instant. All things are stretched and extended back to the Absolute Existence, which is the essence of everything and the Infinite Light, same as the event of tide.

"Do you not see how your God lengthens the shadow, had it been His will He could have made them constant?" (Al-Furqan, 45) or the objects which are sunk into the source of the existence would not be visible and would not exist. Existence closes and opens or becomes hidden and seen as the circle's becoming a point and then a circle again. There is no decrease or increase in this event but there is renovation. This constant renovation continues and annihilation and re-existing happens every instant from an atom to the sun. Particularly the sun becomes annihilated and re-existed (renovated) in the great Divine Light God. The renovated sun renovates the creation and everything in it. The stars are seen and hidden and so they draw a good example for us to understand this reality. Since the process of annihilation and re-existing happen at the same time, we think that it always exists.

Existence dominates nothingness just like light dominates darkness, or visibility dominates invisibility. There is no repetition in this event either. A similarity is created every moment. Repetition is impotence or inability. Perfection comes into existence because of the constant renovation. Inhalation and exhalation and also the state of "compression, constriction and expansion-the opening and closing of the heart in spirituality" depend on this mystery. The Koran and the spirit that has the quality of intelligence are being renovated every moment because of the annihilation and re-existing in God. For this reason, the Koran is called:

"Kaf vel Kur'anil mecid - Renovated Koran." (Al Qaf, 1). The inner and outer worlds (the physical and spiritual worlds) are renovated and perfected every instant because of this mystery. This perfection lasts forever.

The electricity that emits light from an electric bulb is non-existing and re-existing for hundreds of times in a sixtieth part of a second but in this fast event of becoming absent and present, we always see it light because lightness dominates darkness. We are not able to notice the darkness in this very fast event although it is dark when it is non-existing. Many of other examples could be given on this subject. God said in the Koran:

"Sümmecealnaş şemse aleyhi delila - The sun was made the proof of the shadow by God." (Al - Furqan, 45)

It means: If the sun did not exist, shadow would not exist either. The existence of shadow depends on light although light exists even without shadow. The creation is the manifestation or a kind of shadow of God. If there is no God, there is no creation. However, God, who is the source of the creation is "Samed -independent of the creation", He does not depend on anything, He is the one who created everything and everybody from His own presence. We are in need of Him in order to exist and maintain our existence. One who is in need of Him is the servant. God who needs nothing is the master, ruler and the Lord. He is the Lord of us and the Lord of the Universe because He rules the Universe and us. We are His slaves because we exist with Him and we maintain our existence with Him for a period even though for a temporary time.

There are the origins of all the minerals in the sun, together with many unknown minerals that do not exist in the earth and in the stars. The biological world came into existence with the energy, the light, the heat and the minerals that it got from the Sun. The Sun and the Stars are separated from the Sun as a mass and they rotate on their own axis from the right to the left and revolve about the Sun. They are based on a calculation and an order. They are also benefited from it. The fruits are ripened by the Sun and flavored by the Moon and Stars.

"God made all things subject to man." (Al-Jathiyah, 13)

Men went into the space and the eyes of man saw the Moon. There is no oxygen and water on the Moon. The facts about the Moon will be clarified when the Russian astronauts or the astronauts of the other nations go to the Moon. Today, the scientific level which the Americans have reached is really admirable and respectable since the Russians will be able to see the Moon 25 years later (considering it 1973). We think that it will be better and more beneficial if the scientists of the other nations go to the Moon. Some of the scientific suspicions about this matter will completely be solved then, such as the broadcasting of television or similar scientific and important subjects.

Man-human, who bears the scientific attribute of God and who is the caliph that does work in the name of God on the Earth is certainly great.

There is a star in the Sky on which life exists. We think that man will be able to discover it one day if God permits. We believe that all these researches of space and the efforts are due to this aim. We will reveal some facts learnt and confirmed by the inner world through discovery in order to help science and humanity: There is a star in the sky on which life exists. Some Islam scholars have already mentioned it. It is on the parallel of the Earth and its distance from the Earth is equal to the distance of the Earth from the Sun. This star had become dense later than the earth. The climate of it is also slightly different from the climate of our planet. There are steep and bare mountains. There are particularly copper and gold minerals. There is also some water, a river and a sea. Although there are some plants, they are not like the plants on the earth and the fruits have not been ripened yet, they are primitive and in their original states. There are not any human beings or animals but there are some plants for clothing which look like cotton, flax, linen etc. And they are very strong. We hope God will permit and man will be able to find it before the Day of Resurrection.

Some Sufis have already mentioned about healing plants. We will mention about a plant that definitely heals cancer against which humanity is helpless. It is a seed of a rose which is called “The Pink Mohammedan Rose” in our home town Adıyaman. This seed is red, as big as a grape and in a big capsule. It has no side effects. They even make jam from it in our town. There is some brown fluid that emits light inside it. It is certain that it cures cancer. The concerned authorities have been informed about this seed by my brother Abdülkadir Yardımcı in Turkey. We hope that the result of analysis will be positive and it will be useful for humanity.


The earth was not separated from the sun as a mass but God created it from the hot temperature of the sun. The high temperature squeezed, condensed and turned into a dense red fire. This dense heat mass is very immense and it is still in the centre of the earth. It is surrounded by very thick, hard, bright and a single piece spherical stone layer that looks like marble. This sphere is surrounded by joint holes whose diameter is about 3-5 cm. There are millions of filtered holes. Very hot heat is spurted out through these holes. These spurts are turned into crude oil at the upper layers. The single piece hard stone sphere mentioned above is surrounded by another thick stone sphere filtered like the cells in a honeycomb. This sphere looks like a knitting of a mat. It also surrounds the first stone layer in a spherical way. There are large girdles made of stone surrounding it. There is crude oil amongst these girdles of stones. There are large rocks on these stone arches and on them; there are minerals in some places. There is some water on the above layer and some middle sized rocks and the layers of earth on it. The earth consists of these seven layers mentioned above.

The first rain fell on the earth from a river called "The sea of Mercy" from the Heaven called "Melekut (Angelic Reign)" by God. It continued raining very heavily for hundreds of years. There was no oxygen or hydrogen in the first creation of the world. Seas, lakes and rivers were formed by these rains and they helped the formation of the soil. The rains that fell afterwards came into existence by the evaporation of the water which turned into clouds. There are mountains under the seas and in them. There are various minerals and elements that have not been discovered yet. Oceans were formed by the heavy rains during Noah' flood. The people who live in the continent of America and on the islands are the ones who remained there at that time. The ice at the Poles enables the world to get cool in summer. There are various birds that live at the Poles. Gravitation is due to the dense mass of fire in the centre of the earth.


The commandment of God "Dabbetül Ard" means “the characteristic of the earth”. The characteristic of the earth is atoms. Dabbetül Ard which our Religion pointed out has been visible by the splitting of atom because the characteristics of matter and the earth is learnt when atom has been split. Soil has also the characteristics of absorbing and filtering. It filters the water that comes from underground and enables the water to flow clearly.

The sign that our religion point out about the appearance of Dadjal (Antichrist) does not refer to a person because it means the success of the power of unbelief and repudiating. Our religion has also definite signs about the appearances of Mahdi and Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ and Mahdi Al-i Resul Imam Muhammad bin Imam-ı Hasan-al Askeri who is the 12th imam of Ehl-i Beyt will appear when the time comes. (The Family of the Prophet is called Ahl al Bayt) Jesus Christ will announce to humanity that the Religion of Muhammad and the Koran is true. Mahdi will bear the spiritual power of the Prophet Muhammad. These two holy men will overcome the unbelief. Ninety-five percent of the Western people, who believe in the holy books, will become Muslims and some of the Far East will accept Islam. By the arrival of Jesus Christ and Mahdi, every Christian will see himself as a Muslim when they get up one morning at home on in churches. There are many signs about the approaching of this time depending on discoveries, intelligence and revelations. (63)

The splitting of atom that means Dabbetül Ard does not mean that this small particle becomes lost but on the contrary it becomes infinite by transforming into light leaving weight and size and the origin of everything is only one Divine Light. It is the clear sign of the fact mentioned above. It has been understood so far that there are not two things. The origin of all things is sole Divine Light, which has no limits as a result, infinite. The existence is Divine Light (Nur) and the essence of it is God's person (Essence -ZAT).This Divine Light is the radiance of God, which is eternal in the past and eternal in the future.

The splitting of atom destroyed the theory of the Rationalist Islam Philosophers, who were affected by the Greek Philosophy, which claim that the existence of the universe is out of nothing (from the non-existence). They had already accepted theoretically the existence of a small particle that is indivisible and can be lost when it is divided. The old, classical theories have been disproved when it is definitely understood that atom could be divided but still exists as Divine Light becoming infinite.


The earth is surrounded by an atmosphere layer that maintains the biological life. The first man Adam was sent to the earth together with his wife Eve from the Heaven of Melekut (Angelic Reign) by God. They became a little bit solidified when they arrived. Adam and his wife, who were created in Melekut, had only a stomach as their digestive system. Their intestines and organs of generation were formed on the earth because the earth is in fact the world of animals. It is the lowest, the darkest region of God. It is a place that belongs to wild animals and wild plants. There are many mysteries about the arrival of Adam to the earth. This matter has already been explained in the chapter about "seyr-i süluk (progress in the spiritual path)". Adam brought the seeds of useful plants and animals with him. Wild animals were created from the roots of wild plants on the earth. God honored the first man with prophecy and made him a caliph on the earth. Adam and his wife had many children and they all went to the different parts of the world. Climate and regional differences affected their colors, structures and languages. Human races are due to these differences.

Our Prophet refused races and nobility, and in his farewell speech, he said that human beings were equal to each other like the teeth of a comb. (64) He transmitted that “The origin of mankind is Adam and the body of Adam was made up of soil.” (65) In the same speech, he said that women had rights over men, as they were also human beings and continued saying that people should respect women and the right of women and they should be well treated. This great Prophet objected to classifying people and abolished aristocracy. God said:

"İnne ekremeküm indallahi etkaküm - The noblest (the most precious) of you in God's sight is he who is afraid of God." (Al - Hucurat, 13)

"Velekad kerremnâ beni Ademe - I have bestowed blessings on Adam's children." (Al- Isra, 70)

The Prophet Muhammad objected to slavery and he had his dinner with his servants at the same table together. He declared: "Do your job yourself!" (66) Muhammad Ikbal of Pakistan (67) stated this equality by saying "The grandsons of Adam are like the teeth of a comb so, why not having a meal at the same table.”


The Skies consist of seven layers (stages, ranks).

The first sky is between the Earth and the Moon. The second sky is between the Moon and the Sun. The third sky is between the Sun and the Heaven called Melekut (Angelic Reign). Stars are in the second and third skies. The fourth Heaven is between Melekut and Ceberut (The World of Divine Compulsion). Another name of Ceberut is "MAKAM-I MAHMUD". It is the rank reported in the Koran as "En yab aseke Rebbüke makamen Mahmuda - O Muhammad! Your Lord sent you to the praised place." (Al -Isra, 79). This rank belongs to our Prophet. It is very sacred, mysterious and immense. Abu Bakr, Omar, Ali, Hasan and Huseyin, who are the permanent company of the Prophet, are in this highest Heaven with him. "Kawsar - Paradisical Beverage" and "Firdews Paradise -The Garden of Paradise" are in this Heaven.

The fifth Heaven is between Ceberut and "Sidre-i Münteha -the Ultimate Lotus tree". The sixth and the seventh Heavens are between Sidre and Levh-u Mahfuz (Well-Preserved Tablet). There are ten thrones between the Earth and Levh-u Mahfuz (Well-Preserved Tablet). Thrones, here, means stations or passages. Above Levh -u Mahfuz is the ONENESS - The person of God, which is the essence and the source of existence. The upper part of Ceberut is called the Heaven of Lahut or the Universe of Truth. All the creation and the manifestations were created from this fourth rank Lahut (Divine Nature).

The sun moves slowly from the south towards the north of the earth on a path for six months every year. It moves slowly toward south again on the same path after six months. 12 signs of Zodiac are based on this mystery. Every monthly interval is called Zodiac. God mentioned about the constellations of Zodiac in the Koran. (68) Although a Sufi had revealed this fact hundreds of years ago, he did not explain it clearly. Today it is permitted to be revealed. If scientists search for this subject, a new theory and fact might be found out and it can change many other theories. The realities of climates and of similar events may be obtained for humanity.

