Ahl Al Bayt (the Family Of The Prophet) And İnsan-i Kami̇l (the Perfect Man)

My brothers, I will explain to you some facts depending on the Koran, which I have been reading for forty years, the Holy Traditions (Hadiths), History and on the knowledge I have learnt from the inner world.

     All the knowledge that I will convey to you with all my sincerity as a supporter of Ahl al Bayt and Shia-ı Muhammad Al-i Aba and as a Hanafi, who practices according to the Hanafi Jurisprudence, is reflecting the exact truth. Do never suspect it! (1) I have already written seven books and in these books, I proved the superiority of the Family of the Prophet which nobody can reach (all the other Prophets and Saints are included in this reality) their divinity and their innocence with their proofs depending on the Verses of the Koran and the Holy Sayings of the Prophet. However, I am explaining some matters now I have not explained openly in these books, as they were very high to be understood by everybody and in order not to cause any unnecessary arguments and offences.

     Bismillahirrahmanirrahim (With the Name of God who is Compassionate and Merciful)

Allah, who is the Lord of the Universe, “breathed into the body of Adam from His Spirit” (Sad, 72). This truth is mentioned in the other verses of the Koran too. Allah, the Most High, made the Angels prostrate before His Divine- Holy Spirit and He made the person of Adam His Deputy. These subjects are written in the Sura of Baqhara. Adam is a corps, a symbol. Adam is the first man and he was created from the earth. His physical body was made of earth, but, what the angels prostrated before Adam is the breath which is the Pure, Divine Spirit of God. This holy and innocent Spirit is the Spirit of Allah.

     The source of this spirit is the Supreme Spirit – the First Spirit. It is the Divine Breath of Allah, the Divine Light of the face of Allah. It is the First Light, the Word, the Decree, the Breath of Allah. The Light, the Word, the Decree, the Breath of Allah is Divine Light. It is just like the Sun, the sun of the inner World.

     Spirit is the essence. Spirit is not matter. It is not created. The Decree, the Word, the Breath of Allah is the eternal attribute of the Eternal God. God has attributes but the attributes of God are also the Person of God same as the Sun and sunlight.

(1) I am a Hanefi but I cannot hide this truth because we are truthful.


     The lights of the Sun on the walls are also the Sun itself in the Sky. However, it is not the whole Sun in the Sky; it is a manifestation, a vision and a sign of it. Yet, in any way or other, it is not another being apart from the Sun. It is not a second thing besides it. The Sun is a whole with the rays of it. The sun is one and nobody can say that there are two suns.

     We cannot say that there are two different things as the Sun and Sunlight. When the Sun sets, it takes away its lights on the walls without leaving a bit of it. The sun is a whole with its lights. The sun is also divine Light. It is light.

     Dawn is also a manifestation and an appearance of the Sun. However, it is not a second being separated from the Sun. It is a color, a manifestation, which the sun sends before it rises. Dawn is a color, a vision of the Sun. It is the first manifestation of Allah in the first manifestation like dawn.

     These are already explained in details in the books I have written so far. The Supreme Spirit, which is the origin, the essence of the Spirit in Adam is the First Manifestation, the first appearance of Allah, which is also the Pure Person of Allah. This great, enormous Spirit is the eternal attribute of Allah. It is also the source of all the Spirits. It is the Sun of the inner world. The first spirit which Allah the Most High says: “I breathed from My Spirit”, The Supreme Spirit is the Reality of Muhammad and Hz. Ali is also included in this Spirit.

The holy, original name of this Spirit is “Muhammad Ali”.

     Muhammad Ali is Ahmed, Mahmud, Mustafa, Murtaza and Mujtaba. He is also Ya- Sin which means “Human- Man” and He is Sayyid- Master and he bears the rank of Shah (King).

The Spirit has the attribution of King (Shah). This is the first and greatest Spirit, which is the only beloved of Allah and the eternal attribute of Allah. This Spirit is divine- holy. It is the Holy Spirit of the pure Person. It is the universal Spirit, which is the Father- the source of all the spirits. It is the Holy father (Eb-i Mukaddes). The other spirits were separated from this spirit same as the Sun and the Stars:

     There are two colours in this Spirit:

a) One of them is green: Jamal and Marifat (Beauty and Knowledge)

b) The other is red-like, the color of dawn: Jalal (Might) and Love

The Jalal of Allah is in love with Jamal and His Jalal protects His Jamal.

