Adem And The Earth

The earth is surrounded by an atmosphere layer that maintains the biological life. The first man Adam was sent to the earth together with his wife Eve from the Heaven of Melekut (Angelic Reign) by God. They became a little bit solidified when they arrived. Adam and his wife, who were created in Melekut, had only a stomach as their digestive system. Their intestines and organs of generation were formed on the earth because the earth is in fact the world of animals. It is the lowest, the darkest region of God. It is a place that belongs to wild animals and wild plants. There are many mysteries about the arrival of Adam to the earth. This matter has already been explained in the chapter about "seyr-i süluk (progress in the spiritual path)". Adam brought the seeds of useful plants and animals with him. Wild animals were created from the roots of wild plants on the earth. God honored the first man with prophecy and made him a caliph on the earth. Adam and his wife had many children and they all went to the different parts of the world. Climate and regional differences affected their colors, structures and languages. Human races are due to these differences.

Our Prophet refused races and nobility, and in his farewell speech, he said that human beings were equal to each other like the teeth of a comb. He transmitted that “The origin of mankind is Adam and the body of Adam was made up of soil.” In the same speech, he said that women had rights over men, as they were also human beings and continued saying that people should respect women and the right of women and they should be well treated. This great Prophet objected to classifying people and abolished aristocracy. God said:

"İnne ekremeküm indallahi etkaküm - The noblest (the most precious) of you in God's sight is he who is afraid of God." (Al - Hucurat, 13)

"Velekad kerremnâ beni Ademe - I have bestowed blessings on Adam's children." (Al- Isra, 70)

The Prophet Muhammad objected to slavery and he had his dinner with his servants at the same table together. He declared: "Do your job yourself!" Muhammad Ikbal of Pakistan stated this equality by saying "The grandsons of Adam are like the teeth of a comb so, why not having a meal at the same table.”


The Skies consist of seven layers (stages, ranks).

The first sky is between the Earth and the Moon. The second sky is between the Moon and the Sun. The third sky is between the Sun and the Heaven called Melekut (Angelic Reign). Stars are in the second and third skies. The fourth Heaven is between Melekut and Ceberut (The World of Divine Compulsion). Another name of Ceberut is "MAKAM-I MAHMUD". It is the rank reported in the Koran as "En yab aseke Rebbüke makamen Mahmuda - O Muhammad! Your Lord sent you to the praised place." (Al -Isra, 79). This rank belongs to our Prophet. It is very sacred, mysterious and immense. Abu Bakr, Omar, Ali, Hasan and Huseyin, who are the permanent company of the Prophet, are in this highest Heaven with him. "Kawsar - Paradisical Beverage" and "Firdews Paradise -The Garden of Paradise" are in this Heaven.

The fifth Heaven is between Ceberut and "Sidre-i Münteha -the Ultimate Lotus tree". The sixth and the seventh Heavens are between Sidre and Levh-u Mahfuz (Well-Preserved Tablet). There are ten thrones between the Earth and Levh-u Mahfuz (Well-Preserved Tablet). Thrones, here, means stations or passages. Above Levh -u Mahfuz is the ONENESS - The person of God, which is the essence and the source of existence. The upper part of Ceberut is called the Heaven of Lahut or the Universe of Truth. All the creation and the manifestations were created from this fourth rank Lahut (Divine Nature).

The sun moves slowly from the south towards the north of the earth on a path for six months every year. It moves slowly toward south again on the same path after six months. 12 signs of Zodiac are based on this mystery. Every monthly interval is called Zodiac. God mentioned about the constellations of Zodiac in the Koran. Although a Sufi had revealed this fact hundreds of years ago, he did not explain it clearly. Today it is permitted to be revealed. If scientists search for this subject, a new theory and fact might be found out and it can change many other theories. The realities of climates and of similar events may be obtained for humanity.

The reality called "One Existence, seven manifestations and four Divine worlds (Heavens)" that we have tried to explain in details so far is clarified. 7 multiplied by 4 makes 28 and the Koran consists of 28 Arabic letters.