The reality called "One Existence, seven manifestations and four Divine worlds (Heavens)" that we have tried to explain in details so far is clarified. 7 multiplied by 4 makes 28 and the Koran consists of 28 Arabic letters.

"Vela retbin yabisin illa fi kitabin mübin - Anything green or sear but is recorded in the Koran (which means in other words, all the knowledge about the inner and outer worlds are in the Koran)." (Al-An 'am, 9)

The most important rank is "Lahut" which is the essence of existence or the Universe of Reality. It is the sea of infinite Divine Light and all the creation is the manifestation of it. It is such a world that logic and intelligence cannot comprehend its quality. All things perish there.

"Küllü şey'in halikin illa vechehu - All things shall perish (have to be destroyed) except God Himself." (Kassas, 88)

He who does not acquire the deep meaning and secrecy of this supreme verse of the Koran psychologically and actually is not able to understand Lahut (Divine Nature). If he tries to comprehend by reasoning and forces himself, his intelligence, reason, memory, mystery and his spirit burn and becomes obsessed by divine love before he reaches that degree. He is not able to complete his special training "seyr-i süluk" then.

For this reason, God says: "Fasbir inne va'dallahi Hak -Have patience, keep on doing good works, you will be saved at the end." (Hud, 11) God commands: "Vezkürühü kema hedaküm - However I guided you, you remember me in that way." (Al -Baqarah, 198)

It is to perform your remembrance "dhikr" according to your teacher's orders given to you about the number of times of repeating certain names of God and about your duties. You should not do it more than advised, you should not hurry and deal with the lessons of your friends who are more advanced than you are in the special training of this religious education. It is useless and harmful for a primary school student to be interested in the lessons of college. Spiritual lessons are also like this.

It is certain that all the physical and spiritual knowledge is written in the Koran. The Koran has all the secrets and mysteries of the inner and outer worlds but they can be found out and learnt by only those who acquired the Knowledge of Ledünni (Divinely Bestowed Knowledge). Physical scientists and ordinary theologians cannot know the information about the inner world, the Divine Unity and the knowledge about the realities of the spiritual world and the creation.

The Knowledge of Ledün is learnt by meeting the spirits and speaking with them. Spiritualism has both Divine (merciful) and low (dark) sides. There are merciful spirits and angels and also some denial, wicked and violent powers. Necromancy and receiving messages by means of a medium are not related to Islam and they are performed by the denial, wicked section of the inner world. It is impossible for them to make contacts with the holy spirits and the angels.

The Theory of Metempsychosis of the Buddhists is also wrong. (69)The Holy Spirit of God is special for each person and an animal does not have it. They try to prove their claims by making contacts with the wicked beings of the low section of the inner world and by reporting news about the past events. Spirits have a connection with the Universal Spirit of God. They are benefited from him just as the stars are benefited from each other and from the Sun. They ask and learn the knowledge that they do not have from the Great Mohammedan Spirit, who is the father of all the Spirits, called "Aklı Kül -the Universal Spirit -the Universal Intellect" However, this belongs to the Holy Prophets and to the great friends of God.

Theologians can only acquire the Knowledge about worship and the canonical jurisprudence -the Knowledge of Islamic Law- from the books of God. They are the expounders of Law or the scholars of law but they do not have spiritual knowledge.

"Mullahs", who are the teachers of Religion, cannot go any further than learning Arabic grammar and learning the explanations of the works of the scholars of Law although they study for at least fifteen years. What a pity that whoever we ask today says that he has graduated from 12 branches of Knowledge. We have never seen or met anyone who says that he has graduated from eleven branches of Knowledge. In Islam, there is no institution of individual theologian. God said about the Prophet:

"Kul la es'eleküm aleyhi ecren illel meveddite fil kürba - Say: For this I demand you no recompense. I ask you only to love my kindred." (Al -Shura, 3)

Our Prophet also said: "La ruhbaniyete fiddin - There is no monastic life in Islam." (70) Islam refused the attitudes of some of the Christian priests such as "I am a man of Religion so I deal with the religious affairs and I do not work, my only duty is to serve our religion so people must pay for my expenses." God also said:

"Ve en leyse lil insani illa masea - Each man will be judged by his own labour." (Al-Najm, 39)

God clarified this matter and supported the labor with the verse written above. The good and innocent people of Anatolia whose majority is illiterate were under the religious authority of those mullahs and they were conditioned to believe that the person who used many Arabic sentences in his speech was a scholar, as they did not know any Arabic themselves. In addition to this, this class had shown the King and the Ottoman Empire as the legal system of Islam to the good and innocent Anatolian People. They were made to believe it under the strong pressure of the Ottoman Empire. Even today, in the 50th Anniversary of the Republic (considering it 1973), some theologians and the right wing press have continuously been supporting Abdülhamid and trying to bring back the sovereignty, which is the system of Monarchy, which is entirely opposite to Islam, in order to maintain their own benefits in that system easily.

Each Muslim is a theologian in Islam. There is a teacher and a learner- the institution of Knowledge. Islam assigned Knowledge as the obligatory duty for everybody. Our Prophet showed republicanism, the foundation of democracy and the system of Republic to humanity by not leaving the state to his family after him 1400 years ago.

He said: "Ulemai ummetike Enbiyai beni İsrail -The scholars of my nation are like the Prophets of the Children of Israel." (71) It means they are like David, Solomon, John the Baptist, Zachariah, Moses, Aaron and so on. Those that learn a little Arabic and read a few lines of the explanations claim that they are the scholars of Islam and the heirs of the Prophet Muhammad. They also dare to say that they are like David, Moses, Jesus, John Zachariah and the rest in order to seize private gain. They are under the severe threat of the verse below but they do not know it.

"İnne kesiran minel ahbariver Ruhbani leyekülüne emvalen nasi bil batıl - Many are the clerics and monks who debar them from the path of the truth." (Al - Tawbah, 34)

Scientists and scholars are the heirs of the Prophet actually. This inheritance has two aspects: Some are the inheritors of the Knowledge about the Islamic Law (Fıkıh) in the Koran and of our Prophet. They are the great experts of Islam Jurisprudence and religious laws like the imams of four great religious sects (72) "Sufyan-i Sevri (73), Sayyid Kutup (74) İmam-i Gazzali (75), Mewdudi from Pakistan (76) and others", and some are the heirs of the Knowledge about the Inner World in the Koran and of the Prophet. They are the great scholars who are the Friends of God. God praised them in His book and said:

"Ela inne Evliyaallahi lâ hafvün aleyhim velâ hüm yahzenun - Ba awake! God has some Walis (saints, friends) they have nothing to fear or regret." (Yunus: 62, 63, 64)

Thus, these holy Spiritual Personalities are Muhammadi Davids, Enochs, Zacharias and Aarons. May God be pleased with them! May eternal peace be upon Prophets, the Friends of God who are great mystics and upon the great religious mujtahids (legal scholars)!

The spiritual heirs of the Prophet are first, the greatest Sufi Sayyid Abdulkadir Geylani (77), Sayyid Ahmed ar Rufai (78), Sayyid Ahmed al Bedevi (79), Sayyid İbrahim al Dusuki (80), Hasan-ı Basri (81), Cunaydi Bagdadi (82), Sırri Saqati (83), Caferi Sadıq (84), Beyazidi Bistami (85), Ahmed Yesevi (86), Muhammad Baba Sammasi (87), Muhammad Bahaeddin (88), Hadji Bektashi Veli (89), Hadji Bayramı Veli (90), Mawlana Jalaladdini Rumi (91), Muhyiddini Arabi (92) and similar great scholars of God and holy Mystics.

The scientists of Physics are also inheritors to the knowledge of the Prophet as well. The foundation of today's civilization was established by the Prophet David because he discovered iron and some other minerals. The foundation of civilization is iron and minerals. No industry can be established without iron. Some great scientists of physics, particularly Edison (93) and Einstein, (94) were benefited from the works of Islam Sufis, which are the commentaries of the Koran. They found many chapters about Physics in them and they helped the improvement of civilization by means of them. These two scientists of Physics believed in the Existence and the Divine Unity of God, admired the Koran and the Prophet Muhammad and became a Muslim but they did not reveal it. May God's blessing and peace be upon them!


"Ela innehu bi küll şey'in mühit - Surely God has encompassed all things." (Al-Fussilat, 54)

"Velillahil meşrikü vel mağribu fe eynema tüvellu fesemme vechullah - To God belongs the east and the west. Whichever way you turn, the face of God is there." (Al-Baqarah, 115)

The above verses explain that God, who is the Absolute Presence, encompasses everything, and whichever way we turn, God's face is in that direction. Therefore, all the things are from God just like the foam and bubbles of the sea. They are in Him and encompassed by Him. God told this reality with the verse “Where are you escaping?”, "Fefirru illallah - Go (run) to Allah!" (Al-Dhariyat, 50)

You are from God, in God, encompassed by God and, you will be annihilated in God and you will return to God so, where will you run away? You have to obey the verse above and run to Allah. It is also clearly explained with the verse "Everything will perish except His face." (Kassas, 88) that all things are nothing but temporary manifestations and signs of Him.

We should always remember and keep in mind that the beautiful names of God are His attributes but Huu which means He is the presence of God, not His name or His quality. Huu or He defines the Existence. He is the only true Existence. The other things are the signs and manifestations of that Existence. They come from Him and they return to Him. He is constant. He is sole and the peerless One. The peerless Divine Unity of God has definitely been proved in the first chapter of the book; it should be read and contemplated on again.

"The likes do not suit each other."

"The same poles repel each other."

God said for Himself "Refiüdderacat - The highest of the degrees". (Al - Muminun, 15) He explained the differences between things by saying the highest degree. Everything is at different degrees. God is superior to all the degrees and He is Unique. Things that are equal and in equilibrium repel each other. If there had been another God apart from Allah, they would have repelled each other due to the rule "The likes do not suit each other." This arranged, orderly, proportional and perfect Universe would not have existed then. This proves that the peerless Divine Unity of God is compulsory. God created this principle in order to prove His uniqueness.

Some other facts are based on this reality such as: the relationships and orders between man-woman, son-father and people -state ...etc. When they have the same and the equal powers, they do not suit each other and as a result, anarchy, agitation or intrigue starts.

The reality which God, who Himself is the existence, who has no limits or edges, proves that God is “the Sole One”. The Doctrine of Trinity in Christianity "three-one, one-three" is wrong because it is contrary to the reality of the Divine Unity of God. Existence accepts neither divisibility nor uniting, as He has no limits. When He is divided, He is limited. The units are supposed to have limitations in order to unite. If a limit is accepted, absence is considered then, but absence does not exist. God refuses limitations because He is infinite and the limited beings are the temporary beings or the signs of the Infinite Existence God, and they do not exist actually.

The point that the Christians are wrong is the subject of essence. The absolute essence is the unique one and He is, infinite, limitless and eternal. God defined His Presence as Hu -He and I and they are the subject pronouns. God is subject and He has an entity or essence but Spirit is not an entity, it is the decree or the attribute of God and it is His word and His holy breath. Subject and the attributes of it should not be confused with each other. Rose is a thing that has leaves and a quantity. Its red, yellow or white color is the property or the attribute of it. An adjective does not have a weight or quantity. We can call the spirit as the adjective of God and it is not related with the essence or the entity of God so the spirit is not the subject. If it is not an entity, it will not have a presence because there is only one presence, which is limitless. The other beings are the various manifestations or signs of that presence. Spirit is only one of these manifestations. God is one and sole but He has millions of manifestations.

This sole and infinite Existence accepts neither divisibility nor uniting because more than one infinite being cannot be considered. The existing of the presence depends on His infinity. If He is limited, there must be absence around Him and existence is accepted to exist out of nothing but non-existence does not exist and nothing exists from non-existence so, infinite existence is only one. Existence does not accept duality. If there is no duality, how can triplicity or more be mentioned?

The examples which the Christians put forward to prove the Trinity Doctrine such as fire and folding a rope three times and unfolding it and saying that one forms three and three forms one are all nonsense and made up to deceive the illiterate Christians. If so, people are expected to believe when somebody folds a rope seven or eight times and says that the rope has eight folds, it becomes one when it is unfolded so God is eight, eight forms one and one forms eight.

