An Inspiration About The Fact That In The Four Gospels Hazrat Jesus Is Not The Son Of Allah

There is no addressing to Hazrat Jesus as “O the Son!” “O My Son!” in the four Gospels and Jesus himself did not say any words as “I am the Son of Allah”. Since the Trinity of Father-Son-Holy Spirit was not written in the Bible, who made this suggestion, who started it? This is an invention of Pavlos, who was not a Disciple of Jesus and of the similar monks or priests. Does church oppose to the Bible in this respect? In which of the Chapters or pages is there such an expression? If there is, they must prove it. Here is the opportunity!

This Trinity of Father-Son-the Holy Spirit is neither written in the Torah, in the Psalms of David, in the Bible nor in the Koran. This Trinity Doctrine is contrary to divine messages. In other words, this Trinity is a classical philosophic interpretation. It is impossible to prove it by neither revelation, by science nor by reason. This is a theory which is impossible to be proved. This does not exist in the Four Divine Books either. This opinion or view is not the opinion of Hazrat Jesus, the Prophet and the Disciples but it is a theory, an interpretation which was invented or made up by the church afterwards. That is to say, the Church also has become contrary to the Bible as well as to the Torah, the Psalms of David and the Koran. All the Gospels were translated into Turkish and there is no expression as “the son of God” in any of them.

In the Hebrew and Aramiac languages, the word “Eb (father)” means “the Lord (Rab)”. The word “Abd (the slave)” is used in the meaning of “the son” in these languages and among the Arabs. That is to say: Another meaning of “Abd (slave)” is “the son of the Master”. This meaning was so widespread among Hebrews, Aramians and Arabs that it was considered as a shame or a forbidden act for his master to get married a daughter of an abd (slave).

This saying of Hazrat Messiah for Allah “He is both my Father and your Father” means, “He is both my Lord and your Lord.” If we consider this saying of Hz. Messiah in the actual meaning, in that case, there will be no superiority of Hz. Jesus because it is made plural by saying “your Father”. Then all the human beings must be accepted as the sons and daughters of Allah. Hz. Jesus the Messiah (a.s.) becomes an ordinary man among other people at God’s sight and everybody becomes in Jesus’s status at God’s sight. Everybody becomes holy and exalted like Hz. Jesus. Then there will be no value of divinity of Jesus and he becomes an ordinary simple person like everybody or all the people become holy, innocent and sinless. There will be no need for religion, for faith and for worship then.

All fathers have the reflection of Divine Lordship (Rububiyet) Attribution in reality because Lord means the one who trains, educates and a master as a word. All fathers already have this attribution. An ordinary father also trains and educates his children and conducts them until they become an adult because Allah has given all His attributions to Adam (a.s.) and his children, except the attribution of divinity or deity (existence). Man is the mirror of Allah.

“Ve alleme Ademel Esmae Külleha- I taught Adam all My names.” (Al-Baqarah, 31)

“Ve nefehtu fihi min ruhi-I breathed Adam from My Spirit.” (Al-Hijr- 29, Sad-72)

And Allah had all the Angels or the exalted beings, who are all the beings of the heaven, prostrate before Adam.

Therefore, Adam-Man reflects God. He is the mirror of God but He did not give the attribution of deity (being God) to anybody because Deity is the existence, the person of Allah and it is not His attribution or quality. Adam-the Perfect Man is not a God but he bears divine qualities.

This is based on the mystery of “Hu”. The entity Hu-He expresses directly the eternal existence. The eternal existence is infinite divine light, strength, power, knowledge and wisdom and the eternal existence of Allah has no end, no limit and no border. Then Allah, who is the eternal existence, is Sole-One. There cannot be two limitless existences anyway. Entity-existence belongs to Allah. The existences of other beings, which are from God, are relative and temporary. The other existences have become simple through condensation from the Divine Light of God by degrees. However, God has been perfect and excellent since eternity. He has no deficiency whereas objects that are His signs or manifestations are simple, limited and deficient at God’s sight. God created a simple so that His perfection can be known. If there had not been “a simple”, perfection would not have been known.


