A Brief Explanation

All the articles of Kazım Yardımcı in www.varliktanveriler.com. have been published exactly the same in “ADIYAMAN’DA BUGÜN”, ADIYAMAN’DA OLAY” and formerly “YENİYOL” newspapers among Adıyaman Local Newspapers. In addition to this, the articles about Hz. Jesus (A.S.) and the book “MUHAMMAD - JESUS - ADAM”, written by Kazım Yardımcı which have already been loaded in the website are sent to all the churches throughout the world in order to inform them about the subject and the website. Letters of appreciation have been received from many churches, firstly from the Patriarchate in Fener. In addition, mails are sent to all the intelligentsia in Turkey to inform them about the website and they have been sending letters of appreciation to us as well. Almost all the columnists (our intelligentsia), without making any difference, are also sent emails in order to inform them about the articles. Our aim is to inform all the centers and those who are interested in SUFISM-MYSTICISM. For, we defend SUFISM WHICH IS THE ESSENCE OF RELIGION. In our opinion, the traditional tekke is not able to perform its function. The possibility of serving Sufism in that way has become difficult.

However, it is also a fact that SUFISM did not appear from MADRASAS. SUFISM appeared in TEKKES. The History of Turkish Literature is a witness of this. Our aim is to declare the truth of Hz. Jesus the Messiah (A.S.) to ALL HUMANITY in the direction of the Koran, the Bible and Torah.

All the Jews and Christians who say “ALLAH IS ONE” are our brothers and sisters ESSENTIALLY. We have common acquirements with them. We accept their rights and refuse their wrongs. We have never insulted anybody in any of our books and articles we have written and presented.

Our aim is to enable the TRUTHS to be known and to clarify these matters scientifically as much as we can. In our 101st article, those who are addressed by us ideologically and scientifically are sincerely explained.




5 July 2007

Note: This article was published in “Adıyaman’da Olay” on 10 July 2007.