In the other example, the Christian priests try to prove the Trinity principle by saying that the essence of fire is God Himself, its temperature is Jesus and the color of it is the Holy Spirit. It is again wrong because the mass of fire is an entity that has a weight and a size. The red color and the heat are not an entity because they do not have a weight or dimensions so they do not share the essence or the presence of the fire but they are the characteristics of it. A characteristic means a quality or an attribute of something. Some of the Christian priests confuse the attributions with the subject itself. The infinite Existence does not accept duality, trinity or more…

The Doctrine of Trinity in Christianity is also contrary to the reality-the principle of the eternity of God, who is the existence Himself because the eternal Existence is sole and unique because of His infinity, eternity. For this reason, He can be neither divided, nor united. The existence is He -God and thousands of attributions belong to the Sole Existence. Therefore, He is the Existence and His are all the attributions. He is sole, eternal and infinite. Existence and the attributions of the Existence are different things. If we confuse them, we have to accept thousands of attributes of God as God Himself and we will make one existence thousands of existences, which is also contrary to science and facts. Some bewildered priests tell this nonsense doctrine to the Christian people although they are not able to explain it themselves. They accept it as a reality for not knowing that it is a crazy doctrine and they know God as three beings and become a polytheist.

God is One and He likes His Divine Unity. He does not give His deity to anybody. The creation and all the things are His manifestations. There is nobody except Him. Temporary beings like the foam of the sea cannot be called as God. Some great monks of the Christian priests know the reality of attributes and His presence and refuse duality, trinity or multiplicity in God's person. These monks know that spirits and angels and also all the creation are the temporary attributes or manifestations of God, who is the absolute and infinite existence, in various shapes. They believe in that the peerless and unique presence is the Most High God. However, they cannot reveal this reality to the other ignorant priests and to the conditioned group of the Christian people. For, if they tell the truth, they will be pronounced a blasphemer. God explained in the Koran that the priests who knew the Divine Unity of God did not become proud and He advised Muslims not to struggle with the People of the Book except the cruel ones. The peerless Divine Unity of God has been proved since the beginning of this book.

These scientific facts disprove the Doctrine of Trinity (Triplicity), which belongs to the ignorant and blasphemous priests. If they accept that spirit is the decree attribute of God, they accept the truth and approach Islam because Islam means submitting to Reality. God said in the Koran:

"İnneddine indillahi İslam - The religion in God's sight is Islam." (Al - İmran, 19) Islam is universal and it is for all the humanity.

Not only the spirit of Jesus but also all the spirits are holy and they belong to God. If all the spirits are accepted as God, then God increases in number. However God is one and His attributes are one thousand and one. He has many mysteries in each of His attributions and thousands of signs and manifestations in each of His mysteries. Attributions and Existence should not be confused with each other as He has several attributes. Spirit is not the only attribution of God among thousands of attributions. If we know the attributes as God Himself, then we make God not only two or three but thousands of gods.

The red color and the temperature are not the only properties of fire, it has several other characteristics besides color and heat such as gases, elements. The structure of fire consists of hundreds of other things and characteristics. If we accept each property as the fire itself, then we know God not only as three beings but also as hundreds of entities. This is also a scientific fact that should be considered. God is one, His attributions are thousands of kinds. His existence is eternal and sole.

Jesus is a human being. He has the spirit of God as all the other Prophets and great Saints have. The spirits in everybody belong to God. The spirit of the person who follows the path of God becomes holy when he reaches God. He gave this right to all the people who believe in Him and follow His path because He is fair and just.

The Christians have also been mistaken about the birth of Jesus. The Koran transmitted that the example of Jesus is like the example of Adam-the first man-. (The Imrans, 59) God created the first man without a father and He is Capable-Kadir for everything. He said that those who called Jesus as Allah, the son of Allah, three forms one and one forms three and those who attribute Mary deity were unbelievers, polytheists and blasphemers who cover the reality.

Gabriel was seen Mary in the face of a man and as a human. He breathed the spirit of Jesus into Mary and acted as if he was the father in this event because the creation of a human is based on the duality of father and mother. Gabriel was seen to her in the face of a man because of this mystery. Gabriel, actually, is an angel and has no sex. God breathes-sends the spirits into the other human beings Himself, when they are in their mother's wombs.

"Ve nefehtü fihi min Ruhi - I breathed into man from My own Spirit." (Sad, 72)

The spirit of Jesus was sent to Mary by Gabriel. God wished it in this way. God, who created Gabriel, is Allah the Most High and He is much greater than Gabriel is. The spirits of the other people were breathed to them by Himself and all the spirits belong to God therefore, they are also holy. God's breathing spirits is more superior than Gabriel's is. Gabriel might have been seen as a man in the inner world. Mary got frightened at first, because she was an innocent girl. She became very happy after she had learnt that he was an angel. Mary got excited and felt some pleasure like a man's shaking with delight in his dream because she was also a human. She was a relative of Zachariah and an innocent girl. She used to eat, drink and sleep. Jesus also ate, drank and slept. He used to fast and perform his ritual prayer.

The Disciples, who were the faithful and honest friends of Jesus, had reported that Jesus was a man who had meals, talked to people and led a social life but God, who is infinite divine Light, does not eat, drink or speak with men. He speaks only through revelations and He gave this duty to the Angels and the Prophets.

Jesus was slowly developed in the womb of Mary as the other fetuses do. Mary gave a normal birth to him after nine months. Spirit is the mystery of God. It is His decree and Divine Light. It can be hidden even in an atom. The sayings like "Mary gave birth to him from her mouth" are the nonsense talks of some of the ignorant priests, because Mary and Jesus are both human beings and the stomach of a human is separated from lungs by a diaphragm. In the Koran God said for Jesus:

“Ya İsa bin Meryem - Jesus is the son of Mary.” (Maryam: 34/ Al- Maidah: 46, 75, 110 / Al-Tawbah: 30)

The reason why Jesus was called "The Holy Spirit - Ruhullah" is due to the mystical state he was in. This excessive holy state is seen in some Prophets and in the Friends of God (Walis). The reason why Jesus was very mystical is based on the duality of Mary, who was created from the Jamal attribute of God (divine, merciful and beautiful) and Gabriel, who was again created from the same attribute. God transmitted in the Koran:

"Vema halakez zekara vel ünsa - He created nothing without a female (a negative)." (Al - Leyl, 3)

The science of this age discovered this reality and understood that even an atom consisted of protons and electrons, which are the units of the positive and negative electricity. Everything has a negative. The Jalal (power, might) attribute of God exists in positive -man- very much, for this reason men are powerful, strict and commanding. Women are soft and tender because of the Jamal attribute of God. This tenderness gives them grace and charm and they are pretty, beautiful and hardworking.

Jesus had a very mild, gentle and mystical character because of the relationship of Mary and Gabriel who were both Jamali. He was in half an angel state for the supremacy of grace and spiritual influence he owned. Mawlana Jalaladdin explained that the bodies of some mystics were transformed into spirit as being purified under the influence of the Holy Spirit and said: "God changed my mortal body into Divine -He changed my Nasut to Lahut."

This is a psychological state that looks like the sheet of iron of a burning stove that becomes very hot and turns into fire because of the high temperature. In Sufism, it is called "The exterior became interior". When the inward structure is superior to the outside structure, that person is called "like an angel or like a spirit" because he becomes like an angel and spiritual. Jesus was called “Ruhullah - the Holy Spirit" because of this psychological state mentioned above. The spirits in all the human beings belong to God and they are also holy but the degrees and the holiness of them differ according to the ranks and positions they are in. The spirit of the person that exalted to Lahut is "the Holy Spirit -Ruhul Kudüs." (95)

We (Muslims) know Hazrat Jesus as a great man and as an apostle of God, we like and respect him very much and send him our greetings expecting to get His blessings, help and prayer from his spirit as we do for the other Prophets. We accept the Bible (İnjil, Gospel) as a holy book of God and know it as Divine Light just like the other Holy books; first of all, the Koran, the Pentateuch (Tora) and the Psalms of David. We know Hazrat Mary pure and holy like Hazrat Fatima, the daughter of our Prophet, his mother Amine and his wives Khatija and Aysha. We love and respect her very much and call her "Our Mother Mary. We hope that Hazrat Jesus and Mother Mary are pleased with us because their pure spirits are receiving favor and courtesy from God for us.

Unfortunately, the Jews do not believe in the Bible, they assume it as an invention of the Disciples and (God Forbid!) they say very rude words for Mother Mary and Hazrat Jesus. They accuse mother Mary of being a prostitute. They deny the great Prophet Jesus and accept him as a child of uncertain marriage -illegitimate child (God Forbid!). They slander Hazrat Jesus without hesitation using very bad expressions that Muslims will never use.

Although the Christian world surely knows these realities, they are still helping the Jewish who deny their Prophet; they slander him, call Mother Mary a prostitute and the Bible "a fable of the Disciples”. They support them when they wildly attack the Muslims who know the Prophet Jesus, Mother Mary and the Bible holy and sacred. The Christian world will find the punishment of this very severely in the presence of Jesus, of the other Prophets, of Mother Mary and of the Most High God.

We wonder if the Christians, who prefer the Jewish to the Muslims and help them, will get ashamed of Jesus and Mother Mary or not? The History of Mankind has never been a witness of such inhumanity, unfairness and cruelty. In fact, the days on which the Muslims and the Christians will get united by the arrival of Mahdi are not too far. We leave this matter to the feelings of affection and justice, which should exist in the hearts of the Christian World and to their merciful attribute of the Christianity. We also remind that the merciful attribute of the Christianity does not exist in those who help the cruel and the denial.

THE SEVEN NAFS (Seven Kinds of the Soul)

1-NAFS-I AMMARAH: (Soul that commands evil):

"Vema öberriü nefsi innennefse leemmaratün bissui - Do not think that self is away from wickedness! Carnal soul guides the work of the treacherous." (Yusuf, 53)

Carnal soul is a kind of living being which is inclined to wickedness and sensitive. It was put into man by God. It bears resemblance to hot, black smoke. It is a stain or a defect for a human who is created very beautifully. Carnal soul (Nafs) means fleshly desires and feelings. Nafs has another meaning, which is the whole being of a person. This meaning should not be confused with the natures that are called as "Ammarah, Lawwamah, Mulhamah etc." God created man as a reflector of Himself and His names. He put into man all the things, which are the signs of His Mighty and Merciful attributes. He revealed this truth by saying:

"I created man with My two hands." (Sad, 75) and "I created man from mixed-turbid water." (Al-İnsan: 2)

Man is the essence of both the good and the bad sides of everything. All the material and spiritual elements exist in man. Spirit is Divine (Rahmani) and self is Mighty (Kahri). For this reason, God warned the man whom He loves very much to fight and struggle against the carnal self and its fleshly desires and soul’s vagaries that are accepted as the soldiers of the self. (Al-Tawbah, 41), (Ankabut, 6)

God smeared the dirt of the self into man in order to calm the Devil, which is jealous of man and an enemy of him and also the Angels who slightly envy man. This stain or dirt looks like the fault on the face of a beautiful woman. Opposite groups have been calmed with it; but the Devil, which is the wrathful power, was not satisfied with it, as he was very jealous of man. This subject should be remembered because it has already been explained. God said,

"I covered every self with itself." (96) It means each self sees itself and it cannot get rid of it easily. Rivalry is based on this mystery. They are also the creatures of God and given an identity and not created in vain.

Everyone does his own duty and in charge of his own task. Spirits, Angels, Devil, self and all the creation are the signs and manifestations of the Merciful and Wrathful names of God. All of them are His forces. They do not have a real presence. God is the real presence, who is infinite, eternal, limitless Divine Light. They are told us in this way to be understood by us. All things are like the moving pictures on the white curtain. In fact, there are not any pictures or figures on the white screen. The spiritual -holy and the low beings are just like these figures and pictures in the rays of light that are sent to the white screen. They are also lights. God told and explained them in the Koran and in the other holy books for us in order not to comprehend Him from one point of view but to know Him with all His merciful and wrathful attributes and to be aware of the Truth.

Angels, Devil and similar low beings and the self, which is the combination of the wild animals reflected as wicked feelings and bad morals in man, are from the names of God but not from the Divine Light of God's person. God is one and His attributes are two kinds: Jalal and Jamal (His power or His majesty and His beauty or His mercy). Opposite beings are manifested and distinguished because of this mystery and also God and His opposite attributes are clearly understood by means of it. God is generous so He wished to be known entirely by us and He enabled man to acquire the superiority of knowing the whole Truth. Man reflects both God's Person and all His beautiful, merciful and wrathful attributions (Jamal and Jalal).

