Anbiya – Awliya (the Prophets – The Friends Of God) And The Wahhabi Sect

There are verses concerning the Prophets and the Friends of God in the Glorious Koran. “Anbiya” means “the Prophets” and “Awliya” means “the Friends of God (Walis)”. “Wali” means “friend”. The Angels also tell believers, “Nahnu Evliyaküm - We are your GUARDIANS - FRIENDS-”. (Fussilat, 31)

Allah the Almighty says addressing the believers: “İnnema veliyakünüllahu ve RESULUHU vellezine Amenullezine yükümünüsselate ve yutumunuzzekate vehum rakiun -Your only protectors are God, His Apostle and the faithful: Those who attend their prayers, render the alms levy, and kneel down in worship (prostrate before God).” (Al- Maidah, 55)

Some believers are also the guardians-friends of some believers.

“Badühüm Baad - The true believers are friends to one another.” (Al-Tawbah, 71)There are a number of hadiths confirming that Hz. Ali is the guardian, the friend and the master-superior- of the faithful. (See “Musned” by Ibni Hanbel and other hadiths books.)

The Prophets and the Angels are surely the friends of the faithful. Some people do not accept the Prophets and Angels as a friend saying: “There is no friend except Allah”. If our Prophet (A.S.V.) were not the Friend of Allah, what will happen to these Muslims and the people in this world then?

There are also other verses (Saba, 46 / Najm, 2 / Tekvir 22): “The Prophet is your compatriot (owner-possessor).” The opposite of friend is enemy-foe. If Muslims are said to be not the friends of each other then it will mean that they are the enemies of each other.

The Friends of God are naturally pious people. They are the ones who fear Allah the most and who are the most well-behaved towards Allah. Piety is in the heart as written in the verse: “Takvel-kulup” (Hajj, 32). It is not an external, formal piety, which is but a display. The possibility of hypocrisy is very high in external piety. The believers Allah has described and the pious Allah has described are the Friends of Allah and the FRIENDS of believers. Real believers (not those who have imitative faith) and real pious people are the Friends of God.

“Mindunihi-besides God”, Allah mentioned in Chapters Nisa, 119 / A’raf 30 in the Koran, which means “the friends chosen besides Allah” refers to the stone idols, carved stones and false gods. All the Ulama have the same opinion that the verse “Mindunihi” is about stone idols, images or pictures, false gods.

The Friends of Allah written in “Ela inne Evliyaallahi la havfun velahüm yahzenun - Know that Allah has Friends in the world. They have nothing to fear and regret” (Yunus, 63) are the Friends of the Faithful as well. If there are not any guardians-friends in the world, then there are enemies. In that case, the world is not a place to live in then.

The Prophets, Angels and Pious believers are definitely both the Friends of Allah and the GUARDIANS-FRIENDS OF MUSLIMS.

Some pervert adherents of sects, who excessively absolve and regard the Person -the Essence- of Allah, appear and they deny the Friends of Allah saying directly that there is no FRIEND except Allah.

Excessive defenders of the Person -Essence- of Allah and excessive absolving are infidelity. That is to say:

Its result is the denial of the ATTRIBUTES OF ALLAH. THE ESSENCE -Subject is known with the ATTRIBUTE- Quality. Subject-Essence cannot be without Attributes and the ESSENCE-SUBJECT cannot be known without Attributes or Qualities. This is the opinion of Sufism, of Hasan al Ashary and Maturidy.

The opinions of Ashary and Maturidy, the Imams of Ahl as Sunna, are definitely this. These two personalities (Ashary and Maturidy), mentioned above, accepted the Friends of Allah.

Both Ashary and Maturidy said: “The Prophethood ended after Hz. Muhammad. However, the Sanctity of Muhammad is continuing”. They also said: “The Friends of Allah and their miracles as well as their miraculous influence and support are true.” Those who say that there is no other friend rather than Allah are not from Ahl as Sunna. They are the opinions of Wahhabi Sect.

When a definite decision is issued on “There is no friend apart from Allah”, the Prophets, the Friends of God, the Angels and real pious Muslims are not accepted as a FRIEND anymore that I say “God Forbid!” because the opposite of “FRIEND” is “ENEMY”. Then, it comes to such a bad meaning that in that case, others apart from Allah: the Prophets, Angels, Pious faithful Muslims, all of them are not the Friends of Muslims but they are proclaimed as their enemies. The People of Sunna must be very careful against those pervert, strayed people and against their opinions. Those who support or appropriate themselves the Wahhabi Creed in Turkey are trying to spread these pervert opinions under the guise (cap) of Ahl as Sunnat. They are HERETICS (STRAYED, BEWILDERED FRACTIONS, SECTS AND PATHS).