"Vela retbin yabisin illa fi kitabin mübin - Anything green or sear but is recorded in the Koran (which means in other words, all the knowledge about the inner and outer worlds are in the Koran)." (Al-An 'am, 9)

The most important rank is "Lahut" which is the essence of existence or the Universe of Reality. It is the sea of infinite Divine Light and all the creation is the manifestation of it. It is such a world that logic and intelligence cannot comprehend its quality. All things perish there.

"Küllü şey'in halikin illa vechehu - All things shall perish (have to be destroyed) except God Himself."(Kassas, 88)

He who does not acquire the deep meaning and secrecy of this supreme verse of the Koran psychologically and actually is not able to understand Lahut (Divine Nature). If he tries to comprehend by reasoning and forces himself, his intelligence, reason, memory, mystery and his spirit burn and becomes obsessed by divine love before he reaches that degree. He is not able to complete his special training "seyr-i süluk" then.

For this reason, God says: "Fasbir inne va'dallahi Hak -Have patience, keep on doing good works, you will be saved at the end." (Hud, 11) God commands: "Vezkürühü kema hedaküm - However I guided you, you remember me in that way." (Al -Baqarah, 198)

It is to perform your remembrance "dhikr" according to your teacher's orders given to you about the number of times of repeating certain names of God and about your duties. You should not do it more than advised, you should not hurry and deal with the lessons of your friends who are more advanced than you are in the special training of this religious education. It is useless and harmful for a primary school student to be interested in the lessons of college. Spiritual lessons are also like this.

It is certain that all the physical and spiritual knowledge is written in the Koran. The Koran has all the secrets and mysteries of the inner and outer worlds but they can be found out and learnt by only those who acquired the Knowledge of Ledünni (Divinely Bestowed Knowledge). Physical scientists and ordinary theologians cannot know the information about the inner world, the Divine Unity and the knowledge about the realities of the spiritual world and the creation.

The Knowledge of Ledün is learnt by meeting the spirits and speaking with them. Spiritualism has both Divine (merciful) and low (dark) sides. There are merciful spirits and angels and also some denial, wicked and violent powers. Necromancy and receiving messages by means of a medium are not related to Islam and they are performed by the denial, wicked section of the inner world. It is impossible for them to make contacts with the holy spirits and the angels.

The Theory of Metempsychosis of the Buddhists is also wrong. (69)The Holy Spirit of God is special for each person and an animal does not have it. They try to prove their claims by making contacts with the wicked beings of the low section of the inner world and by reporting news about the past events. Spirits have a connection with the Universal Spirit of God. They are benefited from him just as the stars are benefited from each other and from the Sun. They ask and learn the knowledge that they do not have from the Great Mohammedan Spirit, who is the father of all the Spirits, called "Aklı Kül -the Universal Spirit -the Universal Intellect" However, this belongs to the Holy Prophets and to the great friends of God.

Theologians can only acquire the Knowledge about worship and the canonical jurisprudence -the Knowledge of Islamic Law- from the books of God. They are the expounders of Law or the scholars of law but they do not have spiritual knowledge.

"Mullahs", who are the teachers of Religion, cannot go any further than learning Arabic grammar and learning the explanations of the works of the scholars of Law although they study for at least fifteen years. What a pity that whoever we ask today says that he has graduated from 12 branches of Knowledge. We have never seen or met anyone who says that he has graduated from eleven branches of Knowledge. In Islam, there is no institution of individual theologian. God said about the Prophet:

"Kul la es'eleküm aleyhi ecren illel meveddite fil kürba - Say: For this I demand you no recompense. I ask you only to love my kindred." (Al -Shura, 3)

Our Prophet also said: "La ruhbaniyete fiddin - There is no monastic life in Islam." Islam refused the attitudes of some of the Christian priests such as "I am a man of Religion so I deal with the religious affairs and I do not work, my only duty is to serve our religion so people must pay for my expenses." God also said:

"Ve en leyse lil insani illa masea - Each man will be judged by his own labour." (Al-Najm, 39)