The Divine Light of beauty and Perfection is Muhammad Mustafa (S.A.W), the beloved of the Almighty;

The Divine Light of Jalal (Mighty) and Perfection is the Saint of Almighty, Imam-ı Aliyyel Murtaza (a.s. and k.v.).

There is one Divine Light and two different colors. The color of Jamal is green-the colour of grass- Muhammad (S.A.W).The colour of Jalal is the red colour of dawn. Ali (K.V.). Spirit-Divine Light is one; the colours are two.

The First Spirit, which consists of Muhammad-Ali, is only one Divine Light. The Spirits in Adam (A.S) and in his children are from the first, holy, exalted, sacred spirit, which Allah describes as “My Spirit”. (Sad, 72)

The holy tradition “He who knows himself (his self) knows his Lord” (2) is understood by means of this reality. It is possible to know the knowledge of “men araf”, to know one’s self and to know the Lord through this reality. There is no other way of learning it.

The Spirits and the Divine Lights is all the Prophets, Walis and men are from this Spirit called “Muhammad-Ali”. Mustafa-Mürtaza is like the Sun, all the other Prophets and Saints are like the Stars. The origin of these stars is also the Sun.

The spirits of the believers are from this First Spirit, Muhammad-Ali. They are from the First Spirit. The spirits in all the human beings are from this Spirit. However, the spirits of the unbelievers who commit grave sins become solid. The Divine Light turns into fire.

The Divine Light of Muhammad and the Secret of Ali mentioned above is this First Spirit. This is also called “Muhammad-Ali Febi” which means Muhammad-Ali is only one Spirit-Divine Light. Yet, the bodies of Muhammad (S.A.W.) and Hz. Ali (K.V.) are like the body of Adam as it is in all the children of Adam. The origin of physical body is earth. It is not spirit. It is created. Bodies die and become earth but spirit does not die.

Spirit is the Eternal Attribute of Allah. It is the Word of Allah, His Breath, His Divine Breath. It is His Decree and the Divine Light of His Face. The bodies have no structural relation with the Person and Attribute of Allah.

Spirit is Divine, for this reason, physical body-corpse cannot be Spirit-Allah.

(2) See Sırrül Esrar, p.31


     When we call the Spirit of Muhammad-Ali and the Spirit of Adam, the Attribute of Allah and His attribution is also His Person, we refer to their spirits which is one, eternal Divine Light but not to their bodies. We say that the Attribute is the Person of Allah in reality, not in identity... but in reality.

We prostrate before Spirit but not before their bodies, pictures or names. We prostrate before the first, great and glorious spirit of Allah. We prostrate before Muhammad-Ali and we accept the body of Adam (the Perfect Man) as a Kıble. The Angels have also prostrated before this spirit or else they would be a polytheist.

“I neither fit into the Earth nor the Heavens but I am in the heart of the believer.” (A Holy Tradition) (Kırk Hadis by Sadreddin Konevi, p.82 trans. by Harun Ünal, Vahdet Publ. 1984 Ist; Ajluni Keşfü’l Hafa vol.2, p.195)

We love the light in the bulb but not the glass of it. We like the bulb as well because it is a container for the light. The bulb that gives light is certainly much better than a dark bulb (a dark heart). Then, the body of the Perfect Man is valuable same as an alight bulb.

One alight (shining) bulb is much better than a thousand of dark bulbs. A good heart is better than a thousand of evil hearts. If there is no bulb, the light cannot appear. A sound bulb is also valuable for us.

We prostrate before the Perfect Man who has this good and sound heart and the Spirit that shines in this heart, which is the First and the only Spirit of Allah, the Pure Spirit, the holy Spirit of Muhammad-Ali. We love Him and we like their pure bodies because of this fact.

We call the Perfect Human who bears this Spirit and who is the object to the Divine Light of Muhammad and the Secret of Ali as: “Pir, Murshid, Wali, Sheikh, Baba, Dede, Teacher, Prophet, Apostle”. We prostrate before their spirits and sanctify them. (3)

We look at their pictures and photographs in order to remember them and to show our love. We want our love to increase for them. We know that their photographs and pictures were drawn by description and they do not reflect them completely.