The other beings know God as the only attribute they have been created from and remember (ziqr) Him with that beautiful name of God. Man knows God with all His attributes and remembers Him with all the beautiful names of Him. Man is called "Mir'atullah - the Mirror of God" and "Nüsha-i Kübra - the great book". Man has a universal aspect because he has gathered the essence of everything in him. God said:

"Man is My mystery and I am his mystery too." (97) The Prophet Muhammad said:

"He who knows himself - man - knows God." (98) God Most High said:

"Venefehtü fihi min ruhi - I breathed (inspired) into man from My spirit." (Sad, 72)

"Vealleme Ademe esmae külleha - I taught man all My names (My attributes)." (Al - Baqarah, 31)

"Fesecedel melaiketü küllühüm ecme'un - My angels one and all prostrated themselves before man." (Al - Hijr, 30)

"Veizkalellahül melaiketiscüdü li Ademe fesecedu illa iblis -God told His angels to prostrate themselves before Adam (man), all His angels prostrated themselves except Satan." (Al -Baqarah, 34)

God explained with the above verses that man is the most sacred and the most scholarly manifestation of Him after Himself. Man is complete, the rest are the fragments (parts). One of the expressions in the Nativity Poem of the Prophet states this matter in a very artistic and beautiful way:

"I acquired your exalted person my mirror, I even wrote My name with Your name." (99)

God is the only one who is able to praise the superiority of the Greatest Perfect Man, the Prophet Muhammad very beautifully. "Lâ ilahe illallah Muhammadün Resulullah -There is no God but Allah, and Muhammad is His messenger."

God wanted us not to obey our lower instincts and to destroy them by struggling in order to clean this stain of the self from our face and to get rid of it. He told us to change our fleshly desires into good deeds and He informed us that we would be in our first pure state and feel the happiness of being close to Him as a result and reward of it.

"İnnel müttekine fi cennatin ve neherin fi mak'adi sidkin inde melikin muktedirin -The righteous (the Believers who are afraid of God) - who do not obey their bad, fleshly desires and wishes -shall dwell in gardens watered by running brooks, honorably seated in the presence of their Mighty Master God." (Al- Qamar, 54 -55)

He also says that whoever obeys his lower instincts (nafs) will make the enemy of man Satan called the Devil and the wrathful manifestation of God, pleased. For, Satan was dismissed from the Heaven - from the presence of God - and he will be in the Hell together with Satan in a dark and bewildering world. Nafs-i Ammarah is represented by the wolf among the other animals. It represents a wild, sadistic and violent power that attacks the weak and helpless people. This nafs bears and orders all kinds of wickedness, disbelief, cruelty, sexual desire, alcoholic drinks, lies and treachery. Because of that, it is called "Nafs- i Ammarah -the soul inciting to evil-" It is the lowest state.

2-NAFS-İ LAWWAMAH (Blaming Soul): This nafs is also very bad like "Nafs-i Ammarah". It is very close to it. It bears greed and meanness. It is inclined to material riches, property and wealth and it incites man to be greedy and mean. The person who bears this nature is always unhappy for the anxiety of living and he struggles to get the material riches and does all the harm to achieve it. It is represented by the wolf as it is very greedy and cunning.

3-NAFS-İ MULHUMAH (Inspired Soul): This nafs which represents anger, annoyance and sexual desire is also a bad nature because the person who has it is aggressive, snob and proud. It is represented by the wild dog and the bear.

4-NAFS-İ MUTMAİNNAH (Soul at peace): This nafs seeks the good and the right things. He contents himself when he finds them. He symbolizes the person who believes in God. He is always in favor of goodness and truth. He tends towards perfectionism by searching and criticizing. It is the nature of the Muslim that submits the truth. The person who has this nature is at peace and he is soft and safe. God protects him and calls him to Himself:

"Ya eyyetühennefsül mütmeinneh, ircii ila Rabbiki radiyeten merdiyyeh, fedhüli fi ibadi vedhüli fi cenneti!- O serene soul! who found the truth and became contented. Return to your Lord who is your origin, joyful and pleasing -willing and contented-.Join the pure servants whom God chose and enter My paradise. See me!” (Al-Faajr, 27-30)

This nafs is the good soul that God sent good news with the above verses. It is represented by the sheep, the ram and the dove.

5-NAFS-İ RADİYAH (Consented Soul): It is a nature that is inclined to goodness. He seeks God's consent and he is contented with Him. He likes favor, justice and kindness. He does his best to help the others. He does not get angry with anybody and he tries to love everybody. It is a soul of the person who wants to advance in this path. It is represented by the ram and the dove again.

6-NAFS-İ MARDİYYAH (Perfected Soul): This nafs also looks for the consent of God just like Radiyyah and he has advanced very much in this aim. He is away from the wickedness and inclined to devote himself to God. He is a candidate to be a Perfect Man. It is a good soul represented by the ram and the dove.

7-NAFS-İ SAFİYYAH (Clarified Soul): It is a perfect soul purified from all kinds of disbelief, treachery and fleshly, infernal desires. He acquired the quality of meeting God. Unless you are purified, there is no way to embrace God because God is pure and He likes the pure. The person who has this nafs gained the right to the eternal life and eternal happiness. He has learnt himself and his God who is his essence. He represents the Perfect Man. He is one of the true servants and the beloved of God.

This nafs got rid of the carnal self by melting and perishing in the Divine presence of God same as a piece of ice melted in a hot sea. He reached the reality said by the Prophet as "Qualify yourself with the qualities of God!" (100) and "Be a sea but do not get changed." (101)

He obeyed the verse "Fefirru illallah - Escape to Allah!" (Al -Dhariyat, 50) and he met his God. He is qualified with the qualities of Him.

Another name of this soul is "Zakiyyah - pure, virtuous". It is also honored with the rank of King (Shah, President).The full perfection of this soul is to be perished and annihilated in "Nafs-i Natıqa" which means the Universal Divine Spirit of the Great Prophet Muhammad, who is the father of all the spirits. Nafs-i Safiyya (Clarified Soul) is not a nafs anymore because he became a Holy Spirit. His exterior became interior and his interior became the exterior.

"I created man from mixed water. We try him." (Al-İnsan/Dehr), 2)

He passed the examination told in the verse above because he beat the wickedness and became a good person.

A seed is destroyed in two ways. Firstly, it is planted in a field and destroyed. However, in this destruction it is re-existed and extended out to infinity because seven branches grow from this seed, there are seven ears in each branch and if God wishes, there can be 100 grains on each ear and if 700 grains are planted again it will stretch to infinity bearing more and more grains. Numbers begin with one and continues to infinity, as there is no limit to numbers. One dominates the infinite numbers. Each number consists of ones and becomes infinite. This fact also proves the oneness and the infinity of God. God is one, He likes one, Divine Unity, order and peace. He does not like duality, divisibility, intrigue and anarchy.

"He comes one by one, goes one by one, remains one

No doubt, no misgiving, all is one, God is one." (Mustafa Yardımcı)

He who completes the stage of "Nafs-i Safiyya" has been qualified with good morals or praised qualities. The prayer of that person is accepted as he does favors and prays for favors. We hope that God deserves us the prayers of these people. Whoever mortifies his lusts, he meets his God and reaches the eternal prosperity and happiness.

The seven nafs mentioned above have also four stages of each. They can be passed over slowly struggling with the carnal self and by "seyr-i süluk -special religious training" like the slow motion of a shadow and the slow growth of trees and children.

We have said that a seed is destroyed in two ways and the first way has already been explained. Secondly, a seed is destroyed in a storehouse being rotten in itself. In this destruction, there is no re-existing after being destroyed like the first one in the field because it is perished being rotten in a grain cellar and in itself.

Similarly, if a person is annihilated and becomes perished in his God, he finds the presence of God in this annihilation again. He dives into an infinite sea, becomes infinite like an infinite drop. If not, he will be decayed and perished like a seed in a storehouse, because his inner structure becomes rotten in his outer structure and he loses the eternal life as a result of it. The place God informed as Hell has different stages. The inner structure of cruel people who belong to the lowest stage decays in a deep darkness same as the decaying of a seed in a grain cellar after suffering great torture. It becomes perished and matter like a piece of stone and the quality of liveliness is taken back from him.

May God protect us from the danger of being one of the cruel!


There are four worlds that are called as "Nasut, Melekut, Ceberut, Lahut". They are the Worlds (Alem) when they are counted from above downwards and they are called maqams -Heavens- when they are counted below to upwards.

1-NASUT (Human Nature): This world is also called "Shuhut -Mülk". It is a physical and biological world. It is the world of the beings seen with our eyes. This world is particularly the Earth, which is the low world of God. It is the deep darkness of matter. There is also a darkness of Lahut in a secret place of the Skies. Unpurified souls are in this darkness. The journey of the spirit between this place and Divine World is called a part of seyr-i süluk (progress on the spiritual path) in Sufism because there are dark and light veils between man and God. It is the most difficult journey for the spirit to progress and the hardest period for the aspirant (the follower of God), but the rest of the journey is in Light.

There are also some holy places in the world of Nasut such as the Kaaba, Ravza-i Mutahhara, (102) Mescid-i Aksa (103) the tombs or the mausoleums of the Prophets and Walis and the places of worship, mosques, temples etc. They are sacred and pure places. The world of Nasut has already been explained in the first chapters of this book, it will be very useful if the parts about the seven manifestations are read and understood again.

2- MELEKUT (Angelic Reign): The Melekut Heaven begins from the place where the sun rays almost finish and mix the light of Melekut in space. It is the fourth Sky and the world of Divine Light. It is eternal and created from the Divine Light (Nur). This place is the Kingdom of the Holy Spirits and Angels. All things were created from the Divine Light in Melekut whereas everything was created from an atom in the world of Nasut. Melekut is full of with the spirits and angels that are accepted as the forces of God. They are like the images on the screen or in a mirror. They are permanent and actually light. There are rivers, green plants, fruits and the ranks of the holy spirits there and their original structure is Divine Light as mentioned before. They appear like that. Melekut is the heaven, which is a mixture of yellow and white, beautiful Divine Light.

3- CEBERUT (The World of Divine Compulsion): Ceberut means majesty or dominion. This heaven is created from more powerful but finer divine light of God. It is a very beautiful and relaxing Divine Light that has the color of green grass. Another name of this place is "MAKAM-I MAHMUD (PRAISED RANK)" and it belongs to the great Divine Spirit of the Prophet Muhammad. It is the throne, the rank of the Prophet Muhammad, who is the father of all the spirits and the dearest beloved of God. This Heaven is very beautiful, very immense and magnificent and it is the highest position after Lahut. It presents a mysterious state.

There is a great sea in Ceberut Heaven which represents the spirit of the Prophet Muhammad in the spiritual world same as the sun represents him in the physical world. All the secret mysteries and sacred blessings spread from this rank to the others and all the other Heavens are supported and maintained by the generous blessing of this Heaven. This rank is also free from all the shapes and forms and it is a manifestation, a glory and the Divine Light of God.

4- LAHUT (Divine Nature): This maqam (rank) is also called "The world of Truth and Oneness". It is the origin, the essence, the source of all the worlds. It is the Divine Light of all the Divine Lights "Nurul Envar" and the Kingdom of God, the highest throne of Him. God is the essence of this place. He governs the Heavens below from here with Knowledge, Justice and Wisdom. God does not rely upon anything but the throne and all the worlds depend on Him. All the creation is the manifestation of the limitless infinite presence of God. He is the limitless being to whom no limit can be assigned and He is the place of all things. Place is Himself. The place of the places cannot be considered. So, the highest and the most sacred rank or position is Lahut, which is the world of Truth - the reality of realities. There are not any castles, palaces, shapes, figures and forms in here except the Divine Light of God's face. One who does not purify himself from the fleshly desires, bad habits and wickedness is not able to enter this very sacred "Akdes" place. The spirits that reaches it becomes completely perished, annihilated and lost. This is called "non-existence in existence". He is attired in sacred clothes made of Divine Light of Lahut and he exists in non-existence with the omnipotence of God. This is called "existence in non-existence". These are the states which are called as "Fenafillah (Annihilation in God) and Bakabillah (Abiding in God)" in Sufism. The realities Niyazi Misri expressed in the following poem are the realities mentioned above:

“Do not think that we are in love with fear or hope like fanatics!

We have already passed them; we are in love with the day when we meet our Lord,

We are the lovers of infinity, eternity of Oneness,

Those who divest (who are free from egoism) may understand us.”

The verses: "Escape to Allah!" (Al-Dhariyat, 50) and "Return to your Lord!" (Al-Fath, 28)

The sacred saying: "Divest and meet!" (104)

The sacred saying of the Prophet: "Qualify yourself with the qualities of God." (105)

They are all said for the Kingdom of God, which is the last aim. "İlâhi ente maksudi ve rizake matlubi - My God, you are my aim and my desire is your consent". It is again intended to the glory of the Kingdom of Lahut for the followers of God to recite the statement above.