God clarified this matter and supported the labor with the verse written above. The good and innocent people of Anatolia whose majority is illiterate were under the religious authority of those mullahs and they were conditioned to believe that the person who used many Arabic sentences in his speech was a scholar, as they did not know any Arabic themselves. In addition to this, this class had shown the King and the Ottoman Empire as the legal system of Islam to the good and innocent Anatolian People. They were made to believe it under the strong pressure of the Ottoman Empire. Even today, in the 50th Anniversary of the Republic (considering it 1973), some theologians and the right wing press have continuously been supporting Abdülhamid and trying to bring back the sovereignty, which is the system of Monarchy, which is entirely opposite to Islam, in order to maintain their own benefits in that system easily.

Each Muslim is a theologian in Islam. There is a teacher and a learner- the institution of Knowledge. Islam assigned Knowledge as the obligatory duty for everybody. Our Prophet showed republicanism, the foundation of democracy and the system of Republic to humanity by not leaving the state to his family after him 1400 years ago.

He said: "Ulemai ummetike Enbiyai beni İsrail -The scholars of my nation are like the Prophets of the Children of Israel." (71) It means they are like David, Solomon, John the Baptist, Zachariah, Moses, Aaron and so on. Those that learn a little Arabic and read a few lines of the explanations claim that they are the scholars of Islam and the heirs of the Prophet Muhammad. They also dare to say that they are like David, Moses, Jesus, John Zachariah and the rest in order to seize private gain. They are under the severe threat of the verse below but they do not know it.

"İnne kesiran minel ahbariver Ruhbani leyekülüne emvalen nasi bil batıl - Many are the clerics and monks who debar them from the path of the truth." (Al - Tawbah, 34)

Scientists and scholars are the heirs of the Prophet actually. This inheritance has two aspects: Some are the inheritors of the Knowledge about the Islamic Law (Fıkıh) in the Koran and of our Prophet. They are the great experts of Islam Jurisprudence and religious laws like the imams of four great religious sects "Sufyan-i Sevri, Sayyid Kutup İmam-i Gazzali, Mewdudi from Pakistan and others", and some are the heirs of the Knowledge about the Inner World in the Koran and of the Prophet. They are the great scholars who are the Friends of God. God praised them in His book and said:

"Ela inne Evliyaallahi lâ hafvün aleyhim velâ hüm yahzenun - Ba awake! God has some Walis (saints, friends) they have nothing to fear or regret." (Yunus: 62, 63, 64)

Thus, these holy Spiritual Personalities are Muhammadi Davids, Enochs, Zacharias and Aarons. May God be pleased with them! May eternal peace be upon Prophets, the Friends of God who are great mystics and upon the great religious mujtahids (legal scholars)!

The spiritual heirs of the Prophet are first, the greatest Sufi Sayyid Abdulkadir Geylani, Sayyid Ahmed ar Rufai, Sayyid Ahmed al Bedevi, Sayyid İbrahim al Dusuki, Hasan-ı Basri, Cunaydi Bagdadi, Sırri Saqati, Caferi Sadıq, Beyazidi Bistami, Ahmed Yesevi, Muhammad Baba Sammasi, Muhammad Bahaeddin, Hadji Bektashi Veli, Hadji Bayramı Veli, Mawlana Jalaladdini Rumi, Muhyiddini Arabi and similar great scholars of God and holy Mystics.

The scientists of Physics are also inheritors to the knowledge of the Prophet as well. The foundation of today's civilization was established by the Prophet David because he discovered iron and some other minerals. The foundation of civilization is iron and minerals. No industry can be established without iron. Some great scientists of physics, particularly Edison and Einstein, were benefited from the works of Islam Sufis, which are the commentaries of the Koran. They found many chapters about Physics in them and they helped the improvement of civilization by means of them. These two scientists of Physics believed in the Existence and the Divine Unity of God, admired the Koran and the Prophet Muhammad and became a Muslim but they did not reveal it. May God's blessing and peace be upon them!