We are not polytheists. We do not worship pictures, bodies or names.


(3) The Spirits and the Divine Lights of the Prophets and Apostles, who lived before the Prophet Muhammad Mustafa and Hz. Ali, are the spirits which were breathed from the First Spirit-The Supreme Spirit. All the Prophets and Saints means the First Spirit Muhammad-Ali.

We prostrate before the essence, the essence of our essence, who is Shah Muhammad-Ali, the Pure Spirit and the Attribute of Allah. We hold Allah and the Spirit of Allah, which is the attribute of Allah. The Supreme-Great Spirit is Muhammad-Ali. This is the string (rope) of Allah. It is His original Light, His Word, His Decree. We prostrate before the person in whom we see this Spirit, the Divine Light of Muhammad-Ali. We respect him and love him.

“He who loves My Ahl al Bayt, loves Me; He who loves Me loves Allah.” (4)

The highest meaning of worship is love. This is a Divine Love. This love is for the righteous (5) who are near to God. They are first of all; the Prophet of Allah, Hz. Imam-ı Ali, Fatma, Hasan, Husayn and the other Apostles and Saints who are close to them They are the great personalities of the Companions of the Prophet.

The verse in the Koran also says: “Those who love you must follow you (swear fealty to you)!”. It means: those who love Allah must love you because in order to swear fealty to a person, you should love him first.

In the Koran:

“Say: If you love God, love Me and follow Me when they say “we love Allah”-Kul inküntüm tühibbunellahe fettebiuni yuhbibkümullah veyeğfirleküm zünübeküm.” (The Imrans, 31)

Nobody swears fealty to whom he does not love. He does not obey him or follow him. The believers swore fealty to the Prophet of Allah (S.A.W.) for their love to him. Those who did not love Him swore allegiance to the Prophet hypocritically for their fear or for their worldly benefits when the Prophet became powerful same as the reluctant allegiance of the Sufyani Umayyads on the Day of the Conquest of Mecca.

Thus, the Holy Verse of the Koran should be interpreted as: “Say, O Muhammad! He who loves Allah, loves Muhammad. He who does not love you, does not love Allah.”

“Yuhbibkümullah veyeğfirleküm zünübeküm-If you love me, Allah will also love you and He will forgive your sins.” (Al-i Imran, 31)

This is a Divine Love. He who loves Spirit loves Allah.


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(5) See Shura, 23

This is not a mortal, physical love but it is to love the attribute (Spirit) of Allah.

“My (Ahl al Bayt) Family is from me and I am from Ehl-i Beyt (Ahl al Bayt) - Ehl-i Beyt-i minni ve ene minhüm.” (6)

“Aliyyen minni ve ene minhü-Ali is from and I am from Ali.” (7)

Our Prophet (A.S.W.) had not said these honorable sayings for others but he said them only for Imam-ı Ali.

He made Ahl al Bayt and Ali “Himself” and He made Himself “Ali and Ahl al Bayt”. This is always true.

He said for the believers:

“Ene minallahi ve’l mü’minune minni-I am from Allah and the believers are from Me.” (8) He had not said: “I am from the believers” How could he say it? The stars are from the Sun but how can the Sun be from the Stars? The Sun is the master, the source, the Lord of the Stars. The stars are the servants, lovers and prisoners of the Sun.

“Küntü men mevlahü fealiyyen mevlah-Of whom I am the master, Ali is also his Master.” (9)

The Prophet (A.S.W.) said this holy saying for none of the Prophets, Companions and even for a Saint. This is a certain tradition. “Of whom I am the Master, Ali is also his Master”. All the holy traditions and the books of traditions can be searched. This tradition is only about Hz. Ali. He made Hz. Ali Himself. Then, our Most High Prophet (S.A.W.) is the Master of all the Prophets, Companions, Saint and all the believers. Hz. Ali is the Master of all of us.

The reason why alms and charity are forbidden to be given to the Prophet and the Ahl al Bayt depends on this secrecy. That is to say: The Master does not accept alms and charity.