We have explained widely the reality "one existence, seven manifestations and four maqams". The reason of six manifestations of God depends on the appearances of Divine Light in six different colors. God is colorless and He is assigned to take no colors. Water takes the color of its container. These colors are; the color of grass -the green Divine Light of Muhammad, coral red-the Divine Light of Noah and Abraham, the milk white -the Divine Light of Moses, soft silver like yellow -the Divine Light of Adam, black -the Divine Light of Jesus Christ and the mixture of blue and purple is the Divine Light of Natıqa.

The reason of four maqams depends on the reality of the Divine Unity of God-Oneness, spirit, angels and body.


Most of the important and Islamic facts are four because of the mystery of four maqams mentioned above. There are three worlds in each maqam. When you multiply 3 by 4, it makes 12. There are some hidden mysteries in number 12: God has 12 unification names. They are secret and hidden in one thousand one names of God.

Both "Lâ ilahe illallah" and "Muhammedün Resullullah" consists of 12 letters (with Arabic letters). There are 12 signs of the Zodiac of the Sun. The Prophet Jacob had 12 sons, Jesus had 12 Disciples. There are 12 Ahlal Bayt İmams from the descendants of the Prophet Muhammad. There are 24 hours in a day consisting of 12 hours light and 12 hours dark. The 12 Ahlal Bayt (Ehl-i Beyt) imams who come from the sacred family of the Prophet Muhammad and the sacred heirs of Muhammad are:

1-İmam-ı Aliyyül Mürteza (106)

2-İmam-ı Hasan (107)

3-İmam-ı Hüseyin (108)

4-İmam-ı Ali Zeynel Abidin (109)

5-İmam-ı Muhammad Bakır (110)

6-İmam-ı Caferi Sadık (111)

7-İmam-ı Musa-i Kâzım (112)

8-İmam-ı Ali Rıza (113)

9-İmam-ı Muhammad Taki (114)

10-İmam-ı Ali Naki (115)

11-İmam-ı Hasan el Askeri (116)

12- İmam-ı Muhammad Mehdi (117), the owner of the banner (May God be pleased with them!)

These holy Ahl al Bayt Imams are the Signs of the Prophet Muhammad, who is the Sun of Reality. Those who look for the Sun of Muhammad are able to find Him in these holy Signs.

For this reason; one of the imperative obligation of Faith is to love the Family of the Prophet - Ahlal Bayt (Ehl-i Beyt).

There are 12 obligations of the Ritual Prayer (Namaz,Salat)

The hidden realities in number 4 are based on the mystery of 4 maqams (ranks, stations), they are as follows:

1- The main holy books of God are 4: The Koran, the Bible (İnjil-Gospel), Zabur (Psalms of David) and Tawrat (Torah -the Pentateuch).

2- There are 4 messengers to whom were sent the books: Muhammad, Jesus, David and Moses.

3- There are 4 archangels of God: Gabriel, Michael, İsrafel and Azrael.

4- The Sura (verse) of Al- Ikhlas in the Koran, which is about the existence and the oneness of God, consists of 4 ayats (sentences).

5- The Kaaba has 4 walls.

6- The people whom the Prophet calls "Ahl-al Bayt -the Family or the Household of the Prophet Muhammad -" are 4; Ali, Fatima, Hasan and Husayn. There is a very important hadith (tradition) about the Family of the Prophet who are confirmed as Ali, Fatima, Hasan and Husayn in the book called "Müsned" written by Imam-ı Ahmed bin Hanbel.

This tradition was told by our mother Ümmü Seleme, who was an innocent and honest wife of the Prophet Muhammad, as follows:

Ümmü Seleme said: "I was busy with my worship in my room when the Prophet's daughter Fatima entered the room. She kissed the Prophet's hand and sat in front of him. Then, her husband Ali came in and sat next to her. Their sons Hasan and Hüseyin followed them and sat in the presence of the Prophet. The Prophet had a coarse, red woolen cloak knitted from camel wool that was sent from Yemen. He put it on them. Just then, Gabriel came and read the following verse from the Sura Ahzab to the Prophet:

"İnnema yüridüllahü li yüzhibe ankümürricse ehlel beyti veyütehhireküm tethira - O! The Prophet's Family! God has willed to remove uncleanness from you and to purify you." (Ahzab, 33)

Thereupon, the Prophet raised his hands while the others were still under the cloak around him and prayed: "Oh My God! This is my family, please purify them". He recited this prayer twice. I witnessed this event and asked him: "O, the Prophet! Am I not included in that group?" He answered: "Your destiny is also good."

These four great people are the family of the Prophet "Ahl-al Bayt" which is also called as "Al-i Aba together with the Prophet”. God ordered to love the relatives of the Prophet with the verse:

"Kül la es'elüküm aleyhi ecren illel meveddete fil kurba -I ask you only to love the Prophet's kindred". (Al-Shura, 23)

To love the Family of the Prophet Muhammad means to love the Prophet Himself and whoever loves the Prophet loves Allah. (118)

7- The Prophet had 4 great Caliphs who were the most faithful and the most helpful friends of him. They are: Abu Baqr, Omar, Osman and Ali.

8-There are 4 true sects (madhabs) of the People of Sunnat in Islam: Hanifi, Şafii, Maliki and Hanbeli

9-There are four great "Gavs" known as "Aktab-ı Arbaa -Four Poles, Four Axial Saints" from the descendants of the Prophet Muhammad and from the Family of Hasan and Husayn. They are, first of all, Sayyid Abd-al Qadir Gilani (119), who is the greatest Scholar of Sufism, the Friend of God, the Sultan of the Muslim Saints (Awliya) and a great Wali; the second is Sayyid Ahmed al Rufai (120) from Basra, who is known as the gate of Hazrat Ali and accepted as the last friend of God (Hatem-ül Evliya), who had wide, advanced Knowledge of Sufism, spiritual Knowledge and the Knowledge of Islamic Jurisprudence and Religious Laws (Fikih). The third is Sayyid Ahmed al Bedevi (121), whose grave in Tanta and who was the teacher of Hodja Abdullahi Ensari and the fourth is Sayyid İbrahim-i Dusuki (122), a great Friend of God from Dusuk.

These great Walis- the Friends of God represent Imam-ı Ali perfectly. There are no other "Gaws (Axial Saints)" except them. If some people claim that there are, they say it because of either for their love and partisanship for their religious teachers, or for not knowing the truth. "The title of Gaws (Axial Saints)" means to be seen in every small particle of the 18 thousands worlds at the same time and to have limitless authority. There are no veils for them. They maintain and continue their help to show the right way and to guide people by using their limitless authority spiritually as they are alive.

They are the last sources of all the friends and the scholars of God to consult. They guide those whom they choose in this world, they teach them the Knowledge of Divinely bestowed Knowledge, Wisdom, Gnosis and the Knowledge of God, True Knowledge (Theosophia). Nothing is a veil or an obstacle for them. This is the reality. Some people know it, but it is useless to tell those who do not understand it.

10- The earth is made up of 4 parts. Water covers about 3/4 of the earth, 1/4 is land.

11- There are 4 kinds of things in the visible sky: The Sun, the Moon, the Stars and the Earth.

12- Islam is based on 4 great realities: Shariat (Islamic Law), Tariqat (Divine way, path), Marifat (True Knowledge of God) and Hakiqat (Divine Reality)

13- The body of man consists of 4 parts: Head, arms, body and legs

14- The heart has 4 parts.

15- There are 4 sense organs on the head: Eyes, ears, nose and tongue

16- The human eye has 4 parts: The outer part of the eye, the white of the eye, iris and the pupil

The eye symbolizes the greatest mystery of Divine Unity or Oneness. The eye is a cipher, sign and an important point. The exterior part and the eyelashes symbolize the outer world -Nasut -, the black color of the eyelashes symbolizes the veil between the inner and the outer world, the white of the eye symbolizes Melekut and iris symbolizes Lahut, which is the essence, the source and the light of the entire Universe.

For this reason, the scholars of God said: "The great, green Divine Light - the Spirit of Muhammad, who Himself is Ceberut, whose name and whose person is beautiful, is just like the iris of the eye in the presence of God." That is why, eyes should be protected and loved; they are already very lovely. Those who finished the school of love and who are still the students there know the reason of the admiration for the eyes very well. Eyes should never be hit or cursed. The face of a man is also holy so it should be loved deeply and not hit or cursed.

17- The basic blood groups are 4 although they differ between them.

18- The colors of man are 4: White, black, red and yellow

19- There are 4 kinds of races because of the colors of skin: White race, black race, red race and yellow race.

20- The body of man was created from 4 main elements: Soil, water, air and fire (the other elements exist in these 4 elements as man has the essence of all things).

21- The Prophet Muhammad, who is the last prophet, has two special names: “Ahmed” which means "unique", and “Muhammad” which means "praised, loved". These beautiful names consist of 4 letters with Arabic letters. God created the Heavens for him. He is the first and the last beloved Prophet of God. May God let him help us and forgive us together with all the humanity for his sake and for the sake of the mystery hidden in his name!


Spirits have taken names according to their positions and ranks. They are four kinds depending on the reality of 4 maqams (ranks):

1- THE HOLY SPIRIT: This spirit was created from the great Mohammedan Divine Spirit, which is the first manifestation of God, and it became visible in the second manifestation. They are the spirits annihilated and abode in God (Fenafillah -Annihilation in God) and Bekabillah -Abiding in God). They are also called as "Ruhul Kudüs- the Sacred Soul". Each Holy Spirit is the manifestation of the name of God "Kuddüs -The Most Sacred". They are the spirits of the Prophets and the Walis and qualified by the name and attribute of God "Kuddüs". This spirit is accepted as the Hand of God (123) and the Rope of God. (124) The spirit of a person that holds that hand or rope also meets (reaches) God and becomes holy and divine, as a result.

The Holy Spirit does not leave God because it is the radiance of God. Since it is not physical or matter it is not a mediator as the ignorant people think. The Holy Spirit is the Decree of God. Hu -God is known by means of His attributes. "Hu" is reached with the attribute of "Hu". Existence cannot be known without attributes. The mediator between God and the follower of God is not an ordinary man but it is the Holy Spirit of the Perfect Man whose soul has been annihilated in God and existed in God. Spirit is Haq (Truth) and it is the decree of God so the mediator is the decree of God, it is not a second being because it is not the existence itself but it is the attribute of God's entity.

Mawlana Jalaladdin Rumi said: "Desti o, desti Hudest - The hand of the Perfect Man is the Hand of God." God has already said in the Sura of Al-Fath:

"İnellezine yübayiuneke innema yübayiunallah. Yedillahi fevke eydihim - O Muhammad! Those who swear fealty to you, swear fealty to Allah. The hand of Allah is above their hands." (Al-Fath, 10)

2- THE SULTANİ (IMPERIAL) SPIRIT: This spirit is in the Ceberut Heaven just below the Lahut. Ceberut means powerful, sultan also means powerful so this spirit is called "The Sultani Spirit". This spirit has become annihilated in the greatest spirit "Ruh-u Azam (Great Soul)". The expression "Fenafi Resul (Annihilation in Prophet)" in Sufism indicates the state of this spirit.

3- BRIGHT (DIVINE) SPIRIT: This is the spirit in Melekut and it has not entered the darkness of the body-the lowest state (Esfeli Safilin) yet. It is called "Divine Spirit ", which means the one who protects his liveliness and purity, because it is in the world of Divine Light and very active. This is the state called as "Fenafi Pir" which means "annihilated in the spirit of The Perfect Man (the friend of God)."

4- MATERIAL (CORPOREAL) SPIRIT: This is the spirit sent to the mortal, physical world -the lowest of the low-by God. The spirit, which is inspired to a baby in a certain month by God, while it is still in the womb of his mother protects its purity -clear liveliness -until he/she is seven years old. It is not spoilt or ruined until 15. He starts to change under the influence of his parents, of his surrounding and their opinions after 15.The more he increases his relation with the body, with the self and with the biological world, the more he inclines his carnal desires, the worse he becomes. It is called "Corporeal Spirit" for this reason. The most dangerous type of this spirit is being completely matter because it is perished then (Neuzübillah).

"They do not have faith anymore (they are unbelievers)." (Ya-Sin, 7)

The above verse is about those whose spirits (they cannot be called spirits anymore) are in the state like the rotten seed in a storehouse. The spirit of that person becomes "Nafs-i Ammarah (Egoistic Soul)".