Excessive Absolvers, who are called as the Supporters of the Essence of God in Islamic Literature, DENY AND REFUSE THE ATTRIBUTE OF ALLAH under the titles Monotheism, Hanif Creed-Muslim Creed-Islam- (Hanif Creed and being a Hanafi -the follower of Hanafi sect- are different things. Hanif means Muslim; Hanafi Creed means Hanafi Religious Sect, in other words, to accept the ijtihads of Abu Hanifa) and İbrahimi Creed. Consequently, they are the people who deny the eternal word of ALLAH, the eternal attribute of Allah saying “the Koran is created”. Denying the ATTRIBUTE OF ALLAH causes denying the ESSENCE OF ALLAH because ESSENCE-SUBJECT cannot be known without attributes and no SUBJECT-Person is possible without ATTRIBUTES or qualities. If there is no essence, there cannot be any attributes or qualities. If there is no attribute, quality, there cannot be ESSENCE-SUBJECT-PERSON and He cannot be known.

Fortunately, in our Turkey, in the world of Islam, all the Sufis, Hanafis, Shafiis, Asharis, Maturidis believe in the attributes of Allah and the Friends of Allah and they defend them. Shiites also believe and defend the attributes of Allah and the Friends of Allah. Only Wahhabis, which has virtually 150 years old past, the supporters of Ibni Hazım and Ibni Taymiyya do not believe in the attributes of Allah and in the Friends of Allah. Ibn Hazım himself is from Spain and he is of Umayyad origin. He is an externalist theologian and a mujtahid. This person was the founder of Zahiriye Sect. He was against Jafari, Zaydi and Ismaili Creeds, which are the Shii Sects as well as being against the Four Sects of the People of Sunna, Maturidy, Ashary Doctrines and Sufism. He had his own independent sect whose name was Zahiriye Sect. He was against to all the Religious Sects of the People of Sunna and to all the Shiite Religious Sects. He was entirely against to Sufism. Ibn Taymiyya was a theologian. He also accepted the opinions of Ibn Hazım and defended Zahiriya sect. (For detailed information see the book called “İslam’da Mezhepler ve Yükseliş” and the articles written by Kazım Yardımcı.)

In addition, in our country, Kutlus -who are divided into two groups at present- and the supporters of Gülen Hodja (Nurcus) believe in the Friends of God and Sufism. They already know Saidi Nursi Efendi as the Friend of ALLAH. All the Sufis, Maturidy and Ashary supporters believe in the Friends of God. All of them accept the Friends of Allah (Awliya).

However; unfortunately, some people from the İlahiyat (the School of Theology) and some academicians in Diyanet (the Department of Religious Affairs), some of the teachers of Imam Hatip (Imam-Preacher) High Schools and some teachers of Religion at Junior High and High Schools and some teachers at the Koran Courses have taken up these pervert, strayed opinions of Wahhabi Sect seriously and they are striving for this greatly. They continue their activities under the names of some religious foundations and clubs. Nobody can claim that they are not making any gains by means of this. (For, there is a great state, wealthy of petroleum, which accepted this Wahhabi Sect officially. Nobody can say (issue the decision) that they do not have a finger in the activities in Turkey.)

I advise our people who are Ahl as Sunnat and the real lovers of Hz. Ali to be very cautious and alert concerning this matter (because Beqtashis in Turkey believe in Awliya, the Friends of God, sheikhs and the Perfect Men, in other words, they definitely accept the Friends of Allah). I, as a friend of you, who is a supporter of Ahl al Bayt, a Sufi in the Path of Hz. Ali and at the same time as one of the Ahl as Sunnat who is of Hanafi origin, emphasize and re-tell again to be extremely alert, wide-awake in this matter. I advise you to be very careful against those who want to destroy our thousand-year old belief and culture.

With my love and regards! I send my kind regards to our Ahl as Sunna and Beqtashi People.

May Allah be pleased with Ahl as Sunnat and Beqtashies because I certainly know that both of these religious brothers have faith in the Friends of God.