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Alms and charity are the dirt of property. The Master is Pure. He does not accept the dirt. All the people are the recipients of alms except Ali, Fatima, Hasan, Husayn (also the Hashim Family is not alms beneficiary). But, first of all Ahl al Bayt, because Ali, Fatima, Hasan and Husayin are Masters. Masters do not receive, they give.

For this reason “humus” (one fifth of the property) is given to Ahla-l Bait with the command of Allah. Ahl al Bayt has a share in Beyt ül Mal (the Public Treasury) and this is a right, confirmed by a Divine Command. (10) Shariat (Canonical Jurisprudence) has already accepted it in this way. Allah, the Most High says:

“İnnema yüridullahu liyüzhibe ankümürricse Ehle-l beyti veyütehhireküm tethira-I have willed to purify Ahl al Bayt.” (Ahzab, 33)

When this verse was revealed, the Prophet of Allah said: “Ahl al Bayt are Ali, Fatima, Hasan and Husayn” Oh Lord! They are my Family.” (11)

It is certain with hadiths that Ahl al Bayt are our Masters Hz. Ali, Hz. Fatima, Hz. Hasan and Hz. Husayn. The Prophet of Allah is the Master and the alms can not be given to them. The Family of the Prophet (Ahl al Bayt) is the Master and The Master never accepts the property of charity.

Hz. Muhammad is from Allah and the Believers are from Hz. Muhammad. Ahl al Bayt and Hz. Ali (k.v.) are Muhammad and Muhammad is Ahl al Bayt.

Ali, Fatima, Hasan, Husayn is only one Divine Light. The Divine Light of Muhammad- Ali (Ahl-al Bayt) is the First Spirit of Allah. The Holy Spirit, which is the Pure Divine Light, is the eternal attribute of Allah. It is the Pure Attribute of Allah.


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(10) “The spoils taken from the town-dwellers (from the people of the countries which are conquered) are assigned by God to His Apostle and his kinsfolk (the Sons of Hashim and Abdülmuttalib who are the relatives of Muhammad) to orphans, to the poor and to the traveler of the rich among you.” (Hasr, 7-8)

(11) from our Mother Aisha; Müslim, Sahih, vol, 7, p.130 from our Mother Ümmü Seleme, Thirmizi, Sünen, vol.5, p. 663.

     The attribute of Allah is eternal like His Pure Person. Person-Attribute are the same. They are one, sole Divine Light but in reality not in identity. For instance: The Sunlight. We see the Sun itself but it is not particularly the whole sun. The Sun is in the Sky and very big. The attribute of Allah is Himself in reality, but His Person is eternal and infinite. If there is no Person, there is no attribute. If there is no attribute, His Person is not known.

     “The waves pounded and two colors emerged on the sea,

     When the expert who knows all the identities saw them,

     He called one of the them: the Divine Light of Muhammad,

the other: the Divine Light of Ali..”

Muhammad- Ali is the Koran and the Furqan. Furqan is the Koran and He is in the Koran. The Kuran is Hz. Muhammad; the Furqan is Hz. Ali. For example. The Koran is the Sun and the Furqan is the Moon. It is like this in the visible world too. It is only one Divine Light in origin. The Koran and the Furqan is only one Divine Light. Therefore, Hz. Ali said during the Siffin Battle: “Ene Kuran-ı Natık-I’m the speaking Koran”. In reality the Koran and the Furqan (The Sun and the Moon) are only one Divine Light.

This glorious Divine Light of Muhammad-Ali has come to all the Prophets and it does continue to come to all the Perfect, righteous saints.

The “breath” in all the Prophets and Saints is this first, holy, sacred, pure Spirit of the Purest Person. It is His first manifestation, His first appearance, His first sign-just like the dawn of the Sun.

This process continues by means of the pious Perfect-Human-beings who have a pure and sound heart.

As long as the Universe exists, the Perfect Man will exist. It will be transferred from hand to hand, from heart to heart. If there are unripe grapes in a vineyard, there will also be ripe graves. It should be kept in mind that the grapes are formed from unripe grapes. There will be perfect people as well as immature people. The Perfect Man becomes from immature man.

“I came and left in the image of a man many times

Yet, there were only a few people who followed me.”

The above saying is the explanation of this reality.