May God have mercy and blessing for the Muslims and for those who seek the reality! Our only shelter is God and His mercy, which encompasses all things.

"Ve rahmeti vesiat külle şey'in - My mercy really encompassed everything." (Al-A'raf, 156)

Sadakallahül azim! (It means: He has spoken the truth, used especially at the end of a recital of the Koran)


1- GABRIEL: Gabriel is the angel of revelation and knowledge. The angels are the forces of God and all the scholars, scientists young or old, spiritual or physical are accepted as the soldiers-forces-of Gabriel. All the educational institutions are related to Gabriel, which is the science force of God.

2- MICHAEL: This angel represents the power of sustenance provided by God. All the objects and tools about food, about the means of subsistence such as rain, farmers, ox, tractors, agricultural machines, wheat, fruit, vegetables etc are related to the mystery of Michael and the producers as well as their machines and tools are accepted as the soldiers -the forces -of Michael.

3- ISRAFEL (Seraph): This angel represents the force of warning with the mystery "Sur-u İsrafil-the Last Trumpet of Israfel". All kinds of high sounds, thunderstorms, sea storms and various warning speeches, writings, authors, artists are accepted as the soldiers -the forces of Israfel.

4- AZRAEL: Azrael is the angel of death that represents the death force of God. Various deadly germs, all kinds of guns, the events and the objects that cause death are accepted as the soldiers -the forces of Azrael. In fact, the angels, all kinds of material and spiritual beings and objects are the forces and manifestations of God. There is nobody and nothing except God, who is limitless Divine Light, in reality. God is unique and sole.

"Hüvel evvelü vel âhirü vezzahirü velbatın vehüve bi külli şey'in Alim - He is the First and the Last, the Invisible and the Visible is He. And He-God knows everything." (Al-Hadid, 3)



In the Religion of Islam, there is no mediator between man and God and there cannot be any either. Establishing a connection and taking an oath of allegiance (to swear fealty) do not mean to make contact with an ordinary and ignorant man. Connection and swearing fealty is to the Holy Spirit (This spirit is the decree of God and it is qualified with all the qualities of God, firstly the Science attribute) or to the people who have this Holy Spirit such as the Prophets, Walis, Perfect Men and Scholars. Connection and swearing fealty is to the knowledge and wisdom but not to a physical body. Spirit is Divine Light and the commandment attribution of God and it is not a creature so, you swear fealty to Haq (the Truth) but not to ordinary people.

Turning towards the light of the sun means turning towards the sun. When you incline to the Perfect Man who bears Holy Spirit, who is wise and scholar, you incline to God. He cannot be called as a mediator because the spirit is the radiance-the light of God and it is impossible to make contact with the sun without radiance and the sun cannot be known without it either.

Therefore, a person who cannot communicate with the Holy Spirit cannot communicate with God, because God is very big and immense Divine Light. If this Divine Light suddenly becomes visible, the entire Universe burns. God sent us the Prophets and the Walis who bear this Holy spirit so as not to remain deprived of the Divine Light and in order to illuminate our spiritual world just like the stars and to inform us about the immense, infinite Divine Light.

The Perfect Man is Nur (Divine Light) -radiance-, God is very big and infinite Divine Light. It is a fact that "Those who do not like little light and do not accept it, do not like and accept much light at all." They are just like the bats. If they do not like and accept the Perfect Men, the Friends of God and the Prophets whose hearts and spirits shine like an electric bulb and who are Divine Lights, how will they accept and love the Prophet Muhammad Mustafa, the sun of God, and Allah, who is limitless, edgeless Divine Light?

Some people say: "We believe in God, we love God, we do not care about the Prophets and we are also human"; and some say: "We believe in the Prophets of God, Who are the Walis (Saints, the Friends of God)?" All these sayings are nonsense, blasphemy and told in order to cover the reality.

The principle is: "Those who do not like little light can never like much light.”

There are and there will be Perfect Men who have good faith, who own the Holy Spirit and who know God entirely among all these people in the world because life goes on, the sun rises and sets and people are alive. God created the Universe in order to be known and the reality to be understood perfectly. (125) Those who do not have the Knowledge of "Men Araf" (126) and have not acquired the Knowledge of "Ledünnü -The Secrecy of the Divine World (Divinely Bestowed Knowledge)" cannot know the essence of the reality with perfection and cannot reach the universal good morals.

As the life goes on, there will be Perfect Men. If it is said that there are not any left, there will be no need for this world because it is contrary to the mystery of the creation. If there are unripe grapes in a vineyard, there are also the ripe ones. There are absolutely Perfect Men among ignorant and imperfect men, like the ripe grapes in a vineyard among millions of unripe grapes. They are the Friends of God (Walis). If a person cannot make contact with a Perfect Man, he is in deep darkness, in bewilderment and in corruption. It is not possible to know God without a Perfect Man and to be benefited from the light and the true Knowledge of God.

Adam - the Perfect Man - is the mirror who reflects God's person and the spirit and the heart of the Perfect Man is the Divine Light, the attribute of God.


“Risalet” is to serve as the messenger of God. It is the duty of conveying the orders and the commands of God to His servants. The Prophets who were sent down books are: The Prophet Muhammad, Jesus, David and Moses. Abraham and Noah are also the Messengers of God.


The apostleship and the sainthood mean to inform people about God and about spirituality. It is a Divine Light of God. The person in whom this Divine Light is evident is called as "Nebi (Prophet)"; the person who bears this Divine Light in his heart is called "Veli (Saint, Friend of God)". They are Apostles, Saints, Perfect Men (İnsan-ı Kâmil), spiritual teachers and guides .They are not the envoys of God. They are under the authority of the Prophets and act according to the actions and customs of them (Sunnat -Prophetic tradition) in their judgments, in order and in regularity. Their duty is to inform and to teach people the realities about God and the spiritual and divine way of God. They also encourage to have affection, rightness, justice, goodness, good faith, Divine Unity and cooperation. They help people to behave according to the judgment and order of the Prophets as they do themselves and serve the way of the latest Prophet and the religion of God.

The concepts "Messengerhood, Propethood, Apostleship and Sainthood" mentioned above are all sacred attributes. The Prophets, Messengers, Apostles and the Friends of God had known God by learning their self (nafs). They all acquired the Knowledge and the Mystery of God "Allah -Hu" (Men Araf) but they learnt the "The Knowledge of Ledün (Divinely Bestowed Knowledge)" from our Prophet Muhammad Mustafa because he is the sea of the mysteries of Divine Nature -Ledün, in addition to this he is the first and the last Prophet and the First Manifestation -The Universal Spirit of God. Some of these holy people may not know the Knowledge of Ledün, as it is a completely different subject. It is also called as "İlm-i Marifet (Thesophia) and İlm-i Hikmet -Gnosis and Wisdom".

Although Hazrat Moses was a prophet and a messenger, he learnt the Knowledge of Ledün from Hazrat Khidr (Peace be upon him!) who was not a messenger of God. This is approved by the Koran. Hazrat Khidir-Hızır had acquired the Knowledge of Ledün from the Prophet Muhammad, who is the father of all the spirits and the master of the Knowledge of Ledün. Each prophet and messenger is also a genuine "Wali" (a Friend of God, guardian, saint).

Gnosis is "the Knowledge of the Oneness of God" and "the Knowledge of the Oneness of the Attributions". The Knowledge of Mystery is about the "Oneness of deeds and the Oneness of tasks." Tawhid -i Zat-The Oneness of God's Person" is about the existence, the Divine Unity, the eternity, the infinity and the peerless oneness of God. It means to know God with all His aspects. It is the essence of the Knowledge of Ledün, which is related to "Men-Araf". It is also called the essence of the essence or the Knowledge of Unity. It is hidden in the holy dot under the letter "B" in “Bismillahirrahmanirrahim”.

There is another holy dot in the heart of the Perfect Man, which is called as "Nokta-i Süveyda -The Black Dot". It is said that he who knows this dot has reached the essence of Gnosis and has found the warmth of "Hu-Allah" in his heart. It is not permitted to give more information about it because it is such a seed that gathers all the knowledge in. We wish we were permitted to mention it a little bit.

The Knowledge of the Oneness of Attribution is to know the beautiful names of God. Each name is an attribute of God, which has thousands of mysteries, holy and deep meanings, manifestations and contemplations. Each name has also a different spiritual power and blessing. The blessing which is from the person of God is called as "the most sacred blessing” the blessing which is from the names of God is called "the sacred blessing".

The Knowledge of Mysteries is to know the reasons, the mysteries of all things such as: the creation of the universe, the mysteries and causes of the creation, the interrelations of things, the Laws of God called as the Laws of Physics and so on. This knowledge is based on two aspects: the mysteries of the inner world and the mysteries of the outer world. It is proved with the verse

"Külli şey'in sebaba - Everything has a reason." (Al-Kahf, 84) Today's Physics and Chemistry are particularly concerned with the Knowledge of Reasons. The realities of actions, deeds, works and writings are in the categories of it.


The Prophet Muhammad appointed Hazrat Ali, who is the teacher of all the Sufi Saints (Serdar-ı Evliya) and Ali's sacred sons, (127) who are first of all the 12 Ehl-i Beyt Imams- the grandsons (descendants) of Hazrat Ali- to perform this duty. They are the spiritual leaders of all the Muslims and of those who seek the reality as long as life goes on. (128)

The leadership in performing the ritual prayer (namaz-salat) also belongs to Hazrat Ali and his sons. The path leading to God passes through the "Mihrab - niche of a mosque indicating the direction of Mecca" of the Prophet and those who deserve it are the sons of Hazrat Ali, who carry the pure blood of the Prophet Muhammad. If there are not any of them in the mosques, where the ritual prayer is performed, in the case of necessity, the pious, religious imams who love them very much and who live at subsistence level and whose wife is beautiful can be the prayer leader. When the imam recites "Allahu Ekber -God is the Most Great", he must forget everything except God, so He must love the Family of the Prophet and also be contented in all respects.


The Caliphate is a social duty. Our dear Prophet wanted his close and best friend Abu Bakr to be a caliph after him but he also suggested that his Companions (Ahsab) decide and choose the caliph themselves. In this way, he wanted the leader to be shown respect for his personality by putting an end to royalty and to monarchy, which means to transfer the social duty from his father to his son. He was the first person to establish democracy in the world.

Hazrat Abu Baqr, Hazrat Omar, Hazrat Osman, Hazrat Ali, Hazrat Hasan (Hazrat Ali's son) succeeded Abu Bakr to this duty through elections. The Four Caliphs had worked as a caliph for 29 and half years. Imam Hasan had been in charge of this duty for 6 months so the Caliphate lasted 30 years totally. Our Prophet had already said that the Caliphate was for 30 years. (129)

Although it is a definite statement made by the Prophet, what do some fanatic believers mean saying: "We want the Caliphate"? In addition to this, Muslims cannot be ruled by two caliphs at the same time but today there are more than 30 Islamic nations and individual presidents of them. The caliph must be appointed by elections, so more than 600 million Muslims (considering it 1973) should select him. In today's world and in this situation, it is very difficult, almost impossible to wish an administration like this. We think that the supporters of the Caliphate System want Monarchy or sovereignty, which descends from father to son and they deceive the Muslims by saying "We want the Caliphate".

After the Caliphate which lasted 30 years after our Prophet, the Sufyanies, who were the chiefs of the Umayyad tribes, the rich of Mecca, whose identity was not certain, abolished the Caliphate, which was a democratic system, using various illegal purposes, tricks and with a bloody rebellion. They established the System of Monarchy instead and besmirched the Religion of Muslims.

The system Sufyanies set to attack the Islamic Religion is quite contrary and unlike to the Religion of the Prophet Muhammad and to his state system.


The poles -qutbs-the axial saints, are selected from the Friends of God, who render service to the Family of the Prophet (Ahl-al Bayt) and with the approval of Hazrat Ali, who is the Master of all the Walis. They have some different positions and ranks between each other. They are assigned with the duty of praying for the people in their own regions and in some other regions as well as their own spiritual duties.


The Leader of all the Friends of God and the Walis is Hazrat Aliyyül Murtaza, who is the son of Abu Talib, the spiritual brother of the Prophet Muhammad and the Gate of the Knowledge, the Lion of Allah. He is also the son of the Prophet's uncle and his elder son -in -law. Hazrat Ali, who is also called as "Serdar-ı Evliya -the Chief of the Muslim Saints", is the sea of sainthood and the headquarters of the knowledge. Every saint gets the Divine light of Sanctity from him. He has a very important, advanced, spiritual and scientific book called "CELCELUTİYE" which is very secret and kept by his sons. Some Gnostics may use this book with the permission of the Prophet's Family in the inner world.

