“beynelmi̇lel” (international) And Adiyaman

Firstly Adıyaman;

I feel myself lucky to have been born in these lands and in the Musalla Mahallesi (District) of Adıyaman and to be one of the Adıyaman people, who speak with a sweet accent of Azari and Turkish mixture as all the people of Adıyaman do.

Why? For, Adıyaman is a city situated in a green valley between anti-Taurus and Euphrates that has fertile lands and a moderate climate.

There is such a magnificent Mount Nemrud! For, we are the descendants of Hz. Abraham, who said “Allah is One”and “The sole God is the Creator of the Universe” and who spread the reality “Sole God”, “Allah is One” to the Middle East, to the Mediterranean Area and to the Middle Asia by his three great descendants: Hz. Moses and Hz. Jesus from Isaac genealogy and the last Prophet Hz. Muhammad (a.s.v.) from Ishmael genealogy.

Although there is the call to prayer of the Glorious Muhammad (a.s.v.) on one side and there is the voice of Jesus(large bell) on another side, both of them sound in origin: “Allah is One-the Sole God” and “the existence of the divine life after death”. That is what they stress on and today almost 3-4 billion people in the world try to serve for the “True (Haqq) Religion” of Abraham in spite of several degenerations.

And then Adıyaman;

It was annexed to Islamic lands having been separated from Byzantium during Hz. Abubaqir during the appearance of Islam. Afterwards it was annexed to Ottoman lands in 1517. Since then, until today the people of Adıyaman have succeeded in living together with Christians (Suryanis and Armenians) in these lands though most of whom are Muslims.

There were two Madrasas, three tekkes and one Rüşdiye and a few Mahalle Mektebis before the Republic. However; after these educational places had been abolished by the Republic, only “Yeniyol Primary School” was opened but a middle school (Junior High) was not opened. There had been an educational interval for 20 years meanwhile. Unfortunately, most of Adıyaman people of twenty generations were deprived of education due to this. This is an educational casualty for Adıyaman people. I especially stress on this. It was a pity! However, fortunately, we have even a university at present. Those deep dark ignorance days were left in the past.

Why did I write them?

Because our Adıyaman is a city that had lived very bright days in the past and it is the city where very mysterious monotheism- the religion of One God- first appeared. I WROTE them because Hz. ABRAHAM was a personality FROM ADIYAMAN who lighted the torch of “Allah is One” on Mount Nemrud.

Moreover, many Sufi experts, Divan and Tanzimat Poets were brought up in Adıyaman. If it were not like that,Muhyiddini Arabi Hazretleri, who was one of the great men of Sufism, would not have come from Spain to visit Adıyaman? The Muhyidini Arabi Mosque in Adıyaman is the live evidence of it. In addition to this, the tomb of “Abuzer Gaffari Hazretleri”, who was one of the ten people who believed in our Prophet (s.a.v.) and was accepted as the second socialist after Plato according to the people in the West, is also in Adıyaman. This is also a great honor for Adıyaman.

Why do they consider Abuzer Gaffari Hazretleri a socialist? They regard him as a socialist for his saying:

“The person who has two shirts cannot be considered as a Muslim”.

This saying of Abuzer Gaffari Hazretleri is an opening of the holy saying of our great Prophet Hz. Muhammad (S.A.V.):“The person who sleeps with a full stomach while his neighbor is hungry is not from us”. The wit of two shirts is that it refers to the meaning that a person with two shirts who does not put one of his shirts on his brother that walks around without a shirt is not regarded as a Muslim. This is such a message that has a very deep meaning. Therefore, because of this reason and of other similar sayings the cruel Marwan did not like him and wanted him to be murdered always complaining him to Hz. Osman. When our master Shahi Walayat Hz. Ali prevented this, he eventually banished him from Madina. His tomb is in a village of Madina. The tomb of Abuzer Gaffari in Adıyaman was a place of rank built for him.