I say: May you be under the safekeeping of Allah, His Prophet, His Ahl al Bayt and the Koran, sending my kind regards!


Footnote 1: The second phase of that dangerous religious fraction I have pointed above is to start actions under the name jihad after spreading itself and getting more radical. That is to say, to choose the methods of al Qaeda after getting like Taliban. Therefore, I would like to state that it is necessary for our people and for the offices it is concerned to be very alert and cautious having known this matter.

Footnote 2: “God’s are legions of the heavens and the earth.” (Al-Fath, 4 and 7) All of them are the servants of Allah. Allah protects His servants with His servants and He helps them with His servants. In other words, Allah is “the Great Producer of all secondary causes”. The first cause, the first reason is Allah. Allah has created causes. Causes cannot be denied. Allah administrates the worlds and human beings through causes. That is to say, circumstances cannot be denied. Obeying circumstances is the command of the Koran. He who does not obey the circumstances, he who does not benefit them is perished. The help of Allah is the help of servants among each other. This is seen in the practical life as well. One must obey the divine hierarchy. He who does not obey it becomes perished. If a woman gives birth to a child and says: “May Allah protect him” after leaving him, it is an astray behavior.

The Prophets-the Friends of God are instructors, scholar people. Science or Divine Knowledge cannot be learnt without scholars or instructors. Allah Himself teaches the Prophets His science and the Prophets teach it to other people. A scholar or a wise-learned person is a mediator that cannot be denied. Knowledge cannot be learned without instructors-scholars. May peace be upon the Prophets and the Friends of Allah! “PRAISE BE TO ALLAH, and peace upon His servants whom He has chosen! (Al-Naml, 59)

Requesting moral support, help and favor from the Prophets and the Friends of God (Awliya) means to request their prayer. Requesting prayer is permitted. The plural of the word “Wali” is “Awliya”. According to the Koran, “The believers’ friends, protectors are God, His Apostle and the faithful: Those who attend their prayers, render the alms levy, and kneel down in worship (prostrate before God).” (Al- Maidah, 55) and “The Angels are GUARDIANS - FRIENDS- of believers.” (Fussilat, 31) However, polytheists made the idols, carved stones friends-guardians.

Polytheists worship stone-idols and false gods. They expect help from these false gods and accept them as a friend. This is a deep ignorance. Believers accept Allah, the Prophets and the Friends of God as a Friend (Wali). They request their prayers and favor. They request their help in this meaning. That is to say, requesting prayers and help from the Prophets, the Friends of God and from pious people means requesting their prayers. Their prayers are accepted by Allah. The meaning of the word “Wali” in Arabic is “Friend”. Its plural is the “Friends-Awliya-.

“Your only friends, protectors are God, His Apostle and the faithful (pious believers): Those who attend their prayers, render the alms levy, and kneel down in worship (prostrate before God).” (Al- Maidah, 55)

In this verse, it is obviously said that “Allah” is “Friend”, Hz. Muhammad is a Friend and the pious believers are the Friends. Denying the verse is infidelity. The polytheists do not say that they made them their friends they say they worship them in order to approach Allah. Believers do not worship any body or anything apart from Allah. None of the believers say: “They are god, they are idols” for the Friends of God and for the Prophets. All the Muslims say “LA İLAHE İLLALAH-THERE IS NO GOD BUT ALLAH” and they know Allah One. There are not any Muslims that do not accept Allah as One. Muslims should not be slandered and not be disturbed by making demagoguery. Believers know the Friends of God (Awliya) as the Friends of Allah, the beloved servants of Allah and they love and respect them and request their prayers due to this. Requesting prayers means requesting help. Allah said addressing our Prophet in Chapter Muhammad:

“Fa’lem ennehu La ilahe illallah-Know that there is no god but Allah. Implore Him to forgive your sins and to forgive the true believers, men and women.” (Muhammad, 19)

In this verse, He made our Superior Prophet a mediator, an intermediary to implore help and forgiveness for the believers. It is permitted for believers to pray for each other.

“The word “KE” in the word “İyyake” is the personal pronoun “YOU”. When you add “İYYA” to the beginning part of “KE”, it means “iyyake- you, your”. “IYYA” does not mean anything separately. In Chapter Fatiha, “İYYAKENESTAİNU” means “We request Your favor-grace.” Allah did not directly use “Nesir-helper” in the meaning of “the One who helps”. He used the word “Mustean-Mümin- İstiane” that express “favor-inayet”. “İnayet” has a broad meaning. It also has the meaning “help”. It has also some other meanings. As “inayet” has a wide meaning, it belongs to Allah. In the Koran, the word “nasirin-helpers” is written but the words “inayet-favor and those who does favor” are not written. This is the first point!

