There Is Also “gray”

     We continue to present the Inspirations from the Existence.

In this world, in nature we live, there are two big events and they are repeated in twenty-four hours everyday. Half of the day is night -dark, black- and the other half is daylight –bright and white. We observe this everyday. It is called as “ayeteyn - two verses” in the Koran. The two verses of Allah. “We made the night and the day twin marvels.” (Al-Isra, 12) The meaning of “ayat-verse” is “proof- evidence, wonder, miracle” according to the Koran.

Yet, there are two more events we ignore or do not notice in the end (border, edge) of the nature; they are: 40 minutes’ views between the breaking of dawn and the rising of the Sun, the color of the nature is gray at that moment, and it is again gray for 30-40 minutes between the evening and sunset.

These two events are repeated just like day and night every morning and evening. How is gray color formed? Gray is the mixture of white and black. When there is more black in gray, it is called dark gray; when white is more, it is called light gray. Night-black represents the unbeknown -negative; the white color represents the light - knowledge - positive and it shows us realities.

Now, a small percentage of people is deep black, a small number is pure white. They are exceptions. Some became dark and some became light. One of them is 100 percent white, the other is 100 percent black. These black people are called as “exhausted human” in Sufism and they became negative.

      The people who became pure-white are called as “the perfect human” and they became 100 percent positive. They are exceptions. The majority of humanity is gray; in some of them, blackness is increasing and in some of them, whiteness is increasing.

      In fact, the end of the morning gray is light, the Sun; the end of the evening gray is dark, deep darkness. He went completely towards unknown and he is buried under dark ignorance. This is a happening – a phenomenon observed in nature every day. They are symbols. There is an original of everything in this nature and everything in this nature is the symbols of those originals.

       What we will focus on and what we are interested in is the gray majority. They eventually will be separated. Human beings are given an opportunity until they die. The Koran has forbidden killing people in order not to take this opportunity away from them. Those who are gray among them may be saved.

“Whoever killed a human being unjustly shall be looked upon as though he had killed all mankind.” (Al-Maidah, 32) Some exceptions (like wars) are excluded from this. In wars, which side is right is investigated and our Lord knows who is right or not.

The people who know themselves, who learn these realities consider the gray people as “subject” but not as “object” because they still have white color -goodness- in them. They are not completely exhausted. For this reason, they consider them with good opinions lest they may not lose their personality, but own a personality while being separated. The people who know these realities do not know the gray people as “objects” because objects are wasted, used.

Accepting human beings as objects means to look down upon them and to treat them as inferior. The people whom we call as “elite”, who are boastful and snobbish unfortunately consider ordinary people as objects and they want to motivate them. This is caused by being too proud of themselves and seeing themselves more superior than others. They consider people as objects and they insult them.

In fact, they are insulting themselves because human beings are our fellow men. Human beings are different from animals. Animals are not conscious. Human beings cannot insult other human beings. Those who insult man insult themselves. Human beings are exalted.

Greetings to humanity…


14th October 2004