In our very mysterious Adıyaman, which has such a deep history and culture and whose each stone smells mystical culture, divinity and spirituality, in a period between 1970 and 1980 when there were many currents of ideas, a fervent and socialist nephew of us, who was severely tyrannized after 12 September Military Action and imprisoned for years being taken from his faculty while he was a university student and was plotted into various troubles, has emerged as a fervent citizen of Adıyaman. He finally showed his anger of sacrificing his youth for the sake of his beliefs, of his sufferings for he believed that he would not stay silent for the injustice forever. He is one of our citizens who presented an original character compared to his peers and ventured the risks bravely. He is an expert humorist of Literature.


He is our dear brother, our dear nephew “SIRRI SÜREYYA ÖNDER” Bey, who is the scriptwriter, the producer and the actor of the film “BEYNELMİLEL (INTERNATIONAL)” that has been shown in Adıyaman Kültür Sineması, in the movies of İstanbul and in the movies of 82 provinces of Turkey since 29 December 2006.

What did this brother of us do? In one word, he declared to all Turkey that the idea that was said “to be died, finished, ended” will not die and will not be silenced. And thanks God he became very successful in this.

Sırrı Bey also emphasized the following proved by history.


He scattered the ashes from the glowing coal of the fire that turned ashes. He blew the trumpet of Israfel to the ears of the revolutionists who were pessimistic. He said “You have not died yet! You are alive! There are not chains in your feet and any bandages on your mouth. Stand up and sing the song which will save humanity altogether! Cry out with your strong voice once again and more excitingly!”

For, dear Sırrı Süreyya Bey was the owner of such a fervent spirit and such a passionate heart that “the Universe fitted into him but he did not fit into the Universe”. He eventually penetrated the world that he did not fit into and manifested himself to the world again and with a completely different spirit. Now that, my pain and my worries for my exploited and oppressed people has stopped a little bit. He comforted me and I send him my regards and my love as his uncle.

My Brother Sırrı Bey, you have finally fulfilled your duty. Forget your sufferings now and leave the rest of the work to your brothers who are younger and more vigorous than you are. Let them keep this action (claim) alive by respecting the senses of values of their own people and even possessing their sacred values.

You also made the faces of all Adıyaman people smile by presenting Adıyaman to the world. May God make your face smile! My crazy, passionate, cultured and love struck nephew !

A note: Atilla İlhan brought Poet Nedim and Poet Nazım Hikmet together at a point by gathering the poetry of Poet Nedim and the epic poem of Sheikh Bedreddin from Simavna.

This means that Islam cannot be near imperialism and capitalism. Socialism cannot start a war against Islam and against its sacred values in a country, 95 percent of which is Muslim. Socialism, which is French, means to support society and people. Real Islamic Religion and real Christianity are definitely socialist and support people. Neither of them can be for individual ownership. When all the religions pertaining Holy Books were searched justly, it will be seen that all of them are for social economy. Nobody can prove that the religions pertaining to Holy Books, the Prophets and Sufis are for the capitalist economy. Permitted and retail sales are not capitalism. Capitalism means that individuals keep the ownership and management of the means of general production. It means to annihilate the governmental and socialist economy. This is an apparent tyranny. Capitalism’s rearing up is IMPERIALISM. THIS IS THE REALITY! The fact is not to exploit and overwhelm the labor and the people. They should never and never be insulted. The opinions besides this are all the details, nonsense talks and demagoguery. In one word, they are delirium!

It cannot be thought that socialism suggest atheism as a preliminary condition. If it is presented in that way, they will find three and a half billion people related to the religions that are connected with holy books and two and a half billion people related to Hindu Religions against them. They will never have acted wisely then. They will have occupied themselves with the impossible then. As for the world, the religious people of the world and socialists who exclude atheism will unite soon. They do not have any other chances to live. Otherwise, it is strongly possible that they will be annihilated in the violent claw of imperialism and capitalism that keeps it alive. What Atilla İlhan constantly emphasized was this. This is the point that I have reached as a forty years’ Muslim socialist.

Note: This article was published in the local newspaper “ADIYAMAN’DA BUGÜN” on 8 January, 2007.


5 JANUARY 2007