When Hazrat Ali was seven years old, our Prophet had embraced him and sealed his hands and feet by kissing them. While he was hugging him, God placed the biggest Divine Light of Sanctity into his heart and he was honored with the title "The King of God’s Friendship -Shahi Walayat" due to this event. This exalted rank was given to him as a present directly from God. Hazrat Ali, the holy and sacred Friend of God, is also the leader and the teacher of all the Muslims. (130)

The holy sword - Zülfikar (Dhulfiqar) - belongs to him and the Praised Flag - Livaül Hamd- will be in his hand on the day of Resurrection. He is also the distributor of the Pure Wine of Love (Sharab-ı Tahur).

May God provide our sustenance with his hand and gather and raise us for the judgment under his flag "Livaül Hamd". Our Prophet loved him very much and said: "Aliyyen minni ve Ene Minhü - Ali is from me and I am from Ali." (131)

He also said "Lâ feta illa Ali, lâ seyfe illa Zülfikar -There is no saver like Ali and no sword like Zülfikar." (132) (133)


The Sultan of the walis is Sayyid Abd-ul Qadir Gilani (R.A: Radiyallahü anh! - May God be well pleased with him!). He is a great and holy friend of God who comes from the Family of the Prophet. His father is a relative of Imam Hasan, who is the grandson of the Prophet Muhammad, his mother is a relative of the Prophet's grandson Imam Husayn, who was “the Marytr of Karbala”. His magnificent tomb and convent are in Baghdad. He has the perfect knowledge of Allah-Hu and was honored with the titles "Gavsul Azam-the Greatest Gavs", "Kutb-ul Muazzam- the Pole of Respect" and "Sahib-i Makam-ı Ferdiyet -the Owner of the Individual Rank". He was chosen for the position of "the Sultan-ı Evliya" when he was a child. For, he was given the sanctity by God just like Hazrat Ali, who is the master of all the Friends of God. He is the divine, exalted, spiritual authority whom all the saints of God and the Gnostics consult and solve their problems. When they are in difficulty, they get his affectionate and fast help.

It is certain that there is nobody else who bears the title "Sultan-ı Evliya" except him. Those who claim that there are others have no scientific or intellectual proofs. They are the people who speak because of their love for their teachers of for their partisanship and sentimental reasons. May God protect and bless us under the dome of His mercy and grace!


Man is the heir to the Divine Light of God's person and the Divine Lights of His beautiful names (His person and names-attributes) also to His Knowledge and Science. The true believers -the followers of the Way of God- are the heirs to the Divine Knowledge and good morals of the Prophets and Saints, Walis because the true inheritors are the Prophets and the Friends of God and they are the holy, spiritual fathers of them. Sons are accepted as the heirs of the property of their fathers in the outer world as well. The reason of heredity concerning goods, property and riches depends on this mystery.

Heritage is a right in Islam but it should be based on labor and correct considerations because spiritual heritage is due to faith, labor and effort and it is given these great people as a result of their effort and as a reward by God so it should not be the sum of money seized by force or exploitation. Inheritance means to transfer a testator's property that is in accordance with labor and right consideration to his heirs. If it does not depend on labor, it is not right and correct then and transferring something that is not right will not be correct either. The Koran commands:

"Ve en leyse lilinsani illa mâsea-Each man will be judged by his own labour." (Al-Najm, 39)

Furthermore, unemployed people also have rights in properties. God said in the Koran:

"O Muhammad! Let this property (capital) not be the property shared between the rich." (Al-Hashr, 7) He clarified this matter in the Sura of Hashr very well.

God has attached great importance to cooperation, social affairs and taking care of the poor, unemployed and disabled people. He said in the Sura of Yasin "Kallezine keferu lillezine âmenu enutimu men lev yaşaullahi etameh - When the believers said to the unbelievers: “Give alms of that which God has given you, help the poor", the unbelievers said to the faithful "Are we to feed those whom God can feed if he chooses? Surely you are in glaring error". (Yasin, 47)

He has assigned the authorities and responsible people to consider the economical life of the society as it is very important for God.

The Koran has attached great importance to the economical life of the society.


Hypocrisy means to pretend that you are a Muslim, and to show yourself as a different person and to perform all kinds of worship and religious behaviors as an ostentatious display in order to be seen and praised by others. It is a greater sin than adultery and a kind of polytheism (shirk) because it is to serve people besides God in worship and in actions. God refuses to be given partners. He does not want any partners in worship, in property and in possessions either. He said:

"Lehü mülküssemavati vel ard - To God belongs all that the Heavens and the Earth contain." (Al-Baqarah, 284) and "İnne erdallah -The earth is God's". (Al-A'raf, 73 -74) God does not leave land to man because in Islam, land belongs to the state in the name of God.

Hypocrisy is the greatest sin and the worst thing in the Religion of Muhammad. A hypocrite is a materialist and a cunning person. He becomes a hypocrite for various reasons especially to be known as a good person, to lead his life easily and for other personal advantages. He has no relation with God, faith and religion because hypocrisy is forgery. The worst is to form it as a habit and be addicted to it.

Islam, the Religion of Muslims, is completely based on cordiality. Mawlana (134) said: "Exist as you are or be as you look!" Fuzuli (135) also said: "The reason why they obey the people and look likable is for their personal benefits." Hypocrites are not real believers, they are religious as a formality and a kind of actors who pretend as if they are better than true Muslims. The biggest problem of Islam is the hypocrites because if this is solved, Islam will illuminate the whole world just like the sun. A non-Muslim hates them and he does not accept Islam because of them although he wants it. Those who are not Muslims and who are the enemies of Islam confuse true Muslims with these hypocrites and insult the Prophets and Muslims with demagoguery literature. Unfortunately, materialist artists, authors, movie stars, actors and caricaturists use these dangerous fanatics and unreal Muslims as their subject matter to insult Islam. They try to harden their wicked aims with them and make others hate the believers.

Materialists are very cunning because they never insult a Prophet, Mawlana, Yunus Emre, a Disciple of Jesus or a saint directly, their subject matters are hypocrites, false and immoral priests and fanatics (mullahs) about whom they usually write or talk and this is the apparent evidence of their dishonesty and insincerity. They are a kind of hypocrite, insincere, dangerous fanatics of atheism or irreligion. The biggest stain for religion and for Islam is the hypocrites and fanatics among us. If there were not any fanatics of religion, there would not be any fanatics of atheism. Therefore, if true Muslims and believers are really faithful, they should fight against the hypocrites and fanatics of Islam who harm the religion for their benefits and should overcome the fanatics of atheism in this way. (136)


Although God revealed that His face is everywhere, in all the directions and He encompassed everything, He definitely explained that "kıble-the direction to which a Muslim turns in worship -" was "the Kaaba" for the Muslims to stand in an attitude of respect with joined hands in the presence of God during worship and prayer, as it was told the Prophet Muhammad in the verse:

"Ve akim vecheke şetrel mescidil haram - Turn your face towards the Kaaba in Mecca (Mescid - i Haram)." (Al-Baqarah, 144).

The reason why it is "kıble" and "the House of God" is hidden in the mystery of its appearance as a dot (point), when the Kaaba is seen downwards from above and so every side of it is accepted as Kıble and in the secrecy of its black color. It is also related to the heart of man, because the Kaaba is nearly in the centre of the world same as the heart is in the centre of the body. This place is light during 12 months of the year and it is a holy dot, a sacred circle just like the heart of the Perfect Man. God manifested this circle as He manifested into the heart of the Perfect Man with His person. The Divine Light of the Face of God was shown to the Prophets and the Friends of God in this holy circle.

The walls of the Kaaba are covered with a large piece of black cloth. Although green was accepted as the sacred colour by the Muslims, it is especially covered by a piece of black cloth because black has the mystery of curtain. When a man shuts his eyes, he sees that his heart and the inner world is veiled by a black covering. It is the same for the Kaaba. The darkness of a night is a veil to light. So, there is a great light and reality under this veil but it is covered with a black cloth. It is veiled for the unbelievers. It looks like the heart of the Perfect Man. "I can fit neither into the Earth nor the Heaven; I am in the heart of the true believer." (137) The secrecy of this statement and the secrecy of both the Kaaba and the heart of the Perfect man are the same. The Kaaba and the Divine Light of the Kaaba is hidden with a black covering same as the body hides the heart (the matter of the body symbolizes darkness) because the divine light is hidden from the unbelievers. This is the meaning of the black cloth. Those who understand it can understand it and those who are Gnostics know it.

Circling the Kaaba by turning around it is based on the reality that God is everywhere and He does not look like any images or forms. When an unbeliever closes his eyes, he cannot see his heart and

the divine light in it (there is no divine light in the heart of the unbeliever anyway). When he looks at the Kaaba, he can only see the black curtain of mystery but he cannot see the manifestation of God there because the mystery of the Kaaba is hidden and unknown for the unbelievers. It is known and understood only by the Perfect Men whose hearts have been improved and purified. These great people are able to comprehend the holiness and divinity in the Kaaba.

How happy are those who understand it and how happy are the pilgrims - hadjis - who visit it being aware of the manifestation of God there. If a person visits it for thousands of times, and looks at it for hundreds of years unconsciously, and for fame and for the title of pilgrim without knowing the reality, he neither understands anything nor he gets any benefit from it.

The reasons why the Kaaba is called "the House of God" have thoroughly been explained so far. It is said that one who visits the Kaaba, visits The Most High Allah, who is the Lord of the Universe. The heart of the Perfect man is also the Kaaba -the purified house - and this is confirmed with the statement "I can fit into neither the Earth nor the Heavens; I am in the heart of the true believer". For this reason, it is also said that the sins of the person who visits the Kaaba are forgiven.

May God enable us to live and die with the love of Muhammad and His Family (Ahl-al Bayt) as the People of Kıble, the People of Islam and the People of the Koran!

November 21st, 1973



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25. Time cannot be considered for God, who is the first and the last, the seen and the Unseen. He, Himself is the present, past and future. He is the only One who is present, past and future. He is constant, so present, past and future are constant too. Time is for the beings that are manifested from Him. Time cannot be attributed to Him because the Absolute Existence is eternal in the past and eternal in the future. Time is for the limited beings that have a beginning and an end. There is a period of time between the rising of the water drops and their falling into the pool but the pool is free from time during this event. Similarly, the beings that are existed and annihilated in Him depend on time. The Absolute Existence God is constant, infinite and is exempt from time. He is particularly time and place, as a result there, is no other time of time and no other place of the place.

26. Niyazi Mısri: A Turkish Sufi (Malatya? -Limni -1693)

27. Diderot: A French writer and philosopher (Longres, 1713-Paris,1784)

28. Bertrand Russel: A British philosopher (1872-1970)

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32. İmam-ı Ali (k.v): The only person born in the Kaaba (598-661). He is the King of all the Walis. His sacred tomb is in Najaf (Iraq).

33. Hz. Abubakir Sıddıq: (Mecca 571-Medine 634) His real name was "Abdülkâbe" but it was changed to "Abdullah" by the Prophet Muhammad afterwards.

34. Imam Hasan (a.s) He was born in Medina. (625-669) His sacred tomb is in Medina.

35. Imam Hüseyin (a.s) He was born in Medina. (626-680) His sacred tomb is at Karbala in Iraq.

36. Hasan al Basri: He was the greatest student and heir of İmam Ali who is the King of Sanctity. (Medine 642-728)

37. Junayd al Baghdadi: He is known with the title "Seyyiddüttaife -the Head of the Sufis". Died in Baghdad -910)

38. Sayyid Abd-al Qadir Gilani: He bears the title "Gavs ül Azam" (1077-1165). He was born in Gilan in Baghdad. His sacred tomb is in Baghdad.

39. Sayyid Ahmed al Rufai: He is known as "Sultan ül Arifin" (1118-18, 1182). He is one of the four great "Gavsullahs". He is a contemporary of Gavs-i Gilani. He is from Arzul Betayih and was born in "Ümmü Übeyde". His sacred tomb is in Vasit .

40. Sayyid Ahmed al Bedevi: He is one of the four great Gavsullahs. He was born in Morocco in 1179. His sacred tomb is in Tanta (Egypt).

41. Sayyid İbrahim-i Dusuki: He is one of the four great Gavsullahs. (1238-1277 or 1294-?) He was born at Dusuk in Egypt. His sacred tomb is in Dusuk.