Moreover, at the beginning of the pronoun, “iyyake”, there are not any prepositions like “İnnema, ennema (only, alone) or “an-min (from)”. It is incorrect to translate the verse as “We alone and only request help from You” which actually means “You, Your”. At the beginning of “Allah” the prepositions “alone, only, from” are added by commentators. They are changing the Speech of Allah. Its correct meaning is “We want Your favor” but not “We implore help only from You alone”. As you see, there are neither “innema-ennema” that means “alone, only” nor “an-min” that means “from” at the beginning. They are added to this verse by people and the verse of Allah is being changed or corrupted. This is the second point!

Namaz-ritual prayer” is worship. One stands up respectfully in the divine presence and supplicates to God. It is natural that help is requested directly from Allah in the divine presence during worship. It is impossible to request help apart from Him IN THE PRESENCE OF ALLAH WHO IS THE KING OF THE KINGS. FOR, THERE IS NOBODY ELSE IN THE PRESENCE OF ALLAH EXCEPT HIM. However, there are some people who request help outside ritual prayers and there are some people who help them. Social aid is permitted and Allah commanded and encouraged to help each other. “Hüve Mevlaküm ve hüve hayrin nasirin- Allah is the noblest Helper and the noblest protector.” (Al-Anfal, 40) Naturally, Allah is the most favorable in all the tasks and in every matter. Allah has declared in the above verse that He has helpers.

There are also the following verse in the Koran:

“Set aside for those who are needy and the deprived.” (Mearij, 25)

“Let the rich people and the virtuous among you give their gifts to those who do not have.” (Al-Nur, 22)

The worldly-goods, as you know, are concrete, material. “Virtue” comes from the name of Allah “Fazıl- the Virtuous”. It is an abstract truth. Allah says with the above verse that He has given some of His servants from His virtue. Virtue is not a physical attribute-quality but it is a divine-spiritual attribute. Virtue can be requested from those virtuous people. The virtuous can give those who lack it and Allah wants the virtuous to give virtue to those who lack it. The virtuous are those who approached Allah.

“Those who are the advanced ones (Awliyas, the Friends of Allah) are the righteous who are near to Allah.” (Al-Vaqıa, 11)

“The righteous are in the Heavens, in the running brooks, in the presence of their mighty Kings.” (Rahman, 54, 55)

Allah calls the Muslims of Madina as “Ansar-Helpers” (Hashr, 9) Therefore, Firstly, Allah and His Prophets help people and He has some servants who help people. Where is it then “There are not any helpers except Allah and help cannot be requested from anybody else apart from Allah”? What we have written is all confirmed by the Koran. There are many Holy Hadiths about this matter “help”. We are contented with these verses in order not to tire you. Naturally, help is firstly from Allah. The noblest helper is Allah. In every task, in every matter, the most favorable one is Allah.

I wish the believers to help each other physically and spiritually, sending my love and regards. It is already the duty of believers. Taking this opportunity, I send you my kind regards.

“If you do not understand that none can have faith except by the will of Allah, He will visit His scourge upon you.” (Yunus, 100)

Those who are addressed by this verse are believers. This verse is the definite proof that faith is a divine guidance and mercy of Allah. And nobody can have faith unless Allah wills. Allah the Almighty has sent this verse when believers forced others to have faith. He wanted the believers to give up the struggle when they forced those who did not have faith to have faith.

Faith is bestowed by Allah. It is not gained or acquired. That is to say, faith is a gift given by Allah. It is not a gain of man himself. Allah guides whomever He wishes. Then, faith is a secret and a miracle. The Divine Light, Virtue and loveliness in the faces of the Prophets and those servants whom Allah loves is the reflection of faith.

He who wants to understand “faith” should look at the faces of believers whose faces are divine-lighted. Faith is seen in the luminous and lovely faces of believers. Faith is in the heart but it is also reflected on the faces of true believers. May Allah guide those who seek reality and protect them by His leave!

Kazim Yardımcı / Adıyaman / Turkey

14th June, 2007

Note: This article was published in the local newspaper “Adıyaman’da Olay” on 15 June 2007.