What comes and leaves in each Apostle and Saint is Hz. Muhammad-Ali. (12) This is the Spirit of Muhammad-Ali and a sign-a manifestation from Him. They are the foams or waves from that Sea. The great Muslim saints are the waves.

Mawlana Jalaleddin-i Rumi says for Hz. Ali: “The First and the Last of the Universe was Ali.”

“Adam was a “Kıble”, what the Angels prostrated before was Ali. The High rank of the Prophet Noah, Abraham, Ishmael, Jacob, Joseph, Zachariah, Aaron, Lot, Moses and Jesus, the son of Mary was Ali. Whenever I looked at the horizon, I saw the Divine Light of Ali.”

I advise you to read “Divan-ı Kebir” very carefully. (13)

And this holy Master, the Pure Spirit of Hz. Muhammad-Ali (Selevatullahi Aleyh ve Aleyhisselam) (14) suffered from mankind and their own people very much. They were not respected properly.

“Vema kaderullahe hakka kadrihi-Allah is not esteemed properly.” (En’am, 91) (Yâ-Sin, 30)

How could Allah-Muhammad-Ali and the Prophets who bear this Spirit be esteemed highly? But there are also some exceptions.

Yet, as they were a spiritual guide and blessing, they forgave and endured all the sufferings. But, those who love them very much cannot endure it, and they have difficulty in forgiving. The lovers cannot put up with what is done to the beloved, but the blessing, affection, mercy and the guidance of Ali-Muhammad is infinite. Their blessing, forgiveness and mercy surprises everybody. Whereas, they do not forgive the cruel and the denial as Allah does not forgive them. They obey the decision of Allah.


(12) In the inner world, Muhammad-Ali is only one Spirit-one Divine Light. In the visible world, Muhammad (S.A.W.) is an Apostle, Ali (k.v.) is a Saint (Wali). The Spirit-Divine Light is one but there are two bodies.

(13) See Mawlana Jalaluddun-i Rumi, “Divan-ı Kebir’den Seçme Şiirler”, Chapter, 274 Vol.2, M.E.B. Publ. İstanbul, 1961

“It was Ali, who existed until the foundations of the world was put into effect. It was Ali, who existed until the earth was pictured and the time came into being. It was Shah Ali, who was qualified as the Friend of God (Wali), who was the Sultan (the King) of the generosity, benevolence and mercy.

     The Angels prostrated before Adam because of Ali. Adam was a “Kıble”, Ali was the one who was prostrated before. The Prophets: Adam, Sheet, Eyyup, Enoch, Joseph, Yunis, Hud, Moses, Jesus, Elyas, Salih, David were all Ali.

     The brave heroic lion who did not smear his hands on the worldly riches as for the greediness of the self was Ali.

     It was Ali, who was the discoverer of the mysteries of the Koran, who was mentioned in the verses of the Koran and whom the God highly praised his innocence.

     That wise person, whose door’s earth was more valuable than the Sky of the Throne and who constantly prostrated before the God, was Ali. The honorable, dignified Shah (King), who didn’t stop and rest until the work reached a right and proper condition in Islam, was Ali. The conqueror of the fortresses that grasped and opened the Gate of Haybar at one attempt was Ali.

     Whenever I looked at the horizon, I saw that it was Ali who existed in every being for nearness. This cannot be a blasphemy; these are not the words of blasphemy.

     Ali exists as the Universe exists and Ali existed while the Universe was coming into existence.

     Whatever Shams of Tabriz showed from the open and secret mysteries was all Ali.”


(14) Muhammad means very high, very exalted and lofty Muhammad-Ali means highly praised and very exalted. Muhammad-Ali is the name of the First Spirit of Allah, who is the greatest, praised and exalted.

For this reason, it is said that the secrecy of Lâ Feta cannot be comprehended easily.

May Allah enable us and all the lovers of Ali to be happy Haydaris who benefit from the Divine Light of Ahmed and the secrecy of Ali!

May Allah salute Muhammad, May Allah salute Ali, Help us O Muhammad and please have Mercy on us O Ali!

“Lâ feta illâ Ali, Lâ seyfe illâ Zülfikar-There is no soldier like Ali and no sword like Zülfikar.” (15)


(15) See, “İslâm Tarihi, Hz. Muhammad ve Islâmiyet by M. Asım Köksal, vol.3, p.117

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