He says that He has encompassed everything with the following verse: “Ela innehu bi küll, şey’in muhit”. (Fussilat, 54)

In this case, all the beings are in God in reality. God is not in anything because the infinite God cannot fit into limited beings. Yet, God breathed His spirit into man and His holy breath and Spirit is in Man. What the Angels prostrated before is this holy, divine spirit of Adam. They did not prostrate before his body. The divine spirit in man was prostrated before. In other words, the attribution of Allah is prostrated.

Since the Spirit is the Decree (Emr) of Allah, His decree was prostrated. Here “Decree (Emr)” does not mean “to order” as in grammar. The real meaning of “Emr” is “a case, state, circumstance or condition”. The state is the attribution, a quality of the owner of that state. The spirit is the commanding (state, condition) attribution of God. The state of God is the quality of God. The prostration and the respect before the attribution of God are accepted as the prostration before His person.

The attribution (Sıfat) cannot separate from the person (Zat). Attribution cannot be separated from the Person and the person cannot be without the Attribution either. The person is known by his quality. The Person-Existence is the Subject. He is the Subject Hu -He-. He is a Subject. Subject is the being itself. Hu is not an attribution. The existence of Allah is eternal and constant divine light and power, which has no limit. The other beings are the creatures which are condensed from His own Divine Light and simplified compared to His Person.

Allah, who is divine light and power neither has a limit-a border nor has He sons and daughters. Allah, who is actually divine light and power has no sons and daughters. Allah does not have sons and daughters. Allah is divine light. Allah is power. In the existence of Allah, who is divine light and power, there is knowledge and wisdom and art and creativity.

God has no sex. God is not a man or a woman. God was not born from a mother and He does not give birth like a mother. If God is called as Eb (father), üm (mother), then God will be attributed a sex. Allah is exempt from being a male or a female. Divine Light and Power has no sex and the existence of God is from Himself. That is to say: God exists Himself. Nobody created God. God has not come from anywhere. He naturally exists himself. Allah is infinite Divine Light. Allah is the Absolute Being. He is complete-whole. He cannot be separated, withered, consumed or ended. He is a Holy being who exists Himself. He is our Lord.

A warning, a sign: Let them look at up to the width of this blue, clean sky. This sky is one of the manifestations of the eternal existence of Allah, who is infinite, limitless Divine Light. It is a sign, a manifestation of God same as the dawn of the Sun. I wonder if this sky can be divided into pieces. Is it possible to break a part of it? Can anybody split it? Since it is impossible to divide it into parts, they must think of the purity, beauty, the existence and the indivisible, limitless unity of Allah, who is the essence of the Sky and of everything.

As the church’s mentioning about the Son is nonsense, Jews’ saying “the Angels are the daughters of Allah” is also nonsense. If Allah had had a daughter or a son, they would also have been a god.

Yet, Allah says in the Four Books that there is no God except Allah.

“Ve hüvellezi fissemahi ilahin ve fil erdi ve huvel hekimul alim - It is Allah who is God in heaven and God on earth.” (Al-Zukhruf, 73)

“Vema min ilahin illa ilahun vahid - There is but one God.” (Al-Maidah, 73)

“Vema Muhammedin illa Resul - Muhammad is no more than an Apostle.” (The Imrans, 144)

“Vel Mesih ibnü Meryeme illa resul - The Messiah, the son of Mary is no more than an Apostle.” (Al-Maidah, 75)

The Trinity Doctrine of the Church neither exists in the four Books, in divine revelation, nor does it suit science and reason. Allah, who is infinite divine light and power, does not have a son or a daughter. These nonsense sayings, the improvable sophistries, are slanders and insults to Allah, to Jesus and to Mary. Allah is exempt from partnership and all kinds of deficiencies.

“Ve kululhamdüllilahi ve selamun ala ibadihillezi nestefa Allahu hayrun emma yüşrikun - Praise be to God and peace be upon His servants whom He has chosen! Exalted be He above polytheists and He is exempt from partnership.” (Al-Naml, 59)

With my love to all my Muslim brothers and all the people of the Divine Books who says “Allah is One”. My kind regards to all of you!


6th October 2005