42. Sheikh Hasan -i Shazili: He is the founder of the Shazili Tariqat. (1196 Septe -1260 Egypt)

43. Mawlana Jalaladdin-i Rumi: He is a famous Turkish Sufi. He is the founder of the Mawlawi Tariqat (Belh, 1207 -Konya, 1273)

44. Sümbül-i Sinan: He was born in Borlu -Merzifon. He was the follower of Jamaladdin Halvati. He is the leader of the Sümbüli Tariqat (Died in 1229-30). His tomb is in Kocamustafapaşa in Istanbul.

45. Hadji Bayram Wali: A Turkish Sufi. He is the founder of the Bayrami Tariqat. He died in Ankara in 1429-30.

46. Shahabeddin-i Suhreverdi: (1155 Suhreverdi, Iran -1191 Egypt) He was executed by Melik al Zahir, who was the son of Salahaddin-i Eyyubi under the influence of the fanatic mullahs who did not understand his thoughts. For this reason, he is called "The murdered Suhreverdi ".

47. Necmeddin-i Kübreverdi: He is the founder of the Kübrevi Tariqat. (Harizm 1145-1266)

48. Muiniddin-i Chesdi: (Muiniddin Hasan) He died in 1235 in Icmir, India. He was the person who started the new way of the Indian Chesdis from Abdullah Ensari.

49. İmam Jafar al Sadiq (a.s.): He is the 6th İmam of the 12 Imams. (700 Medine -766)

50. Beyazid-i Bistami: A famous Sufi from Khorasan. He is one of the first Malamis. His real name was "Tayfur" (died in 874).

51. Selman-ı Farisi: (İsfahan ? -657 Medain, the region of Selman-ı Pâk) He is one of the Sufis with "Ashab-es Suffa". He belongs to the Family of the Prophet as it was reported by our Prophet.

52. Abdülhaliq Gücdüvani: (Died in 1179 or 89) He was the son of Abdülcelil (or Cemal). He went to Bukhara and became a disciple of Yusuf al Hamadani. He collected all the principles of the Nakshibendi Tariqat.

53. Ahmed Yesevi: He is the founder of the Yesevi Tariqat. He was born in the city of "Yesi" near Bukhara. He died in 1166.

54. Hadji Bektash Wali: A Turkish Sufi (Khorasan, 1210 -Hacıbektaş, 1271) He is one of the successors of Baba İshak who revolted against the Seljuks. He is one of the descendants of the 7th İmam Musa-i Kâzım.

55. Muhammad Bahaeddin Nakshibendi: He was the first sheikh of the Nakshibendi Tariqat. He is a very famous Turkish Sufi. (Kasr-i Arifan, 1318-Bukhara, 1389) He is the spiritual son of Muhammad Baba Sammasi.

56. Imam-ı Rabbani: (Ahmed Faruk-u Serhindi) He is the founder of the Müceddiye branch of the Nakshibendi tariqat. He lived between the years 1563 and 1626.

57. Mawlana Halid Ziyaaeddin: He is the founder of the Halidis branch of the Nakshibendi Tariqat. (Baghdad ?-1826 Damascus)

58. Muhammad Baba Sammasi: He became the spiritual father of Muhammad Bahaaddin Nakshibendi when he was three days old. He assigned Sayyid Amir Kulal to the spiritual training of the child.

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63. About Mahdi

Ahmed b. Hanbel "Müsned"

Ebu Davud "Sünen"

Tirmidhi "sahih"

Sünen, İbn Mâce contains traditions (hadiths) about Mahdi. In addition, Ibn Haldun included 24 traditions about Mahdi in his book called "Muqaddimah". Mahdi, who was a reformer, belongs to the Prophet's Family and he is one of the descendants of the Prophet's daughter Fatima. (Islam Ansiklopedisi, vol.7, the article about Mahdi) Jews and the Christians (The people of the Book) believe in Mahdi, who is a saviour-messiah - and the guide of the path of the right way.

64. Our Most High Prophet says: "Human beings look like the teeth of a comb .They are the pairs of each other." (Künuzül Hakaik, vol.2, p.185. See also Hakim, Beyhaki, Camiussağir)

65. Our dear Prophet says:"Human beings are the children of Adam and Adam is from Earth". (Camiussağir vol.2, p.175)

66. Our Prophet says: "Do your own work yourself."

67. Muhammed İkbal: (West Pakistan, 1877-Lahor, 1938) He is an Islamic poet. He wrote about the past and the present time of Islam in his works. He reflected the magnificence of Islam Sufism. He fought for the Independence of Pakistan intellectually.

68. See the Koran, Sura of Buruj, 85th sura

See also Al-Furqan, 61

69. According to the Doctrine of Metempsychosis, man is born again after death in another body parallel to his behaviors in this world such as the snake, the dove, the elephant etc.

Kâzim YARDIMCI "İnsanda Yükselme (Ascension in Man)" p.165

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72. The Leaders of four great sects (Mezhebler)

a) Abu Hanafi, Numan b.Sabit: Kufa 699-Baghdad 855

b) Shafii, Abu Abdullah Muhammad: Palestine, Gazza 767 -Cairo 820

c) Maliki, Malik b.Enes: Medina 710 -Medina 795

d) Hanbali, Ahmed b. Hanbel: Baghdad 780 -Baghdad 855

73. Sufyan-i Savri (715 Kufa -777 Basra) He is also one of the famous traditionists besides being a Sufi. He is the founder of a religious sect.

74. Sayyid Kutub: He is a contemporary commentator on the Koran and a professor.

75. Al-Ghazzali: An Islamic Philosopher who felt the necessity of Sufism in order to remove the disagreement that exposed between faith and intelligence and followed this path. (Tus: 1058-1111)

76. Mevdudi: A Pakistani contemporary thinker and lawyer of Islam.

77. Sayyid Abd-al Qadir Gilani: see notes 38

78. Sayyid Ahmed al Rufai: see notes 39

79. Sayyid Ahmed al Bedevi: see notes 40

80. Sayyid Ibrahim al Dusuki: see notes 41

81. Hasan al Basri: see notes 36

82: Junayd al Baghdadi: see notes 37

83. Sırri Saqati: He is a relative of Maruf -u Karhi. He is also the uncle and the religious teacher of Junayd al Baghdadi. Died in 865. His sacred tomb is at Sevniziye in Baghdad.

84. Imam Jafar al Sadiq (a.s): see notes 49

85. Beyazid-i Bistami: see notes 50

86. Ahmed Yesevi: see notes 53

87. Muhammad Baba Sammasi: see notes 58

88. Muhammad Bahaeddin: see notes 55

89. Hadji Baktash Wali: see notes 54

90. Hadji Bayram Wali: see notes 45

91. Mawlana Jalaladdin-i Rumi: see notes 43

92. Muhyiddin -i Arabi: see notes 6

93. Edison (Thomas Alva): An American inventor (1847-1831)

94. Einstein (Albert): An American physicist, born in Germany (1879-1955)

95. Kâzım Yardımcı "Muhammed -İsa -Adam", 1993 Doğan Publ. Malatya (In my fifth book called "Muhammad-Jesus - Adam" I related between the verses of the Koran "Jesus is the Word and the Spirit" (Al-Nisa -171) and "Allah spoke to Moses" (Al-Nisa 164) and definitely proved that Jesus was a human -man. I advise you to read it.

96. "I covered each self with itself" see the Koran (Al-Qiyamah, 14)

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98. See notes 1

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102. Ravza-i Mutahhara: The tomb of the Prophet Muhammad (a.s.v), who is the Shah of the Prophets.

103. Mascid-i Aksa: The sacred Mascid (the small mosque) in Jerusalem

104. "Divest yourself and reach out God"

S.Abd-al Qadir Gilani "Sirrül Esrar "p.99, trans.by A.Akçiçek p.118, Ist., 1964

105. See notes 100

106. Imam Aliyyül Mürteza (a.s): He was the only person who was born in the Kaaba (598-661) His sacred tomb is in Najaf ül Eshref (Iraq)

107. İmam Hasan ül Mücteba (a.s): He was born in Medina, (625-669) his sacred tomb is at Ravza-i Mutahhara in Medina.

108. Imam Husayn-i Şah-ı Şüheda (a.s.): He was born in Medina (626-680). His sacred tomb is at Karbala in Iraq.

109. İmam Ali Zeynelâbidin (a.s): He was born in Medina (656-713). His sacred tomb is next to the Imam Hasan's.

110. Imam Muhammad Baqır (a.s): He was born in Medina. (680-735) His sacred tomb is next to Imam Zeynelâbidin's in Medina.

111. Imam Jafar -al Sadıq (a.s): He was born in Medina (704-765) His sacred tomb is next to his fathers', his ancestors' in Madina. He is one of the Twelve İmams who lived the longest.

112. Imam Musa -i Kâzim (a.s): He was born in a place between Mecca and Medina which is called "Ebva". (745-779). His sacred tomb is in Baghdad in a place which is called "Kureyş Makberesi -the Tomb of Quraysh" at first then it was called "Kâzimeyn"

113. İ mam Ali Riza (a.s.): He was born in Medina (765-779). His sacred tomb is in Mashad next to the tomb of Harun Reşit (the city of Tus)

114. Imam Muhammad Taki -Cevad (a.s) He was born in medina. (811-835) His sacred tomb is at Kâzimeyn in Baghdad.

  1. İmam Ali Naki -Hâdi (a.s.) He was born in the village of "Surya" which was built by Musa-i Kâzim near Medina. (830-870) His sacred tomb is in Samerra (Iraq).

116. Imam Hasan al Askari (a.s.): He was born in Medina (853-880), his sacred tomb is next to the tomb of İmam Ali Naki.

117. Imam Muhammad Mahdi (a.s.): He was born in Samerra in Iraq (870-878), He dissapeared in Sammera.

118. Our dear Prophet says: "Whoever loves my Family (Ehl-i Beyt) loves me. Whoever loves me loves Allah". Ahl-al Bayt are Ali, Fatima, Hasan and Husayn.

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119. Sayyid Abd-al Qadir Gilani: see notes 38

  1. Sayyid Ahmed al Rufai: see notes 39

121. Sayyid Ahmed al Bedevi: see notes 41

122. Sayyid İbrahim al Dusuki: Notes 41

123. "Vema remeyte izremeyte velakinnallahe rema -It was not you (O Muhammad!), but God, Allah who smote them." (Al-Anfal, 17)

124. "Cling one and all to the rope of Allah (to the Perfect Man) and let nothing divide you." (Al-Imran, 103)

125. "I was a hidden treasure, I liked to be known -to manifest, for this reason I created ranks, stages, degrees and manifestations. (I made them known, I made them come into existence)

The sources of the above sacred tradition is: Kashf-al Khafa, vol.2, p.132, tradition 2016

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126. See notes 1

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128. The Prophet Muhammad said: "There are 12 imams after me"

He also said: "There are 12 caliphs for this commDivine Unity" from Hz.Câbir, Ahmed b.Hanbel, "Müsned", vol.5, p.106

Sahih-i Bukhari, vol.4, p.501

129. Our dear Prophet said: "The Caliphate will last 30 years after me, then rapacious kings will come" from Said b.Cümhan, Ebu Davud, Thirmizi, Nesei, Tac Trans. vol.3 p.79.Bekir Sadak, İstanbul -1973 also "Sahih-i Bukhari and Tecrid-i Sarih" trans. by Dyn. İşl. Bşk. Ankara

130. The Prophet Muhammad also said: "If you follow Ali, (If you believe Ali as your protector) you will see that he is the leader - Murshid, guide who shows you the right path and he is the real imam (the prayer leader)" from Hz.Ebu Said and İmran b.Husayn,

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133. Hz Ali is praised highly both in the Koran and in the traditions. Ibn Abbas stated that 300 verses were revealed about Hz. Ali, and Ibn Hahbel said that all the virtuous sayings told by the Prophet Muhammad were about Ali. (See "Hazrat Ali" by Mustafa Yağmurlu, Beyan Publ. p.131)

134. See notes 43

135. Fuzuli (Mehmet b.Süleyman): A poet of Divan (Ottoman Literature). He was the lover of the Ehl-i Beyt. (Karbala? -Karbala 1556) He and His works were loved by the Sunnis as much as the Shiites.

136. You can also find interesting explanations about this subject in the books we have already written:

a) Günahsızlar (The Sinless)

b) İnsan'da Yükselme (Ascension in Man)

c) Muhammed -İsa -Adem (Muhammad-Jesus-Adam)

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